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My 12 year old is interested in reading this series. Is there anything in the book(s) which might be inappropriate? Thanks, in advance, for any helpful information. mb

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Catherine My advice is to not be a helicopter parent. Let your child read whatever they want. I read worse when I was 10. Sex and gore is probably what got me more interested in reading. I went from remedial reader in elementary school to English Major because I discovered the types of books I found compelling. My early forays into the world of reading started with R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike. Better they read books with violence and sex than become mindless internet zombies like most kids these days.
Michael McCain A couple is found dead mid-intercourse with hearts ripped out.
A character's breasts and nipples are described with euphemisms
A character's nipples harden in arousal
A character begs another for sex, remarking indirectly on his erection
Sex, orgies, and prostitutes are integral to the plot line
Syd I've only read book 1. I liked it, but there's a lot in it that you may not wish a 12-year old to read. Without spoilers, there are graphic descriptions of crime scenes, sex and lustful relationships, and black magic.

You may wish to consider the Fated: Alex Verus series - I think it's similar but less sex and gore, if I recall correctly? In Iron Druid Chronicles - GREAT series - there are definitely swear words but I think the content might be better too. Maybe look into these options? Good luck!
Crislee I'm glad you asked. I think we're similar. And you're smart to ask. So ignore the poor parenting advice you clearly received from some others here.
While there are no bad words (that I can remember), nor sex scenes, there are light hints sex as just a desire. Plus at the end a couple hapving sex to give a bad wizard power. It doesn't describe in detail the sex, just that they are naked. One character drinks a love potion and badly wants sex. Nothing happens and it's comical to hear what she says to the main character, but if that's appropriate or not to you is not mine to decide. I'd not have allowed my kids at 12 but I would now that they are much older. And please know that I have only read the first and didn't care much for it even though it came very highly recommended by two friends who also love to read. I'm a homeschool mother and my youngest is now 16. It was somewhat appropriate for her. And I'd allow her to read it. But only you can decide that. It's not a long book you may want to preview it yourself. I think it's on Kindle Unlimited right now. And as I see this I see you asked 3 years ago. So, if you haven't already allowed yours to read it, do it. He/she is likely old enough. I do a lot of reviews for authors who ask me to review their books. I always (especially the teen or young adult fiction) add what I think about kids reading it. Unlike some below, I think it's wrong to allow your kids to read whatever. They can do that when they aren't your responsibility. And with some of the things I've read, I'd be bothered with my kids reading it. I don't watch Outlander with my adult daughter either. Yet we both watch. I'm not watching soft porn with my child at any age. Some books don't warn you they have pornographic passages. And yes, kids should not read those. Nor should parents allow them to watch porn, duh. But maybe I'm the last of the parents who actually parent. That's what's wrong with our society. Kids parent themselves. Good job for asking!
Olivia I would suggest waiting a couple years. The books themselves graze lightly on sexual innuendos and there's also some gory details to things such as the forefront focus of the book, a murder. As other commenters have said, nowadays youngsters are in the know on a lot of things. However, I would still recommend books similar to this, but give this one a couple years wait.

Happy reading,
Anna I've only read the first one but I definitely would not let my 12 year old read it.
Daniel McCartney If your 12-year-olds wants to read the books, let him read them. I'm not sure you could get a better role model than Harry Dresden. At it's worst the books are PG-13.
Jody Baer-Swanson If your kid is 12 then I would say it is fine. The average age a child first sees hardcore porn is 8 so I would rather my kid be spending their time actually reading.
Catelyn Manly I was given these books for my birthday by my oldest brother. By the time I was able to read them he did warn me, "They are R-rated."
I don't remember specifics from each book but I did blush a few times when I remembered WHO gave them to me!

**We were sheltered as children!

I would not let my 12-year-old read them!
Peter Plantec Appropriate and inappropriate is in the mind of the parent. 12-year-olds are starting to pull away from parental authority and that is appropriate. They know a lot more about sex and violence than most parents realize. There are a few things in each of the Dresden books are either gruesome or fairly explicit. Nevertheless, I would not withhold these books from my 12-year-old daughters...they are now grown and one of them has read the entire series. As a parent, you have a responsibility to raise your child by reasonable standards. Just be aware that overprotective parents are usually quite destructive in the long run.
Christy I would not let a 12 year old read this one.
George Christensen Attempting to censor what your child reads is likely to have the opposite of the desired effect. When I was about 12, my sister (who was 14 at the time) got in big trouble for reading "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess. Being rather curious by nature, this led me to decide to secretly obtain and read it. It's a very extreme and disturbing book. I came away with the conclusion that my parents were trying to protect my sister from topics and content that they found disturbing. Even at that early age I found the idea ludicrous. Life is hard and complicated. You do your child no favors by pretending it's not.
Betsy Let them read the series. If you're so uncomfortable read it yourself. Reading is a lot better then having them sit in front of the tv or playing video games all day.
Anna Wick Consider his Alera Codex series, they are wonderful.
Kathy Joy
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Memet My mature 10 and 12 yo loved the similar Iron Druid Chronicles (as did I). This series was also recommended by Syd below. In Iron Druid the wolf-hound- druid conversations are quite lovely, and were very popular with my kids as well. Not very sexy, lots of mythology from around the world.
Judy Stefencavage Nothing inappropriate in my estimation. Let him read it
Christie Buchovecky I'd wait a couple years. Violence in this book is not any more graphic than some of the latter Harry Potter books. However, sex comes up more here, and the fact of prostitution in particular (though the act is not performed "on screen" or described graphically in this book, nor is prostitution treated in a positive light - specifically, the Madam is a vampire, which in Dresdenverse means a grotesque monster in a beautiful human disguise). Personally, I find acknowledgment of sex less of a problem than graphic violence in books for young adults (though I suspect I may be in the minority), but the prostitution issue makes me think this might be something to wait on... unless your child has seen Law and Order SVU, or read any number of books considered classical literature. Another commenter was right when they said kids today know a lot, it really depends on what you and your child are comfortable with.

That said, once you get past the first 3-4 books, the series gets addictive, and there's definitely a scene in book 5 I wouldn't be comfortable suggesting for a 12-14 year old (written intentionally by Butcher to confront the idea of a "gratuitous sex/bondage scene"). And frankly, there's some emotionally heavy stuff that the main characters go through that, more so than being too much for a 12 year old, may go right over their head and detract from the enjoyment. The series is definitely worth reading. Whenever you think your child can handle book 1, just try not to let them devour the series in a single year.
Pauli Koskinen Yes and no. Probably yes as the 12 year olds know lots these days. However, it might be still that for her/his sense of reality, it might be better not to read the series at such age. The series contain tons of, questions and choices that might warp/change her sense or perception of reality. Also since it emerges into conciousness of a person, who goes through very complex emotions.... Who knows what kind of psychological effects it might have. The books are relatively, deep and might change his/her view of the surrounding world.

I know i felt a bit surreal after 5-6 books in the series. :)
Michael R. Wilson Obviouls the original poster's child is now grown so this comment is for others interested in an answer to the same question they might have.
There are so very many age-appropriate books that a 12-year-old would love to read, I recommend steering them toward those. I don't necessarily think that reading something like this will harm them (though it could), I just don't think the themes in this book will interest them as much as something geared to a younger audience might. When they are older they can decide whether this is their type of jam and read it, if they wish.
Richard Nohel I don't think the first book is suitable for an adolescent. Some of it is quite dark and graphic. I was a teacher for 32 years and I can think of many of my former high school students for whom this book would not be appropriate. A great alternative in my opinion is Shadow and Bone that I also read recently. It isn't anything like Storm Front but it is good fantasy.
Laura Thatcher My family listened to this book on a road trip. Listening to it with your pre-teens, their grandmother (my mother) and my husband was very awkward in certain parts. There are a number of allusions to sex and some very violent and graphic scenes. However, my oldest son, who I think was 12ish at the time LOVED the book. My advice is don't listen to it with you family, but by all means let him read the book - maybe read it as well so you can talk about it with him.
Ali Loveland I think its fine. It's pretty mild and just the stuff 12 year olds are interested in-- vague violence and sexual descriptions.
Lexi There are some swear words in the books and in one of the books there’s a sex scene from what I remember. I would have him wait a few years before you let him read it.
Cally Definitely! There is some iffy scenes (sex, violence, etc.,) but its handled in a way that it doesn't seem unnecessary or unrealistic (expect the magic parts, lmao).
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