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Crystal Evans
“I made a man out of you, you made a joke out of me.”
Crystal Evans, The Bunna Man: Joe Grind Series

Crystal Evans
“I tend to have really interested conversations with employers. They enjoy my interviews and they always last a little longer than norm for i have so much to say and as one said, i am but a breath of fresh air.
I was asked what motivates me?
I told them my children.
When i was a child, i wanted to be like Oprah.
I want to be the kind of person my children will be aspire to be.
I want my daughter to say she wants to be like me.”
Crystal Evans, Jamaican Acute Ghetto Itis

Crystal Evans
“I am yet to find one reliable friend in this crowd of shifting strangers. I have no true friends only mimicries, users and loopers. People popping in and out, keeping tabs on my life, not adding much credence to my existence yet not abandoning my life entirely because they know that greatness lies beyond the layers of this muck. It is up to me to discover those who are worth taking on this journey towards my destiny and the ones who will only get in my way.”
Crystal Evans, The Country Gyal Journal

Crystal Evans
“All i can say to women is to guard your personal space with discrimination, anno every and anybody to get access to your life so they can have a story to tell about you. For what they do inno hun, is tek the likkle weh dem know bout you and spread it like that is you. A few composite of events , experiences and perceptions makes someone create this tabloid about you not knowing anything about you. I don't let people get close to me anymore. Some people who managed to do so, should already know that i will never allow them to get so close to me that they get a platform to fabricate stories about me. What's worse, in this time and age, people are quick to believe the worse of others. I don't make it bother me, am like oil, that shit don't stick it just rolls the fuck off. Not only that, they can't lower me for oil never sinks, don't even try mixing it, it will float right back on top.”
Crystal Evans, Every Man Deserves A Good Jacket II: Babydaddy Series