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“You know what they say," Amanda said. "Hatred isn't the opposite of love, it's just another variation of it. They both mean you have passionate feelings for someone.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“I'm proud to be a freak of nature.”
Robin Brande, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
“They say your muscles have memory. Once you've trained your arms to swing a tennis racket or your legs to ride a bike, you can quit for a while - years even - and all it takes is picking up a racket or jumping on a bike again and your muscles remember what to do. They snap right back to performing the way you taught them.

The heart is a muscle, too. And I've been training mine since I was a kid to fall in love with one particular person.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“Maybe if I had to boil it down to one easy sentence, it would be this: I believe in evolution, and I believe in God. I just haven't worked out the details yet.”
Robin Brande, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
“Lying is for the weak-minded. If you can’t think of a truthful way to solve your problems, you’re not thinking hard enough.”
Robin Brande, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
“Remember I told you I’ve taken a vow of chastity. You understand what that means, right?
Yeah,” he said. “You’re very generous. I think that’s cool.”
I didn’t quite get his answer, but I didn’t want to prolong the conversation. [...]
That’s when it dawned on me what Greg had meant. [...] Um, that’s charity, Greg, not chastity.
He is so not the right guy for me.(137-138)”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“Do you want your scarf back?' I asked.
'No, just the girl who goes with it.'
Oh my gosh, that guy knows his lines.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“Somehow no matter how odd the combinations are, they always end up looking perfect together.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. "We're supposed to be celebrating our two-week anniversary tonight."
"Uh, news for you, honey - two weeks is no anniversary."
"What should I tell him? I don't even want to go."
"Tell him you just got a new bra and it's shy around strangers.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“Is it just me, or is that guy the coolest boyfriend ever invented?"
"It’s not just you." And there was that same dull pain-the one I get sometimes when I see the two of them together and realize I’ll never have that.
I gave Amanda a smile. "He’s great. I’m really happy for you."
And that was a hundred percent true.
But it didn’t make it hurt any less.”
Robin Brande
“It doesn't matter, Cat. Really. I wouldn't have even entered the science fair this year if Mr. Fizer didn't require it."

"But you knew that's the only thing his class was about - that's the whole point of it. WHy did you even take it in the first place?"

Matt brought his lips against my ear. "Because I knew you'd be in there.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“I thought guys were complicated. Maybe they are. But maybe they're easy and it's really me who's complicated.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord, but sometimes it's hard not to get a jump on it yourself.”
Robin Brande, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
“. . . I still wouldn't be able to control myself around him, and I'm math geek enough to know that equation doesn't work out.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“Yeah, great at the physical level level, but I still need more. Sorry. Maybe someday I'll accidentally fall in love with you after all, and we'll be right back here.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“Let me remind you of something Einstein once said: "If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research, would it?"
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“It was colorful and elaborate—Kayla’s website, not the puke”
Robin Brande, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
“I'm sorry, but I have this fear that someday you're going
wake up a dried-out, bitter old hag with plenty of science awards
but no personal life whatsoever. And you'll sit there at night and
sob about
how you've wasted your life.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“Amanda and I both paused to take in that bit of wisdom. And try to decide if it even was wisdom.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“There's something about seeing people when they have just wake up--before they have a chance to put on the face they show everyone else. There's like this last hint of innocence.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“Matt is a tortured soul,' Amanda insisted. 'He's Heathcliff and you're Cathy. He's Rochester and you're Jane Eyre. He's-'
'Darcy and I'm Elizabeth. I get it. And you're wrong.”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat
“Vex not thy spirit at the course of things, for they heed not thy vexation.”
Robin Brande, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
“So let me guess,” Casey said. “You have also failed to read Harry Potter.”
I nodded.
Casey collapsed against the nearest wall like he’d been shot.
Robin Brande, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
“Besides, dressing like I want to be invisible only makes me feel weak. I have to be strong. So if that means wearing cute boots and nice pants and a sweet blue shirt that looks especially good on me today for some reason if I do say so myself, then so be it.”
Robin Brande, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
“I've always found that if your life is hurtling out of control, it's best to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies.”
Robin Brande, The Good Lie
“Under that smiling exterior,” Casey said ominously as we took our seats, “lies the soul of a ruthless killer.”
Robin Brande, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
tags: humor
“I think the only test in life should be, are you a nice person or a mean one?”
Robin Brande, Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
“There are these tiny shrimp that live in potholes in the rocks of the desert, and whenever it’s dry, they go dormant. You don’t even know they’re there. But as soon as it rains, you see them darting around in the water, as if they fell from the sky in droplets instead of just waiting around for the first sign of moisture to revive them. Tonight I was a desert shrimp. Something happened to me on a cellular level. I felt it as soon as the water reached my thighs. It’s like some dormant portion of me moistened itself back to life, and as I glided forward into the pool and took my first few strokes, I didn’t care anymore what I looked like or what people might say about me or whether they thought it was hilarious that chubby girl was out there doing freestyle. I didn’t care about anyone or anything. I just swam. I”
Robin Brande, Fat Cat

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