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Anthony Liccione
“The truth is we're all dying, the lie is we're all living.”
Anthony Liccione

Friedrich Nietzsche
“Where are we headed? Are we not endlessly plunging —backwards, sideways, forwards, in all directions? Is there an up and a down anymore? Do we not wander as if through an endless nothingness? Do we not feel the breath of empty space? Hasn’t it grown colder?”
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science

Henning Mankell
“I ask myself everyday what my life is doing to me and I realize I don't have anybody I can talk to."

"You should have" said the Doctor "everybody should.”
Henning Mankell, The Dogs of Riga

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Many of us know nothing other than a directionless cadence, having left the footprints of our lives meandering down a road that’s meandering itself.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Mehmet Murat ildan
“In life there are times you must only walk without any particular direction to find your random fate!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“On outoa olla ilman suunta, näkemättä horisonttia. En ole menossa minnekään.”
Elin Willows, Inlandet