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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 4782 comments ~ How to use “Batch Editing” ~

Thanks, UniquelyMoi *~*Dhestiny*~*, for explaining how you use “batch editing”. Two heads are always better than one. ☺☺

What is “batch editing”?: The help section (hyperlink located at the bottom of every GRs page) of GoodReads defines “batch editing” as follows:
To add or remove books from a shelf in batches, use the "batch edit" on the top of your My Books page. The batch edit tool lets you select as many books as you like to move them from one shelf or another, or even to remove them from your profile.
First, an example of how Dhes uses “batch editing” to add a new shelf for a new author.

Second, an example of how I use “batch editing” to ‘tag’ books with a shelf I already have in use.

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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 4782 comments EXAMPLE #1

Using “batch editing” to add a new shelf.

In this first example, we’ll say you want to have a special bookshelf for each of your favorite authors, or maybe even a new-to-you-author that you’ve found you really like. You may have started ‘tagging’ her new books you’ve read, but you want to go back and ‘tag’ all the previous books you’ve read with the same bookshelf.

Here is how to use “batch editing” to simplify the process:

◈ Go into your My Books as shown in Screen #1 and add a bookshelf. In this example I
    added a bookshelf entitled ‘author-lisa-kleypas’ by selecting “add shelf” that is
    to the left, shown in Screen #1.

Screen #1

◈ Notice that there is now a shelf entitled author-lisa-kleypas, as shown in Screen #2
    indicated with the green arrow. Type in the author’s name in the search field, as shown
    in Screen #2 indicated with the red arrow.

Screen #2

◈ Once all her books dump in, click on the control in green font that reads
    “batch editing” shown in Screen #3 indicated by the red arrow.

◈ Then click on the drop-down box (highlighted) and select the desired bookshelf
    (return works), as indicated with the blue arrow also shown in Screen #3.

◈ Notice the little white boxes that have now appeared to the left of the bookcovers in
    Screen #3, indicated by the yellow arrow.

Screen #3

◈ Instead of clicking each box, you can “select all” (red arrow). Your books will become
    highlighted in yellow, as depicted in Screen #4.

Screen #4

◈ You will get a question box telling you the total number selected and asking you
    to confirm your request as shown in Screen #5. Click “ok” (red arrow).

◈ Notice under shelves, they are ‘tagged’ “author-lisa-kleypas” as indicated by the
    green arrow in Screen #5.

Screen #5

◈ Refresh your screen and notice that you have the new numbers totals in
    parenthesizes by the bookshelf.

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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 4782 comments Another example of...

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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 4782 comments EXAMPLE #2

Using “batch editing” to ‘tag’ books with an existing bookshelf.

In the next example I will use the “batch editing” feature to add books to my “reviewed-by-me” shelf. (Eep! Sometimes I forget to mark every book!)

◈ First, narrow my books down by clicking “read.”
    (As depicted in Screen #6a, orange arrow.)

◈ Next, turn on the “shelf-setting” command so that I can see the first few lines
    of those books for which I have written reviews as shown in Screen #6a (red arrow),
    after saving the settings (green arrow, #6a), changing into the screen as shown in
    Screen #6b. (More detailed explanation of this feature can be found here.)

Screen #6a

Screen #6b shows that the first few lines and/or pictures can be seen under the review
    column (orange arrow).

◈ As explained in Example #1, click on the control in green font that reads “batch
(in Screen #3 above, red arrow), and this time select “reviewed-by-me”
    as your shelf (green arrow, Screen #6b).

◈ Then I can use the universal computer command “Ctrl+F” to find things on the screen;
    in this case the books already tagged with “reviewed-by-me” (red arrow, Screen #6b).

◈ This will cause all those phrases to be highlighted (blue arrow, Screen #6b).

Screen #6b

◈ Activate the control “batch editing.” After starting the search for the ‘tag’ “reviewed
    by me,”
it is now highlighted (for my program, the first is in orange, the rest in
    yellow). Now, I’ll take note of those books where I have some writing and/or pictures
    added, but the “reviewed by me” is missing and check the little white box to the left.

◈ As shown in Screen #7, ignore Angels' Pawn (Guild Hunter, #0.5) by Nalini Singh and Fair Game (Alpha & Omega, #3) by Patricia Briggs because they are already ‘tagged’
    “reviewed-by-me” (high-lighted in yellow, orange arrows) and select
    Alpha & Omega (Alpha & Omega, #0.5) by Patricia Briggs and Murder Uncorked (A Wine Lover's Mystery, #1) by Michele Scott (red arrows) because they have not.

Screen #7

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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 4782 comments Reserved.

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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 4782 comments Ready for viewing! ☺

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