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Why do people hate this book so much? They should't even be allowed to

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Elias Shouldn't be allowed to what? Live? That's really judgmental. Well, I don't like Twilight because I don't like the way that it demystifies vampires- they're supposed to be bloodthirsty, terrifying monsters, not pretty sparkly faeries!- and I can't stand the hugely anti-feminist messages. Also, I found Bella to be extremely annoying. But that's just me- don't kill me, please.
Matthew Little People hate it because it's a story about an obsessive stalker who stalks a very flat characterized girl who develops a relationship that's been seen and evaluated as being abusive, masked as a cutesy love story about a helpless girl who falls in love with a seemingly harmless vampire.
Sharath SH "They shouldn't even be allowed to......." Let me finish that sentence for you.. "....read this hideous book!!!"
I can give you 5 solid reasons why people hate this hideous book....
5. The depiction of Vampires,
4. The horrible characters,
3. Stephanie Meyer,
2. Breaking Dawn,
1. Bella's and Edward's relationship....
Jessica Goosman Let me tell you something about twilight. The characterization is very poor. plot is a little loose. it's not riveting. it doesn't keep me on my toes. That's because i'm 20 years old. This is YA fiction. All these adult commeting about twilight on here? your opinions are welcome, but guess what? this book wasn't written for adults. Let me tell you what twilight has done. it ahs taken literally thousands of young girls who never wanted to read before, and made them like reading. Twilight. a 700-ish page book. this book changed everything for young readers. you can hate on the story as much as you want. and you can try to tear me down. I know for a fact that if young girls didn't read twilight, they would've never started reading The house of Night, or the hunger games. Twilight opened the door. Making girls like reading. I gues that's all i have to say. Thank you for your time.
shambles Yeah..to hell with freedom of opinion.
Scarletwolf Well, I can't get into the heads of every twilight hater, but I AM able to get into mine.

Here are my reasons for hating twilight:

#1. A horrid main character. Why? Well the main character, Bella, is an air-headed, one track minded girl that has no future ambition and is special because... well ... just because.

#2 Vampires SPARKLE

#3 The author apparently doesn't know what good writing is.

#4 Edward is a shovel face

#5 The only thing that Bella and Edward do is basically, well, stare at each other and stalk each other.

#6 Vampire baseball is just a NO

#7 Bella is stupid

and finally

#8 Bella is an idiot

( do you get that I hate Bella?)

P.S. you forgot to put a period at the end of to...
Joseph Sutton Well people are allowed to hate what they want. As someone who loves this book, i can easily see its not for everyone. They are allowed to hate it and at the same time im allowed to love it, but me loving it is something most haters I've run into dont accept, and lecture me on my bad taste and why this book is just so terrible. They are wasting their breath.
Sammy Davis I hate this book because it's very poorly written, it painted vampires in a light where they, literally, are like sparkly fairies, the characters were incredibly boring. Bella was pathetic and couldn't do anything on her own. Edward is flat and has no dynamic, and not to mention he admits to stalking Bella for months. Just goes to show all you need is a pretty face and everyone will love you for no reason at all.

It is seriously one of the worst books I've ever read. I even tried re-reading it not too long ago to see if my opinion changed from when it first came out... Nope, still an awful book.
Lydia Makri We shouldn't be allowed to? You shouldn't be allowed to exist then.
Agnes For those of you that hate Twilight, I have decided to post this directed at you. Before you scowl in annoyance, I absolutely despise Twilight. And to fans of Twilight, before YOU scowl in annoyance, this isn't a hate rant. I just wanted to say that we should act like the mature people we are (or at least should try to be) and let go of the rift between Haters and Lovers. To Haters, the only thing that Twilight gives you is a clear depiction between the severely different categories of books. If you dislike Twilight, don't read other recommendations under the same category. To Lovers, we have a good reason to dislike Twilight and saying "they shouldn't even be allowed to" is disrespectful. Thank you.
Victoria🌻 First of all, everyone has a right to an opinion. It's the first amendment. Second of all, Twilight's vampires aren't scary at all. Honestly, James, Victoria, and Laurent were my favorites when I read it. It would have been more interesting if Bella had done something other than sit down and let her sparkly vampire do all the work. Also, this book's only message is that "you need a man to survive" and that teenage pregnancy is good. Hello, that stuff ruins lives. The book has no substance, and the main phrases in this book include "he stared" and "she stared" and something along the lines of "oh my gosh Edward is so pretty let's marry him so that I don't get old and I'm not even going to bother thinking this through." You should try reading something like The Hunger Games, which has its own love story, but still says to stand up for what you believe in and not to let anything control and push you down. Same thing for Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments. Divergent and Percy Jackson and Throne of Glass and The Lunar Chronicles and a million other books have a) substance, b) a good plot, c) a strong female character, and d) evidence of proofreading.
Patrick Baker Yeah to what? People hate it because its crap! plain and simple!!
Alice Well, maybe because it's the epitome of an abusive relationship in sheep's clothing disguised as a desirable romance. Maybe it's because its protagonist is the Queen of Mary-Sue's and her love interest happens to be a stalker - yet people still aspire to be like them. Maybe it's because it condones things like abuse and pedophilia and romanticizes it. Maybe it's because it's filled with so much fluttery purple prose that it could sprout rainbows.

Or maybe it's because we all have our own opinions. Just a thought, you know.
Khanaja Scott Okay, I didn't understand at first either, but here's what's happening. A lot of people {me} judged it because of the movies {which I find horrible and nauseating} and said, hey, the book must be crap.

Then there are the people who mostly hate it because of Bella. She is not an independent savage procrastinator, therefore, everyone hates her. She brings an entire new meaning to love. It's the whole, I LITERALLY cannot live without you sort of thing and people think it's pathetic. It kind of is, but as a reader and a writer I feel that Stephanie uses Bella's uselessness as a representation of the powerful strength of the love the two held for each other.

Lastly, there's just the concept of vampires. Most people who hate it are adults who find thought of vampires in the light that Meyer drew them in laughable. In my understanding, the sparkling is another misinterpreted representation. So the Cullens are sparkly, good vampires who believe in humanity. This goodsy light is almost too much to bare for readers, so they hate the book. But really the Cullens are a coven of vampires who are going against their own grain by trying to find peace within themselves to not be the evil the world has made them... blah blah I could go on for hours.

But anyway the reason people hate is because:

a. Bella is in love with hopelessly in love with Edward
b. Edward is a good, sparkly vampire
c. Meyer gives no reason as to why she loves Edward besides the fact that Bella is masochistic and he's sexy
d. My best friend wanted her to end up with Jacob.

I love twilight. The end
Clary I agree. It's so stupid how SO MANY people judge it before they even read it.
Amelia I live in China, but even I know Freedom of Speech. Also, this is a review/comment section, and people can say what they feel, wether they like it or hate it. Personally, I feel that a lot of series deserve much more recognition than Twilight (such as Maximum Ride and Fablehaven). In fact, I think that the only reason it is successful is because of the controversy around it. Also, for me, it completely ruined the word 'twilight', I really liked it before I read the saga, now, it makes me think of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Ok, now to answer your question, some people hate it because they like Harry Potter and they think that Twilight fans hate Harry Potter. This is a huge misunderstanding, mainly due to internet memes of the two series (it's all Cedric and Edwards' fault) and the "Get out, Harry Potter." comment on the back of the book, I have a friend who loves both series (she likes Harry Potter more though). Second, people who loves (or loved) vampires, hates the series for ruining it for them. I personally agree with this one, if not the first point. Seriously Meyer, vampires that sparkles in the sun and have magical abilities? Anne Rice is crying in her grave. Thirdly, some people hates the movies. Kristen Stewart is not the best actress, in some people's opinion. Personally, I don't mind her, I couldn't really tell why some people really hates her acting. I do, however, hate Robert Pattinson. Seriously, the word that best describes him is "angst", and I really don't think he is "inhumanely beautiful". Fourthly, Breaking Dawn. For me, this book was the worst book I have ever read. There was no conflict, the "invasion" of the Volturi ended with PEACE, and even the movies (which, in my opinion, were way worse than the books) was better than Breaking Dawn the book, because at least there were SOME action in Alice's foretelling the future moment. And lastly (there are more, but I'll end it with this), the Twilight-fanatics. For me, this is the reason I do not support most Twilight lovers. Once upon a time, I was neutral on Twilight. It was controversial, but I just finished it and moved on to another series. Then, I started seeing reviews of Twilight on Wattpad and on other sites, and I realised that some fans of Twilights aren't "fans", they are fan-atics. Twilight fanatics are the people who won't stand for ANY criticism of the Twilight Saga, here are some examples.
"I agree people are stupid when it comes to twilight they just dont understand it" (Outlanderfan)
"anything that insults feminism is great in my opinion." (Joseph Sutton)
You see? Now I am not saying that all Twilight fans are like this, only Twilight fanatics. And personally? I HATE them. Before I was neutral to Twilight, I thought it was ok, I liked the words that Meyer used, they were vivid and descriptive but I didn't like the design of the vampires. But after seeing all the comments Twilight fans left, I realised that a LOT of Twilight fans are fanatics. The definition of 'fanatic' is 'a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extremely religious or political cause.' I think that's about right for a LOT of Twilight fans here, just cut the 'especially for an extremely religious or political cause part' out. The reason I hated Twilight fanatics SO MUCH is because they give such pointless replies to perfectly reasonable points of why Twilight is bad in such a way or another. Just check out the examples I gave above. ISABELLA JACKSON (the username was in full caps originally) also said "NO if you dont like it dont comment on it PERIOD" and "YOU NEED TO NOT COMMENT ON IT IF YOU DONT LIKE IT SHUT YOUR MOUTH ". If you don't believe me, search for them yourself, you'll find those comments. I think I'll end this extremely long answer here and I'll just say one more time that people can comment whatever they like as long as they give valid points, and don't judge someone's comment just because of some typos, this goes to Twilight-haters as well, I've seen a bunch of people saying stuff like "Your grammar is horrible" and "Your spelling is atrocious", stop it. It's annoying and pointless, focus on the actual reasons the person gives and decide wether you agree or not based on THAT, NOT the spelling mistakes or the grammar. Thank you for your time if you reached this far, I take it back if you just skipped here.
Mari For the simple reason they are sheep. Look at the silly answers here. We have Elias saying that people shouldn't be judgmental, but then inserts "live" at the end of your question without knowing what you were going to say at all. None of these people have even read the books; "demystifies vampires"HA! Anne Rice, Freed Saberhagen and millions of writers have already given tons of details on vampire existence. "Vampires should be bloodthirsty" THEY ARE in Twilight. The Cullens try to keep from killing humans, and still fail occasionally. The others don't even bother. The vast majority of vampires in Twilight are bloodthirsty. As for terrifying and ugly..again most books, including Dracula do not portray vampires that way. They look like humans, and they are seductive. So why? Because their friends said Twilight was bad, because their friend heard it from another friend, who heard it from another friend, and none of them have read it.
Fiona I hate it because of the spelling and grammar errors ("moats of dust" is the one that sticks in my head the most). I find it personally offensive that anyone would have the nerve to ask me to read a book they don't even have the decency to proofread. Also, the plot is tedious and boring.
Michael Sammut You right we should monitor what people like and dislike. That way we create a society that is so fricken stupid that we would all be better off as carrots. Yes carrots. Those orange vegetables in the ground. Carrots are good with humus. However people hate this book and you cant stop them. Unless you want to go around and force your ideals upon everyone. So Im sorry that you think we should all be puppets but I rather be a carrot.
Kaede De Lopez we are not allowed with what? stating our honest opinion about it?
sorry to tell you this,dude- but Twilight is the lamest, bullshit and poorly written book in the history of authorship- a complete insult to feminism and put Literature to shame. even the great Authors like Stephen King seals my opinion.

if you can't take opinions- then you're just like the one who wrote this damned book. very narcissistic and one hell of an idiot who doesn't even know what is the difference of a real story from a fan-fiction.
Zoe's Human Try filtering for negative reviews only and read them if you really want to know and aren't just trolling.

Chloe Kimmons I don't have anything to ask... I like the books better than the movies. The only reason why I watched the movies is because Taylor Lautner is gorgeous. Twilight (the book) gave me a better out look than the movies did. I'm 17 - years - old. I never read the books until a few days ago. I think that people have their own opinion about Twilight, that's not something I can change. I just wanna put mine out there.
Outlanderfan I agree people are stupid when it comes to twilight they just dont understand it
Ryah How the heck are we not supposed to hate this book.????
It is the worst book for Christians and people all over the world .......how can you like it????
Delaney DeSpain 1. Its portrayal of vampires. (They're not vampires. Vampires don't sparkle.)
2. Its portrayal of love. (Seriously? You just met the guy! You're not in love, you're suffering from an infatuation!)
3. There's nothing original about it. (Vampire Diaries was published in 1993; Harry Potter came out in 1997; and many other stories include love triangles.)
4. Its portrayal of werewolves (no mention of the moon, and they change at will.)
5. Pedophilia (Edward and Bella; Jacob and Renesme.)
ceciwho This book is absolutely horrid.
The writing is poorly, the characters are annoying and the whole setting, lack in character developing and story building is just plain up upsetting. Not to mention the stalking, Bella's helplessness and airheadedness and how Edward is just described as this amazing, beautiful creature who comes into Bella's life and basically "safes" her.. This is not how love works, people. This is not how any of this works.
Charlotte Smith i have noticed people either love or hate this book i am a lover but i can sorta see why some people hate it is is a book for people who want a magical relationship but know it is not possible,also not being sexist but the book is aimed more for girls but guys can love it too. i hope some of you enjoy it also it was the book that got me in to reading and now i cant stop so i hope it has the same effect on others
Mastermagic you are making a problem out of nothing,what is wrong with saying you do not like the book,personally I like the book and love the anti-feminist messages it sends, please do not kill me for it is just a minority's opinion that contains only me.
Haley hastings This book is great dont get me wrong but that dont give anyone the right to say that WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS AND WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO EXPRESS THEM THERES UR ANSWER
Skydreamer Lee Why? I actually fell asleep reading this book. It doesn't even have a plot and the characters don't even have much of character and the romance between Bella and Edward is just so immature and the whole book is anti-feminist and the description of vampires are pretty stupid (I prefer The Mortal Instruments' description of vampires). Summary of whole series: "ooh Edward is so handsome I love him and he loves me too and vampires are just sparkly things and I don't need to fend for myself because I have Edward and I don't have dreams Edward is enough and Edward is such a cute stalker I'll marry and have children with him at the age of 18 and that'll make me happy forever...."
Seriously. Read some real books.
Zylo Thecat maybe because the author is young compared to Shakespeare.
Anu You can't force people to have a certain opinion.We all have different preferences and expectations for a book which affect whether we like it.No matter what a book is about,there will always be a hater and a lover.That's how it works!
Here's why I hate this book:https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...
The rockabilly werewolf from Mars I hate it because it isn't horror. Vampires and werewolves belong to the horror genre. Any non-horror work using them is not worth reading. And besides, romance is inherently inferior to horror. If it had lots of graphic gore and horrific things happening to the characters I might have a higher opinion of it, but as it stands, it's far too tame for me to bother. If you like it, you're probably a square who listens to pop music and watches mainstream cinema (as opposed to the sleazy b-movies that cool people like me watch). Of course I should be allowed to hate Twilight, it's not even interesting anyway. Also, a real werewolf would eat you alive rather than get in a relationship with you. Trust me, I would know. On the plus side, I've been eating better than ever since this whole "paranormal romance" thing started. There are so many people who think that a werewolf would make a great partner (I'm not someone who has any interest in forming relationships, but I'm not going to pass up on a free meal, especially one that has deluded itself). You should see the looks on their faces when they find out the truth.
Alex I think people are simply overreacting. If your giving hate comments and just have watched the movies you should stop, I’ll agree the movies are terrible but that doesn’t mean the books are horrible to. Some of you are complaining about grammar to, seriously what if it’s how the story goes or how they say it, it helps get the reader a clear image on how the character talks or if they have an accent. Most people think Bella is pathetic, seriously you try to give birth to a vampire/human child that breaks your bones. You think that she survives on a guy and she is to love sick well it shows hat she really loves him but also it gives more perspective on different aspects of love, people also think that the description of the vampires make them look like sparkly creatures well white does sparkle in the sun and their skin is pale white so there’s that. They still act like blood thirsty creatures, so everyone shut up about this part .I also understand that you don’t like it but you shouldnt insult the author, how would you like it if we insulted your favorite author or someone you liked, now you know how some of us feel. You don’t have to hate everything about the book, I would like to see you try to write it. All of you think Bella is pathetic or annoying but guess what that’s how the character is the book isn’t real suck it up, it’s just a book and not the World Series or something. There relationship isn’t that weird if you thought someone was cute or pretty you would most likely stare at them, Edward watched Bella sleep bc he was curious and interested not some obsessed lovesick teen,. No one has to be so judgmental about a book, like you don’t have to like it bc not everyone likes the same books but you don’t have to judge bc it’s actually hard to write a book( I’ve tried believe me it’s hard, if you don’t believe me try it yourself, ) BTW it takes a pathetic person to know one.
Shut up and stop the hate and insults
Remember not everyone likes the same books
This book is fiction not real
If you don’t like the book you try to rewrite it
I hope everyone reads this and takes it in and stops the insults and the fanatics that are telling people to not exist bc they don’t like it, I’m fine with people hating it it’s just the insults that I hate
I’m not telling people my side bc it will make more hate comments happening
I hope people actually stop
RbbieFrah (scroll down to see my advice to" Dan veggie vampire slayer "

Perhaps The Twilight Series is like a bottle containing the wine of Love . It is the power and flavor of the wine in the bottle that matters not the type of bottle. Perhaps readers who love Twilight are so happy feeling the strong currents of Love flowing from the the story that when they look at the back ground events that make that flow possible they see no fault - just beauty- a masterpiece . Perhaps readers who hate twilight are so distracted by details of the story line that they can’t be receptive to the super charged currents of love generated by the that story (which is a shame- because this is a powerful wine ) .

I base this on the oft repeated adage of all spiritual teachers that If you want to see something clearly you must look at it with love.
For example Mikhail Niamy writes :

“ I often hear you say that love is blind meaning that it can see not fault in the beloved. That kind of blindness is the height of seeing . Nay, clear and penetrating is the eye of love . Therefore It sees no fault … When love has purged your sight then would you see nothing unworthy of your love. Only a love shorn faulty eye is ever busy finding faults . Whatever faults it finds are only its own faults “

The Book of Mirdad page 64-65

“Beauty is reality seen through the eyes of love.”

POM VOL 2 page 183

There is a good read member who is afraid that Stephanie has undermined the mainstream image of the 100% evil vampire . He has a goodreads group that pints out benefits of viewing vampires as 100% Evil and protests against viewing vampires as souls striving to over come evil and thus attain salvation.

Dan ,
I did go to your "vampire dont sparkle " site
I did enjoy the POSITIVE THINGS you shared for the enjoyment of your members showing the excellence of really spine tingling adrenaline pounding encounters with frightening vampires .

I now understand the type of sensation you find joy in and now I can enjoy and appreciate it as well . BUT I can also appreciate the
uplifting intoxicating currents of love that appear in twilight .

I can enjoy both . The fact that I read/saw twilight multiple times did not lessen my enjoyment of the terrifying pulse pounding . I just reset my mind for terror ( fight or flight ) instead of the moving uplifting tale of true love triumphing. and I enjoyed both .

You will gain nothing by cutting down Twilight . Twilight has a different emotional current in it which includes up lift and not just the primal fight or flight response that we get when we suddenly come face to face with a rattle snake .

There are a number of reasons she HAD to use vampires ( they were once human , it is symbolic of overcoming ones beastly tendencies to claim ones noble birth right as a Child of God . This such so universal struggle that all humans are engaged in and vampire wanting to win God's grace was the best fit .

It was a triumph of the INNER DIVINITY that is in all people over the INNER beast(s) that we all have to struggle with if we want y to end our prodigal wanderings on the lower planes of creation and return to our HOME of love light and bliss

But that does not mean that we can not appreciate and enjoy movies/ books that emphasize the brutal struggle entailed in fighting off monsters. This is also a universal theme . Because we have to find the strength to fight inner monsters of Lust, anger, greed and ego on the battle field of our own mind . Therefore the truly deadly vampire represent these inner devils that want to suck out positive energy and turn us into slaves of sin.

In real life this is a feirce struggle andwe have to be warroirs to win it . For this we need to appreciate and respect just how deadly and powerful these enemies are . So again There is no better icon than vampires.
I can understand how you would be conflicted between using vampires to symbolize the soul fighting to realize its divine heritage and using vampire to symbolize the inner passions( lust , anger , greed ,ego) that attack the soul attempting to love god and suck the love/life out of that soul and throw it on the scrap heap .

Im trying to get you to see how BOTH types of vampire movie/ book depictions can serve . We NEED BOTH Evil and GOOD vampires . You mission should be to promote and educate people on the benefits of books /movies encounters the EVIL vampires .

You will gain nothing by negative comments about the good vampire . You may help you cause much more by pointing out what it is you love about books/movies about the 100% DARK EVIL Vampires ( keeps you on guard , vigilant and ready to fight or flee on moments notice so your inner demons cant over power and enslave you )

I would encourage you to overcome the inner vampire of anger that is sucking your life away adjust get on with promoting the excellence of the feelng(s) that taking the the EVIL DARK A DANGEROUS SNEAKY 100%evil vampire seriously invokes i=in you and why you find those feelings helpful to you in your quest to free your soul from the clutches of these inner vampires deadly temptations that beset the path of the soul)

Dont stop promoting the respect for teh deadliness of the dark forces . Just dont waste time hating the light and hurting the hearts of those who love the light . Just enlighten lovers of the light that fear of darkness is essential if they are to avoid becoming victims of darkness .For example you could tell people a heatlth repsect for the traditional vampire is essential for keeping one ones guard aginst being a victim of satans tricks in real life "Never let your guard down NEVER NEVER NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR DARK SIDE or it will drop you like a dead brick" "To want to escape evil we have to be sacred of it "

Then you will be on the road to happiness .
Carpe Diem This book/series is hated immensly because of it's lame plot , whiny protagonist, vague characters, and the author's obsession with 'hot' vampires, oh and let's not forget, pedophilia! Yeah that's about it. Does that answer your question?
мэте хона I feel bad for you.

All of these Twilight haters are tryna rip off your dick.

Now I gave this book a whopping TWO STARS, but when I was 12 I fucking loved this book (not saying you're a little kid, but explaining that there was a point in my life where I loved this book too).

Not really an answer but yeahhh......
Trinity Van Well it is a free conturty, but yes I loved the book. But I also love romance it gets my heart pumping some people just dont it is part of who they are. Some people just have different taste in books. That's what makes us all different.
Tracy To answer your question, everyone has their own opinions. Personally I am a big fan of twilight. What I Like about it is that it doesn't follow the vampire stereotypes because let's face it, it gets repetitive over time. Twilight changed this. For those of you who complained that vampires were supposed to be big scary monsters, clearly this book is not your cup of tea, however the Volturi is kinda like that (really scary).
Gigi Vector just love it ..... I think its the most perfect romantic vampire story at ever
Kirsi "Why do people hate this book so much?" No idea. It´s boring, that´s all. There´s all kind of juvenile filth polluting the books and celluloid, but this quite dull story gets all the hate.
Sahil Chourikar Probably the way vampires are portrayed may trigger people. Also the story may not sound as convincing as Harry Potter or Percy Jackson does.
Rosa Beckham Its IS a phenomenal book and movie (and so are the others) I agree but people like what they do and don't :)

-Rosa Beckham

Erin Pradeep Can everyone calm down here?!! I'm reading all the answers to the question and it's very confusing. Let's just get it straight:

Some people hate it.
Some people love it.

Just DEAL WITH IT! Everyone has their own opinions!
Anya Lotz See here’s the issue, we always talk about how people should think outside the box but when she portrayed Vampires in a way other than being terrifying monsters, she gets ridiculed. It’s creativity and shouldn’t be judged upon it. Also haters see Bella as being a helpless victim that can’t do anything because of the her depression stage. Tell me, if you were brought into a supernatural world and also dated someone in that world and then suddenly both of those are gone, are you not going to be upset? Are you not gunna be depressed about the fact that you got a taste of a world you probably felt you could fit better into and then had that ripped away.
And then people see her as a flat character, some people don’t voice and express themselves loudly. Some don’t express emotions easily. Which in my opinion is Bella. As expressed in the books, she isn’t exactly the best at expressing herself.
There’s a lot of criticism and that’s to be expected but not because of the fact that she did a 180 on typical stories.
Ketutar Jensen People hate it mostly because of the fans. In itself it's just a book, not a very good one, but not the worst I've read either. Sure there are some really questionable themes and events, but a lot of books do. No, it's mostly a counterreaction to the reverence some people treat it with. People are obsessed by it, pour praise over it, worship it, become aggressive and hostile if someone expresses any negative opinions - to the extend of "they shouldn't even be allowed to".
This is very provocative, and people respond with an equal but opposite force.
Also, "hate" is probably not the right word here. Most people will say they don't like the book, nor the fan hysteria. Also, most of the people who don't like it, also explain why they don't like it. You might want to contain your reaction to their dislike of something you love to hear why they don't like it, and remember that we don't like the same things and it's totally fine.
Jocelyn White I can say as a vampire that this book was so historically inaccurate. We just drink human blood, and no one questions that, end of story.
P.S. The werewolves are way too hot, and in real life they just shed and overbreed.
P.S.S. Edward is dead
See Min Lim Chill. A ton of people hate many books.
Brent Ryan If you dislike the book, why are you here at Goodreads and on its profile page…?… The likelihood that any Negative Nelly actually has at least 13 better things to do with their time, is high believe do I.

Ironically, for the overly shallow, it is popular to "hate" what is popular, think do I. Of course, there probably are people who dislike the story, the the novel or movie. Yet they probably refuse to even visit the parent to this page.

Obviously, the vast majority of readers and movie-goers like the movie, myself included; Or they would have avoided making four sequels. That is really why it is so popular to hate on Twilight.

The only good response is pray for the Goddess to help them see how negative they are, and that there are better paths.

Grateful for you sharing your time and Force, am I. May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path.
Mary Ann I don't really know... I really love this book and I can't find a reason to hate it. You understand me? Stephanie Meyer writes good as a fridge full of chocolates and foods.
Soumya Why Twilight is stupid:

1. The vampires in Twilight sparkle in the sun.
2. They're vegetarian
3. Bella whines like a puppy
4. Edward Cullen is perfect, which isn't even possible, by the way.
5. Bella swoons about him for four books and makes not a single mention of his character.
6. We all know how much she loves him, but she will still whine about it.
7. Edward Cullen is an overprotective, sparking, stupid saint.
8. Bella is a puppy.
9. I don't want to offend fans or the author #no offence meant
10. You can read my reviews for elaboration
11. I can't make out Edward's character.
12. People should not love, people should be OBSESSED.
13. Bella tried to kill herself because of Edward.
14. This isn't a relationship.

But honestly, why do you even care? You like the book, so like it! Why do you care about others' opinions? We hate it because Bella is a puppy and Edward is a vampiric saint--which isn't possible. But it's just me and my views. You don't think Bella is a puppy, fine. We can have freedom of opinion. what will you say if we say the world should not read books? Will it stop you?
This answer contains spoilers… (view spoiler)
Tabitha McLean This story great, don't hate just because you aren't interested. Keep the bad opinions to yourself.
Amy First of all, ppl hate this book because Bella is such a "weak" character, which, yes, she is, but I don't have a problem with it. I thought the book was cute. Edward looked mean, angry, and scary on the outside, but in the inside he was just a little sweetie pie (yeah I said that)! I have to admit, it is a tiny bit creepy that Edward would follow her around every single day, but no one ever pays attention to the REASON. The characters have some flaws, but there are REASONS why they have them! My rating is 4 stars, I liked it. For those of you out there that didn't like it, fine, but don't hate on a book that plenty of other people like.

BTW, Another reason may be because of the movie. The movie was INCREDIBLY CHEESY, and ppl who have not read it might just hate it cuz of the movie. Hate the movie, LOVE the books.
Kam Because Edward is a stalker who conveiniently stalks a girl who is dumb enough to be turned on by this. Bella has nothing that makes her intresting exept for Edward and go's completely phsycotic with in ten seconds of him being gone. not to mention that the characters were incredibly flat
Metalorpe well the main reason I didn't like it is because I was like... "Who the heck wants vampires if they're not creepy psycho's who's only food is human blood? Eh?.
Yeah dumb reason to not like a book (and no I didn't HATE it) but there you go, you asked.
Justice They hate the book cause there so dumb i no that my hole middle and high school loves it so yeah
Qliver well Elias your crazy wrong twilight is a really good book you are just too incapable to understand good literacy. if you even know what that word means. this coming from an 11 year old. so you can just go look up what anti-feminist means because it is not that. Oh, and a little F.Y.I you spelt fairies wrong.
Florence why does everyone hate Bella so much? I found that the book is about someone who has never found where she is supposed to be and finally found somewhere/someone that understands her and that you don't have to be amazing to love someone amazing. P.S you can't read a vampire romance and expect gore ( trust me I'm a horror movie fan but I wasn't thick enough to expect a horror style from this)
Luna Rose That would be like saying, "You're not allowed to dislike anybody you've met in your whole life." A lot of people just don't like it. Stephen King didn't like it, so you're basically insulting him, and he's is an incredible writer.
Victoria Lark Because of opinions, some books just aren't the best, some are better, it is a matter of opinion.
Shannon Ok so people are alowed to have their opiniuons but here are mine :)

1. Bella is very...how do i put this nicely... is cardboard. Her personality is such a mary-sue

2. Edward is a stalering dude who 'sparkled'

3. Vampires shouldnt sparkle'

4. Very anti feminism wich isnt good, bella relys on a man for everything and blushes at everyone.

5. its poorly written and in 1stperson(wich isnt a big deal braker but...)

6. people make this to be like a horror book. its not its more of a comedy than anything.

thank you:)
Marco It may have something to do with Edward watching her sleep. Or him stalking her
Liisa I don't know , but I love this book.
TeamEdwardIsCatching Twilight is not something to hate. It is my favorite book EVER and people who hate it shouldn't be allowed to live.
Emery Parish This book is awesome, and I own like 6 copies of it. Although this may be true, I do think people should be able to have their own opinions on it. Also, people, I think this person wasn't serious when they said this. They were joking, so don't take it so personally! :) One more thing, you guys should really stop bashing Stephanie Meyer. She is a great author, and worked really hard on these books.
Samantha I cant speak for other people, but I personally hate for many reasons- mostly because I disliked the characters, and feel like the series just completely messed up vampires. I've always been kind of a vampire addict since I was kid, so of course, I'm pretty serious about people getting the lore spot on- Twilight didn't do that. Vampires are supposed to be cool, blood-thirsty, and terrifying! And what did twilight give me? Mr. Sparkles and a boring, vanilla protagonist with absolutely no depth. The story is boring, and over-all HORRIBLY predictable, something I have zero patience for. But at the same time, I get why some people might me into it, even if I personally found it disappointing.
Miracle Grogan Well, I can't get into the heads of every twilight hater, but I AM able to get into mine.

Here are my reasons for hating twilight:

#1. A horrid main character. Why? Well the main character, Bella, is an air-headed, one track minded girl that has no future ambition and is special because... well ... just because.

#2 Vampires SPARKLE

#3 The author apparently doesn't know what good writing is.

#4 Edward is a shovel face

#5 The only thing that Bella and Edward do is basically, well, stare at each other and stalk each other.

#6 Vampire baseball is just a NO

#7 Bella is stupid

and finally

#8 Bella is an idiot

( do you get that I hate Bella?)

P.S. you forgot to put a period at the end of to...
if you wrote this I am talking to you but if not shhhhh
Gavin Le read the good book because theyŕe to stupid to understand anything.
Addie I liked this book, but I wouldn't say I LOVED it. I don't know why, it was just a little... hard to understand for me.
Julia I know, most of the boys in my class will go "Eww, that book is gay" and stuff like that.....
Miracle Grogan Wow but really it makes then seem like monsters can change so vampires don't have to drink HUMAN blood they can drink animal blood the movie and book are so ramantic so Haters stop if you are a hater comment below
Romaki It's the pendulum effect. Lots of people love it because of the movie's popularity, so lots of people hate it because of the attention it got.
Ariana Everdeen I'm pretty sure you mean " Why do people hate this book so much? They shouldn't even be allowed to!" Basically, you love Twilight so much, you don't think it should be legal to hate it? Well, Twilight's a good book. People hate it because they have opinions affected by things that happened to them, or other books they've read. Please respect them for that.
I've never much liked people who go out of their way to announce how bad something is, but I also don't like people who go out of their way to shut those other people down.
Pearl We are all allowed to have our own opinions like me i love the way that vampires and humans are different and yes the are bloodthirsty but they can control their thirst and not kill people
Jillian They shouldn't be allowed to do what? Hate it? Well, we can all have an opinion about this book! Just because I hate it doesn't make me a bad person. We all have perfectly good reasons for hating it or liking it. So please be mature and do not tell me what I can and can't think.
Lizzie Walje I wholeheartedly agree. People who don't revere this book don't deserve rights.
Edward Cullen is Bae People who hate the books are assholes it best to just ignore them!
ShelfIndulgence Woah, wait a sec. What do you mean by "shouldn't even be allowed to"? People are entitled to their own opinions, you know. So to answer your question, Edward and Bella have a really toxic relationship. Bella comes across as needy and whiny (not to mention how she spends months contemplating self-harm after Edward leaves her). Edward is just creepy- take the way he sneaks into Bella's room to supposedly 'watch her sleep'. Plus, he's way too old for her. And the fact that he's a vampire and he's endangering her life just by being close to her doesn't even dissuade her from following him around like a lost puppy. The book on the whole was pretty well-written. It was just the portrayal of Edward and Bella's relationship that threw me off completely.
Anna People are allowed to have their own opinions.
Moonbeam We are allowed freedom of speech. You can't tell us what to do. I find twilight very anti-feminist and the moral & plot are terrible and boring.
But that's just my opinion.
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Onyx honestly... I love the movie. because i have PTSD and i was never allowed to watch horror movies but when I opened my present and all the twilight series were there i didn't stop watching them it is now march and i'm still watching them! but people say that it is gayyyy because of how edward sparkles in the light, the reason they did that was to show their like glass.
they shatter, & glisten in light. And I have a friend who burned my twilight movies I broke his PC, Nintendo switch & his hand. he deserved it. like this if you think i have a good point.
This answer contains spoilers… (view spoiler)
Brahmani I believe this book to be extremely anti feminist and it portrays Bella as this vulnerable little girl who cant live without this man and every time she sees Edward she always talks about how he looks like a god well has she ever said he was nice or kind NO it comes to prove that Bella picked Edward for the advantages of a big family which she never got to have and his apparent god like looks. I read the series really hoping for something fun that will keep me hooked, but after i read it i really started to look down on Stephanie Meyer that when i was reading Mortal Instruments i hesitated when i saw Stephanie Meyers review on the cover because i felt i couldn
Drew Hayes Having read this once as the intended audience and then recently reading it again as a 30 something adult, I realized something.

One of the reasons I struggled to understand all the "hate" or negative reviews was because I had a shitty childhood. Everything was my fault in regard to my little sister and our household. I had to be responsible from a young age for things I shouldn't have to be. My mom was a textbook narcissist and gaslighting was a daily experience. Dad loved us, but he was a workaholic and wasn't around much.

So all of the people who read twilight and recoil in horror probably had normal families and were brought up the healthy way.

I read the stories and didn't think twice about a lot of the issues because it didn't seem that bad by comparison.

Now that I'm in my thirties and in a stable environment with a healthy head space I see what everyone was upset about. It still doesn't bother me much because it's fiction, and it got a lot of people to read books that weren't readers back in the day. Just my two cents.
Alexis ksaifi I dont understand either why people hate the book so much but people are entitled to their opinion
Ruby Sapphire no actually, haters should be allowed to hate.and lovers should be allowed to fan over it.everyone has a unique taste in everything.other wise the entire world would chase after just one movie or series or book.all ideas are creative.but some of us just don't like it. for me, i liked twilight at first, but i didn't like the part where bella got involved with jacob.also isn't it weird the fact that bellas daughters mate is a guy who she hooked up with?plus to all those people who hate bella, think about all the good things she's done(not that i like her,i don't).but i really love edward,see that, thats what i mean everyone has a different taste.some of us have lots of reasons to love it, some of us have lots of reaons to hate it.its called preferance of taste.and please do understand that.for me, i'm in between.(and the cast is not that ugly,i like it)
T.HiggsReviews People shouldn't be judged for liking or hating things. It's our own lives and no one else should be able to dictate what we do, like or otherwise (legality aside).
Some people here may have loved the book as a teenager then read it as an adult and changed their minds which everyone is also allowed to do at their own discretion.
Shrikanya One... Many of the people who comment on this have not read the book but watched the movie which was definitely a pathetic representation of the story. Two.. I like it because it chooses good over evil and peace over war. It should be read as it was meant to read like - story. By the way, Carlisle Cullen was my favorite character.
Little Lightning Girl This isn't an answer, but it's an agreement. It is by far, my favorite series EVER! I've re-read this series more times than I can count, and I have seen the movies soo many times! (okay, so the movies aren't too great) but, it's great to visualize things when your reading the book. The way their romance is described, the features, god. It's incredible, and so romantic. Sure, these vampires aren't the same as to what people are used to, but I can see how this was a dream. Because when you read this, and imagine it. The scene, the characters, the mood, it is like being in a dream. If I could meet any author, it would be Stephanie Meyer. i'm only 12, turning 13 next month, and I am a Twilight fan when anyone hardly knows what Twilight is. It's very frustrating. READ THE BOOK! It's much better than the movies. TWILIGHT FOREVER!
Penelope Sanchez 1st amendment of the US Constitution
(((THE ALL POWERFUL TRANS LOBBY))) Yes we should throw all the people who hate Twilight into to gulag!
Right comrade?
Uku As far as I know people have right to say their opinion outloud and not to be shushed down. This is what freedom of speech means in practice.
I didn't like the book because story was poorly written, characters were paper thin. I personally couldn't think that anyone could be so naive as Bella. Don't start me about Edward. There's another total paper thin characters. It was unessary to describe how hot and awesome he and his features were on every page after Bella laid her eyes on him. In anyone noticed that was 3/4 of the whole book's content. Also... about what relationship that was based on a practically stalking? There's nothing romantic about stalking someone. Neither there's anything romantic about being constantly drooling after them.
Twilight doesn't really offer anything new into it excep an uncrackable discoball and how fitting is that to the genre... Let me tel you that vampire changing their form into mist, bats and wolves makes more sense than one that glitters in a sunlight.
In general Twilight is garbage in many layers.
Tonya Because Bella is one of the weakest female characters I've ever read.
Shailyn well matthew some people think differently I happen to think bella which is the girl is a very round character and has a lot of meaning in this book and finally edward is not a creepy nor a stalker is just watching out for bella and in one of the book and one of the movies they get married and have a child so are you going to say ezmay is creepy like her father or are you going to take back what you said
Alison Avery Honestly, the book isn't all that well written. The characters aren't developed all that well. Also, Bella and Edwards love doesn't even seem real to me. Would Bella still like Edward if he actually looked like he was 100 years old?
*Molly Frannces* Guys, stop freaking out!!!!
This person obviously loves the book and is upset that people expect them to hate it too.
Just don't comment if you don't agree.

WindyBarcodes Let me say this, people have their own opinion . You cant stop them from hating something. Its childish to do that

( This was 3 years ago lol i shouldnt comment here)
Regina Because everyone has different opinions and even as a fan, I admit that there's a few things wrong with it, but I guess it depends how seriously you take it. Honestly, the main character does whine a lot but there's other characters that make up for it, like Alice, Charlie and Jacob. At least every character has a different personality.
And people are going to dislike anything they want. There's nothing you can do about that.
Seobin Baeg I don't hate this book- well never mind. I don't like it. I consider it not worth its acclaim- the character are not likable, the storyline stiff and terrible, the humor- none... If you are asking why we are judging it harshly- look at yourself. You're saying we shouldn't be even allowed to say our opinion. You are ignoring our opinion. This question just makes me consider your opinion not worth considering..
Maaheen Shaikh what "they" shouldnt be allowed to do is read something so poorly written
Aleisha I watched this movie 9 times at least as I love this movie. I get its wrong at pionts and you shouldn't have sex and have a baby with a vampire and also that vampires are meant to be blood sucking monsters, but people are allowed to change things and who knows what vampires are because they arn't real. If you dont like this book piss off and stop being rude about someones hard work! Everyone has different opinions i get it just keep them to yourselves
Lena Hilmes Vampires don't have to be terrifying monsters they can be nice but I don't like twilight the book but i like the movie.
Haya It was so cheesy. I couldn't stop rolling my eyes.
Wraith Tate There are several reasons why I dislike this book. Two of those reasons are:

1) It presents the message that girls should have no dreams or ambitions beyond securing a man and centering their entire universe around him.

2) It's okay if your boyfriend acts like a hyper-possesive stalker.
Mary Abagail Mitchell I love Twilight, and I don't really see how people hate it. Some people say it is an abusive relationship. How, Edward is protecting Bella throughout the book. They all say that the description of vampires is irrelevant. What? Could Meyer have perfected the description more perfect? No. Her version was one that humans could live with. Without her description of vampires, how could Bella and Edward be together? They couldn't. The description of vampires shapes the book! Without the "vegetarian" vampires, how could Edward even be around Bella, blood thirsty and all? See, you can't even say that it is irrelevant. The book is one of the best written thing that there can be! I feel very strongly about this topic, and it is like a kick in the gut when people discriminate this book because of the things that make it up. Although I disagree with people shouldn't be allowed to (they can't, they are human, just as you are), people shouldn't judge this book on what is stands for, but what is inside of it.
iloveromance I tried reading this book twice and both times I could not get past the second chapter. I just found it boring after an intriguing beginning and I really didn't care about the characters anymore after that. I',m almost 50 so maybe I'm too old for books like this that focus on high school kids and vampires, but I've read books geared to much younger readers that were a lot better than this was. I watched the movie (and read the book) only because I read that they take place in my part of the world (the Pacific Northwest) but even that didn't make me like this series any better. Sorry but that's my opinion and although I get what you mean about people not being allowed to hate this book, the statement seems kind of shallow and selfish. But everyone has a right to their own opinion so I'll leave it at that.
Leticia Porter Most people who say that Twilight is bad haven't even read it. They only say that it is bad because of what they have heard about it. I thought Twilight was bad until I actually picked it up and read it then it became one of my favorite books. So if someone tells you that it's terrible try to read it because they probably haven't even tried to read it
Kris Volnero ...shouldn't be allowed to what? have our own opinions? personally I hate twilight and okay, I think people are cray-cray for liking twilight, and I respect their opinion. you can't just say that someone isn't allowed to hate the book; there are a lot of things you can hate in life, and twilight just happens to be what I hate. and you want to know why people hate twilight? because bella is an awful character, the plot is slow af, and edward is a stalker. not to mention the stupid "love triangle" like, no thank you.
Ellie I admit i dont exactly hate Twilight.....i gave it 2 stars instead of 1.......but there are a huge variety of opinions and people are entitled to those opinions.
Jeff Briel Well, I don't have a problem with sparkling vampires because at least Stephenie Meyer can call something as her own. But, the writing is stale, and the story is cheezy and Bella is annoying. If people aren't allowed to hate this book, then no one should read this book.
Karen I'll answer your question with another question : what are you, 12 years old FFS???
Reading-Girl2 People hate this book, in my opinion, because of it's fans, the twi-hards as they're called. I think that Twilight fans are digging their own grave when they try to argue that it's the best book in the world. You even. By using incorrect grammar and text slang. I have read this book and found it strangely addicting, but I also found myself correcting the author as I went, bits that could have been written better. Maybe I just like the idea that not all vampires are bad, or that someone that is seemingly perfect (Edward) could fall for someone that is seemingly boring (Bella), or maybe I just want to end the battle between Twi-hards and Potterheads before it turns into a war, because I'm a potterhead and this war will leave huge scars on the face of my fandom.
Jacky I enjoyed the books, but the movies ruined them for me.
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