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Tammy Blackwell
“Not to alarm you or anything, but I think you just made a deal with a Mexican gang." I've read Simone Elkeles books. I know how this whole garage as a front thing works.”
Tammy Blackwell, Fate Succumbs

Anne Ursu
“She'd been to Narnia, Wonderland, Hogwarts, Dictionopolis. She had tessered, fallen through the rabbit hole, crossed the ice bridge into the unknown world beyond.”
Anne Ursu, Breadcrumbs

J. Lynn
“I read this book once where the girl yelled 'cat' right before they were about to get some bow-chicka-bow-wow,' I told him. 'It was high-larious.”
J. Lynn

Georgette Heyer
“When Hero learned that she was now the owner of no fewer than three carriages and eight horses, she turned quite pink, and after struggling for a few moments to express herself suitably, stammered out: 'Oh, Sherry, it is just like K-King Cophetua and the beggar-maid!'
'Who the devil was he?' demanded Sherry.
'Well, I don't precisely remember, but he married a beggar-maid, and gave her everything she wanted.'
'Sounds to me like a hum,' said her skeptical husband. 'Besides, what's the fellow got to do with us?'
'Only that you made me think of him,' said Hero, smiling mistily up at him.”
Georgette Heyer, Friday's Child