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Patricia Briggs, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Mercy Thompson novels, "always enchants her readers." (Lynn Viehl, New York Times bestselling author) Now her Alpha and Omega series-set in a world of shifting shapes, loyalty, and passion- brings werewolves out of the darkness and into a society where fear and prejudice could make the hunters prey... They say opposites attract. And in the case of werewolves Anna Latham and Charles Cornick, they mate. The son-and enforcer-of the leader of the North American werewolves, Charles is a dominant alpha. While Anna, an omega, has the rare ability to calm others of her kind.

Now that the werewolves have revealed themselves to humans, they can't afford any bad publicity. Infractions that could have been overlooked in the past must now be punished, and the strain of doing his father's dirty work is taking a toll on Charles.

Nevertheless, Charles and Anna are sent to Boston, when the FBI requests the pack's help on a local serial killer case. They quickly realize that not only the last two victims were werewolves-all of them were. Someone is targeting their kind. And now Anna and Charles have put themselves right in the killer's sights...

293 pages, Hardcover

First published March 6, 2012

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Patricia Briggs

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Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

Patricia Briggs was born in Butte, Montana, to a children’s librarian who passed on to her kids a love of reading and books. Patricia grew up reading fairy tales and books about horses, and later developed an interest in folklore and history. When she decided to write a book of her own, a fantasy book seemed a natural choice. Patricia graduated from Montana State University with degrees in history and German and she worked for a while as a substitute teacher. Currently, she lives in Montana with her husband, children, and six horses and writes full time, much to the delight of her fans.

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August 7, 2020
Fair Game (Alpha & Omega #3), Patricia Briggs

This stand-alone series is following Anna, a fierce and empathetic werewolf, and Charles Cornick, the enforcer of the North American werewolves.

Alpha and Omega series:

0.5 - Alpha and Omega a novella that also appears in On the Prowl and Shifting Shadows. Anna Latham and Charles Cornick meet.

1 - Cry Wolf (2008) Using her abilities as a rare Omega, Anna helps Charles hunt a dark magic-bound, rogue werewolf, who threatens the survival of the whole pack.

2 - Hunting Ground (2009.) When Anna is attacked by vampires using pack magic, the kind of power only werewolves should be able to draw on, Charles and Anna must combine their talents to hunt down whoever is behind it all or risk losing everything.

3 - Fair Game (2012) Anna and Charles help the FBI track a local serial killer, who targets the preternatural.

4 - Dead Heat (2015) While on vacation, Anna and Charles find themselves in the crossfire of the start of a dangerous war with the fae.

5 - Burn Bright (2018) Heading into the mountainous wilderness, Anna and Charles must use their skills to track down attackers and survive the reopening of a painful chapter in the past that springs from the darkest magic of the witchborn.

تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز هفدهم ماه نوامبر سال 2017میلادی

عنوان: بازی منصفانه کتاب سوم از سری آلفا و اومگا؛ نویسنده: پاتریشیا بریگز؛ مترجم آیدین کبیری؛ تهران، آذرباد، 1396؛ در 279ص؛ شابک 9786008537519؛ فروست سری آلفا و اومگا کتاب سوم؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی - سده 21م

پس از این کتاب سوم از سری پنجگانه، کتاب نخست این سری با عنوان: «زوزه گرگ»؛ و کتاب دوم با عنوان «شکارگاه»؛ نیز به فارسی ترجمه شده است؛

نقل از پشت جلد کتاب: (در مورد دو گرگینه، به نامهای: «آنا لاتام» و «چارلز کورنیک»، که با هم دوست شدند.؛ «چارلز» یک «آلفا»ی سلطه‌ جو، و فرزندِ رهبر گرگینه‌ های آمریکای شمالی است.؛ در حالی‌که «آنا» یک «اُمگا» است، و توانایی نادری، برای آرام کردن نوعِ خودش را دارد؛ حالا که گرگینه‌ ها، ماهیت خودشان را برای انسان‌ها، فاش کرده‌ اند، نباید ظاهر بدی، در جامعه از خود، نشان دهند.؛ قانون‌شکنی‌هایی که در گذشته رخ داده است، حالا باید با عدالت روبرو شود، و کارهای کثیفی که پدر «چارلز»، در گذشته انجام داده، گریبانگیر او می‌شود.؛ با این‌ وجود، «چارلز» و «آنا»، به «بوستون» فرستاده می‌شوند، «اف‌.بی‌.آی» از یاری آن دو، بهره می‌گیرد، تا بتواند پرونده‌ ی یک قاتل زنجیره‌ ای را حل کند.؛ آن‌ها خیلی زود درمی‌یابند، که نه تنها دو قربانی کشته شده، گرگینه بوده‌، بلکه همه‌ شان گرگینه بوده اند.؛ یکی آن‌ها را هدف گرفته است، و حالا «آنا» و «چارلز» خودشان را درست در تیررس قاتل قرار داده‌ اند…)؛ پایان نقل

تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 16/05/1399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا. شربیانی
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April 7, 2016
4 stars!

 photo 5F9FA827-52A6-4E0B-9715-F27E2E6E7CE7_zpsigwxmiaf.jpg

Fair Game is the third book in the Alpha & Omega series which features Anna and Charles. I love this series! Maybe not quite as much as the Mercy Thompson series, but close. It’s for sure one of the best UF series I’ve read. This third book drew me in from the start. It seemed to be more fast-paced than the others and the story really kept my interest all the way through.

Charles is having a rough go of things. Being ‘the enforcer’ is getting more difficult for him, especially with the current werewolf situation. Anna is concerned and isn’t shy about letting her concerns be known to the Marrok. I love this about her. She is strong when she needs to be and always stands up for and stands by her mate. To get away for a bit, Anna and Charles go on a trip to Boston to help the FBI uncover a serial killer case that may include werewolves… it turns out to be a bit more than they bargained for.

I listened to the audio version of this book and the narrator (Holter Graham) did an amazing job voicing both Charles and Anna. Sometimes narrators don’t do the best job voicing the opposite sex but this narration is spot on. I would highly recommend doing this one via audio if you like audio books. You won’t be disappointed.

Suspense, romance and fantasy- Fair Game is the best in the series IMO so far! If you like UF/PNR, this is a series and author I would recommend!
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1,880 reviews22.8k followers
March 29, 2018
Funny, true story: A couple of months ago I was emailing with the Penguin/Random House publicist for this series, talking about the newest 5th book in this series, Burn Bright, which I'd gotten on NetGalley. I mentioned to her that I'd never read the 4th book in the series, Dead Heat, and would it be possible for her to send me a copy? She said yes - BUT I goofed and gave her the name of the third book instead, Fair Game. So that's what showed up in the mail, and that's how I got this particular book. I emailed her back and embarrassedly confessed my mistake and asked if she could still send me Dead Heat. She said sure ... and then they accidentally sent me the FIRST book in this series instead (Cry Wolf)! Now she's promised she really will get Dead Heat to me, and I think that then I will own this entire series. :D

Anyway, I'm upping my rating from 4* to 5* on reread - I think this is the best of the ALPHA AND OMEGA werewolf (not to mention witches and vampires and fae) urban fantasy series so far. I whipped through this one so fast, both times I read it! It really sucked me in.

In Fair Game, werewolves Charles (designated executioner of out-of-line werewolves in North America) and his wife Anna, the Omega werewolf of the series, are sent from their home in Montana to Boston to help local and federal authorities investigate a serial killer. Turns out the killer is focusing on fae and werewolves, but why? Meanwhile, Charles is having troubles dealing with the ghosts (literally) of those werewolves he's been ordered to execute, burning out and withdrawing from Anna in the process.

Full review to come.

Content notes: torture, violence, discussions of rape and intended rape and murder, a brief sex scene (consensual), I think one F-bomb. It's a pretty hard-hitting novel, not for the faint of heart.
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March 2, 2012
I love this urban fantasy world Patricia Briggs has created. She has expanded it over two series, her Mercy Thompson series and this one, Alpha & Omega. In this series we explore the complex relationship of Charles and Anna. Charles is the only known born werewolf, and son of the Marrock (Alpha of ALL werewolves of North America, Bran). Anna is an Omega, a wolf that can calm the fiercest of tempers and is also strong enough to look the Marrock in the eye. Of course, her human appearance makes her look like a fragile woman, but don’t be fooled.

In Fair Game, book three, Patricia Briggs continues to explore the dynamics between this very alpha, serious and quiet wolf Charles and his stubborn wife. Charles is the Marrok’s punisher for lack of a better word. Recently, werewolves outted themselves to the public and it is all about keeping a positive spin with the public. Patricia Briggs writes her werewolves to be very carnal in nature. While they can assimilate with the general public, they have a very violent edge and it doesn’t take much for them to eat someone. Trying to keep the peace, Bran sends Charles out to kill those wolves who have stepped over their boundaries. Which means Charles is killing many and it is starting to weigh him down. I love how Briggs presents it to the readers as well. You flip-flop by wondering if Bran is using his son to do all his dirty work, or if he really has no one else to send out. Bran can’t send out other alphas, fearing they couldn’t handle it and the older wolves already carry around too much and they would go insane.

Charles has the ghosts of his previous kills lurking around him. They talk to him, scare him, and he is terrified if he acknowledges them too much, they will take control of him an eventually harm his wife. So he keeps this pain and torment hidden from her. Anna knows something is wrong with Charles and after she begs Bran to help, and he stubbornly says no, she is at a loss for what to do.

Brother Wolf, also has a big role in this book. Brother wolf is Charles’s wolf, who has his own personality. There are kind of two people living inside of Charles, Charles and Brother Wolf. They both love Anna, but sometimes they disagree with each other. It is fascinating how Briggs writes it.

Bran does come up with a somewhat temporary solution for him. There have been a string of murders in the Boston area involving werewolves. The FBI are desperate to catch this serial killer, and have given into the fact they might need a werewolf to give them some insight. With Adam Hauptmann home helping Mercy recover (awww!) Bran sends Anna and Charles to Boston. When a powerful Fae’s daughter becomes the next victim, Charles and Anna stick around until they can bring justice.

Fair Game gives us many great things. First we get a super creepy string of murders that must be solved. We are introduced to some new characters like Leslie with the FBI and Isaac, alpha of the Boston wolves, both who I really enjoyed meeting. I think the plot in this one regarding the murders is one of the more stronger ones I have read in this series and in Briggs’ Mercy books.

Besides that drama, we get lots of conflict between Charles and Anna. Charles is so stoic and quiet, and protective over his mate, that he has this huge internal struggle going on. He can’t let go of the ghosts that he has killed, and it is completely wrecking him. Being stubborn, he refuses to let Anna in on what is going on with him, although she knows something is up. They haven’t touched each other for weeks. Anna slowly works her magic but it is a long and serious struggle for Charles.

As I said above, I LOVE how Briggs writes her wolves. They are decent humans, but can be so violent at the snap of your fingers. They are killers first. And I love it. Their political maneuverings are so interesting to me as well. And with Bran in the background pulling the strings, I seriously can’t get enough of this world. So well built.

The end sets up something big. BIG. I’m so excited to read the next book to see where this all goes. Definitely a series that I think should be read in order. If I had to think of a complaint, it would be that I want more Bran. I’m a Bran hussy and I have no shame in it.

Rating: A-
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April 13, 2018

★★★★★ & a Wow! It took me awhile to write this review; the fabulous Ms. Patricia Briggs had wowed me beyond words. Dare I say this is her best work to date? I guess I can’t, since I haven’t read everything she’s written – yet! But, I’m willing to place that bet.

With the third installment of her Alpha and Omega series, Ms. Briggs has proven she is a master of her craft and draws us completely into her paranormal milieu of werewolves, fae, vampires, ghosts, witches, humans, an occasional zombie, and now serial killers, with subtle skill. How does she do that? Unsurprisingly, right from the start! No splashy opening for her. Nope. It is a subtle seduction, a peep into her world in the opening prologue, where she grabbed me and didn’t let go until the very end. Actually, I’m still enthralled. Her amazing characters – paranormal or human, virtuous, average, or twisted-sick – held my attention and continued to maintain my enthusiasm for this series.

Charles is burning out and Anna, who is definitely coming into her own as Omega, appeals to her father-in-law, Bran Cornick, to listen to her. Charles needs a break from being his father’s assassin, especially since his duties have dramatically increased after the werewolves went public. Bran refuses, so she appeals to Asil, that wily old werewolf, who knows the way to make the Marrok listen to what he already recognizes. When the FBI calls, asking for help in Boston, Bran realizes he has the perfect reprieve for Charles – and himself – because he sends the pesky Anna with him.

King’s Chapel,
18th century structure at the corner of Tremont Street and School Street
in Boston, Massachusetts.


King’s Chapel boasts the oldest graveyard in Boston.

As you know, where sociopathic serial killers go the FBI is sure to follow, and this novel becomes, to a large extent, a procedural for a murderous villain, who metes out rape and torture to the human, fae, and werewolf communities, regardless of paranormal ability or gender, so it is not for the faint of heart. Now the question becomes not just why – but by what means? And how cool is it to bring a 300 pound werewolf to a crime scene? On a leash with a flimsy plastic collar? That’s what the unflappable Anna does with Brother Wolf, and it is a memorable scene just for its audacity. It is neat to see the two of them work this case together (when he isn’t indulging his wife by playing tourist with her).

Regardless of the gradual, pulse-pounding escalation to an adrenaline-rush climax, it is at heart a romance between fated mates, Charles and Anna, as they find a way to make him completely hers again and not brokenhearted and tortured by his personal demons.

All in all, a GoodRead!

By the way, I loved the hardcover copy. Is it red? Is it bronze? Depends on how the light catches it. Cool. They have finally gotten these last two covers right, this one perfected down to sweet Anna’s freckles.

Special Notes: The prequel, Alpha & Omega: A Companion Novella to Cry Wolf, is a must read before starting this series. It makes everything that comes afterwards fall into place.

If you are also reading the Mercedes Thompson series, then this one should be read after River Marked to avoid spoilers.

Update: March 28, 2012 - Added Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega Timeline from www.hurog.com (Thanks, Regina!!) Hyperlink to site for bigger view.


Alpha & Omega series:
Alpha & Omega (Alpha & Omega, #0.5) by Patricia Briggs Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, #1) by Patricia Briggs Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, #2) by Patricia Briggs Fair Game (Alpha & Omega, #3) by Patricia Briggs
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September 8, 2020
Yesterday, I spent almost the entire day reading! It was glorious. I haven't done that in ages! This is the book that I read in two days - a record. I wanted something familiar and since I've been enjoying this series, I picked this up. I'm not a big series reader and only have a few faves because they tend to escalate the problems in each book until it's totally ridiculous. So far, Briggs has been keeping things interesting without having the world just about to end. If you're interested in this series, you have to start with a novella about the characters that's in On the Prowl (Alpha & Omega, #0.5) by Patricia Briggs and then read book 1 - otherwise you'll be lost.

My one concern about Briggs' books is
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1,631 reviews273 followers
January 20, 2018
1st read: July 2012
OMFG! I iz speechless here! That Gray Lord Prince was awesome! I so didn't expect that! The ending was EXPLOSIVE!

Exactly what the Fae did to the prejudiced humans, if you ask me

This was a great installment by Patricia Briggs. I loved(never was good a literary stuff so I use bluet-points:D):
-Anna: her growth from the scared wolf from the prequel to this book is a lovely thing to watch. The way her bond with Charles and her confidence in his love for her was a very important part in this book.
-Charles: the different men he is with Anna makes all these books so good(since we know what he is for his father)
-Bran: I liked him from his first appearance in Mercy's series. He is very stubborn and smart and the way he can argue with himself is always funny.
-the story: the tension and all those clues dropped from beginning to the end engaged the reader(aka me) and made me more involved with the story
-all those other secondary characters, most importantly the werewolf alpha from Boston

Bonus pic:

I wonder sometimes if 1/2 of the world population would survive if this happened(yes, feeling bitchy and I don't care)

2nd read: January 2013
That last chapter... still as good as the first time!

3rd read: August 2014
Bran... Bamby pancakes? Seriously?! =))))))))))

4th read: June 2016
I still think good riddance on the idiot Tripper agent...
Also: I didn't want to finish this that faaaaast
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478 reviews118 followers
July 16, 2014
10 stars


This is, by far, the best in the series for me. I can't even begin to explain how much I enjoyed it. It takes place after River Marked. Anna and Charles have been together for a year or so, and we see Charles's job as an enforcer is getting to him. He has killed too many, too often and is closing himself off, even from his mate. Bran decides it might help if he sends Charles to Boston, to investigate a series of deaths stretching back 30 years. Giving him a chance to be a hero-not just a villain.

Most of the book deals with the investigation. It is very well done. It's interesting, catching and I really didn't figure it out entirely until it was intended. We follow Anna and Charles around Boston, watching them deal with FBI and such(since werewolves are out to the public), investigating the deaths of weres, the fae and humans...

As to the two of them...

"People as old and powerful as he should never be given someone to love.
For Anna he would destroy the world."

Yes, he would, but the ghosts of people he's killed haunt him, leaving him unable to expose himself to his mate, to connect to her. She tries to break through, but it's not easy. This book has less falling in love/relationship stuff than the previous since they've been together for a while. It's more Charles's struggle and the way the two of them find each other again. I loved seeing them together.

And Bran...Oh, Bran, I LOVE YOU. I so want you to get a HEA, you're awesome. And very present here...

Cute scene:

"Da said as he served Anna pancakes. His da liked to make pancakes for breakfast, but the deer-shaped ones were a new thing. Charles tried not to analyze his father when he could avoid it.

He’d woken up after flying from Boston to Montana to find his da cooking breakfast for them: sausage and pancakes shaped like deer. It wasn’t just any deer, either—they looked like Bambi from the Disney cartoon. Charles didn’t want to know how his father had managed that.
Charles preferred his deer to taste like meat and his pancakes to look like pancakes. Brother Wolf thought he was too picky. Brother Wolf was probably right.

The Ending-SPOILERS about the world development

"Then he raised the dripping sword up toward the sky and announced harshly, “We, the fae, declare ourselves free of the laws of the United States of America. We do not recognize them. They have no authority over us. From this moment forward we are our own sovereign nation, claiming as our own those lands ceded to us. We will treat with you, as one hostile nation treats with another, until such time as it seems us good to do elsewise. I, Alistair Beauclaire, once and again Gwyn ap Lugh, Prince of the Gray Lords, do so determine. All will abide my wishes.”

WHAT THE HECK? What kind of way is that to finish a book? And the next one is coming in 2013? Not Fair! I'm still under the influence of this. How will it change everything? On which side will the werewolves be? This is shaping to be a war...Come On!!!! Mrs Briggs, write faster. Or write longer books!
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1,461 reviews1,122 followers
July 29, 2015
The prologue of this book hooked me right into the mystical and magical world that Patricia Briggs has created in her Alpha and Omega Series, where we meet a new character, FBI agent and a human named Leslie Fisher, who plays a huge role in this story. I fell in love with her immediately….
“Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Leslie.”
A big part of why I love this series is Charles & Anna. They have a strong bond and complement each other. But Charles is struggling with his demons and past and instead of facing them and working through them with Anna,
 photo download203_zps2lmnsfbm.jpg
he keeps his feelings secret from her because he thinks he will lose her if he tells her, which causes him distancing himself from her…he’s afraid of hurting her and thinks he’s not good enough for some so good and kind
 photo download202_zpsbyk5tfee.jpg

I felt for Charles and all his pain and unsure and uncertain about his past and whilst I wanted to scream at him a few times....communicate please!!!!
 photo 1303795-bigthumbnail_zpsqhps8gyv.jpg
But Anna won’t give up on Charles. She will do everything to help him deal with his ghosts.

She asks Bran, Charles’s father for help. To give Charles a break from his duties as his enforcer, he sends him and Anna to Boston to assist the FBI in finding a serial killer.

There a few POV’s which give us an insight into the lives of the different characters – how each character perceives their world and the people they meet. It’s interesting how we see ourselves and how others see us and vice versa. I really liked that aspect in the story.

Although there’s not a lot of Charles and Anna romance due to the way Charles is dealing with his problems, there are still some really lovely scenes between them…
 photo 928951_1454770511507761_675425868_n_zpsei61r27i.jpg
I am really excited about this series and can’t wait for the next book.
My favorite quote:
 photo download_zpscccy4fbr.jpg
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1,925 reviews386 followers
May 27, 2023
2023 yup, still a good read! 😛

2020 Re-read

I'm really enjoying rereading this series. The relationship between Anna and Charles is so steady. They work through big trouble in this novel, but they don't doubt their bond. They are very much a team and as the book progresses, they recruit humans, fae, and other werewolves to assist them in their crime fighting mission. Tracking a serial killer is a natural role for creatures that enjoy a hunt.

I can see why Anna gets cast in the “captured by the enemy" role in each book, but I do wish it didn't have to be that way. However, I was happy to see her handling FBI and police officers with competence and confidence. Anna can charm most folks and has become skilled in using this skill.

I'm glad to see that the cover art remains attractive and doesn't misrepresent this couple that I've become fond of. Far superior to the cover art on Briggs' Mercy Thompson series, which I won't read in public because of their cheesiness. From the second volume onwards, this series has much more tasteful cover art.


I’ve finally put my finger on why I love urban fantasy so much—there’s a reasonable plot, but the true focus of the book is the relationships, be they political, spiritual, friendship or romance. And of course, a good plot is necessary to reveal those relationships in all their complexity.

Now, I’m also a fan of the mystery genre and Briggs gives us a good dose of that in this installment, as Anna and Charles are sent by Bran to help the FBI with a serial killer investigation. Long ago, when I had a TV, I was a devoted fan of Criminal Minds and this installment reminded me a bit of that show.

And that ending! Wow! I’ve been trying to pace myself through a bunch of different UF series, trying to drag out the enjoyment like a kid waiting for Christmas, enjoying the anticipation. But that fabulous ending has me champing at the bit to get on to the next book!

Well done Patricia Briggs!
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1,868 reviews2,243 followers
July 22, 2019
3.5 stars
Audio reread

I still did not love this book the second time around but I liked it more. Despite when I said below that I was done with this series, I love these characters and find myself thinking about them. Briggs is a character driven writer and is brilliant at worldbuilding. I just don't love the story in this particular book and even reading it two times doesn't change that. I will definitely continue reading the series.

I'm so done with this series. I prefer Mercy #sorrynotsorry
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3,199 reviews371 followers
February 20, 2018
February 2018 Reread. Buddy read with Sarah and Erica.
February 2017 Re-read

I was thinking about this book recently, and realized that I never put in the trigger warnings that I should have:

February 2016 Re-read: Buddy read with Sarah

This book is absolutely amazing. I adore Anna and Charles. SO much. They're one of my all-time favorite couples.

Though the implications of the world-changing event at the end of this book don't really make as big of a splash as I was originally anticipating in the coming books, the effects are subtle - like most everything in a PB book - and consequences are drawn out and not always immediately known. Even knowing that we don't see immediate results doesn't detract from the awesome power of that moment at the end of this book. It's an amazing moment, and I really, really hope that we see more of a certain character again (I'm really trying to avoid spoilers here).

March 2013 Re-read: I just read this book again, and love it as much. In fact as soon as I finished I wanted to start it again.

Original Review:
People as old and powerful as he should never be given someone to love. For Anna he would destroy the world.

This has easily become one of my favorite series, period. The relationship that Patricia Briggs builds, between all the characters, but especially between Charles and Anna, is stunning.

Fair Game starts right on the heels of the end of River Marked, so the time-lines are finally matching up. The werewolves have come out the public, and with that the rules for werewolves have become much more strict. With more and more wolves needing to be pulled into line, Charles is busier than ever, and it's starting to wear on him.

Anna's worried about him, and takes it to Bran - who doesn't know what to do. After Adam comes up with a possible solution, Anna and Charles are headed to Boston to help the FBI.

As I said above, Charles and Anna's relationship is the true draw of this series for me. The fact that their relationship requires work on both their parts makes it very real. It's been a few years since Charles and Anna met, in Chicago and had an instant connection. Ever since then they've had to work at their relationship and with each other. Sometimes fighting for their relationship, others fighting against the protective instincts of their mate. The love, trust, and respect that underlies all of this is what draws me in and makes me invested in this couple.

Charles spends a good amount of time trying to protect Anna from the things that are affecting him in Fair Game. And she rails against that, knowing that she can help if only he'll let her. It's an interesting dynamic to watch - Charles, the dominant, can't really help the need to protect. Anna, an Omega who loves her mate above all, can not stop the driving need to help. They butt heads a few times; there are consequences for their actions - something that I've always loved in this world - and in the end they come out stronger. I never doubt that they'll make it work, because they truthfully never doubt they will.

The mystery plot that drives the book is interesting, and different. We're out in the world, seeing the wolves interact with federal agencies, trying to stop a serial killer for them - instead of the secretive world of the supernatural community. After seeing how many people had been attacked by this killer, so many of them children, I was anxious to see Charles and Anna bring him to justice. I was able to figure out who the mystery bad-guy was before the end, but it didn't detract from the story at all.

The major event at the end though, Blew.My.Mind. I did not see it coming, and can not wait to see the wider implications throughout the world. Immediately after finishing the book I had to go back and re-read this part again because I was sure I'd mis-read it originally. Surely something will turn up in Frost Burned, the next Mercy Thompson book - due out March 2013.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat, reading late into the night to finish it, and satisfied on all levels. Patricia Briggs keeps getting better and better, and I can't wait to see what she comes out with next.
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August 9, 2023
I freaking loved this book! I loved the mystery, I loved Charles and Anna! I loved the glimpses of Adam and the Mercy Thompson world. Bran was amazing and Briggs gave us a good amount of Bran.

Patricia Briggs has that special something that makes me feel so happy and contented to slip into her world and read any one of her books. The characters may be scary and the subject matter disturbing, but Briggs writes them in such a rich way that I wish I was there. The supernaturals in Briggs’ world are scary, not just spooky but frightening. They are strong, not entirely in control of their strength and quite a few of her supernaturals operate around a completely different moral compass than humans do. I love this about her books. The vampires are scary, the Fae are an unknown and usually powerful and scream-worthy and the werewolves? They are strong, beautiful, loyal but definitely not human. The Fae are not my favorite characters in Briggs’ books. Some of her past books have dwelt to heavily with Fae characters, in my opinion; Fair Game strikes the perfect balance. There is Fae intrigue but it takes place in the human world and involves human beings, werewolves and sociopaths. The focus of the story never strays from the werewolves and Anna and Charles are front in center.

Fair Game picks up a few years after Hunting Ground and starts right after River Marked. There are references to the resolution of River Marked, readers who have not yet read River Marked and plan to do so, be warned there are spoilers to the ending of River Marked in Fair Game. Based on the timing, Charles and Anna have been together a few years and Anna has been in Montana for awhile. Like any couple, there are issues and Charles and Anna are no exception. Unfortunately, their problems have more to do with Bran and the outside world.

Okay, so what about Charles and Anna? I have a strong preference for urban fantasy and fantasy with creative world building, intricate worlds and rich characters but if you throw in a romance, I will enjoy it. Well, Briggs does more than just throw in a romance, the story of Charles and Anna is not the driving force of these books – the characters, the world and the storyline are – -but Charles and Anna provide the structure and vehicle for telling the story. There would be no story without their relationship. Fans of Charles and Anna will not be disappointed, readers are treated with quite a few very sweet scenes and a few issues the couple has to work through. Maybe I say that too lightly – the issues facing the couple are dark, twisted and well, Briggs came up with a truly unique storyline of what was stressing Charles and Anna. Readers will not be left on a cliff wondering if Charles and Anna can resolve their problems though, Briggs wraps up these issues by the end of the novel.

The ending was fantastic. I loved it. Many writers in this genre put out installment after installment of books that do not push the story arc further or change the game at all. Fair Game is not like that nor is Briggs a writer like that. What Briggs does so well is to continue to develop her world, she doesn’t ever rest on what she has already written – -she pushes her world building and her characters. Readers learn more about the Fae and their crazy world, more about the werewolves — and the characters and the worlds come to a very dramatic ending that leaves off in a way that makes me beyond excited for the next book!

I have two complaints. First, I wish it was longer. Fair Game is a decent length novel, but I wanted more. Briggs definitely did not skimp on storyline or character development, I just am greedy and want more. Second, I fear it will be another 2 years or more until we get the next installment. Mercy Thompson #7 is due out Spring 2013, I guess I will have to be content with re-reading both Mercy and Alpha and hoping for some short stories from Briggs along the way.

Full review at www.badassbookreviews.com and interview with Patricia Briggs at www.badassbookreviews.com on March 6, 2012!
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December 31, 2015
*** 4 ***

I think I am a bit in-love with Charles! Yes, he is my perfect alpha male:-) Smart, strong, with a sense of humor and responsibility, overprotective but also attentive and loving - what is not to love???? However, he Anna and he are the perfect couple, so I have to bow out and just enjoy their connection... Connection, which in this book was under threat, mating bond damaged by guilt and self-doubt...

The third book in the Alpha & Omega series starts two years after Hunting Ground and it seems that Charles and Anna are going through some growing pains in their relationship. Anna has gained in self-awareness and confidence, but Charles who has been acting as Bran's executioner for over a century, begins a slow mental meltdown dew to enforcing some death orders, the justice of which he doubts, and guilt darkens his existence. Bran has been put in a difficult position, having to put the good of the pack ahead of his son's possible loss of control. In order to take away some of the pressure and burn-out from the harshness of his son's duties, Bran decides to send Charles and Anna to Boston to help in a case of a serial killer and boost some good PR for the wolfs. A bunch of police procedural follows, aided by some wolf and Fae magic, and many become imperiled... It wraps up in a court and sadly, fear prevails....

The good part of the content was how much Anna has grown into a strong capable woman, and a wolf who will fight to the death for her mate and their bond, even when Charles was blinded by turmoil and had become separate from her. Bran has a big role to play in all of this and I wish we saw a bit more of him - he is a very charismatic character and steels every scene he shows up in.

This was a tough book to read, I am not sure exactly why, but I think it has a lot to do with the subject matter when it came to the serial killer and his victims... And the bigotry that obviously lives strong in the human population, making any progress on the side of the preternatural creatures nullified and leaving tension all around... I have noticed that, although I love all the books in the Mercy Thompson world, the Alpha and Omega books seem to leave me sad, when Mercy's books fill me with more hope, even when they might be bloodier... Despite that, I would recommend to all who read Urban Fantasy not to miss even one book in the series - they are all worth the time!!! Have a very pleasant reading to all!!!
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March 9, 2015
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads.

I'm used to the events in series installments taking place a few weeks, if not days apart, so I was a little disconcerted by the fact that FAIR GAME jumped two full years into the future. In HUNTING GROUND Bran was still contemplating bringing the werewolves out to the public, but in this audiobook it was a done deal, and Anna & Charles are now dealing with the fallout. As a result, I experienced some mild growing pains while getting up to speed; luckily I had Briggs' MERCY THOMSON series to help make the drastic shift in gears less jolting. I was chagrined to learn that one of my favourite werewolf couples were no longer in a happy place, however the decade’s long murder spree, and smoothly crafted fae mythology proved to be satisfying distractions.

Up until this point, Charles & Anna have been flying solo with regards to their investigations, so it was a hoot watching them join their efforts with various federal organizations in order to stop a killer. Latham was Cornick's designated handler, and the outcome was quite comedic as you can probably imagine. I especially liked Anna's list of do's & don'ts around her mate, and the PR tangent was good for a few laughs too. As previously mentioned, these two have hit a rocky point in their relationship, mostly because Charles' enforcer role is beginning to wear on him thanks to stricter penalties towards misbehaving werewolves. I love how even when this couple is at their lowest they still continue to communicate, and resolve their problems angst free.

The fae have always played an active role in Briggs' universe, and I was excited to finally learn the real reason why they retreated to their reservations in her MT books. I never realized that such an important segment was missing until this newsflash roared to life, and forced me to revisit everything that I've learned to date in both worlds. This author sure knows how to give her protagonists a deserving foe while also ensuring that all of the secondary characters have a big impact on the overall story. I liked how Leslie's plot thread popped up throughout the novel when you least expected it to, and I really hope that she makes an encore appearance in this series.

The moment I hear Holter Graham's voice, I immediately slip back into the ALPHA & OMEGA frame of mind. He's brought something extra to every installment, and in this latest one it was his Boston accents. His attention to detail never ceases to amaze, from the consistency of the protagonists, to the slight differences between Charles and Brother Wolf's tones. Several new characters were added, and he made it easy to identify each and every one of them. Graham's delivery has improved a great deal when compared to the first audiobook which I still adored, and as a result, he's now among my top three male narrators.

FAIR GAME was an experience that bears repeating; I don't do re-reads very often, but this series is worthy! ~4.5 stars
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September 26, 2014
5 stars goes without saying of course!

I have a question and since I'm too bored to look it up I'll wait until some awesome GRs friend answers me... Is this series going to have another book? I thought it was a trilogy but I have to admit the end felt like it left things unresolved.


This book begins about a year after Bran made the werewolves public. Since humans now know about shifters Bran has applied stricter rules and Charles is the one who plays the executioner, a job that has began to take its toll from our beloved hero because he doesn't believe everyone who died deserved it. In an attempt to help him Bran sends Anna and Charles to help the FBI solve a serial killer case where the killer seems to have changed his prey to shifters.

In this book Anna's and Charles' relationship goes through some problems. It's nice to see how they develop as characters. Anna has come a long way from the frightened girl she was when she first met Charles and Charles has come a long way from the closed off person he was before Anna.

Btw, in most shifter books the heroes go at it like rabbits. It's nice for a change to have a couple who can interact with each other without having to fight back "uncontrolable" lust. Not they didn't have one or two sexy moments but they didn't jump one another at every corner.

In this book we have fairies, cops and murderers. I kind of liked the fact that it had more of a mystery feeling than the others. The story was fast paced and well-written as usual and the end just blew my head off.

***************First Re-Read***************

BR with Aly!!!

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February 16, 2018
1st Read March 2014
2nd Read February 2016
3rd Read January 2017
4th Read February 2018

Original Review

Buddy read with Ange

I have loved Charles and Anna since we first met them in Alpha & Omega and I've enjoyed seeing their relationship develop as the series has continued. They are still fairly new mates and have issues to work through on both sides but they've come a long way since they first met. Anna now trusts Charles implicitly, she knows without a doubt that he would never hurt her and she also trusts him to keep her safe around other wolves which is a big thing for her. In this instalment it is Charles who has issues that cause a bump in their relationship but I never once doubted that they would be able to work things out between them.

For centuries Charles has been his father's right hand man, he is the one that Bran sends out whenever there are problems and Charles is the one who has to issue any punishments to problem werewolves. Werewolf justice has always been swift and severe but now that the wolves have come out to the public it is more important than ever that they don't let the humans see the monsters they can become if they're out of control. This has meant that Charles has been spending more and more time as the Pack executioner and it's taking a toll on him physically and mentally. He hates what he has to do and he worries that it will make Anna think of him as a monster so he tries to hide things from her for her protection. Of course this has the opposite effect because Anna thinks he doesn't trust her enough to let her help him. While I could see where both sides were coming from I was totally behind Anna as she fought to get through to Charles and make him let her in.

I absolutely loved the way Anna went to bat for Charles and put Bran straight on a few things, as an Omega she is outside the Pack hierarchy so she is able to put Bran in his place like no other wolf can. She had an unlikely ally in the form of Asil and I have to admit I loved the scene where he points out a few home truths to Bran. I've loved Bran since we met him in the Mercy series but he definitely had a blind spot when it came to Charles and what being the Pack enforcer was doing to him emotionally. It takes Charles a while but he gradually comes to realise what is important to him and seeing him open up to Anna was fabulous. My favourite quote from the book is this one from when Charles has a major epiphany:

Honor, duty, and love. He would not sacrifice Anna for his father and all the other werewolves in existence. Given a choice, he chose love.

I'm deliberately not going to say too much about the plot of Fair Game in this review. Charles and Anna are sent to assist the FBI with an investigation into a serial killer and they quickly discover that the killer is targeting the supernatural community. There are some major developments towards the end of the book that are going to have a massive knock on effect in both the Alpha & Omega and Mercy Thompson series and I can't wait to see how things play out. This series just keeps getting better and better with every book and I think this is my new favourite instalment. I'm just gutted that I'm now up to date with both series and will have to wait until next year for the next book to be published. Patricia Briggs is without a doubt an auto buy author for me and I can't recommend her books highly enough!


2nd Read

Buddy read with Ange

Since it's been nearly 2 years since Ange & I buddy read this series last we decided we're well overdue another read in the run up to the release of Fire Touched next March.

I love this series so much! The characters, the world building just everything about these books makes them a comfort read for me. Along with Ilona Andrews's Kate Daniels series this is probably my most reread series & I never get tired of it.


3rd Read

That ending gives me goosebumps every single time. Unfortunately the racism and hatred in this novel for anyone different seems even more relevant than ever right now and it hits home a bit harder because of that. Beauclaire is an awesome character though and his speech at the end was just so spot on, now we need a real life version of him to sort out the real world too please!
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Author 7 books705 followers
March 8, 2012
Oh Anna and Charles, I love you so much. From the very first Alpha and Omega novella, Patricia Briggs has given this hero and heroine such depth of character, that I feel like I know them. They are flawed, brave, loyal, insecure, and violent. But above and beyond all that, they always love one other.

This book may be my favorite yet in the series. I was surprised at the onset to see how much time had passed since the events of Hunting Ground. While it's not spelled out precisely, it's been a few years. (Events from River Marked are referenced and we know the first two books take place roughly around the same time as Moon Called.) But what's interesting is that Charles and Anna have changed very little with the passage of time. I would have expected that with a love like theirs, a few years would find these two in the happiest place they've ever been. But things are harder than ever.

Charles has always been his father's sword of justice. But now that the werewolves are "out" to human society, it's vital to keep a lid on werewolf violence. So Bran's sending Charles out to kill their misbehaving brethren in record numbers. It's wearing on Charles; breaking his spirit; and driving him to cut himself off from Anna. He's haunted by the ghosts of his prey. To give him a reprieve, Bran sends Charles and Anna to Boston to help human investigators solve a serial killer case.

The killer has been torturing and murdering victims for decades. And in recent years, he's moved onto Fae and werewolf targets. Details of the killer's depravity were disturbing at times, but it was really a captivating case. The mystery introduces us to new characters, like Leslie, a tough human FBI agent; Isaac, the Alpha of the Boston pack; and Beauclaire, a fascinating Fae whose daughter was among the abducted. I won't spoil all the amazing twists and turns, but I can say that it was unpredictable and kept me on the edge of my seat.

The world-building is flawless and merges seamlessly with the Mercy Thompson series. I love the effortless way I can sink back into these books. But most of all, I love unfailing way that Charles and Anna love each other. It baffles me that either one can still manage to question their worth to the other, when it's so obvious how deep their love runs. But it's gratifying to see them prove that love over and over again.

I give the book extra points for giving me a little peek inside Bran's head. And double bonus points for a spectacular ending, guaranteed to bring repercussions into future books in this series and the Mercy Thompson one. I can't wait to see what happens next. 4 1/2 stars.

*ARC Provided by Penguin
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December 12, 2021
4.5 stars

So. Wow.

I'm surprised that I liked this book as much as I did. I'm not a huge fan of forensic thrillers. I love Criminal Minds, but sometimes it's just a little too creepy and words are capable of so much more than a TV series. So I avoid them. But it's hard to avoid them when a favorite author sneaks it into her series. Sneaky, sneaky.

I was able to enjoy Fair Game despite the FBI hunt for a serial killer for the same reason so many Patricia Briggs fans get frustrated with her--she's reluctant to write about certain acts in explicit detail. I'm okay with that. I don't read books only for the sex, and implication can get the job done just as well. Implication can also provide a believable sociopath without digging in and burying oneself in the disturbing alternate-reality perspective of said sociopath. Yay for that.
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March 3, 2021
Re-read for the 3rd time February 28th 2021!

February 18th 2018

Hunting a serial killer in Boston is the perfect escape for Anna and Charles when the justice Charles has to mete out starts to literally haunt him. Doesn't sound like an escape, right? Trust me here.

Anna knows this situation can't go on, but with Charles basically shutting her out she doesn't quite know what to do. Bran is kind of a jerk at first, but that doesn't stop Anna in her determination to help her mate, and this is how they end up in Boston.

This installment was pretty scary at times and I ended up finishing quicker than I expected because I needed to see the characters through the danger and get to the end!

Already reading the next in line!
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March 22, 2012
3.5 stars

Fair Game, the third book in the Alpha & Omega series picks up a few years after Hunting Ground. I was quite thrown off with this because it didn't read like Charles and Anna had been together that long, it was like reading about a couple who were still in the early stages of their relationship. It doesn't help matters that Charles is pushing Anna away and ignoring the mate-bond between them. Charles having been Bran's executioner for years begins to breakdown mentality. To save his son's sanity, Bran sends Charles and Anna to Boston to aid the FBI with the investigation of a missing girl and the murders of several local werewolves.
This book was more procedural, it did seem less original than the previous books but overall it was still enjoyable. It was quite predictable and it didn't offer anything new to the genre. The humans vs others, the power imbalance between the two and the predujice between humans/supernaturals are all common themes in the UF/PR genre. I wasn't impressed with the use of the same UF/PR tropes but the badass ending made up for it all.
I'm liking Anna more and more with each book - she's more stronger, confident and capable. It was great to see Anna fighting hard for her relationship with Charles, even when he kept pushing her away. I thought Anna would eventually give up, become distant and start to think Charles didn't want her..but Anna doesn't lose faith in their relationship. I've never been enamoured with Charles - he's too arrogant of his own power and he's also a little bland. I did find his protectiveness of Anna sweet and liked how growly he got when anyone got to close to her. I would have been more pleased if his epiphany about carrying out his father's orders vs losing his sanity and thus losing Anna had happened sooner.
I wish there had been more Bran, he's such a complex & layered character and he's far more interesting than Charles. Bran is in a difficult position, he's ultimately destroying his son to protect his pack but it's hard not to sympathize with him. Bran has to balance his duties as a father to that of an alpha. I'd really like this to be explored more in future books because it'd fascinating to see what Bran's limits as an alpha are. I'd also like to see more of the Bran/Leah relationship. I know everyone hates Leah but I don't blame her for being how she is..who wouldn't be bitter, cruel and angry knowing that their partner didn't even like them and never being able to have the one thing they want - a child. I think I'm one of the few that would like to see Leah get a HEA.
One thing I dislike about Patricia Brigg's books are the amount of female characters who end up being raped and abused. I don't think Mercy and Anna's sexual abuse have been handled all that well..with both of them committing to a very serious relationship so soon after their ordeals and then having the rapes/abuse just brushed under the carpet when it's inconveniant to the story.
I also disliked some of the dialogue and writing, it was frustrating to read as it didn't flow very well.
The ending was brilliant. I was so happy to see justice done. I really wasn't expecting that to happen and I'm looking forward to see how the actions at the end will impact Mercy's and Anna's worlds in future books.
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March 21, 2012
I loved this but it was too easy for me to put down.  I wasn't sucked in like I was with the previous two books of this series.  It starts off not long after the end of River Marked. We even get a small phone cameo from Adam and Mercy is mentioned, YAY!!!
Anyway, I liked getting to read about Charles and Anna again and see how much their mate bond has changed over the past few years.  In this book, Charles is having a lot of internal issues resulting from him being the Marrok's Wolfkiller, so that created a bit of angst.  I also liked that we got to know Brother Wolf better, too.
I wasn't really interested in the mystery plot this time. It was a little too obvious to me who was one of the bad guys. So it seemed to drag to me.
I really liked the little shocker at the end, so it really sucks that I have to wait another year for the next Mercy Thompson book Frost Burned. Now, that should be interesting!
If you love Mercyverse, then do not skip this book!
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March 18, 2021
Fair Game is by far my favorite in the Alpha & Omega series. I read this back in 2012 and listened to the audiobook in 2017.

Fair Game has the perfect blend of action, character development, and romance. This novel opened up the door to other supernatural creatures. We see Anna and Charles get involved with a human FBI member and others to solve the murders happening.

Anna has changed and gown since the beginning of the series. She’s slowly developing into a strong women/werewolf as she begins to realize her worth. Charles is a favorite character, I just love reading about him and I love how narrator Holter Graham brings Charles to life. Just having both Anna and Charles POV was great. We are showing that he issn’t the monster everyone thinks he is and Anna can take charge of a situation and stand tall now that she is more comfortable in her skin.

The plot is strong and the setting is fantastic. Briggs blends action and romance splendidly. What I enjoy is how blended everything is and I also enjoy that Briggs doesn’t over do the romance scenes. She has just the right amount and makes them count.

Aug. 2017 Audio Listen: I really love Narrator Holter Graham. He does s superb job narrating the Alpha & Omega series. He is perfect for the characters and his voice is wonderful to hear. He brings the characters to life. It’s wonderful!! Just listening to this audiobook for Fair Game made me want to try out my favorite series by Briggs, the Mercy Thomson series, in audio. As for Fair Game it was amazing and it felt like the first time reading!

Fair Game is undoubtedly a strong novel in the Alpha & Omega series. I adore Briggs writing and loved Holter’s narration. I highly recommend the Alpha & Omega series as well as the Mercy Thompson series. Both are wonderful reads!!

Rated: 5 Stars

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April 21, 2022
March 2014 re-read:
Still a 4 star book for me. I re-read it to remind myself of who Alistair Beauclaire was and enjoyed it just as much the second time. The original review from two years ago is below.

4/5; 4 stars; A- (March 2012)

The Alpha & Omega series has a different feel than the Mercy Thompson series even though the characters are connected. This was a strong addition to the series and it was interesting to see the challenges that Anna and Charles face. When you have one partner who is a few hundred years old, you'd expect a few hiccups on the way to HEA. That being said, the main story wasn't the romance between Charles and Anna but their investigation of nefarious doings in the Boston area. There was a lot of magic and dark fae activity. This was one of the only Briggs books I recall where a Gray Lord is presented in any other than a very negative light.
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1,669 reviews242 followers
February 12, 2020
Charles is suffering in his role as his father‘s enforcer, killer of wayward werewolves and all around bogeyman. Anna has a cunning plan. There is a serial killer in Boston and the FBI ask for help. Anna takes the opportunity to do just that, to get Charles out of his rut and help him to get better.

This time around this is more of a police procedural and we even get a new POV from Leslie, an FBI agent they work with. And there are fae and stupid humans.

I enjoyed this one! And I still don‘t remember any of the plots...

Reading order and progress of my chronological Mercyverse re-read:
- Moon Called, ★★★★★, Mercy #1
- Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Moon Called Vol. 1, ★★★☆☆, comic adaptation of the same...
- Alpha & Omega, ★★★★☆, Alpha & Omega #0.5
- Cry Wolf, ★★★★☆, Alpha & Omega #1
- Hunting Ground, ★★★★☆, Alpha & Omega #2
- Blood Bound, ★★★★★, Mercy #2
- Iron Kissed, ★★★★★, Mercy #3
- Bone Crossed, ★★★★★, Mercy #4
- Silver Borne, ★★★½☆, Mercy #5,
- River Marked, ★★★★☆, Mercy #6
- Fair Game, ★★★★★, Alpha & Omega #3
- Next: Frost Burned, Mercy #7

Complete time-line for the "Mercyverse", including the short stories:

First read in 2011:

This is the third book in the Alpha & Omega series, if you don't count a short story published in the anthology On the Prowl. It is set before the actual series and introduces the two main characters, Anna and Charles. You don't have to read it to understand the series, but I certainly liked the background it gave me.

Alpha & Omega sometimes crosses paths with Briggs' other series, centering around werewolf Mercedes Thompson (First book: Moon Called). Some of the characters in her universe appear in both series. For maximum enjoyment I would suggest reading Mercy Thompson first, at least the first few books and in order, before you branch out to Alpha & Omega. That way you get to know all the characters and understand the dynamics of her world much better. Plus Mercy Thompson is a lot of fun!

Right, so Fair Game! Good plot, lots of suspense, well drawn characters. I guessed pretty early on who the bad guy was, but that didn't diminish my enjoyment of the story (much). Very good, still going strong and I'm looking forward to the next book.
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2,005 reviews373 followers
March 9, 2012
Wow! What a ride! Patricia Briggs proves once again that she is a master story-teller. The world she creates has me actually believing that there are werewolves, witches, fae, and the like living amongst us. I love how she incorporates magic and the spirit world into her books.

The third book in her Alpha and Omega series, Fair Game was well worth the wait. In this book, Anna worries about Charles. She’s afraid that his enforcer role is causing him to burn out. Anna is no longer the meek, skittish wolf of the previous books. She has confidence and poise. When Anna approaches Bran the Marrok with her concerns, she is dismissed. Through the intercession of Asil and Adam, Bran decides to send Anna and Charles to Boston to act as consultants to an FBI task force.

The FBI task force is searching for a serial killer in Boston who has been hunting werewolves and fae. Several new characters are added to the Alpha and Omega world and I hope that they will be making appearances in later books. Leslie Fisher is the lead FBI agent and the liaison between Anna and Charles and the rest of the task force. Isaac is the Boston area Alpha. Alistair Beauclaire is a fae and the father of one of the missing. If you thought that Charles was scary, don’t mess with Beauclaire.

As a representative for all the werewolves, Anna shines. P.R. work is perfect for her as Anna does not look threatening. She is born into the role, using her calming influence, and her diplomatic skills explaining how to behave around a dominant werewolf like Charles.

Charles – Where do I start? I was kind of frustrated with Charles. I really wished he would have communicated more with Anna. Instead, he shut down and allowed Brother Wolf to take over. This is where Briggs excels in her writing: Charles, the man and the wolf are almost seamless. They are fully integrated. I also love how his Salish Indian spiritual side is incorporated into his character.

There is some sex in this book. Yay! It’s just at a weird and unexpected point in the plot. That’s all I’ll say.

The ending! The ending just blew me away! It was perfect. It was spectacular. Please don’t make us wait so long for the next book, Ms. Briggs!

Team Badass' review here.
Interview with Patricia Briggs here.

Favorite Quotes -

Leslie learned two valuable things about the fae that day. They were powerful and charming-and they ate children and puppies.

I can't believe you just called me a white eye. Better than pale-face, I suppose, but it is just so Bonanza.

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March 9, 2021
Another great story in the Mercy Thompson world with Anna and Charles. This is set after the wolves have come out and there are some stricter rules in place. This means that Charles has been sent to clean up a few extra messes and is killing a lot more. It is taking its toll on Charles; he is about to break and Anna knows it. After convincing the Moore to help convince Bran they are given a different task. Anna is to help the FBI and Cantrip solve a series of murders that involve Werewolves and Charles will be there as back up. What could go wrong.

I definitely enjoyed this one. It involves a series killer and the puzzle of why he/they are killing. It also incorporates the Fae in it. The killer used to just kill humans, but when the fae came out he started killing them and now that the werewolves are out, he has switched targets yet again. The killings are ritualistic and brutal.

The newest victim taken is a half Fae girl whose father might be the human’s worst nightmare.
“I told them," he said in a clear, carrying voice, "that they should not give someone as old and powerful as I a daughter to love. That it would end badly.”

I had never read these before so when the Fae pulled out of Mercy’s world I didn’t really grasp why. But after reading this I’m totally going to side with the Fae.

Anna and Charles are also trying to sort out their marriage. The strain of killing over the last year has been too much on Charles’ human side and he has shut off their bond to protect Anna. However, it is having some strange side effects. Even though they are off hunting a killer this is also a time for Charles to be the good guy in hopes that will help them find their way back to one another.

This had a great plot and really added some depth to the Fae storylines from Mercy Thompson. I liked getting more time with one of the Fae to see how their lives sometimes connect to our own, at least long enough to have a daughter to love.
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August 29, 2023
Fair Game (Alpha And Omega) by Patricia Briggs

I knew that Patricia would ultimately find a way to take both of her series and bring the time-lines together. This is great and I think that it is going to make both of these series much more interesting. Especially if each couple can ‘invade territories’ occasionally!

Anna and Charles need to make a trip to Boston to help the FBI with a serial murderer that has taken out a few werewolves as well as many Fae. Anna is a great choice to send (along with Charles) for this job since she is much better at PR than anyone else is. Moreover, why wouldn’t she be? Her Omega-ness will calm almost anyone and have them eating out of her hand, so it stands to reason that she will be great at PR.

Now Charles is having a problem that he (naturally) has not discussed yet with Anna. It has to do with the ghosts of the last wolves he has had to ‘discipline’ and what it is doing to him mentally AND physically. It is not good. Charles guilt has the ghost feeding off him almost like vampires and this will hinder him at critical times.

It is great to see that Charles is able to use his Brother Wolf when Charles feels he can no longer handle things.

The story moves at what I think is a perfect pace, and allowed for the perfect amount of time to deal with everything on Anna and Charles’s plate. Yet, I have to agree with one of the other fans…why wasn’t this book longer?

Patricia has allowed Anna growth in very few books, and that is almost unparalleled with any other author and she has allowed us in this novel, to see Charles being vulnerable. This was an amazingly emotional novel as far as Anna and Charles goes, but it does have its usual humorous bits, informative bits and even occasional snarky bits.

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March 7, 2012
I'm just going to let you know: I CAN'T WRITE THIS REVIEW WITHOUT SPOILERS. There, you've been warned.

I read...no, DEVOURED, this book yesterday. I was completely exhausted, emotionally wrung out and completely without a clue as to how I could possibly review a book that is so good, so emotional, so deep that I didn't even comprehend how deep it was until I slept on it spectacular. Really - I'm just a peon in the world of greatness that is Patricia Briggs.

The world is now aware of the existence of the Fae and now werewolves and while a good portion of the world is assimilating to this revelation, there are some who see this as a challenge to mankind itself. Bran, the Marrok (or leader of all North American werewolves), has decreed that they cannot afford any bad publicity and infractions that in the past which would have been overlooked are now to be punished severely. Charles, the only were-born werewolf known, and Bran's son, has become the executioner of justice.

Charles, half Salish Indian and half Welsh, 100% terrifying and bad to the bone even in the view of other Alphas, has a secret. A secret he feels he cannot share, even with his father and most especially with his beloved mate, his Anna. (Will I ever get over how incredibly romantic it is when he calls her "my Anna"? Hell no!) Charles is haunted by the spirits of those he feels he has unjustly killed. He sees them in mirrors, he feels them sucking the life out himself, he even smells them. And now they are becoming stronger - so strong that he believes they can possibly reach out and harm those he loves....even Anna. To protect them he has pulled away emotionally, become a machine. It is slowly killing him inside and Anna is the only one who sees it, even though she does not know WHAT it is that is haunting him. Her Omega self is working overtime to help the man who saved her, the man she trusts and loves, and feels like she is failing. Bran tells her she needs to grow up and accept the man she married. Asil shares that viewpoint until Anna reveals what secrets she has discovered about Charles - and oh how I love Asil - he takes action. His scenes in the library with Bran are absolutely inspired:

Bran threw his head back and groaned. "You've been talking to Anna. If I'd known what a pain in the ass it would be to have an Omega who doesn't back down in my pack, I'd have -"
"Beaten her into submission?" Asil murmured slyly. "Starved and abused her and treated her like dirt so she would never understand what she was?"
The silence became heavy.

Bran, oh how I love you and want you to have your own HEA, reveals himself more in this book that in the past. His inner dialog is deep and revealing. His possessiveness of those he considers "his", which is pretty much everybody, has never been more evident.

"Your pack won't help her?" Icy rage froze his voice. Mercy might be mated to Adam, but to his wolf she would always belong to Bran. Would always be his little coyote, who was tough and defiant, raised by a good friend because Bran couldn't trust his mate with someone he cared about who was more fragile than his grown sons.

*cue the waterworks right there ladies*

When a shocking series of murders happen in Boston that are possibly linked to not only the Fae but werewolves, Bran makes the surprising but brilliant decision to send Anna as a liaison for the FBI, and Charles as her bodyguard. Unbeknownst to Charles, they have decided to see if placing him in a position of being the good guy, the savior, will ease his demons. Once in Boston, it becomes plain to Anna that this could be just the help Charles needs, even though she still does not understand what is haunting him. Charles seems to bloom, not healed necessarily but better than he has been before, when his role slowly changes from executioner to bringer of justice.

He knew better, knew the ghosts weren't gone. But the temptation was too great. It had been so long since he'd touched her, and Brother Wolf was so hungry. Almost as hungry as he was. So he opened the bonds that tied wolf to mate and said, as mildly as he could manage, "Open the door please." The door snapped open and she looked at him, her face entirely serious and her eyes bright with tears. "You talked to me." Charles bent his head down and touched his nose to hers, closing his eyes to hide the effect of the knowledge of what he'd done to her - and the effect of feeling her, skin on skin once more.

The mystery surrounding the murders in Boston was well done. I had a suspicion but nothing concrete as to who the actual killer might be and I thought Briggs did an excellent job with the flow of the story. The black magic angle was scary but interesting and it played nicely into the problems that Anna and Charles were having in their relationship. The scene on the island? Swoon! I'll never get enough of Charles being possessive - never. I think what struck me the most though, was near the end, when Charles believes he has failed Anna in the most devastating of ways (when he believes those who have taken her may rape her, knowing this could be an act that will destroy her, given her past) that I became the most emotional:

Isaac was pretty surprised that the high & mighty Lord of the Elves didn't get how scared he should be right now, stuck as they all were in a car with Charles while Charles's mate was in the hands of a serial killer. That he didn't was a tribute to the hellacious poker face Charles had on. He should know the Marrok's Wolfkiller was about to lose it and lots of people were going to die.

I won't completely spoil the ending, other than to say it's wonderful and again made me cry. Having slept on this review overnight I came to the conclusion that Patricia Briggs has herself become the Marrok-ess. She has given us Anna, the Omega wolf we all love and want to protect, even though she's badass enough to protect herself. She's given us Charles, who scares us all but in a giddy way that makes us wish WE were Anna. She's given us Bran - the scary monster who looks like a 20-something California lifeguard. And she's given us, her readers, our own pack to belong to.

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March 24, 2021
3.5 ☆

Fair Game is my favorite so far of the three Anna and Charles novels, and it can be read as a standalone. There's a serial rapist / killer running amok and possibly one who has done so for decades. The FBI is sufficiently frustrated to consult the werewolves.

The werewolves revealed their existence less than two years ago, shortly after Hunting Ground #2. The leader of the North American werewolf packs, Bran Cornick holds a tight leash on their behavior in order to retain the public's goodwill. Bran's second son, Charles is his father's executioner, who ensures continued good behavior from the werewolves with punishment by death. But this responsibility exacts a heavy toll upon Charles' psyche, to the point that Charles' mate Anna is willing to protest and incur Bran's ire. Even the much feared Asil the Moor is willing to advocate on Charles' behalf.
Asil left Bran alone with his thoughts then, because if he stayed, Bran would argue with him. This way, Bran would have no one to argue with but himself. And Asil had always credited Bran with the ability to be persuasive.

Bran decides that he could achieve two outcomes and sends Anna to the FBI as the consultant while Charles is her "bodyguard." Charles' role normally requires him to operate in the shadows and this arrangement enables him to play a hero's role instead of an assassin. The crimes really heat up when one of the missing women is the daughter of a powerful Fae.
Leslie had learned two valuable things about the fae that day. They were powerful and charming -- and they ate children and puppies.

“I told them," [the Fae] said in a clear, carrying voice, "that they should not give someone as old and powerful as I a daughter to love. That it would end badly.”

With respect to the original Mercy Thompson series, Fair Game takes place soon after River Marked. For this installment, it isn't necessary at all to have read any books from the other series. If you're a fan, however, of Mercy's adventures, then this will satisfy the curiosity about Fair Game is a streamlined, well-drawn mystery, and I also like the female FBI agent who heads the investigation.

#1 Cry Wolf 2.5 ☆
#2 Hunting Ground 3 ☆
#4 Dead Heat 3 ☆
#5 Burn Bright 3.5 ☆
#6 Wild Sign 4 ☆
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