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Nalini Singh
“Just because you're bigger doesn't mean you have to be a bully."

"Just because you're a woman doesn't mean I'm going to let you get away with bullshit.”
Nalini Singh, Blaze of Memory

David  Wong
“I had gotten hungry for bratwurst and had been walking toward the entrance of one of the four McDonald's franchises in Undisclosed (if you think it's weird getting a bratwurst from a McDonald's, then you're not from the Midwest). I glanced at the cartoon clown logo in the window and let out a scream.

Just a little scream, and a manly one. But I still frightened one little girl on the sidewalk so badly that she screamed, too.”
David Wong, John Dies at the End

Dennis Lehane
“He looked up at the underside of the bridge, everyone battling to either get into the city or out of it, everyone in an irritated rush, probably half aware that they wouldn't feel any better once they got home. Half of them would go right back out again to the market for something they'd forgotten, to a bar, to the video store, to a restaurant where they'd wait in line again. And for what? What did we line up for? Where did we expect to go? And why were we never as happy as we thought we'd be once we got there?”
Dennis Lehane, Mystic River

“He blinked and then smiled at my attempt as a joke. My stomach twisted. Good grief. It was the first time he had smiled properly. I was lucky I was sitting down. The experience transformed his face and revealed a row of perfect white teeth. Those golden brown eyes glowed and a series of laughter lines creased his face. They were the sort of lines that did funny things to a woman's stomach, not to mention other places.”
Belinda Williams, Wish List

“He did as I asked and then starting walking toward the door. "Yell when you're ready."

"Can you please grab my phone too? It's in the kitchen."

He nodded and left me. Interesting. I wasn't used to being waited on hand and foot. Hmm, perhaps every woman could do with a male helper. With benefits, or course.”
Belinda Williams

“He turned to face me. "Not all of us can be talkers like you. Besides, I'm better with my hands."

I dropped my eyes. Damn my overactive imagination.”
Belinda Williams, Wish List

“I wanted to turn around and glare at Scarlett, I really did, but I simply couldn't. Now that I'd had the chance to get over the shock of the tattoo, I was taking in the rest of Dave. He wasn't as tall as Max, James or John, but I couldn't have cared less. He was well-built, and his powerful back muscles rippled as he waded through the water. Down to the narrow waist and...

I needed to look away. Now.

Scarlett smirked at me. "Reassessing your list?"

"Shut up.”
Belinda Williams, Wish List

K.M. Shea
“But, I still can't totally forgive Dave for blowing my world apart. DO YOU HEAR THAT, DAVE?!”
K.M. Shea, My Life at the M.B.R.C.