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Anyone else supremely disappointed about the turn of narrative direction for a DANI O'MALLEY series? Seriously, Mac's story is over for me. It's only fair that Dani get to be the star in her series.

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SHOOKITHA TEA Extremely. Mac to me, has always been exhausting to read from her p.o.v, I really only trudged through the series for the OTHER characters and the world KMM built. Even in Mac's series, Dani's chapters were a breath of fresh air.
I guess bottom line I don't like Mac as a character. I wish KMM would've properly finished up Mac and Barron's storyline either in shadow fever or another book after that.

Seeing new teasers that, surprise! Mac and Barrons are having trouble again makes me wanna bash my head into the wall. they don't trust each other and it's just beyond GRATING at this point.

With Dani.. it's different. Iced feels like a true stand alone spin off.

Not only has she EARNED her power on the board (no sudden gamechanging developments that make her a big bad like Mac which is probably my biggest grievance with her) but she's more like the nine so the opposition isn't as grating.

I figure though, since KMM said Dani will be 19 in Burned maybe she'll be lost in the silvers or something so she ages . (maybe with Dancer? wherever he disappears to might be revealed. and that would resolve him being too young if Dani is 19)

and while that happens we will get ~burning~ sex and frustration with Mac and Barrons.. which is really all they are :/.

As well as a bunch of other pov's, sorry but I don't really care too much about the unseelie king and the concubine or Kat with her strange 1800's style narrative.

ALSO I hate that it seems now from the teasers that Mac's changed her mind and is not willing to forgive Dani as she eluded to at the end of shadowfever.. which fecking sucks. The snippet alone of Dani feeling alone watching Mac and Barrons is depressing. it was nice for awhile to see two female characters bond, even though it was more of a hero worship but yeah

and Mac prior to finding out about Dani didn't even treat her that well, she didn't care that making her an ally would also make her an outcast, she'd been using her for her own plans just like Rowena.

Mac's pov spends so much time trying to justify the dumb and selfish things she does it's irritating. Dani accepts who she is and plows on, and that's why I am really disappointed we have to suffer through more of Mac's pov just to satiate people who didn't get enough from the series "finale".

LOL I feel strongly but hey! at least I feel something

TarynXO I might be the only person to disagree. I couldn't even finish ICED because Dani bored me to death. Mac and Barrons are the whole reason I fell in love with this series and I'm SUPER excited to have them back. Sorry Dani, and Dani fans. Bring on Mac and Barrons ;)
Narcissa (The Sin of Luxuria) MTE. Dude she has already given Mac 5 books, she should have stuck to her commitment & given the 3 she had promised to Dani. Multiple POVs yeah right. This is the next book in the "DANI O'MALLEY" SERIES. So WHY is the synopsis about MAC. know I will be honest here. I didn't like the Mac books. At all. I skimmed through the whole thing. However, maybe it was fate, but I decided to give Iced a chance & I was BLOWN. Blown I tell you, blown. I L.O.V.E Dani. She is the best female protagonist in history. She is funny, independent & kicks ass. This right here people is a strong female protagonist. Someone who argues just for the sake of arguing & gets herself into trouble just cause someone tells her to be safe is not, I repeat, is NOT a strong female. She is just stupid. I have read a lot of paranormal novels. Forever getting disappointed, yet still going forward in my bleak quest of searching for that one book which will.....well which will. When I read Iced, I could have sworn I heard angels sing, celebrating the occasion. I thought I had been redeemed. But who was I kidding. I don't want to say anything against the author cause she is not a bad author. She is good (ignoring the characters from the first 5 books). But I think we can all tell just what happened for her to give this direction to the story. Sigh. The Dani series could have been so perfect TT^TT
Sally I don't understand why you wouldn't wait to see what she does with this new direction before getting so upset. Has she ever disappointed you before with her writing? I for one could care less what POV the story comes from as long as I get a story. I trust her as a writer to give us the amazing knock you on your behind story that she always does. Unlike other authors who have series and basically tell the same story but plug new names and locations in. I have no doubt Dani will be epic and Ryodan will be hotter than donut grease. Have faith and she will deliver.
Margaret I'm trying to keep an open mind, but I will be a bit miffed if this just turns out to be another Mac and Jericho story. Been there done that. I love Dani and really want her to be the main protagonist of her own story. I'll especially be pissed after waiting so ridiculously long for this sequel.
Nina Hell yeah. I like Mac but I was done with the girl after 5 books. I was really looking forward to Dani's story.
June I agree. Mac holds no interest for me. but KMM owns her creations and she can write anyway she prefers, I just wish she would have been more upfront (like at least a year ago) in her QAs about the obvious change in her format. I thought it was sly that she waited until the synopsis was released to let everyone know about it while she had been pumping everyone that they would share the spotlight when obviously writing a 500 page book with 7 narratives, and Mac is the main one leaves essentially nothing for Dani. JMO
Cristina I am soooooooo extremely disappointed that this has shifted from Dani to Mac. I know she a great writer and blah blah I should give this a fair shake but quiet honestly I'm not going to run and buy this book like I was before. I feel like I got the bait and switch. She left us on such a cliffhanger and I waited patently like a good girl for what happens next but I will not be continuing to read this series if I read another book about how awesome Mac and Barrons love life is progressing in this new world. Lol
Alysa I feel like multiple P.O.V distances you from the story and characters. i loved ICED and only slogged my way through the others as a prelude to dani. Macs books were good, but i could very easily forget about them, Iced had me glued and excited for the next installment. im really hopping after all this wait that Burned lives up to its predecessor.
Ashley Am I disappointed? No way! I can't wait to read more about Mac and especially Barrons.
Lucia Lazorova Thank God for that! I am certainly not interested in immature Dani and all men who want her and really Iced was not that great!
Sally I loved Mac's story. I loved Dani's story. I loved the Highlanders. I have no doubt that I will love Burned. Why? Because it is being written by KMM. Her words immerse me in this world. To me the most important thing is to write a great story. I don't care from whose point of view. I'm a book snob and my list of must read authors has diminished over the years but KMM has been at the top of my auto buy list for a long time. I've seen a lot of comments on here by people freaking out about one thing or another by what they think is going to happen. You don't know, I don't know. Only KMM knows. What I do know is that Kmm hasn't let me down yet. That's JMO. We all have them. :)
Mariya Ummm.. NO! I can't stand Dani. I could barely stomache Iced. And in the first place KMM was going to go back to Mac's POV anyway after two more books, but switched it up again deciding to have Dani and Mac's POV for this book and the other two that were announced intertwined together, which I think is fair for those not liking Dani and not wanting to read b/c of her, but to invite all fans interested in their favorite Mac or Dani. I honestly don't get all this hate for Mac lately. Did you guys not read the Fever Series? It was all about her....

But my thoughts on what I"ve heard about Burned is there are all different kinds of POV. Dani and Mac is the primary ones, but we will get small ones of different characters like Lor and the Unsellie King and so on. Which, I actually prefer so much better than if it was just Dani's book, b/c then we get to read about so much more happening in the Fever World and I can enjoy it so much better.
A C I agree! I read all five Fever books and then Iced in one go about a year and half ago. While I enjoyed the first five -- I barely remember any real details of Mac's adventure. I was never truly invested in her character. But Iced, which I promptly read after Fever #5, I remember in so much detail. I love Dani! And this is HUGE for me, as I often cannot relate to a "teenage" characters anymore, therefore avoid most teen character books these days. But I gave Iced a chance because it took place in the Fever world -- and man, oh man, I was blown away. She was hilarious and I just loved every bit. I've literally been waiting these past many, many months for the next book. Except now I am supremely disappointed to learn that it may mainly be Mac's story after all. Of course, I am trying not to judge before at least reading the book, but my excitement sure has gone down some notches :/
Little Feather Couldn't agree more! SO LAME
T.M. I loved Mac and Barrons during the first five. I fell head over heels in love with Dani after ICED. She's brilliant, self confident, bust-out-laughing funny, and so much mored faceted than Mac. It was beyond difficult to switch back to Mac's point of view. It was a slow train going nowhere on a road I've already been on. I was so disappointed with this book and I hate even saying that because KMM is my favorite writer (with Deb Hark/All Souls coming in a very close second). My plan was to devour this book and then go back and slow read. Well, I found myself fast eyeball skimming just to make it through some parts and I have no plans to crack it open a second time. The parts of this story I was most interested in and bought the book for (Dani/Ryo), I wanted to scream at my nook for Mac to shut up with her interjecting her own non issues all over and into what I actually wanted to read about. I missed The Mega terribly!!! I pray holy heavens that the next installment (and the ones to follow) makes up for this book.
Pat Patterson NO! I live for Mac and Barrons. Dani is way tiresome and so are the inhabitants of the Abbey. I only read Dani's books for the other guys
Lepp Yeah I kinda am tbh. I was actually liking Dani more than I did Mac (and no one was more shocked about that than ME)! Since it's supposed to be her series, I wanted her POV... but I'm going to withhold judgement until I actually read the book. Plus, KMM did say there were multiple POV's in this book and that's not always a bad thing. If we get Ryodan's POV I'll die! *Love him*
Colleen Green Seeing KMM and J R Ward hanging together started to worry me some time ago. I was a huge JRW fan until her books became lost in a ménage of POV's, way too much going on in one book. Now I fear KMM may be going down the same track. One book for one story (one couple as well) instead of the new fad of multiple story lines for multiple people. I really just wanted the book to be Dani O'Malley, that is what it started as, that was how it was advertised. I'll read it, but I really hope it doesn't get bogged down like JRW's books.
Lee Totally disappointed and shocked and appalled. Iced was so amazing - because of super cool Dani. I didn't think I could wait for the next one and now to hear that it's going to be yet more Mac... Ugh, I could weep.
Deanna I do like Dani, but she has always been a pest. I live for Mac and Barrons and was feeling the withdrawals in Iced. It is only so much Dani I can take. Dani was an irritant in fever (and Iced) and she still is...just with a bigger vocabulary. I love and miss Mac, however I was appreciative of the other pov's and understand that this series is not only about her. And to those who thinks her story is over, what have you been reading all these years? She is still a hero, and hopefully she and the Mega will fight together again - just like old times.
Jenny Not really. I love Mac and Barrons and will be glad to get anything else I can of them. I never fell in love with Dani, although she slightly improved for me in Iced. Either way, she needs to disappear for a few years and come back when she can hold her own against Ryodan. That guy seriously needs to be pwned.
Christine Gutierrez I with you extremely disappointed.
Karen Yes! Very disappointed I'm ready to move on from Mac and Barrons!
Tigrish What the fuck! NOOOOOOOOO. I was so looking forward to Dani's next book! FFS WHYYYY.

And even when the deadline got extended I told myself, it's Dani, it'll be worth it. NOT.

God damn this really sucks :(
Ikku Summers I also like Mac but I've been a fan of Dani since book Fever #2 so go Dani!
Gerri Dani is so immature and annoying. I am thrilled to have Mac an Barrons back!!!
Teshai i must admit, reading Burned now and the whole first part had noting to do with Dani, this is the Dani series for pete's sake, but that does not make me hate it though. Mac had her own time and five books. Nothing wrong with the other POV but i thought the book should be focused on Dani more. Love Mac, don't get me wrong, but was just hoping for a little more Dani, ICED had me longing for her.
Ashley I was sorely disappointed!!! Dani's voice is what I was looking forward too. I feel like Mac already had her chance.
rachel I read Iced first and I was 14 at the time LOVED it so I check out the others in the series and I was so bored but I skimmed for Dani sucks now I have to probably wait another 2 years to read from her own book again
Alexandra I was a bit flustered at first, honestly, but I know it's going to be great. I love Dani and her POV is awesome from the beginning for me. Mac, I had to work at it a bit, but I love the stories, regardless.
Dani's story isn't over yet, it may not be center stage anymore, but that doesn't make it any less epic. She's the Mega for Fae's sake, you think she's going to let KMM put her in the back burner without so much as a fight? Her POV's may not be as thick in the next few books, but they're going to be flipping awesome, I've no doubt. <3
Andrea I agree. I was very disappointed with Burned, I skimmed most of Mac's POV because she just seemed to continuously reiterate the same boring crap (lack of trust / unable to seek advice / fear of the unknown) from the first novels... It really felt like this book was just full of padding. Mac achieves nothing and just spends the whole book being self-absorbed and stuck in the belief that she is somehow better than the other characters even though her actions say otherwise... Why is Mac so slow to learn from her mistakes, when will she start seeking guidance from those more capable than her? She just the same prideful self-absorbed bitch from beginning to end :(
Laura Agreed. So over Mac's story. Didn't read this book yet but I am about to. Was disappointed that she went back to Mac.
Sarah Kalaitzidis I read burned and i am disappointed in where the author took this story. I felt mac and Jericho was long over and the tension between them seems weak and unplanned. The change in dani also annoyed me, i just hope in the next book dani is back because honestly u won't believe how much of mac pov i skimmed through in this book. In my mind she's done i'm basically only reading this series now for slivers of other characters story's.
MrsShyCage It's KMM so I doubt that I will have any complaints once I get my hands on it!
Cienne Olaes I'm done with Mac, but I am not yet over Barrons. I need Book 7 now!
Bliss I this is not my fav genre but KMM is a great author and this came highly recommend. Got hooked right away but getting a little tired of Mac and her indecision. Just OWN IT already. I love Dani and can't wait to get her back. Almost done with Burned, can't wait to finish it!
Michelline Couldn't agree more!!!

She's on and on and on about everything that goes on in her head.

Dani was awesome. So much fun to read. If all 14 year olds were that interesting, well I'd have young friends hahaha.
Thqueenbee COULD THIS BE.. a comeuppance to Mac Fans? Karen gave in to almost every complaint that appeared on her blog-but delivered everything with none of HER in it. Ie--they got Mac and Barrons back but no Dani older, but no sex..nicer Ryodan but a lap's like getting a meal you ordered but it is not cooked and has no seasoning.
Holly I am about 1/2 through this book and thought I would read what others have said. Honestly, I am ok with the route that they have taken. I think Iced hinted that something was going to happen with the hinting of Dani having another "place" to go in her head when things get bad.

I personally thought that the book being in Mac hardly meant her story was "over" much stuff there! Too many secrets between Mac and Barrons to say "happily ever after". In my mind, these books aren't a "Mac" or "Dani" is a "Fever World Story". I love KMMs story from the highlanders to present. I started from her first book building up to the release of Burned and so far it is I said I see it as KMMs world not Mac's or Dani's so I am happy with it.
Lori I know! I was so looking forward to more Dani! What happened! I was SO into Mac and Barrons during the Fever series and I would enjoy reading more about them, but not in Dani's story. Well, I've only read the first 1/3 of the book so far - there's still hope that Dani will become the 'main' character.

Also, does anyone know what happened to the KMM forums? Did she delete them or simply move them? I haven't been on the forums in several months, but when I looked tonight they weren't there at all anymore.
Mac I am not sure if I feel disappointed that the focus is less on Dani. I mean I like her character but she's so young and kinda irritating. I like a good romance and she's just too young for Ryodan right now. I do agree that I am a lot over Mac and Barrons. The biggest problem with this series is that we have waited 3 years for this book!!!!! I love her writing but its too long to keep the momentum going for a series. When Iced ended, I was so into paranormal romance but the last couple of years I started reading other genres, so it's hard to get back into it, but I will try.
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