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I hate this book Percy and Annabeth did not play any freaking role in this book except spilling their blood and percy getting his ass kicked every time his name comes up . does any one feel the same way ?

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Lea I agree entirely. Percy always seemed to be a sidekick, going through with orders and never taking the lead as he should because he's freaking Percy! we have the most connection with him because of the first five books and now we don't get a proper ending with him. And what about his fatal flaw? did we totally forget about that as well! his fatal flaw has been numerously mentioned but enver done anything with. I thought that something was going to end up with Percy messing up the quest because he want to save his friends, BUT NOOOO! And Gaea and the giants, are they just toys being played with by babies! they're fricking superhuman powerful and yet seven puny demigods seem to be way over they're league each time. They're all one-dimensional, always losing by their stupid greed. Overall, Blood of Olympus was suppose to be an overview of all 10 books but was rick riordan so stuffed with trying to learn us Greek Mythology that he forgot about the everything the characters went through. he mentioned it, but it was lost with everything else. Blood of Olympus is sadly, not a very satisfying book...
Julie Well, we all know that the point of The Heroes of Olympus was to put a different spin on the modern day-Greek mythology topic from the well-loved Percy Jackson series. Riordan did point out that Percy, Annabeth, and Grover would be mentioned, but they weren't supposed to play the main role the other characters were meant to. (Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel, Frank, etc.) Plus, I thought it was great in a way because we heard all about mythology, gods/goddesses, and quests from another point of view other than Percy's. I mean, we, as Percy Jackson fans, already know Percy's mindset in a whole. Hearing what goes on from other point of views could and is refreshing. I actually enjoyed the ending, and I love the fact that Riordan doesn't like the whole epilogue thing. Let the readers decide the ending... :)
Calyss I'm so depressed because of it right know... Why did you do that rick ? Why torturing us by bringing this fatal flaw and loosing something and suffering if nothing came up ??? Why ? And Percy and Annabeth just came back from fucking Tartarus and we saw no consequences... And other things but my mind is to messed up right know so i just tell i agree with you guys.

Just feeling like half the book is missing.
Weezie Heroes of Olympus, not Percy and Annabeth of Olympus.
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Katie I understand, but I also see what Riordan's logic was. Percy and Annabeth already had 5 books for them. The Heroes of Olympus books were meant to be about different people, and Percy and Annabeth were always meant to be minor characters. I don't like that they were pushed aside, but it makes some sense. However, I don't think they had to be as lame as they were. I mean, those two were the most powerful and deadly duo ever until this book, where they mainly cried, threw up, and got nosebleeds. Them being minor characters is fine but they didn't have to be so lame.
Manasvi i totally agree I am mad that Percy and Annabeth did not do much, I wish they had. It was all Jason, Piper and Leo. I love Leo, so not complaining about him. but please, there has to be percy annabeth in this. They came back from Tartarus, they could have looked at things differently.
Alex T. I think that Percy got too much attention and we needed to see other POV like Reyna and Nico.
Shima I feel so cheated about this, that despite the mark of athena being my favorite Riordan book, I kind of wish he hadn't wrote the whole heroes of olympus books, because unlike the last olympian, here there was no closure. Percy has been one of my favorite male characters of all time, now not only I didn't get to say good bye, I also had to watch him get poisoned under the sea and the son of sky god saving him! and that was the last fighting scene we will ever have of Percy!
Seriously compare the Percy of the last olympian and the battle of Manhattan to this! I feel so horrible. :( I sort of wish I hadn't read this last book
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David Seward I disagree because Percy and anabeth did things in the other books that play parts in this book so they did do things that play parts in this book
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Sami B I can see what some people are saying in that HOO was a separate series from PJO, and in all honesty, The Lost Hero started with Jason, Piper, and Leo, so it made sense that The Blood of Olympus would end with them, too—at least from a logical stand-point. At the same time, though, Heroes of Olympus is not a completely different series, not really. It's not like the Kane Chronicles with a separate setting and different gods, or even like the Trials of Apollo, with an entirely new set of characters. HOO still has Percy and Annabeth and Nico as vital characters. The series might not have started with them, but the /Percy Jackson World/ did. And it's not like we were able to move on to a different hero, because Percy was still there in a very big way. And as I mentioned before, logically, it makes sense to end focusing on Jason and Piper and Leo, but emotionally, the readership became attached to Percy and Annabeth, first and foremost, and it's not fair to simply ignore that. We still need closure.
EJ Sung 100%%% agree with you, Percy and Annabeth started the Percy Jackson series they should be able to end it too. I hate how Jason think he is so much better than Percy even though Percy is a lot more powerful. This is the last book to the best series and you tell me the final fight against the giants took like 2 pages, the gods came down and beat up all the giants!!! Rick should have added way more detail to the fight and let Percy and Annabeth take the main role. This series I think the best book are son of neptune but I still prefer the original percy jackson series.
Brookie Rae I loved this book. And Percy did help he just wasn't a the center of attention the whole book:)
Ranee Babu I felt the same way. At some points I just wanted to throw the book, because Percy and Annabeth were side characters and they are never side characters. I honestly wanted and thought Percy and Annabeth had a really, really important role but they didn't. I didn't get to say bye to Percy, Annabeth, Frank, and Hazel. Not only that but I wanted to know how Percy and Annabeth felt after Tarturas.
Drew I also kinda agree with you guys. Sure, variety is good in books, but in this book, Rick Riordan always made Percy look bad when he was mentioned. In the novels, I know Annabeth and Percy are together and all that, but I was just hoping for more. Also, I was kinda disappointed by the ending of the Heroes of Olympus. I mean it was just so easy to defeat Gaea later in the book. All they had to do was get a legendary primordial goddess off the ground and BAM she goes back to sleep. Not to mention the whole Leo dying thing. I mean people, we saw the "sacrifice" thing coming a mile away and the book makes it really obvious Leo isn't dead. I totally suggest this book to all Percy Jackson fans searching for more but don't get your hopes up for the ending and don't expect a lot of Percy and Annabeth moments.
Melissa This isn't Percy & Annabeth's series though. They already had their series. This is Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel and Frank's series, Percy and Annabeth are supporting characters in this series so they should not be the "big heroes" in this book. It is right that it is the others who are brought forward in this series.
naillig neerg-grebneerg Actually this book was my favorite out of all of them. I think that percy and annebeth shouldnt have all the spot light and Nico was always a shadow in the book and i wanted more scenes of that character. Im getting tired of the main character.
Foluso Bolaji You know what makes me really, aggravated, it's that they didn't even mention Percy that much, he was basically the sidekick to everyone, like what WTF I knew Percy, I lived Percy, and I slept Percy, (okay that was weird) and then they make Jason( hate him) and Piper( hate her) The heroes, like i never really liked them both, and I guess Rick just wanted another set of heroes to save the day, but I was expecting it to end with Percy's fatal flaw or something, we didn't even get an answer, just that he was going to college. Wow, wopee you're going to colledge, congrats. But I felt like Rick just completely ignored him, and focused on everyone else but him and Annabeth. There better be a book explaining this and what happens with Leo and Calypso, or I'll be triggered, and if he doesn't I'll write one.(fat chance, i'm wayy yo lazy for that)
Brian Welch
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Lydia Wiedetz
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I-Invented_invention I completely agree
Maya Behura In this book series, I believe Rick Riordan was more focused on developing the personalities and storylines of the other six main characters (Piper, Jason, Leo, Hazel, Frank, and Nico), which is probably why Percy and Annabeth weren't front and center. They did have a large role in House of Hades, but the series was meant to focus on the other characters. I agree with your point; although they played a pivotal role in the series (their blood had to be spilled in order to wake Gaea), they were mainly sidekicks and this may be frustrating to some readers as we are used to seeing things from mainly the view of the Son of Poseidon and Athena.
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Noelle i don't really feel the same way becuse percy and annabeth played other major roles in the percy jackson seires and rick was trying to refresh us whith other charecters point of veiws. besides he probly wanted to give them a break cuse they just came back from tarterus.
Aleksander Well, both of them have their own what, 5 books? Give someone else a chance to shine..
Connor Allison
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Yomaris it is the sevens series but in the end jason piper and leo were the ones that had final call
Nikoskalamoutsos I haven't read this book yet , and am curently reading the lost ,and i believe that it will be pretty similar,because in neither of these books percy or annabeth have a really big role ,and eventhough i don't really like the lost hero , i have to admit that it is readble and sometimes fun.And the whole thing with percy forgetting his fatal flaw ,means that he has matured since in the original series he used to do some prety stupid stuff because of his fatal flaw,and it might be that going into tartarus changed him
haasa Gjcgcjcjgc I victim c.f.
Alexa Jackson NO I DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Athena i definitely agree.
Fae V Exact same feelings. I totally love Rick but i mean, were talking about freaking Percy Jackson, he at least deserved a chapter in this book. But , after reading Percy Jacksons Greek Gods, i was a little bit satisfied.
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