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“I have only known two men's souls in my life, one the devil, the other the the bird's wings which picked me up and carried me back to the freedom of being.”
Wendy gibbins

“المادة العاشرة:اذا وجدت صديقة عزيزة, احرصي علي ألا تتعودي عليها , و لا تنسي أن كل واحدة منا وحيدة في الوجود , وأن العُزلة الأبدية ستتجاوز أي صداقة عرضية ان اجلاً أم عاجلاً”
اليف شافاق-لقيطة استانبول

Hazel Cartwright
“I didn’t leave early that morning. I waited for him to wake up and kiss me good morning. He said he was going to take a shower and I should come join him. I thought now was as good of a time as any and placed the ring on his corner table with my note.

It read:
My Love, I don’t know how you will accept my decision. I do love you with all my heart but you are not my first love. I am always going to be infatuated with my love for the sea. Accept my proposal after I have completed my education, claim my heart for thy own & obtain thy love in which it possesses.
With all My Love, Zara

-emerald eyes of the sea”
Hazel Cartwright, Emerald Eyes of The Sea

“This is the girl in the borrowed trench-coat, moving across the bridge with the river Seine underneath. She pulls something from the jacket's pocket and hits the button, not answering when the man without his coat catches up with her at that moment, calling her name.
Pull back fifty metres, and here is the burning apartment, debris floating softly through the air that is filled with screams.
Here is the man again, gripping the shoulders of the girl with his coat and yelling into her ears, 'What have you done?'
And here is that playful smile that creeps upon her lips as she disappears, the air rushing to fill the space where she had just been.”
Israel Elysium

Melodie Ramone
“Kid's little binges, his forays into intoxication were affecting everyone now. They were affecting their goals and dreams. They were affecting Natasha. She was probably drinking just to deal with him.”
Melodie Ramone, Burning Down Rome

Candace Allan
“You and Dad are really the wrecking ball of all of our teenage runaway fantasies. Why couldn't you jerks go and be crack addicts or religious fanatics so we could have excuses to live on the wide open road? - email from Lily”
Candace Allan, Text Me, Love Mom: Two Girls, Two Boys, One Empty Nest

“All of that leads me to believe it is only a matter of when, not if, we are going to see something dramatic,”
Omar logmaan

“The things that we do for love is ugly, mad, full of seat and regret.”
Crimson Peak

Priscille Sibley
“A magia do primeiro amor é inegável. Assim como o fascínio de amar uma mulher inesquecível.
E como negar a atração de céus noturnos, estrelas cadentes, e a maneira como Elle se iluminava sempre que olhava para elas?”
Priscille Sibley, The Promise of Stardust