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Samuel Beckett
“Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.”
Samuel Beckett, Endgame

Michael  Grant
“Why are we doing this?" Caine asked him. "You know damned well why we're doing this. Because it's a fight. It may be THE fight. I may be the final fight. And what else are we good at, you and me? What are we going to do if we ever get out there anyway?”
Michael Grant, Light

Samuel Beckett
“Clov: If I don't kill the rat, he'll die.
Hamm: That's right.”
Samuel Beckett, Endgame

Scott Snyder
“Live bravely in the time you have and smile at the void.”
Scott Snyder, Batman (2011-2016) #40

Samuel Beckett
“It is midnight. Rain is beating against the window." It was not midnight. It was not raining.”
Beckett, Samuel

“Everyone fails at who they are supposed to be. The measure of a person, of a hero, is how well they succeed at being who they are. It's time for me to be who I am rather than who I'm supposed to be.”

“Part of the journey is the end.”
Tony Stark, Iron Man

Samuel Beckett
In my house.
One day you’ll be blind, like me. You’ll be sitting there, a speck in the void, in the dark, for ever, like me.
One day you’ll say to yourself, I’m tired, I’ll sit down, and you’ll go and sit down. Then you’ll say, I’m hungry, I’ll get up and get something to eat. But you won’t get up. You’ll say, I shouldn’t have sat down, but since I have I’ll sit on a little longer, then I’ll get up and get something to eat. But you won’t get up and you won’t get anything to eat.
You’ll look at the wall a while, then you’ll say, I’ll close my eyes, perhaps have a little sleep, after that I’ll feel better, and you’ll close them. And when you open them again there’ll be no wall any more.
Infinite emptiness will be all around you, all the resurrected dead of all the ages wouldn’t fill it, and there you’ll be like a little bit of grit in the middle of the steppe.
Yes, one day you’ll know what it is, you’ll be like me, except that you won’t have anyone with you, because you won’t have had pity on anyone and because there won’t be anyone left to have pity on.
Samuel Beckett, Endgame

Shannon L. Alder
“When the rush of the weak sweeps over those that strive to be strong, its destruction. The commonplaces of moral judgment become fogged with the lack of perception stained with the sting of longing. The voice of reason is lost in the envious echoes of hearts torn by battle. The song of our children echo the misfortune of their parent's haze---we all started out small and had dreams to become something more than what we were.”
Shannon L. Alder

Nenia Campbell
“I remember something."
"You told me once that you were going to break my heart."
He rolls over to face her. "Yes," he says. "I may once have said something like that."
"What happened?"
His beautiful eyes are even more hypnotic up close.
"You broke mine.”
Nenia Campbell, Endgame

Stewart Stafford
“Spies are, by nature and necessity, pathological liars who strive to make their endgames justify their meanness.”
Stewart Stafford

Samuel Beckett
“Hamm: What's he doing?
(CLOV raises lid of NAGG's bin, stoops, looks into it. Pause.)
Clov: He's crying.
(He closes lid, straightens up)
Hamm: Then he's living.”
Samuel Beckett

“And as long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be. They will resist.”

Nenia Campbell
“I though I made it clear that harming you isn't high on my list of priorities." He shifts her in his hold so that while he is speaking, he is looking directly into her eyes. "And even if it was - which it isn't - I certainly wouldn't go about hurting you in such a half-coccked way, nor would I do it when your back was turned. As with most other things, I'd do it face-to-face and with finesse.”
Nenia Campbell, Endgame

Michael  Grant
“She’s stronger than you are, Sam. It’s like fighting yourself and Caine and Jack and Dekka, all at once.”
“Talk to Astrid about it.”
“I already talked to Astrid.”
“And she’s okay with a suicide mission? Because I’m not. You go out there, go to win, huh? Don’t go out there thinking you’re doing us a favor by getting killed.”
Sam sighed. “It’s the endgame, my friend.”
“Sam . . .,” Edilio began, but that was all he had, that one word, that one-word plea for a different solution.
“Take care of Astrid for me. Try to keep her safe and don’t let her follow me.”
Michael Grant, Light

Jean Baudrillard
“[...] The West, having destroyed its own values, finds itself back at the zero degree of symbolic power, and in a turnabout, it wants to impose the zero degree on everyone. lt challenges the rest of the world to annihilate itself symbolically as well. lt demands that the rest of the world enter into its game, participate in the generalized, planetary exchange and fall into its trap. Then an extraordinary potlatch comes into play between global power and the powers opposing it, between those who wager their own death and those who cannot wager it because they no longer control it.The game does not end there. There is a moral and philosophical confrontation, almost a metaphysical one, beyond Good and Evil. Islam? The United States? lt doesn't matter! There is a confrontation between two powers. lt is an asymmetrical potlatch between terrorism and global power, and each side fights with its own weapons. Terrorism wagers the death of terrorists, which is a gesture with tremendous symbolic power and the West responds with its complete powerlessness. But this powerlessness is also a challenge. Challenge versus challenge. When people make fun of the carnival, the masquerade of the elections in America every four years, they are being too hasty. In the name of critical thought, of very European, very French thought, we do a contemptuous analysis of this kind of parody and self-denial. But we are wrong, because the empire of simulation, of simulacra, of parody, but also of networks, constitutes the true global power. It is more founded on this than on economic control. The essential is in the extraordinary trap set for the rest of the world so that everyone goes to the zero degree of value, a trap that fascinates the rest of the world.”
Jean Baudrillard, The Agony of Power

C.J. Daugherty
“Carter looked down into her eyes. His lips curved into a wicked smile. The look in his eyes sent butterflies swirling inside her.
"Want to break the Rules?”
C.J. Daugherty, Endgame

Jean Baudrillard
“The totality constituted by Good and Evil together transcends us, but we should accept it totally. There can be no intelligence of things so long as this fundamental rule is ignored. The illusion that the two can be distinguished in order to promote one or the other is absurd. (This applies to the proponents of evil for evil's sake as much as to anyone else, for they will end up doing good.)
All kinds of events are out there, impossible to predict. They have already occurred, or are just about to heave into view. All we can do is train our searchlight, as it were, and keep our telescopic lens on this virtual world in the hope that some of those events will be obliging enough to allow themselves to be captured. Theory can be no more than this: a trap set in the hope that reality will be naive enough to fall into it.
The essential thing is to point the searchlight the right way. Unfortunately, we don't know which way that is. We can only comb the sky. In most instances the events are so far away, metaphysically speaking, that they merely cause a slight phosphorescence on the screen. They have to be developed and enlarged, like photographs. Not in order to discover their meaning, however: they are not logograms, but holograms. They can no more be explained than the fixed spectrum of a star or the variations of red.
To capture such strange events, theory itself must be remade as something strange: as a perfect crime, or as a strange attractor.”
Jean Baudrillard, The Transparency of Evil: Essays in Extreme Phenomena

“So endgames are naturally messy.

They may not be very dynamic, but when an active war is shutting down, there is still a lot of cleaning up to do. It may sound grim, but that's what it looks like. There are broken things everywhere, wounds and corpses, general messiness. Things collapsing due to zemblanity forces that have been set in motion but are too large to control.”
Venkatesh G. Rao, Be Slightly Evil: A Playbook for Sociopaths

Samuel Beckett
“If I could drag myself down to the sea! I'd make a pillow sand for my head and the tide would come.”
Samuel Beckette

Samuel Beckett
“ХАМ: Клов!
КЛОВ: Какво има?
ХАМ: Ние в момента... не добиваме ли... някакъв смисъл?
КЛОВ: Смисъл? Ние и смисъл? (Кратък смях) Ама че майтап!”
Beckett Samuel

Deyth Banger
“The Endgame book was an American soup, if everything can be predicted what's the purpose to read it?”
Deyth Banger

“You have to be brave now. Don´t let fear consume your senses. Fight reality. You have to be brave now, so trust me to save you.”
Taylor Crouse

“You have to be brave now. Trust me to save you.”
Taylor Crouse, Endgame

“Kind of marvel fans

Newbie as noob : Uh umm ya.. I lyk RobertDowneyJr, The green one umm Hulk yah I mean Hulk, and Chris evans as Capt yeah..

: Wut bout Danai gurira, or Chadwick maybe Samuel or...or..or..or....

Newbie as noob : ****”

“90% orang yang nge spoiler endgame merupakan fans karbitan. -onecakinspired”
Thanos temen hulk

Jean Baudrillard
“However, we must not look on this domination of the Virtual as something inevitable. Above all, we must not take the Virtual for a 'reality' (definitely going too far!) and apply the categories of the real and the rational to it.(...)”
Jean Baudrillard, The Intelligence of Evil or the Lucidity Pact

Skye Warren
“Girls like me, no one saves us in time”
Skye Warren

Anne Carson
“[Ibykos fr. 286 translated using only words
from p. 47 of Endgame by Samuel Beckett]

In your kitchen, on the one hand,
bright corpses
starting to stink of having an idea,
where one of my legs [is]
and beneath sooner or later
the whole universe
doesn't ring and won't work.
On the other hand, I shouldn't think so.
Nay Rather,
like a speck in the void,
pacing to and fro,
accompanied by the alarm,
not very convinced,
[it] kisses me goodbye. I'm dead. (Pause).”
Anne Carson

Pradip Bendkule
“It doesn't matter what you do, in the end it's all about survival.”
Pradip Bendkule

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