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Michael Buckley
“Puck turned to Sabrina. "What is she doing down there?"
Hiding, I guess."
Puck leaned down and poked his head under the seat. "I found you."
Ms. Smirt shrieked.
Puck lifted himself up to his full height and laughed. "She's fun."
He leaned back down and she screamed again. "I could do this all day. Can I keep her?”
Michael Buckley, The Everafter War

Michael Buckley
“Don't duh me!" Puck snapped. "Trying to figure out what you're thinking from one day to the next takes more brains than I have."
Well, maybe you should stop. I'd hate to burn out that little peanut in your head.”
Michael Buckley, The Everafter War

Michael Buckley
“Puck stopped his drumming [on his belly] for a brief moment and grinned at Sabrina.
I hear they have a lot of plastic surgeons in New York City. If I were you I'd make an appointment for that face as soon as you get there," he quipped.
Sabrina scowled and shook a fist at him. "Keep it up, stinkpot, and you're going to need a plastic surgeon yourself."
Puck winked. "No need to get all mushy on me, Grimm.”
Michael Buckley, The Everafter War

Julia Quinn
“Simon stopped breathing until her forefinger touched his nipple, and then his hand shot up to cover hers. "I want you," he said.
Her eyes flicked downward, and her lips curved ever so slightly. "I know."
"No," he groaned, pulling her closer. "I want to be in your heart. I want-" His entire body shuddered when their skin touched. "I want to be in your soul.”
Julia Quinn, The Duke and I

Loretta Chase
“Good God!" she cried. She rolled off him, tugging down her clothing. "Are you mad?"

He blinked and dragged in air. "Well, yes," He said thickly. "Lust does that to a man."

"You thought we would--you would-- do...that in public?"

"I wasn't thinking about where we were." He said.

Her eyes widened.

"I'm a man," he said with what he was sure must be, in the circumstances, saintly patience. "I can do one or the other. Lovemaking or thinking. But not both at the same time."

She stared at him for a moment. Then she drew up her knees and folded her arms upon them and buried her face in her folded arms.

She did not pick up the rifle and knock him on the head with it.

Perhaps all was not lost.

"Somewhere else then?" He said hopefully.”
Loretta Chase, Mr. Impossible

Michael Buckley
“That woman is hiding something!" she said.
"You think everyone's hiding something."
"And you would hug the devil if he gave you cookies.”
Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley
“How did you know that we could get him to do whatever we want if we pretend he’s in charge?” Sabrina asked Daphne.
“It’s what I do with you” the little girl replied. “You two are exactly the same”
Michael Buckley, The Fairy-Tale Detectives
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Minerva Spencer
“I'm sorry, Hugh. I don't know what came over me."
Hugh pulled her close and curled his body around hers. "I came over you, darling.”
Minerva Spencer, Barbarous

Shirlee Busbee
“She’d rather go down like a roaring lion than a bleating ram.”
Shirlee Busbee, Seduction Becomes Her
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Bree Despain
“Can you reason with the dead?”
Bree Despain, The Immortal Throne
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Jessica Clare
“Tutti facciamo delle scelte. Non sempre sono giuste. È il modo in cui ti rialzi che dimostra che tipo di persona sei.”
Jessica Clare, Beauty and the Billionaire: The Wedding

Katharine McGee
“Daphne had known for years that she would marry the prince. That was the only word for it: known. Not hoped to marry, or dreamed of marrying, or even felt destined to marry. Those words involved an element of chance, of uncertainty.”
Katharine McGee, American Royals

Kristen Ciccarelli
“Above, a vivid painting hung over the fireplace. Inside its frame, a woman was transforming into a tree.
The lower half of her body was bark and roots, plunging into soil, while her waist and chest arched upwards and her outstretched hands reached for the sky. The nymph's dark hair was a knotted mass of branches around her head, sprouting bright green leaves.
It was the myth of Daphne---the nymph who begged the river god to save her from Apollo and was turned into a laurel tree.
"It must be a terrible thing to lose," Hawthorne said, making her jump.
He looked up from where he crouched near the fire: to the woman in the frame. His left forearm was streaked with black ash.
"What's a terrible thing to lose?"
Hawthorne's eyes glittered as he studied the nymph. "Your humanity."
"But it was her choice," said Emeline, feeling defensive of Daphne. If the river god hadn't turned her into a laurel, she would have fallen prey to Apollo. "She asked to be saved."
Firelight flickered over Hawthorne's face as his gray-eyed gaze caught hers and held it.
"Saved," he murmured, considering this. "Is that really what the river god did? As a tree, her life is forfeit. She'll never be human again. She'll never laugh or sing, ponder or love, again. Don't you think she would have preferred the river god defeat Apollo, or at the very least warn him away, instead of taking something so precious from her?”
Kristen Ciccarelli, Edgewood