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Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

Bertrand Russell
“I found one day in school a boy of medium size ill-treating a smaller boy. I expostulated, but he replied: "The bigs hit me, so I hit the babies; that's fair." In these words he epitomized the history of the human race.”
Bertrand Russell, Education and the Social Order

Frank Miller
“You sold us out, Clark. You gave them the power that should have been ours. Just like your parents taught you. My parents taught me a different lesson... lying on this street... shaking in deep shock... dying for no reason at all. They showed me that the world only makes sense when you force it to.”
Frank Miller, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Peter M. Senge
“In combating cynicism, it helps to know its source. Scratch the surface of most cynics and you find a frustated idealist – someone who made the mistake of converting his ideals into expectations.

Bill O’Brien points out that ‘burnout’ comes from causes other than simply working too hard: “There are teachers, social workers and clergy who work incredibly hard until they are 80 years old and never suffer ’burnout’ - because they have an accurate view of human nature. They don’t over-romanticize people, so they don’t feel the great pshychological stress when people let them down”
Peter Senge

Pío Baroja
“La voluntad, el deseo de vivir, es tan fuerte en el animal como en el hombre. En el hombre es mayor la comprensión. A más comprender, corresponde menos desear. Esto es lógico, y además se comprueba en la realidad. La apetencia por conocer se despierta en los individuos que aparecen al final de una evolución, cuando el instinto de vivir languidece. El hombre, cuya necesidad es conocer, es como la mariposa que rompe la crisálida para morir. El individuo sano, vivo, fuerte, no ve las cosas como son, porque no le conviene. Está dentro de una alucinación. Don Quijote, a quien Cervantes quiso dar un sentido negativo, es un símbolo de la afirmación de la vida. Don Quijote vive más que todas las personas cuerdas que le rodean, vive más y con más intensidad que los otros. El individuo o el pueblo que quiere vivir se envuelve en nubes como los antiguos dioses cuando se aparecían a los mortales. El instinto vital necesita de las ficción para afirmarse. La ciencia entonces, el instinto de crítica, el instinto de averiguación, debe encontrar una verdad: la cantidad de mentira que se necesita para la vida”
Pío Baroja, El árbol de la ciencia

Paige Lewis
“A miracle is anything that God forgot
to forbid.”
Paige Lewis, Space Struck

Mary Doria Russell
“And you believe you will succeed, where God has failed me?”
Mary Doria Russell, Children of God
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Nelson Rodrigues
“Only cynicism redeems a wedding. It takes a lot of cynicism for a couple to reach silver wedding.”
Nelson Rodrigues, O Casamento

Ismail Kadare
“Greater Albania?!", this is a mockery of an unprecedented cynicism.”
Ismail Kadare

Holly Bourne
“Je suis pas cynique, me suis-je défendue. Je suis une pessimiste pure et dure avec une touche de réalisme agressif.”
Holly Bourne, How Hard Can Love Be?

Ljupka Cvetanova
“Diogenes was a cynic at his best. He was in search of an honest man but not an hones woman.”
Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land

“Social democratic parties throughout Europe have responded to the rise of the far right by adopting harder rhetoric about migrants. The consequence has been merely to confirm the belief that the far right was right all along and to intensify cynicism towards the mainstream. It has not improved the fortunes of social democracy.”
Fuad Alakbarov, Exodus

“It is preferable that the wise man should set up his residence there where the crowd of imbeciles and fools it is the largest”
Dio Chrysostom