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Guy de Maupassant
“I love the night passionately. I love it as I love my country, or my mistress, with an instinctive, deep, and unshakeable love. I love it with all my senses: I love to see it, I love to breathe it in, I love to open my ears to its silence, I love my whole body to be caressed by its blackness. Skylarks sing in the sunshine, the blue sky, the warm air, in the fresh morning light. The owl flies by night, a dark shadow passing through the darkness; he hoots his sinister, quivering hoot, as though he delights in the intoxicating black immensity of space. ”
Guy de Maupassant

Yuval Noah Harari
“In the 300 years of the crucifixion of Christ to the conversion of Emperor Constantine, polytheistic Roman emperors initiated no more than four general persecutions of Christians. Local administrators and governors incited some anti-Christian violence of their own. Still, if we combine all the victims of all these persecutions, it turns out that in these three centuries the polytheistic Romans killed no more than a few thousand Christians. In contrast, over the course, of the next 1,500 years, Christians slaughtered Christians by the millions, to defend slightly different interpretations of the religion of love and compassion.”
Yuval Noah Harari, קיצור תולדות האנושות

Stylo Fantome
“Of course you aren't scared of me. I'm not the wolf. You are.”
Stylo Fantome, The Bad Ones

Jamie Delano
“People should learn the names of things. They're more important when you know what they're called -- harder to forget. - Constantine”
jamie delano, Hellblazer, Vol. 2: The Devil You Know

“Constantine saw with his own eyes the trophy of a cross of light in the heavens, above the sun, and bearing this inscription: conquer by this. At the sight, he himself was struck with amazement and his whole army also.”
Eusebius, The Life Of The Blessed Emperor Constantine: From Ad 306 To 337

Stylo Fantome
“I want to know,” he breathed, his tongue moving between her breasts.
“When do we get to be bad again?” She smiled big.
“Baby, I thought you'd never ask.”
Stylo Fantome, The Bad Ones

“For centuries after obtaining power during the reign of Constantine, Christians went on a censorship rampage that led to the virtual illiteracy of the ancient Western world and ensured that their secret would be hidden from the masses. The scholars of other schools/sects evidently did not easily give up their arguments against the historicizing of a very ancient mythological creature. We have lost the exact arguments of these learned dissenters because Christians destroyed any traces of their works. Nonetheless, the Christians preserved the contentions of their detractors through their own refutations.

For example, early Church Father Tertullian (c. 160-220 CE), an 'ex-Pagan' and a presbyter at Carthage, ironically admitted the true origins of the Christ story and other such myths by stating in refutation of his critics, 'You say we worship the sun; so do you. Interestingly, a previously strident believer and defender of the faith, Tertullian later renounced orthodox Christianity after becoming a Montanist.”
D.M. Murdock, The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ

Jamie Delano
“Sometimes, if you close your eyes and keep still, you can be invisible. Ostriches know this." - Constantine”
Jamie Delano, Hellblazer, Vol. 2: The Devil You Know

Kathryn Stockett
“Всяка сутрин, докато не те погребат мъртва в земята, ще трябва да взимаш това решение. — Константин седеше толкова близо, че виждах черните й венци. — Трябва да се запиташ: „Да вярвам ли на онова, което глупаците казаха днес за мен?”
Kathryn Stockett, The Help

Kathryn Stockett
“Исках да имам някой, който да ме погледне и след като собствената ми майка се тормози почти до смърт, че съм уродливо висока, къдрава и странна, да ми каже само с поглед: „На мен ми харесваш и така.”
Kathryn Stockett, The Help

E.  Latimer
“If there’s any thing more important than tea, we must put together an expedition and hunt it down posthaste.”
E. Latimer, The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray

“Dolphins... Yeah, dolphins... A lot of people like dogs, cats, and - for some reason I've never been able to fathim - even snakes and toads. But dolphins? Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY loves bloody dolphins. Don't they? Goes way back, to the ancient Greeks, when shipwrecked sailors would wash up on beaches yammering out crazy stories of how they was staring down a watery grave, when out of nowhere, flipper shows up and pushes them safely back to the shore. Heartarming - and say what you will about aquatic mammal public relations, but that was one ispired move, because here we are two thousand years later and everybody still loves them bloody dolphins. What you don't hear are the other stories, the ones where flipper's watching poor Artemides doggy paddling away and inhaling the warm, salty waters of the Adriatic... and flipper things, "Yeah, sure I could save him, but sod that for a can of sardines" and instead of pushing Artemides back to shore, flipper pushes the poor sod out to sea... in the immortal words of Sir Johnny of the Cash, "Just to watch him die..." See, moral is, if you're gonna be a bastard, be like a dolphin - think big picture, protect your image and above all, leave no trace. Because in the bloodshot, bleary eyes of the world, once you're a bastard, you're always a bastard.”
Simon Oliver, The Hellblazer #3

Ben Witherington III
“Too often scholars have thought and even suggested that what happened during and after Constantine was that the church sought to replace the pagan temples, priests, and sacrifices with their own. This is at best a half truth. If this had been primarily what was going on, we would have expected to find priestesses showing up in the mainstream church in and after the time of Constantine, since there were certainly priestesses in the pagan temples. But this we do not find in the historical record. This is because the church of that period was not merely trying to supplant pagan religion with Christian religion, though some of that was going on. More to the point, there was a rising tide of anti-Judaism, and one of its manifestations was this Old Testament hermeneutic. The Torah had been claimed as the church’s book, Jews were being ostracized and then later ghettoized, and a hermeneutic of ministry was being adopted which co-opted the Old Testament for church use when it came to priests, temples, and sacrifices, and indeed sacraments in general. Thus ironically enough while the structure of the ecclesial church was becoming more Old Testamental, the church hierarchy was not only becoming less tolerant of Jews, it was forgetting altogether the Jewish character of Jesus’ ministry and his modifications of the Passover that led to the Lord’s Supper celebration of the early church in the first place.”
Ben Witherington III, Making a Meal of It: Rethinking the Theology of the Lord's Supper

Jamie Delano
“That's the exciting part about capitalism. It's like surfing, you have to catch the wave. - Martin Peter (aka Vermin Gobsmack)”
Jamie Delano, Hellblazer, Vol. 2: The Devil You Know

“There's no use sitting on the bench

if you're not ready to play, right?”
chas kramer

Kate  Cooper
“Even if three centuries of outsider status and intermittent persecution had tested the endurance of individuals and communities, coping with the patronage of a newly Christian emperor posed a challenge. The challenge was all the more threatening for its moral complexity. Was it right for the churches to accept the Emperor's favour, knowing full well that if they did so, they also tacitly accepted his right, so evident in all other aspects of life in the Roman Empire, to call the shots?”
Kate Cooper, Band of Angels: The Forgotten World of Early Christian Women

E.  Latimer
“If you can’t do it dramatically then it isn’t worth doing at all.”
E. Latimer, The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray

Holly Black
“You broke the Madden brothers. I remember them, Joesph, and I remember what you did to them.”
Holly Black, The Copper Gauntlet

Evelyn Waugh
“But how do you know He *doesn't* want us to have it—the cross, I mean? I bet He’s just waiting for one of us to go and find it—just at this moment when it’s most needed. Just at this moment when everyone is forgetting it and chattering about the hypostatic union, there’s a solid chunk of wood waiting for them to have their silly heads knocked against. I’m going off to find it,”
Evelyn Waugh, Helena

Rosetta M. Overman
“It's like Finding Nemo." ( Constantine)
"How the hell is this anything like Finding Nemo? If anything it's like Mission Impossible."(Alexon)
"I have never seen this Impossible Mission and Nemo is cute." (Constantine)”
Rosetta M. Overman, Tidalwave

“And thus, by the express appointment of the same God, two roots of blessing, the Roman Empire, and the doctrine of Christian piety, sprang up together for the benefit of men.”
Eusebius of Caesarea, Oration in Praise of Constantine - Enhanced

Laurence Galian
“Constantine wanted to establish a world or universal religion, with himself at the head. During this council, he declared his divinity by stating that the God of Christians was his personal sponsor. He then replaced certain Christian religious practices of the time with familiar Roman Empire practices of sun worship along with other Pagan teachings from Syria and Persia.”
Laurence Galian, Alien Parasites: 40 Gnostic Truths to Defeat the Archon Invasion!