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Did the ending totally suck? How would you change it?

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message 1: by Meg (new)

Meg Ok, for me, the ending was pretty good, but i wish there were more. Gregor should have gone back again (in the 6th book) and helped Luxa AGAIN, but this time, he's like 18 and he has to choose between the Underland and Overland. How does that sound?

Lucy i was thinking the same thing i really wanted gregor to end up on the underland

Jamie I think she should make another book where Boots somehow comes back to the underland, but she doesnt remember much of it because she was so young when it happened, and she plays a part of a peacekeeper because of the influence on the other species that she had when she was there before.

message 4: by Meg (new)

Meg uh........did you actually read this?

Kathy i liked the end but it was so sad how he would never go back to the underland again and Ares... *sob*

Sunny C-s I loved Ares... And I definitely want Gregor to return. He is destined for Luxa, did anyone else see that?

Kathy Exactly:D

message 8: by Xianaer (last edited May 15, 2012 04:41AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Xianaer The way Suzanne Collins ended this series made me dread the ending of "The Hunger Games," which ultimately I felt she pulled together much more satisfactorily. I don't know, I think Ripred should just drag Gregor back on down and set his head on straight. Or maybe Gregor can't adjust to life as a rager in the Overland and is forced to flee back to the Underland in order to escape the consequences of an "accident."

message 9: by Eml (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eml I actually really liked the ending, all though I was really sad over Ares. Even though she didn't rap things up, I liked that there was a an open-ending because you can imagined the characters still living. As in, still going on more adventures. I think there's a chance that she does write a sixth book when they're older. The only thing is, I'm not sure I want her to because then WAY more people are going to die. This is based off some of the hints she's been giving in her interviews. Gregor will probably get asked back when Luxa offically becomes Queen.

Shelby I liked the ending but I hated the fact that Ares died. That part was my least favorite part. There should definitely be a sixth book where Gregor goes back to the Underland.

message 11: by Meg (new)

Meg Rumor has it that there will be a 6th book.

Kathy huh? really? never heard of it but that would be awesome!

message 13: by Jo (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jo Irritating ending. I didn't get "the death of the warrior".

Haydon Alright i thought the series was awesome i mean awesome but the ending is the code if claw? needs a finishing touch. this is what i think. my first idea is that since all of.the gregor's random dissapearences in gregor's family have been accurring people will probably being suspicious. so gregor and is family should.go hapily ever after and when both old enough gregor and luxa would get married! because we.ALL know gregor and luxa are in love! Happy ever after right? Yup! Perfect ending! My second idea is that luxa herself when she and gregor are 18 luxa comes up to the overland spend some time together. when they finally get around to that slice of pizza luxa finally explains why she came to the overland. a secret room of prophesies has been discovered! All by sandwich. One prophecy call for the revive or resseruction or the return whatever you perfer, of the warrior. the return of GREGOR. that is what the sixth book should be called. and gregor is in many of these prophecies and poems. but the modern prophecy is called the resseruction. of the warrior of course! and gregor.must.return to the underland to save the day once more.

Haydon And i have more! This unknown evil has been lurking in the uncharted lands and has been watching the humans since the time of sandwich. gregor and his friends Ripred, Lapblood, Luxa, Howard, boots Aroura and his new bond, Nike. ( is nike howards new bond? Idk if nike is.anyone's bond I'm thinking i may have missed the part where howard bonded to nike or something because they seem close.but idk. If nike Is howards new bond then gregor's new bonds name Is finn a bat as dark as night.) Before gregor leaves, he go on his misson. He finds a bag he packs two flashlights just in case for luxa abd.howard.

Haydon Oops sorry! Ill finish. just in case for luxa and howard. he packed 10 extra batteries. but.what are you suppose to pack when you dont know what you up against? He packed some binoculars a first aid kit and a couple other things that might come in handy. just as gregor was about to leave in the corner of his eye he spotted a case of eight waters. he couldnt belive his luck! He packed them as well. then he went to the aarmory and got daggers that he felt comfortable using and.a.well balanced sword and for the today time he spotted an iron shield . he took that as well. he got his pitch black armor to blend into his bat.

Haydon Its so easy to write a page or teo or just an ending but I'm a natural writer. i love to write. ill continue in a while. i need.some ideas. it woukd be cool if suzanne collins could continue. Tell me what you think!

message 18: by Jo (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jo Wo-o-ow. I support these.

Augusta Yeah I hated how Ares died, that part was stupid. I extremely don't like when authors kill characters they don't need to. The thing I did like was that it didn't say if they were leaving or not, so she could write more if she wanted to, but she doesn't have to. Still a sequel would stink without Ares... :)

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

It was really sad when Ares died :(! There should be a spin off though, maybe about Gregor's child, idk.

message 21: by Eml (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eml I wanted to see Gregor come back when Luxa becomes Queen, but I worry about Collins killing everyone off because they're older.

message 22: by Spencer (last edited Jul 11, 2013 01:24PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Spencer Roth The ending i think really really really really really really stunk

Spencer Roth I think she should really make a sixth book

Spencer Roth She should make a a couple books about how gregor and luxa have a kid togather and then He/She would became the the new King/Queen

Spencer Roth and them going on quests and having kids of there own.Them going on adventurers to the uncharted lands and find new characters and monsters and maybe some new quest's.

Spencer Roth i hope they do make more books

Spencer Roth they way it ends make it sounds like he moves to the farm and never sees them agian

Scott Hadwell yea the ending was kinda lame...
maybe he'll move back to new york when he's older? easiest way i can think of to get him back to the underland.

and since it says in the books there are lots of uncharted places in the underland, its easy to make new stories about it.

about ares dying... if Luxa's life was threatened, would Gregor really not try to save her just because Ares was dead?

message 29: by Spencer (last edited Jul 12, 2013 02:22AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Spencer Roth well he couldn't live in the underland forever becasue in book one didn't it say a overlander dying because he did not have the sun

Emily Ann I know it was unfinished.

Spencer Roth or he could go down to underland for two years then him and luxa could spend a week in the overland

Spencer Roth and they could live happliy ever after until some evil creatrue kills them all

Spencer Roth i would be scared of him then i mean look what happened when ripred raised the bane

message 34: by Eml (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eml I really enjoyed that she left the ending open. It makes me feel like they'll live on. I always felt like he'd go back when she became Queen. I'm pretty sure they said it'll happen when she's 15 or something. But there would be a ceremony and I'm sure she'd invite them. It wasn't definite that he moved to the farm. I liked that the ending was realistic. He couldn't just go back to normal life, especially when he has so many scars.

Spencer Roth yeah he would probably live in the underland he can bond to some rat dude or rat girl but probably rat dude

Spencer Roth i wonder to get married in the underland you just bond to a human

Spencer Roth Too bad gregor didnt get to bond with RipRed

Spencer Roth i wonder if ripred can bond with him still

Spencer Roth mabye

Spencer Roth yeah but gregor should bond with a rat that was all black

Spencer Roth yeah but the warrior might make the peace maker un peaceful

Spencer Roth and people wont want that to happen everyone except mabye ripred would want that

message 43: by Joenasio (last edited Jul 21, 2013 02:51AM) (new)

Joenasio I think a great idea to continue the series would be to just totally drop the prophecies. Instead, replace them with the overpowering threat of other overlanders discovering the underland and creating a struggle to try and take control. Luxa then would call for Gregor again because no underlander could understand the way overlanders operate except for him. Then Collins could fill in all the gaps and make our hearts whole again.

Coleman321 i agree with Joenasio. the prophecies started to get old to me and they are in a way proven to be not true because Gregor doesn't die.

Spencer Roth i think gregor kills ripred in the end

Coleman321 but i think the ending did suck it left a lot of things unaswered

Coleman321 but i think the ending did suck it left a lot of things unaswered

Coleman321 Suzanne Collins should definitely write a sixth book

Coleman321 yeah why would Gregor kill Ripred? and even if they fought, ripred would kill gregor

Spencer Roth They would get into a fight to the death between the rats and the humans again and ripred would lead the rats and gregor the humans when they fought luxa and gregor would work togather and kill ripred and ps longest comment i have ever posted on this website

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