Backhanded Compliment Quotes

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Ransom Riggs
“I knew there was something peculiar about you," she said. "And I mean that as the highest compliment."

I'd always known I was strange. I never dreamed I was peculiar.”
Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Nella Larsen
“She isn't stupid. She's intelligent enough in a purely feminine way. Eighteenth-century France would have been a marvellous setting for her, or the old South if she hadn't made the mistake of being born a Negro.”
Nella Larsen, Passing

Jo Beverley
“Her eyelashes lay on her cheek, but they were not extraordinarily thick or long. Her eyebrows would benefit from plucking, but they were elegantly curved.”
Jo Beverley, The Secret Duke

Iain M. Banks
“[I]f I suffered only one fool gladly, I assure you it would be you.”
Iain M. Banks, Look to Windward