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Building a Marketing Timeline: Infographic

Posted by Cynthia on May 08, 2017
Though it might seem like bestsellers happen overnight, it takes months of planning to get a marketing plan in place before the book is out. What does that kind of plan look like? Here's a handy infographic that outlines the broad strokes of a pre-publication marketing campaign. You can read the details on this previous post.

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message 1: by John (new)

John Pellow Very fantastic and well written post.Its extremely good and very helpful for me.Thanks for sharing.

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary Howell Thanks good reads. Very timely.

message 3: by Mcebo (new)

Mcebo Michael Metfula Great info. Thanks.

message 4: by N.J. (new)

N.J. Burggraf Super post. I started my blog! Yay! No comments yet but it's early days. Thank you for sharing the sound advice.

message 5: by Nathaniel (new)

Nathaniel Winters I believe this will be very helpful.

message 6: by Richard (new)

Richard Bintanja Great tips, thanks!

message 7: by Shinde (new)

Shinde Giveaway for ebooks? Are you sure Goodreads permits that, or is it limited to print books?

message 8: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia Shannon Sweety wrote: "Giveaway for ebooks? Are you sure Goodreads permits that, or is it limited to print books?"

Hi Sweety! Right now our giveaway program is available for print books only, but we're working on making it available for ebooks! Stay tuned!

message 9: by Richard (new)

Richard Bintanja Sweety wrote: "Giveaway for ebooks? Are you sure Goodreads permits that, or is it limited to print books?"

This particular give-away is not a Goodreads program, and not restricted to Goodreads either. That said, the paperback will soon be available...

message 10: by Vera (last edited May 18, 2017 10:17AM) (new)

Vera Brook Thanks! All very helpful.

In my experience as an indie author promoting my debut novel, Goodreads has been great. I already had an account as a reader. Setting up an author profile and listing my book took no time at all. I did two giveaways when the book was on preorders, and I'm doing a third one right now, which will last through the release of the book. I also uploaded a preview and answered some author questions.

And my reward? More than 500 readers added Sand Runner to their to-read shelf! Very, very cool. Thanks, Goodreads!

message 11: by Gayle (new)

Gayle Schuck Thank you! This is so timely and helpful. I can see there are things to do before my book comes out this summer, like link my blog to Goodreads. Is there a place I can go to do that?

message 12: by Glynnis (new)

Glynnis How do I let Goodreads know the pub date of an upcoming book so they'll send out an email blast to my followers? (Wow--what a great feature!)

message 13: by Brian (new)

Brian Suiter The Recusants - Amazon Kindle Store. Give it a read and let me know you thought, would love to hear them.

message 14: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Anderson PhD I have this on my calendar and have given copies to my students for their own time-lines. I teach self-publishing.

message 15: by Lexy (new)

Lexy Price What are media hits?

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