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Kristen Ashley
“Woman. Buckle”
Kristen Ashley, Knight

Hendrik Willem van Loon
“On the other hand, when you grow up you will discover that some of the people in this world never passed beyond the stage of the cave-man.”
Hendrik Willem van Loon, The Story of Mankind

Samantha Young
“I’m going to make you come shopping with me for maternity clothes."

"I can handle it. In fact, I’m rather looking forward to you having a bump."

He smoothed a hand across my stomach, something he’d taken to doing a lot. "My bump? Why?"

"It’s a caveman thing," he joked.

"Elaborate." I repeated his word back at him.


"When every man sees our bump, they’ll know I was the one you let inside you, they’ll know you’re mine and I’m yours, and that growing inside you is our kid.”
Samantha Young, Castle Hill

Neal Stephenson
“We're not hunter-gatherers anymore. We're all living like patients in the intensive care unit of a hospital. What keeps us alive isn't bravery, or athleticism, or any of those other skills that were valuable in a caveman society. It's our ability to master complex technological skills. It is our ability to be nerds. We need to breed nerds.”
Neal Stephenson, Seveneves

G.K. Chesterton
“To-day all our novels and newspapers will be found to be swarming with numberless allusions to the popular character called a Cave-Man. He seems to be quite familiar to us, not only as a public character but as a private character. His psychology is seriously taken into account in psychological fiction and psychological medicine. So far as I can understand, his chief occupation in life was knocking his wife about, or treating women in general with what is, I believe, known in the world of the film as 'rough stuff.' I have never happeend to come upon the evidence for this idea; and I do not know on what primitive diaries or prehistoric divorce-reports it is founded. Nor, as I have explained elsewhere, have I ever been able to see the probability of it, even considered a priori. We are always told without any explanation or authority that primitive man waved a club and knocked the woman down before he carried her off. But on every animal analogy, it would seem an almost morbid modesty and reluctance, on the part of the lady, always to insist on being knocked down before consenting to be carried off. And I repeat that I can never comprehend why, when the male was so very rude, the female should have been so very refined. The cave-man may have been a brute, but there is no reason why he should have been more brutal than the brutes. And the loves of the giraffes and the river romances of the hippopotami are affected without any of this preliminary fracas or shindy.”
G.K. Chesterton, The Everlasting Man

Kaylee Ryan
“I giggle. It's fun to watch him go all caveman "me take care of my woman.”
Kaylee Ryan, Tempting Tatum

Nobuyuki Fukumoto
“We men have always fought to protect others... since the ancient times. Even though we were naked, and only had sticks and stones to defend ourselves... we still had the elderly, the young, our wives, friends, family, and homes... and to protect all of that we braved any danger, no matter what... and fought! And even among those cavemen there were useless failures! Just like how we are today! But in the end, even they gathered their courage, and fought! And, not surprisingly, being incompetent... they were killed! Even thought it was the death of an idiot... it was also... the death of a selfless hero!”
Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Saikyō Densetsu Kurosawa 10

“We live in an illusion of safety while we hide in caves made ​​of glass looking for trees of concrete. Even our music resounds with the drums of the past. ”

Missy Lyons
“It was like he was a caveman grunting, "You woman. Me man. Let’s make babies together.”
Missy Lyons, Alien Promise

Jill Shalvis
“What is it with you and the caveman thing?” she asked. And why, oh why, do I like it so much?”
Jill Shalvis, The Sweetest Thing

Edward Hoagland
“She--the unnamed lady--simply drew his hands to the Paleolithic places men always have grown tumid from feeling, like the outward cradle of the hips within which a fetus will reside and her breasts that will nourish it, once born.”
Edward Hoagland, In the Country of the Blind: A Novel

“Caveman used to be a hunter-gatherer...Modern man hunts for jobs(if he wants to be an employee) and for heads (if he is an employer), and later gathers paper in the form of currency notes, contracts, policies or shares.”
Ankala V Subbarao

Bijou Hunter
“Cooper’s dark eyes studied my face then he smiled. “I really am crazy about you. Let me make it up to you.”
“What about Nick?” I asked, daring him to freak out again.
His jaw twitching, Cooper shrugged. “He’s a guy. He gets it. In fact, I think he’s hot for one of those giggly blondes in class. Shar, I think is the one. No need for me or anyone else to care about old Nick.”
“So I can study with him?”
Cooper narrowed his eyes and exhaled hard. “Why him?”
“He’s in a bunch of my classes and he takes great notes.”
“Great notes? Is that code?”
“I waited all day to see you, Coop,” I said, placing my hand on his chest where I knew the cross was hiding under his white tee. “I missed you then you ruined everything by focusing on him. Will you keep doing that? I need you to focus on me.”
“You want me, right? Not him.”
“I want you so much, but I think it’s a mistake. You obviously don’t trust me.”
“Don’t make it about trust. It’s not even about you.”
“What the hell does that mean?” I asked, removing my hand.
Cooper looked ready to grab my hand and return it to his chest. I saw him fight the urge then he forced a smile. A really fake smile that never reached his eyes.
“It’s about me. It’s about my feeling like someone is trying to take away what I need. You aren’t doing anything. I just can’t have a man sniffing around my girl.”
“He’s not sniffing around me.”
“Don’t be naïve.”
“You said he liked Shar.”
“Why do you care who he likes?”
Backing away, I sighed. “I’m taking the bus home.”
“No, wait,” he said, wrapping his arms around me as I retreated. “Look, I’m jealous. That’s not a bad thing, is it? If you saw me with some chick, wouldn’t you be jealous?”
“Yes, but I wouldn’t freak out and scare everyone.”
“That’s because you’re classy. I was raised to be a caveman though. I should get credit for not taking you by the hair and dragging you back to my cave. You know, after clubbing your boyfriend to death first.”
“You’re nuts.”
“I’m teasing you.”
“Not completely,” I said, staring at him in horror.
“No, not completely. Well, I’m not kidding about clubbing him to death, but I’d never drag you back to my cave. Me want woman to want it bad.”
Bijou Hunter, Damaged and the Beast

“You believe today’s paradigms is not going to change!! …. Ask the caveman then if his paradigms changed or not. Think for the now and you lose, think for coming generations you win.”
Sameh Elsayed

Erin McCarthy
“How does he get that caveman shit to work for him? I would get my balls ripped off and stuffed in my mouth if I pulled what he does.”
Erin McCarthy, Full Throttle

L.A. Fiore
“We have no idea who the fuck we are dealing with, but based on what they've done to us so far, I'm betting there is very little this person wouldn't do to get whatever the hell it is they are after. If you think for a second that I am going to sit back and watch as you step into potential danger, you are out of your fucking mind."

Her anger rose to match his. "And if you think that I'm going to take a step back just because you and I are sleeping together and your inner caveman is coming to the fore, you are out of your fucking mind."

His voice turned icy. "If I were being a caveman, I would have already knocked you over the head with my club and put you over my shoulder. Not that the idea doesn't have some merit.”
L.A. Fiore, Beautifully Forgotten