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Anita Shreve
“My mother taught me to knit when I was seven. I forgot about knitting until one day I saw Marion at the counter with hers and confessed that I knew how. Confessed is the right word. In those days, in the early 1980s, knitting was not a hobby a preteen would readily admit to. But Marion, every enthusiastic, pounced upon me and insisted that I show her something I'd made. I did -- a misshapen scarf -- which she priased exravagantly. she lent me a raspberry-colored wool for another project, a hat for myself. Since then I've been knitting pretty continuously. It's addictive and it's soothing, and fora a few minutes anyway, it makes me feel closer to my mother.”
Anita Shreve, Light on Snow

Rebecca McNutt
“Kipster is a perfectly valid word,” Wendy argued, about to write down her score on the little notepad that had come with the game.
“Okay, so what does it mean?” Mandy wanted to know. Wendy struggled to come up with an answer, and finally just changed the subject with school gossip. Mandy found herself just ignoring it… it always sounded the same, the same events, same rumors, same secrets, same affairs, but never anything of interest to her.
“Well Sarah’s on drugs again and that’s why she did it in Mario’s backseat, but now she might be pregnant, oh, and that messed-up Seth kid’s been cutting himself again so he was sent away to Halifax last week, and there’s a festival in Wolfville but Kathy won’t go because Audrey-Rose is going to be there and they hate each other, and….”
Mandy had learned two years ago to detach herself from gossip; she’d learned it from Jud’s death. Wendy may have been eighteen years old but she could be immature on the best of days.”
Rebecca McNutt, Smog City

“Should have taken warning it's just
People mourning
Running, hiding, lost
You can't find, find a place to go, so it's

Red skies at night
Red skies at night, whoa oh, oh oh oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh... red skies at night, red skies at night, whoa oh, oh oh oh...

Someone's taking over, and it look like they're aiming right at you...
Someone said we'll be dead by morning...
Someone cries, leaving... red skies at night, whoa oh-h-h”
Cy Curnin The Fixx

Michael   Lewis
“This completed the curious reversal in roles that occurred in the early 1980s, when thrifts became traders and traders thrifts.”
Michael Lewis, Liar's Poker

Michael   Lewis
“Many thrifts layered a billion dollars of brand-new loans on top of their existing, disastrous hundred million dollars of old loss-making loans, in a hope that the new would offset the old. Each new purchase of mortgage bonds (which was identical to making a loan) was like the last act of a desperate man. The strategy was wildly irresponsible, for the fundamental problem (borrowing short term and lending long term) hadn’t been remedied. The hypergrowth only meant that the next thrift crisis would be larger. But the thrift managers were not thinking that far in advance. They were simply trying to keep the door to the shop open. That explains why thrifts continued to buy mortgage bonds even as they sold their loans.”
Michael Lewis, Liar's Poker

Cherie Summers
“I don’t want a challenge with a woman.” Adrian was getting bothered by his friend’s persistence. “I want one who’s ready and willing. You see how pristine that chick looked? We’re talking completely uncharted territory. She’s probably never had a tongue in her mouth, much less a cock. I ain’t got time for training.”
Cherie Summers, A Melody For Adrian

Phil Mitchell
“The 80's in America were about building a better future here in America. We came into the generation dancing. We saw an explosion of songs about Christianity, concern for the environment, the first space shuttle, the number of nuclear arms peaked, and the start of the national debt clock. It ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall. We also saw growing frustration that some things were not getting done.”
Phil Mitchell, A Bright New Morning: An American Story