Rereading Is Here! Let's Say It Again. Rereading Is Here!

Posted by Cybil on February 7, 2017

How much do we love rereading? Let us count the ways…for those days when you just want to spend time with your favorite characters; or when you want to revisit a beloved classic; or maybe you want to brush up on a series before the next installment comes out (we're still waiting, George R.R. Martin and Diana Gabaldon), the list goes on! Rereading is such a core part of many of our readers' lives that having a better way to keep track of the times you've read a book has been your number one feature request. Starting today, that wish has been granted—no more missing out on rereads being counted for your Reading Challenge!

How Do I Start Using the Rereading Feature?
Next time you decide to reread a book that you've already marked as Read on Goodreads, simply mark it as Currently Reading. When you are done, just mark it as Read. You can do this from the Goodreads iOS and Android apps and on, as well as in the About the Book feature on Kindle (if you have connected your Goodreads and Amazon accounts - click here to connect your accounts). We take care of marking it as a reread for you. Bonus, it will also automatically be included in your Reading Challenge.

Rereading Rolling Out In Stages
While it sounds like a simple thing to add, rereading turned out to be a complex engineering challenge that involved our entire database. To give you a sense of that scope, our 60 million members have added more than 1.7 billion books to their shelves! That's why we're rolling out rereading in stages. So, if you're not seeing it yet, you will soon!

How Do I Know If I Have the New Rereading Feature?
Go to on desktop, choose a book you have already read, and click Edit on the My Activity area of the Book Page. At the bottom of the review section, you'll see the following:


How Do I Add All The Times I've Reread My Favorite Books?
On on desktop, use the brand-new "Add read date" button in My Activity on the Book Page to enter when you read the book; then hit save! (You don't have to have a start date, but you must have a finish year for the book to count toward your Reading Challenge.)

What Happens If I've Been Keeping Track of My Rereads With The "Number of Times Read" Option?
If you previously used the "Number of times read" field, don't worry, we've already done the work for you and all your rereads are still there. If you added a number, it automatically shows in the new feature. If you used text, we've included it in the private notes section of your review. Simply click on edit Review, to change any dates or add more information.

I've Been Using Different Editions to Track Rereads, What Happens Now?
Our new rereading feature takes that into account! Rereads are comprehensive of all editions. When you view your review, it will indicate that you have also read another edition and include that in the total count.


Wondering which are the books Goodreads members most love to reread? Here are some of the most revisited books:

Harry Potter
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The Hunger Games
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Pride and Prejudice
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The Hobbit
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The Fault on Our Stars
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The Great Gatsby
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City of Bones
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The Fellowship of the Ring
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The Lightning Thief
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Jane Eyre
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Which book have you reread the most? Tell us in the comments!

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message 1: by Kristin (new)

Kristin Thank you! :)

message 2: by poesielos (new)

poesielos Thank you so much for finally making this feature a reality :]

Lark of The Bookwyrm's Hoard THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Yes, I'm shouting. And happy dancing. I have been wanting this feature since I first joined Goodreads. So once again, THANK YOU!!!

message 5: by KyBunnies (new)

KyBunnies Thanks GR. This is great.

message 6: by Chels (new)

Chels This is awesome! When you say "soon" it'll be rolled out for everyone what does that mean? Within the week, month??

message 7: by Amy (new)

Amy I'm a sucker for nostalgia—I reread my favorites from childhood, like A Wrinkle in Time and The Westing Game. Thanks for adding this!

message 8: by Tyler J (new)

Tyler J Gray Sweeet <3 there are definitely books I want to re-read and with this they will all be able to count :D Thank you! ^_^

message 9: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Goodreads, you gem. Thank you for adding this feature! It sounds like a lot of a work to sort it all out, but as an avid rereader I'm very much looking forward to getting this update.

message 10: by Alex (new)

Alex (HEABookNerd) Will the re-read dates be reflected in the file if you export your book list? Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This has been the only thing I've not liked about Goodreads and now it's fixed, and it looks great!

message 11: by Sammm (new)

Sammm Chelsea wrote: "This is awesome! When you say "soon" it'll be rolled out for everyone what does that mean? Within the week, month??"
I have it within an hour before I saw this post (which I'm now replying to); perhaps a lot of people have it by now?

message 12: by Tyler J (new)

Tyler J Gray Sammm wrote: "Chelsea wrote: "This is awesome! When you say "soon" it'll be rolled out for everyone what does that mean? Within the week, month??"
I have it within an hour before I saw this post (which I'm now r..."

I don't have it yet but seeing that some do already I doubt it'll take too long. Maybe a couple of days at most i'm guessing, either way excited it's here/coming! :)

message 13: by Muse-ic ♬ (new)

Muse-ic ♬ Thank You!!! The only problem is that sometimes I accidentally click "read" and then when I fix that and actually read it later, is marks it as reread, even though I didn't. I noticed this because it says I read Divergent twice when, in fact, I only read it once.
Not a huge deal, but it's a little irritating :P

message 14: by Liz (new)


message 15: by Amy (new)

Amy Chances
Exit to Eden
American Star
Now You See Me

message 16: by Ellie (new)

Ellie I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRB going to re-read Harry Potter 150 times. :)

message 17: by Autumn (new)

Autumn THANK YOU!!

message 18: by Katherine (new)

Katherine THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

message 19: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Ellie wrote: "I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRB going to re-read Harry Potter 150 times. :)"


message 20: by Rocío (new)

Rocío González YES!

message 21: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Ro wrote: "YES!"
Ravenclaw, you?

message 22: by Deborah (new)

Deborah O'Carroll YESSSSS!!!! :D I'm so excited! :D *frolics*

message 23: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Great feature guys, thank you so much!

message 24: by SigurSof (new)

SigurSof amazing! thank you :))

message 25: by Moira (new)

Moira oh my. great work, guys! :))

message 26: by Alexa ❤️ (new)

Alexa ❤️ This is awesome I hank you! :)

message 27: by Alexandria (new)

Alexandria  St Delphi omg i love this! i've been waiting so long for the feature

Rachael (pagesofpiper) YES! Finally, thank you :)

message 29: by Cayla (new)

Cayla Thank you!

message 30: by Nikita (new)

Nikita I love this!!!!

message 31: by Lara (new)

Lara How smart you all are!! :D I loved it, thank you.

message 32: by Dawn (new)

Dawn Barber OMGOSH, thank you!!! I have favorite authors that I reread every year, especially if a new book is coming out in a series.

message 33: by Ashley (new)

Ashley So stoked!!!! :)

message 34: by Lacrima_Atra (new)

Lacrima_Atra Wow! This is truly great. I was already wondering how I could include Infinite Jest in this year's reading challenge. And I love that you can still separately rate different editions of the same book, because I tend to read some books in several languages. Great work!

message 35: by Dax (new)


message 36: by Janice (new)

Janice I've love to re-read many of my old favorite book. Some of them fun.

message 37: by Mollie (new)

Mollie Bishop I am so happy, thank you!

message 38: by Tayler (new)

Tayler K Am I correct in my understanding that using the new reread feature, there is still only one rating and one review applied? For example, to have 1 star for a 2008 read and 2 stars for a 2010 read, we would still need to use the method of reviewing multiple editions?

message 39: by Giuliana (new)

Giuliana Yessssss

message 40: by Chelsey (new)

Chelsey Clark YYYYAAAAASSSS!!!!!! Thank youuuuu!

message 41: by Ashleigh (new)

Ashleigh Yes, yes yes!!

message 42: by Robson (new)

Robson Castilho Nice feature, but I'd like to put the end date (including the year) WITHOUT considering the books in my reading challenge.
Please, guys, add this feature!

message 43: by Lila (new)

Lila Lockhart I am so happy! Thank you. <3

message 44: by Maru (new)

Maru Kun Good job! Goodreads remains far and away the best social media type site.

message 45: by Summer (new)

Summer I'm re-reading the whole Outlander series this year. Thank you!

message 46: by Tessa (new)

Tessa YES. Thanks so much!

message 47: by Ana (new)

Ana Yes! Thank you! <3

Latanya (Crafty Scribbles) Thank you!!

message 49: by Fiona (new)

Fiona This is FANTASTIC! Very much appreciate all the work that went into this :D

message 50: by Jillian (new)

Jillian YES!!! Thank you Goodreads! <3

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