Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question

Not a very good end to an amazing series, is it?
Kaileigh Kaileigh Feb 26, 2012 01:04PM
I think it didn't tie up any loose ends very well.

I'm not bothered by the plot points of Mockingjay- war is horrible, people are destined to die, I get it. That's a given.

What bothers me is how the story was told. Things happen offscreen and/or abruptly. Characters feel lobotomized and totally different versions of themselves, while the Katniss-Peeta-Gale story seems to resolve itself with default and no proactive choices.

I feel the first two books have a raw, imperfect beauty stemming from Katniss's determination to survive- her own kind of love. In Mockingjay, it's totally gone. And it sucked to see it.

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These series is about survival in a world we cannot start to imagine through the eyes of 17 year old. I want to see anyone at that age with so much insight, guts and survival know how. She's so human. Imperfect, messy, scared, warm and kind. The love story is just a subplot, needed to warm the violence, manipulation and destruction of human beings. Hence, we only get a glimpse through the book and a quick wrap at the end of Katniss and Peeta's love.

Karin (last edited Mar 04, 2012 12:49PM ) Mar 04, 2012 11:47AM   1 vote
I'm disappointed of how she played out the love story, it was rushed and porly described, wanted to know more of what happend betwen gale and katniss, his reaction to prims dead. and more

Also many characters just dissapear like johanna, haymitch and annie and her mom.

And why did Finnick have to die!!????!! :( it didn't give anything to the plot of the story.

A thing that's realy anoying is whenever there's a fight katniss is "knocked out" and wakes upp a week later in the hospital!!! ARGHHHHHH!!

I like that she ends up with Peeta. But also that was porly described and rushed. To me Peeta died when he got hijacked :(

Toastluvr (last edited Mar 03, 2012 10:40PM ) Mar 03, 2012 10:40PM   1 vote
The ending was GREAT!!! However, I think there was too much skipped between the last chapter and the epilogue. Not that I really like romance, but I think it would be interesting to see how Collins described Katniss and Peeta's relationship growing more, and Katniss' reaction to being pregnant and stuff like that. That's my personal opinion anyway.

My biggest concern with the ending was that it all felt so rushed. I feel like some details could have been added without changing the ending and making it any less realistic. I really loved the Peeta-Katniss love story, and I am glad they ended up together; however I was personally looking forward to seeing how Peeta overcame the hijacking. I was also looking forward to witnessing Katniss realize the depth of her feelings for him, I'm a bit emotional. On that note, when I read a book that pulls me in the way this series did I become emotionally attached to the main character, in this case Katniss. With that being said Katniss, in my opinion, was extremely depressed and suicidal for a good 50-70 pages over Prim's death, losing Gale in a sense, and being completely alone, understandably, and therefore I was extremely sad going through the emotions with her, so to say. I was looking forward to Katniss picking herself up, and allowing herself to heal and feel happy again, but the healing process was only about a page long and was so rushed I didn't feel like she was happy at the end, I felt like she was still depressed. Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoyed the ending but it would have been better had there been the details that I felt it was lacking.

I loved the first two books of this series, but this book was a bit disappointing. It felt like the ending was rushed. It felt as if Collins just slapped together the last couple of chapters without much thought. Instead of taking the time to tie up lose ends and wrap up the story lines nicely it was just thrown together. The book ended the way I was hope it would, but at the same time I was unhappy. If I had know that this book was going to make me feel that the story was unfinished I wouldn't have read this series. Not matter how great the other books are, a crappy ending ruins everything.

People need to realize that just because the capital collapsed and the hunger games were over does not mean everything was going to be okay. That is not how life works. Everything could have worked out in the end, but it would not have been realistic whatsoever.

The ending is as perfect as it could get.
At first I was dissapointed though, but when I look back at how it went it really counldnt have been anymore perfect, realistic and true to the story.
Im actaully amazed at how all the Hunger Games books turned out brilliant.

Ugh the ending to mockingjay! it was tragic and unsettled, I mean yeah they find happiness together but life will never be the same, they're always gonna be haunted by the horrible memory and its saddd :(

No. It was perfect.

deleted member Feb 26, 2012 01:24PM   0 votes
Totally disappointed with this book! I loved the hunger games, (My favourite series) but this book was awful. Gutted.

I feel like there's so much left untold.I don't like the way it's written- it all seemed rushed and I didn't feel satisfied when I finished the book. Many major points are just summarized. Katniss spends a tad too much time being hospitalized, unconscious and trying to pull it together. Many characters are not quite developed. I think Prim's character should have been more present in the books. I kept waiting to get to know her better but then she died. The same applies to Gale. His character was almost absent in the first two books and in Mockingjay we learn almost nothing new about him. Then he's ditched in 2 and Katniss seems to be ok with their ruined friendship. She ends up with Peeta only it didn't feel like she really chose him over Gale but just went with it. And there are so many crucial details skipped and questions left unanswered.

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mockingjay was a great end to a greater story. i enjoyed it as much as the first and second

Same! I was dissapointed with a lot of the deaths, and I felt that it was slightly rushed in the last hundred pages or so to get to the end. Plus, it didn't have much closure. I had also been hoping for Katniss to marry Gale, but I would have been fine with Peeta had Gale stayed in District 12 with her.

i LOVED it

I love the first two books in the series. Mockinjay was not my favorite. I agree that the ending seemed a bit rushed. To me it was empty and hollow. Katniss was a fighter. When Prim died it seemed like she gave up. What the heck!! With all the struggle she went through to save her sister it seemed as though the fight was not worth it anymore. But I guess that's how many one would feel after fighting for so long. How does one cope after hard situations in war? I understand why Katniss shot President Coin. Coin was overwhelmed with power and was just carrying on with old traditions. Instead of district children in the hunger games it would be capitol children. What was the point of fighting for independence if it was just for a different leader?

I loved all the books its just that she skipped so far ahead in the epiloge. i wanted to know if peeta ever got all his memory of all the things him and katniss did in the first book

and it didnt even tell what happend to all the characters like peetas family,haymich and katnisses mom. we didnt even know how she was deeling with prims death. Overall i think i was just disapointed in how weak Mocking Jay was in detail about what happent to everyone!

This really is a very sad ending. Is there really any other way to end this book? What happened to the characters had such a big impact on them emotionally, physically, socially etc. I don't think this book was appropriate for a happy ending. I am just glad almost everyone ended up alive and she killed Coin ^_^ Very realistic ending. I would have probably been more upset if it had ended any other way.

I suppose the ending was quite realistic, but well.. I don't knoww.. I feel as though it could have been better?

Malia (last edited Feb 26, 2012 05:22PM ) Feb 26, 2012 05:21PM   0 votes
I really enjoyed reading the Hunger Games (and I can't wait for the movie!). The ending of the last book shocked me and at first I felt sad that there was not a happy ending. After thinking about the ending for a while, I realized that realistically, no one, not even a fictional book character, could not have some sort of mental issue after the tragedy and experiences that Katniss went though during and after the Hunger Games.
Regarding who Katniss chose, think about the death of someone you loved, and how someone close to you may have been a part of his or her death, how would you feel? Could you ever trust your friend again? I have nothing against Gale, since we got the point of view of Katniss, I could imagine how she would have felt after the death of her sister and I did tear up a bit.
Yes, the ending was not a happy one and there could have been other futures for Katniss had she chosen differently regarding President Coin, Gale, and Peeta, but in my opinion, Suzanne Collins ended the series just right.

I think it's very realistic. At first i hated it, but i've come to accept it.
As much as people love a Happy ending it just won't work with The Hunger Games. The characters went through so much and lost people they loved, a happy ending where everyone is happy would have been wrong and it would have went against everything the series stands for.
The way it ending for the big "love triangle" i wasn't happy about, at all, i still hate it. But I can see why it ended the way ended with them.
I don't know about anyone else but i felt like Katniss didn't choose Peeta it was more like it happened because things didn't work with Gale. That and of course it's true that Peeta is what Katniss needs. I'm probably the only one who see's that. But yeah, plus it is quite realistic. It goes to show you don't always get what you want.

The war and stuff was good but the ending was not satisfying.

The ending was totally and completely rushed (no dramatic reunion between her and Peeta, no resolution with Gale, no opportunity to see her get her life back, etc), but somehow the author spent like a total of 75-100 boring pages describing Katniss in the hospital or being high on morphine. Also, call me a perv, but I kind of wanted to see more kissing, etc at the moment when she finally realizes she loves Peeta. That was the most anti-climatic ending ever.

I'm not as bothered by the actual ending than I am by the way the third book was written. In Hunger Games Katniss was a great character who know how to think logically and do what needed to be done but in Mockingjay she was just moped and whined all the time and never really made an effort to fully engage with what was going on around her. I wouldn''t have minded the ending so much oif Katniss had not become such a weak character.

I am honestly confused with all the dislike on how this series ended, I absolutely loved the ending and felt completely satisfied, I am rereading them now so maybe that will help me understand why people were so angry with the ending but I loved it the first time I read it.

I wouldn't argue that this book is good, I think that it was an excellent series and the last book was, in my opinion great. However I also wouldn't raise an arguement to the fact that this book was, without a doubt, rushed. From start to finish, there probably could have been at least another two books added to this series. One thing I didn't like was after Coin's death we heard nothing of the trials besides the fact that they were over. Katniss didn't get to appear to explain herself, we all knew once the capitol crashed it wouldn't be the end of the disparity, however where was the fight to make the new society better than the old one?
I think one reason alot of people didn't enjoy this book as much is because Katniss kind of gives up. Once she goes to District Thirteen she doesn't have the same fight in her (no wonder with all she's been through) she lacks the determinition that she showed in the first two books. But I like that, not everyone is capible of unwaviering determination and compassion. Real people in real situations get discouraged sometimes they don't get that back.

hated the ending the whole book was so cheesy some parts i was yelling about the book it was just frustating. it was a good book yeah but compared to the others it was like what the hell. that was just no. i would say read the first to scrap the thrid. it had some pretty stupid points

For me, the death of Prim was when I lost faith in the series. I mean, the "save Prim" arc initiated the entire plot of the first book; for Collins to discard her character so needlessly felt just plain wrong -- as if, for all her efforts, Katniss ultimately lost 'the Game.' The death of Peeta or Gale (or even both!) would've been much more endurable, in my opinion -- convenient, tidy, possibly cliche, but so what?

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I honestly wasn't a fan of it. The first two books were the books that got me into reading. I waited almost a year for Mockingjay and I had very high expectations for it. I guess I really shouldn't have, because the book didn't match up to any of them except for the fact that she chose Peeta.

Danielle (last edited Mar 08, 2012 03:23PM ) Mar 08, 2012 03:22PM   0 votes
I really did not like the ending for Mockinng Jay, there was so much more that needed to be explained!

Yeah, it was realistic, but I felt like Coin's death ended the book. I was totally not expecting that. Then Katniss goes nuts, moves back to 12, and marries Peeta. Felt really boring and out of character to me...I don't think she would settle for a life like that.

I was sad about Prim. Does anybody else think the girl covering Safe and Sound in this video is a lot like Prim?

Love the books, their amazing. Except I didn't like her choice. I'm a Gale fan all the way, where as instead of choosing her best friend who's in love with her she choose a whimpy baby who she was forced to love... it may have become real in the end but how that happened baffles me. No mean to disrespect any Peeta fans, most of my friends are Peeta fans (if they read this then in that case I am trying to offend you ;) lol but I doubt you are) but I never liked Peeta at all, he annoyed me to no end. That's the only reason I really don't like the ending. But oh well what can you do?

I thought Mockingjay ended the only way it could have. I was shocked when Finnick died, but I realize that she was trying to get the point across that war doesn't choose sides. It was realistic. And I really liked that about this book. Although I feel like Katniss wasn't as strong of a character in this book; I felt like she was just wandering around following whoever. But the ending was perfect! I loved Peeta from the beginning and was so happy that he and Katniss ended up together! Because it totally makes sense. Overall, this book was realistic about war and the effects of it. And I think that was the point the author was trying to get across.

The last 30 pages -- disappointment. That's all I have to say. It was like she was in a hurry to get somewhere and left a million strings untied.

Personally, I thought the end was exactly what needed to happen and i quite liked it. However it is true some things weren't tied up very well.

I have to agree with so many others on this site. I didn't like the ending. It's not bad and think it's nice when authors jumps a couple of years later to show us how it ends. However I didn't like the third book that much, or the second for that matter. Loved the first one and I think it's the best of them all.
Wish the author has done something more with the second and third.
Second was a bit copycat of the first, which was disappointing.

My only complaint about the ending is that we don't really know what happened to some of the characters. Like Johanna.

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I loved the ending and not once thoughout The Mockingjay was I wishing for other endings/scenario's.

In fact my last line In the book is my favourite line out of all three books.

I keep reading that everyone feels the third book was rushed. Keep in mind that this is one long story and the third book is the final climax and resolution of the whole story. Most books start off kinda slow building characters then rise to a climax and fall rapidly to the end. If you take the three books and read them as one, you understand why it moves so quickly.

I think it end ok, it could have had a better ending though. I think mosdt people have a love hate feeling about it

It was in no means perfect, but it was good.

I loved it. It was a perfect, realistic ending.

I loved this series. But felt cheated by the ending, simply because it felt rushed. When I wasn't reading the books I was constantly thinking about these characters. I devoted so much time to them, I felt cheated I didn't get to know how things developed. What was everyone's reaction to Finnick's death? Prims? To Katniss killing Coin? How did Peeta and Katniss find their way back together? Did Gale find happiness? Did Haymitch?

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I disliked Catching Fire and Mockingjay a lot. I feel like katniss was extremely concerned with Prim until Rue came along in the Hunger Games and then she kind of just forgot about Prim and focused on mourning Rue instead of looking out for Prim

Just finished the third book of the Hunger Games. I loved the ending to this series! It was so real. Happy over all in the end but not that blissfull "everything worked out perfectly" type of ending so many stories have where everyone important survives, falls in love, and lives happily ever after. And the epilogue truely lends to the realness of life after the Hunger Games. You never truely heal and go on as if everything is ok after war. The characters were all forever changed from their experiences; they became different people but were able to continue living. Katniss and Peeta will always feel the horror of the Hunger Games and fear what could be even though they live in a new Panem. Way to go Suzanne Collins! Absolutely Brilliant!

When I first read it, I felt the same way. However, reading it a second time made me see it really could have ended no other way and have been realistic. I mean yes we want our heroin to gain everything, but really after all she has been through and how real life is, she actually got more than most instigators of war would. At least she did not lose Peeta. Also, she went into the hunger games because of Prim, but in the end Prim died anyway. Kind of ironic I think.

Totally agree! A complete disappointment and letdown. The first two were amazing, and this one was just sad...

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