Cuisine (pronounced "quizeen") (from French cuisine, "cooking; culinary art; kitchen"; ultimately from Latin coquere, "to cook") is a characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions,often associated with a specific culture. Cuisines are often named after the geographic areas or regions from which they originate.

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Fine food is poison. It can be as bitter as antimony and bitter almonds and as repulsive as swallowing live toads. Like the poison the emperor took every day to stop himself being poisoned, fine food must be taken daily until the system becomes immune to its ravages and the taste buds beaten and abused to the point where they not only accept but savour every vile concoction under the sun.
Lisa St. Aubin de Teran, The Palace the Palace

Petter Dass
Du Steenbid, hvi griner saa ilde din Flab, Hvi est du saa skubbet, og fuld utav Skab, Siig, est du befængt med Frantzoser.
Petter Dass, The Trumpet of Nordland

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