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Else Holmelund Minarik
“And maybe... you are a little fat bear cub with no wings, and no feathers.”
Else Holmelund Minarik

Jason Diamond
“to be a Cubs fan is both a birthright and a curse.”
Jason Diamond, Searching for John Hughes: Or Everything I Thought I Needed to Know about Life I Learned from Watching '80s Movies

Dayna S. Rubin
“Take it all, all of it!" Greg cried out. "These things here...I've been making them better, fixing them. It doesn't matter...they don't matter. I've been here before." He paused to try to collect himself. "It's my past, my present...these things--" He lifted a hand out to the objects around him. "These things are me." Now whispering, "Can't you see me?”
Dayna Rubin, Running Parallel

George F. Will
“I grew up in Central Illinois, midway between Chicago and St. Louis and I made a historic blunder. All my friends became Cardinal fans and grew up happy and liberal, and I became a Cub fan and grew up embittered and conservative.”
George F. Will, How Baseball Explains America