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Should i read the Lunar Chronicles or not? I've heard they're good, but i'm still not sure...

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John YES! And this is coming from middle a aged man who doesn't read YA, Sci-fi or any of that type of stuff. I was hooked on the first couple chapters of Cinder. It's action, adventure, romance and SCI FI all rolled into one.
Caelle You definitely should. I was like you, I wasn't sure if they would live up to the hype, I actually just read all of them a few days ago. And let me tell you, they are really great. She incorporates just enough of the fairy tale for elements of familiarity, but adds in a lot of plot twists that you won't see coming, great settings, character development, and world building. I loved it.
tiffany f "Heartless" doesn't have anything to do with the Lunar Chronicles (they don't mention any of the characters, it's a totally different story), but the Lunar Chronicles are very good and you should read it before "Heartless", although order doesn't matter. Maybe read "Heartless" first so that you won't be disappointed otherwise. Marissa Meyer wrote them very well, my favorite is Cress or Winter. Heartless is definitely not matched up to the Lunar Chronicles. If you like sort of cheesy romance and good science fiction/fantasy, this is for you :)
Say It's a retelling of fairy tales with a sci-fi twist. I will say I enjoyed them; Cinder is definetly worth a look at, if you enjoy that one, you'll want to see how the story progresses.
Avaminn F'nett Yes. For YA sci-fi dystopians, they are extremely good.
Ivonne Yes, I also was hooked within the first few chapters of Cinder.
Well worth the read.
Grace YEESSS! My friend forced me to read the book, but after reading the first chapter, I was in love. Now, all six of my friends are reading the lunar chronicles, and their friends are reading it too!! I mean heartless is good, but nothing even comes close to Cinder! [Heartless has nothing to do with Lunar Chronicles, it's about the Queen of Hearts. But honestly, the book CINDER IS SOO MUCH BETTER} If you're looking for a science fiction romance that will entertain you for HOURS UPON HOURS any of Meyers books are great, do yourself a favor and read CINDER!!!!
Marufa Hoque Unlike many YA novels and series, The Lunar Chronicles are the epically exceptional work EVERYONE should read. It's both science-fiction and fantasy in a world similar to our own (in a not too distant future). If you like fairytales, you'll love this. If you're into space action, you'll love this. Seriously. Not many books can do that. (But even if you don't like the above, you'll still love this story because of the action, the characters, and the whole plot that makes you want more even after it's over!) But, I'm sure everyone else has answered your question by now. To read or not to read? Definitely, read! (I can't wait for the movie!)
Tori I enjoyed it very much and wanted to spend every free second I had reading it. It became an obsession because it was so good.
Maisy Heck yes you should read the Lunar Chronicles! They are my favorite series ever and I have never read a better series, this comes from a Harry Potter fan so that's saying something! Marissa Meyers is my absolute favorite author, she almost tied with J.R Tolkien! Definitely read it, I have read it twenty or so times.
Chloe Yes! At first, all my friends were telling me to read it and i wasn't 100%v interested, but after the first 30 pages i couldn't stop! I first started reading it by my sister and she got mad at me for steeling it from her! Then Scarlet, it wasn't at the library, so i ended up buying it before i read it and am trying to get the whole series! This series is definitely the top 10 favorites!
Chillymoonbutt Yaserious Yes! Well Unless you are afraid of totally being sucked into a great story that makes you want more.
Sofie Strömvall No. The Lunar Chronicles disappointed me quite a lot. New York Times Best Selling books are rather overrated, I think.
Bri Rud I just finished Cinder. I was also hesitant, but having just finished it. I definitely recommend giving it a read. I really ended up enjoying it! I couldn't put the book down.
Addi Yes. I thought this book was good, but I liked the Lunar Chronicles way better.
The Bookworm❜ YES. YES YES. MUCH YES. The eries was so good and you just want to read all of the books once you finish Cinder. It's like one of those series that you never want to end.
AJ Nachtrieb YESSSSS!!! I love these books, I really think that you definitely should, the first chapter starts out a little slow but you get hooked easily.
Ella Yes yes yes yes!! Soooo amazing!
Nithindree Mendis You definitely should! Heartless is great but The Lunar Chronicles are even better! You'll fall in love with the characters... Awesome series.
Misty OHMYGOODNESSGRACIOUS!!! Yaaasssss!!! Loved and devoured this series!!!!
Rachel YES YES YES and most definitely YESSSSSS!!!!
David Garza You would regret not reading it
Katie They're all excellent. My husband (who doesn't usually like YA) also loved them and recommends them to people too.
Veronica Hell Ya! Go for it, you will not be disappointed.
Amber Cobb Yes! They are amazing! It has romance, action, twists, and a great science twist on a classic fairy tale!💙💚💛💜
halley hayes YES YES YES! the lunar chronicles is probably by far, one of the best series ever written. (I like other series too tho!)
read it. trust me, you wont regret it.
Crystal R. Shaw Yes! They are great.
Nya S Oh yes! Of Course
thedottedlines Yes!!!! I love the series. It is the series which made me start reading sci-fi
Isabel T OMGS yes i read those books like a thousand times and im still hooked and ready to read anything Marissa throws at me!
Angelica Mercado Absolutely yes you should!
Alexis YES!!!!!!!! they are amazing
Olivia Hall Is that even a question ?????!!!!!! Yes!!!!! Of course u should read the Lunar Chronicles its probably one of the most mindblowingly awesome series I've ever read and sniffed and hugged and cried over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Becky Logan Yes, they are wonderful.
Carmella W Omg yes!!! They're my favorite series ever. The hype doesn't even begin to cover how fabulous they are. There's POC characters, strong female roles, and they're just so magical! I was skeptical at first because of the whole "fairytale retelling" atmosphere centered around them, but I like to say they're more "fairytale inspired". The stories become more intricate as the books go on, and the fairy tale references can be obvious or subtle. It's such an amazing series I totally recommend it!!!
Lynnette Since they are a mixture of sci-fi, fantasy, fairy tale and intrigue, anyone will enjoy these books. I am an avid reader and I loved them all!
Grace OMG yes!!!! They are amazing.
Diane Yes, definitely. I read them all and then sent them on to my teen granddaughters who also loved them. Kind of fun when different generations get hooked onto the same books...
Thomas The Lunar Chronicles were my last series read through, and it was more than worth the time it took to read the entire saga. The books have a certain quality to them, a magical feel peppered with elements of futuristic, Star Wars - esque themes. And, or course, there is a fair dosage of romance to add a kick to the series. The culmination is stunning, and the companion books are must-reads for Lunartics. (I read the first companion novel, Fairest, in one night!)
Muna Abdullah Yes, I was hesitant at first But then I read Cinder , then I couldn't stop. I loved all the books of Lunar Chronicles, the plot was great the stories and Charterers came together beautifully in my opinion.
Sunz Oh yes! I was thinking about to read or not to read since 2 years ago and I finally read the first book Cinder last week and I just finished the last book Winter this morning! At first, I've this skeptical view about the synopsis but I never regretted my decision to read this series! It's worth reading
BookLoverScar OMG YES! it is the most amazing series in the world besides darkest powers! :) Cress and Throne forever <3
Wayong Weiss I've read many fantasy, scifi, speculative fiction & magic realism novels (along w/non genre books, animal themed & children w/special needs as main characters & nonfiction). Saying that, I've found Marissa's Lunar Chronicles among the most unique books, esp. fairytale oriented novels (see: Terri Windling's & Ellen Kushner's recommendations).

(They're not as intense as say, Carolyn Turgeon's fairytale-oriented novels or Margo Lanagan's surrealist fairytales. Much to the contrary, Turgeon's & Lanagan's books are NOT for children & most young adults/those who don't read poetry or surrealist fiction/weird fiction.)

If you've read Westerfield's Leviathan series, Phillip Reeve's Hungry City Chronicles, Naomi Novik's Uprooted and Victoria Schwab's books & enjoyed them more than say, Hunger Games or another mainstream series, you probably will enjoy the Luner Chronicles.
Nae If you like science-fiction, then you should.
Krista Youhas Do what I did...I downloaded a free sample of Cinder on my phone to read to see if I wanted to continue. It piqued my interest and I continued reading and got my sister to read them too!
Jacinta YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD! omg sorry for the overexciting response but this series still gives me goosebumps and its totally worth the time spent!
The Lunar Chronicles have been my favourite book for well over a year now. They are gripping stories with exceptional characters. You will love them.
Anna Diesing Yes you definitely should, this is my favorite book series and i know a bunch of people who like it too!!
Samantha yes.yes.yes. a must! Scarlet is my favorite. =)
Blanca Absolutely, unless you have no heart or imagination. This series is for all ages, young and old and all types. You must read the whole series.
Cherished_2001 Yes! I really loved it! Its kinda got everything to be honest. You see romance, politics, war. Warning though it has got 4 books now, but don't be intimidated if you have never read so many in one series. It is addictive!
yours truly,
cherished ;)
Daya Fruhbrodt YES!!! I have read many books, and the lunar chronicles is still my favorite. It has the perfect balance between Sci-Fi and romance. You will love it.
Alejandra YES!!!! Absolutely recommened the last book just came out its amazing. Its all you could ask for in a series.
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