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“A good worker knows how to be seen, yet remain invisible. They achieved invisibility by never showing up how good they are. But some people hate it & jealousy is evident.”
Lea Rivera Caguinguin

“How’s your first week so far?” Isabele asks.
“Well, let me see,” I begin. “Chloe says my penmanship is shit, and I was only thirty minutes early this morning, which apparently means I’m late, but on the bright side, she thinks her non-fat, half-sweet, no-whip soy latte didn’t taste right and then she told me she’s not paying for it. Other than that, work is just fine.”
Maria Malonzo, Hello, Privet! #1 : Hello/Привет

“I am very happy with all my friends and co-workers, because if they don’t remember me in their happy times or in their success. However, they never forget me if they are in a problem or need my help…”
Nutan Bajracharya

“By working we become co-workers with God.”
Sunday Adelaja

Tina Fey
“We work long hours at these shows, and no matter how funny someone's writing sample is, if they are too talkative or needy or angry to deal with in the middle of the night by the printer, steer clear.”
Tina Fey, Bossypants

“Miss Manners' distaste is for pseudo-social life at the office, because it is occasioned by proximity rather than affection. She believes we should all just work through, go home earlier, and give showers for our own friends.”
Miss Manners

“Miss Manners keeps urging people (to no avail whatsoever) not to make personal celebrations into office parties.

These are not people who were drawn together voluntarily by mutual affection, but co-workers who are there to make their living. True, many of them may become friends and share one another's joys and sorrows, but others may find that a cordial working relationship is all they want or can manage to summon to conceal their distaste. It can become too much to expect these people to fake warmth, which is a good reason for not setting up office events that require this.”
Miss Manners