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“Every day," I said, "every day I go to work and I see my granddad. I see the drunks and the addicts, the people who have fallen right off the edge of the earth. I see people who have made every bad move anyone could make, made every major mistake there was to be made, and by the time I see them, they are paying for it, sometimes with their lives. That's why they came to the ER.
"When you work in emergency medicine, you are seeing patients who are the least common denominator as far as human beings go; people who are heartbreakingly stupid and ditty and drunk and high and obnoxious--unbelievably obnoxious. These people have all flowed out of the darkest side of life. And when you are finished with them, that's mostly where they'll return. So each of you who is thinking you want to go into emergency medicine will have to ask yourself, 'Do I really want to do this?'" I tapped my chest. "I know the answer for myself--every day I work I'm taking care of someone who is just like my grandfather, someone just like my mother. But everyone in this room needs to ask himself or herself, 'Do I want to spend the rest of my life with addicts and idiots and drunks and psychotics? Is this what will make me happy?'"
I peered at all of them over the top of the microphone. "Very few sane people answer yes.”
Pamela Grim, Just Here Trying to Save a Few Lives: Tales of Life and Death from the ER

Kimberly Kincaid
“Call it a hunch,” Charlie murmured. “But I think you and I are going to have a really good time losing sleep together.”
Kimberly Kincaid, Back to You

Kimberly Kincaid
“Working with Parker today had left her almost as hot as she’d been bothered.”
Kimberly Kincaid, Back to You

Kimberly Kincaid
“We might just have one night, but we have all night. I don’t plan to waste any of it sleeping.”
Kimberly Kincaid, Back to You

John Irving
“Vielleicht muss es im Leben eines Schriftstellers diesen Augenblick geben, in dem ein anderer Schriftsteller beschuldigt wird, seinen Beruf verfehlt zu haben.”
John Irving, The World According to Garp

Ruth McLeod-Kearns
“Without direction, the respiratory technician goes to the head of the bed. She takes the tubing, attaches it to the oxygen, and turns it on as high as it will go. She provides a seal with her hand cupped over the plastic mask, over the nose and mouth of the toddler, and methodically provides oxygenated air. Doyle’s tiny chest rises and falls while I listen with my stethoscope. I am reaching for another breathing tube.
“Fib!” Dr. Pedras feels for a pulse while another places gelled pads on her chest.”
Ruth McLeod-Kearns, Love, Loss, Trauma

Christina Engela
“Nobody seems to know which came first; egg or chicken – except of course for agents of the Time Saving Agency – who can find out anything about, well – anything. The only trouble is, they aren’t talking – however, you can take it from me – they know. The answer to these and other puzzles are kept safe and secure behind fire-walls and thick security doors secured with, er – time-locks, where one could possibly find answers to many other troubling questions, and not all of them necessarily relating to chickens.”
Christina Engela, The Time Saving Agency