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Richelle Mead
“If I didn't know any better, I'd say you just defended Christian's honor. Isn't he a pain in the ass?
"Yes he is. But for the next 6 weeks he's MY pain in the ass.”
Richelle Mead, Shadow Kiss

Richelle Mead
“You know what we need?"

"A new plan?" asked Lissa.

"A miracle?" asked Eddie.

I paused and glared at them both before responding. Since when had they become the comedians here? "No.
Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound

Stephen King
“Eddie discovered one of his childhood's great truths. Grownups are the real monsters, he thought.”
Stephen King, It

Kristen Ashley
“Okay, I’ve never done this. This is the guy’s department. What do I do? We need to get Lee’s size and we need industrial strength. Show me which ones to buy.”
Eddie looked at the display and looked at me. “You’re askin’ me to help you buy condoms for Lee?”
“Industrial strength condoms,” I reminded him.
“Let me get this straight,” he said and I could tell he was laughing, “you dragged Eddie to Walgreen’s to help pick out condoms for me?”
“Well, I didn’t know!”…
“Did you tell Eddie the part about long-lasting reliability?”
Oh Lord.
“Forget it,” I said.
“Indy?” he called.
“What?” I snapped, kinda pissy.
“I love you.” He still had laughter in his voice and there was something very cool about him laughing and saying I love you at the same time.”
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick

Stephen King
“The scariest, most terrifying thing that I fear?"
My Imagination."
I thought you were going to say "Fear, itself."
Then you have a small imagination."
Roland and Eddie”
Stephen King, The Dark Tower

Stephen King
“For a moment he felt a wild hope: perhaps this really was a nightmare. Perhaps he would awake in his own bed, bathed in sweat, shaking, maybe even crying . . . but alive. Safe. Then he pushed the thought away. Its charm was deadly, its comfort fatal.”
Stephen King, It

Courtney Summers
“Don't divide me into before and after.”
Courtney Summers

Stephen King
“See the TURTLE, ain't he keen? All things serve the fuckin Beam.”
Stephen King, The Waste Lands

Stephen King
“You say true, I say thankya.”
Stephen King

J.R. Ward
“There was a heavy, dark pause of vast significance.
Which Jim broke by flashing his hands and belting out, “Booga-wooga!”
At least Eddie laughed. Adrian flipped Jim the bird and headed to the fridge for another beer.”
J.R. Ward, Covet

Courtney Summers
“You make me feel alone.”
Courtney Summers

Kristen Ashley
“You want to see fast, we’l go into the bedroom and I’l show you fast but I’l show it to you slow.”
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick Rescue
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Richelle Mead
“the rest of the guardians are all checking out the explosion," I realised. Pieces began coming together-including Lissa's lack of surprise over the commotion. "Oh no. You had Christian blow up ancient Moroi artifacts."
"Of course not," said Eddie. He seemed shocked that I would have suggested such an atrocity. "Other fire users would be able to tell if he did."
"Well, that's something," I said. I should have had more faith in their sanity.
Or maybe not.
"We used C4," explained Mikhail.
"Where on earth did you-”
Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice

Vanessa North
“It's the kind of kiss that ends with clothes on the floor and somebody getting dicked out up against the wall.”
Vanessa North, Rough Road

Courtney Summers
“I hear the unmistakable sound of glass breaking and I start apologizing to no one, trying to pick it up again, but I can't.
I can't get my hands to work because they're too cold.”
Courtney Summers, Fall for Anything

Stephen King
“Go on in, Eddie," Jack said as he passed. "After all, there are other worlds than these and that fucking train rolls through all of them.”
Stephen King, The Waste Lands

David Rabe
“Eddie: You don’t have any feelings at all.
Phil: I don’t have your feelings, Eddie; that’s all. I have my own, they get me by.”
David Rabe, Hurlyburly

Stephen King
“I metaphor for sex, but she slapped my face and walked away when I asked.”
Stephen King, The Waste Lands
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Stephen King
“In New York—the New York of her own time, at least—they would have been objects of scorn and anger, the butt of every idiot’s crude, cruel jokes: a black woman of twenty-six and her whitebread lover who was three years younger and who had a tendency to talk like dis and dat when he got excited. Her whitebread lover who had been carrying a heavy monkey on his back only eight months before. Here, there was no one to jeer or laugh. Here, no one was pointing a finger. Here, there were only Roland, Eddie, and herself, the world’s last three gunslingers.”
Stephen King, The Waste Lands

Micaela Vee
“Eddie gave a long suffering sigh as he bent down to pick up his bedazzled bag. “Glory be, why do I debase myself with ignoramuses like you? The Kinsey scale is a very basic way of measuring where you fit in terms of hetero versus homo.” he pulled his coat on and held his hands out at a distance, fingers straight, like he was measuring a fish. “Imagine a line. At one side you have hetero, at the other you have homo. And then there is everything in the middle. It’s not actually that basic. In fact it’s far more complicated, but I don’t have time to tell you now since I need to walk home before I get any drunker.”
Micaela Vee, Find Me
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