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((This flock will be starting out in Chicago. If you don't know what's going on, please make a character first and then post in this topic to let us know you would like to be in this flock. In other words, don't randomly join the flock if you're not on the list! As soon as this flock is full, we will make another topic for a flock like it so that no one flock will get too crowded and confusing. Anddd... I think that's it. Have fun!))

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Stella watched as a red pick-up truck pull into the parking lot of a local restaurant directly across from where she was sitting on a city bus bench. A tall boy with sandy hair got out and started walking into the restaurant. Stella stood up and glanced around the street, then hurried across it and after the boy. As she opened the door to the restaurant, and a tiny bell on the top rang. "Hey," she said, catching up to him.

He turned around to look at her, a bit startled. Stella could tell by his confused expression that he was trying to figure out whether he knew her or not. Finally, he gave up and replied, "Um... hello."
She smiled at him, running her hand through her ever-tangled hair. "Now, tell me: what's a guy like you doing here on a Monday afternoon instead of at school?" she asked, a hint of teasing in her voice.
He went a little red, glancing up at the menu. "I could ask you the same thing."
"I'm homeschooled; I have an excuse," she responded with a light laugh. "You, however, do not. What's with the ditching?"
Hesitantly, the boy smiled back at her. "It's... kind of a long story," he said truthfully.
“Hey, I'll tell you what," Stella said. "You buy me lunch, and then I'll let you tell me all about it." She winked at him flirtatiously.
"Deal," he said almost immediately.
Stella tried not to smirk, instead following the sandy-haired boy and ordering two cheeseburgers, fries, and a shake. "I hope you had enough for that," she added to him as they sat down at a table together. Of course, she could have eaten a lot more, but didn't want to seem suspicious. Drawing attention to oneself was, most of the time, deadly.
"N-no, it's fine," he reassured her.
"Good." She took a bite of her burger, then swallowed and asked, "So, what's going on?"
Stella listened as she ate and tried to feign concern while hiding her amusement. This guy seemed to complain about everything, from having to write a huge essay to a recent break-up to his parents grounding him. Didn't he know how lucky he was? At least he had parents. At least he knew where he was going to sleep and eat. At least he didn't spend every minute of every day in fear of an attack. At least he hadn’t spent his childhood locked in a cage, occasionally being prodded by scientists and forced to participate in exhausting experiments. At least he wasn’t like her.
Stella hurriedly finished the last of her shake, then stood up. "I have to go."
The boy stood up, too, suddenly looking worried. "Are you sure?"
"Yeah," she said, pushing a piece of her unruly hair behind her ear. "But... I'll see you around, 'kay?"
"’Kay," he repeated somewhat regretfully, staring after her. He was unaware, of course, that when he wasn't looking, his wallet had hovered out of his back pocket and into Stella's waiting hands.

There was a small ding from the bell as she walked out of the restaurant and back onto the busy streets of Chicago. She put the boy's wallet in her pocket, smirking. Sure, it wasn't the most difficult con, but it was a con nonetheless. And for her age, Stella was an expert in the art of conning.

When she was a few blocks away, Stella took out the wallet again and counted the money. About a hundred fifty. Not bad. While many people might feel guilty stealing from innocent strangers, Stella was perfectly fine with it. She could have done worse. She could have stolen the boy's car keys, too. It would sure beat walking everywhere, since she couldn't fly in the city for obvious reasons.

Despite that, she absolutely loved the city. It was much easier to hide among crowds of people than alone. And there were so many victims, so many careless people. After being alone practically all of her life, Stella loved being around people like this. Being free. God, it felt so good.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 719 comments Monster, you are a monster, revel in it, revel in the spilt blood, and bye-gone sins. You are a monster.

Belial cackled lightly to himself, swaying back and forth on a newly constructed building, an I bar his chosen perch for now.

Blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh, breath of my breath, what is your purpose?

His ethereal companion, Grae, whispered in his mind, projecting gruesome and fun images deep into his mind.

The Grae had a point. Since his escape, he had no real purpose, besides the occasional slaughter. It would be much funner to actually earn something for his artwork.

What do you propose, Grae? he asked, licking at a bloodied finger with a serpentine tongue. I have been, admittedly, bored.

The Grae chuckled, hissing slightly. Underworld, try the human underworld. It should prove interesting.

Belial pondered this, stretching his white wings idly, plucking out the stains decorating them.

"Yes," he finally growled, "This shall prove interesting."

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Stella continued down the street, breathing in the various smells of the city. Pocketing the wallet again, she tried to decide what to do next. Though she was dreading it, she knew she would have to leave Chicago soon. Staying in one place for too long was dangerous. She had learned that from experience.

Turning the corner, she decided to head back to her hotel room to gather her stuff. Then she would leave. To go where? She didn't know. She never had a plan for these kinds of things. She figured that if she knew where she was going, the School could find out as well.

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Zero brushed a stray strand of slate green hair out of his face, blankly staring into the sky- at the clouds, at the sun, at the birds, at almost everything.

I'm searching for a sky that doesn't exist anymore;I'll never be completely normal-completly human.

His eyes dropped, now staring at stone.

All we took with us that day, all we'll carry with us tomorrow....

Zero sighed sadly, wondering how the others-the other bird kids- are getting along down at that hellhole they call a School.
Yeah right.

I've offically decided- reality sucks.I'd reather live in some random girlie fanatsy than this place.

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Scarlett tipped her fedora a little over her eyes, trying to obscure her face as much as possible. She'd had it for a while and had grown to cherish it as her only possesion in the world.

Chicago. That's where she was. It was crowded, overpopulated, polluted. But it was an easy hideout. And besides, there were some many cons, so much crime, that she definitely blended in.

Her wings twitched under jacket, itching to be used. Another let down of being in the city. But using them meant one thing: capture. Capture led to the School, dog cages, evil doctors poking and prodding you every minuteof the day; pain.

As she turned a corner, Scarlett thought to herself, At least I'm safe, for the most part.

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Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((Well. This is exciting. :D

Any ideas on how they should all meet?))

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 719 comments I wonder what they call this place? the Grae pondered quietly as Belial took to the air, flipping through the memories of the various cities they had visited.

Chicago, the woman called it Chicago Belial pointed out, enjoying the caressing, yet biting breeze against his impish face. And we're going to turn it upside down by tomorrow.

Do not be foolhardy, Belial, remember Toronto?

His greatest failure, how it still grinded on him. And the Grae still brought it up.

Where do I go now?

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((...No idea.
Zero's just sittin on building, stalkin people. xD))

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Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((Haha, alright! Scarlett seems to be the closest to Stella... should they meet first?))

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((I dunno :3))

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((Sounds good))

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((Okay, one sec.))

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((...What to do with Zero.

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Scarlett walked on, eyes at her feet, contemplating life. It went well, at first, until she bumped into this other girl. Hard.

Scarlett jumped back, almost decking the girl in the face. But she reminded herself that none of these people were Erasers. It wouldn't look good if she went around punching people.


She then took a second to look at the girl. She was blonde and had piercing gray eyes. But otherwise, she seemed somewhat normal.

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Stella stumbled a little before catching herself. She turned towards the person quickly, ready for a fight. I knew this was too good to last.

However, studying the girl for a moment, she realized she wasn't going to turn into an Eraser anytime soon. Her eyes were a soft brown, not harsh like her enemey's. Stella relaxed a little, but her eyes didn't leave the girl.

"No harm done," she replied with a smile.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 719 comments ((If he wants to hang out with a psychopath...))

Beial landed in an alley, looking at the already thronging club. Yes, from what he had learned, this was a place where he could find allies. Powerful and not.

Watch for the emblem, breath of my breath. the Grae whispered, writhing with delight .

Of course, demon child. he snarled back, his breath catching at the sheer force of humans. Interesting he thought, twirling a blood red braid around his finger, bangs hanging down and over his orange cat-eyes.

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Scarlett smiled back, out of politeness, of course. But this girl wasn't normal. She could tell by the way she almost fought her, the same way Scarlett nearly did when they bumped into each other.

She formed a plan, no matter how insignificant it's goal.

"Good," she said with a nod, "Umm, sorry for asking, but do you know any place where I can grab some lunch?"

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Stella had fully regained her composure, and pushed a piece of hair behind her ear as she stepped to the side of the street, allowing other people to hurry by. She could also tell that this girl was different. It was in her eyes, her expression, the way she moved as if anticipating what Stella might do next. So Stella didn't let her guard down.

"Depends on what you want to eat," she said lightly. "New to the city?"

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Mabye. :D))
Zero stood up, dark eyes still glued to the ground.

Does it really give you hope, this thing we call reality?...WHy do those kids still think they can be normal, have a normal life, have normal parents?

He spead his dark greenish-black wings, launching himself into the blistering wind.

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Scarlett shrugged, pretending to be sheepish. "Sorta. I moved here a month or so ago. And I could really go for a salad." That was what normal teenage girls ate, right? Something about watching their figures?

Scarlett would use her infrared vision now, if she could. That would make things so much easier. But it would be too obvious that she was doing something...strange. and if this girl was what Scarlett thought she was, it wouldn't end well.

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Stella nodded. "I know a place a few blocks away," she replied, then turned and started through the bustling crowd. She kept in pace with the girl. "I moved here not long ago, too," she continued, trying to make normal conversation. "I love the city. Too much traffic, though. That's why I never use my car."

She paused as they crossed the street. Once on the other side, she spoke up again, this time looking over at the girl as to be sure to catch her reaction to her next question. "So, no school?"

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"Really? Cool," Scarlett replied. "And lets not forget the polluted air." Another reason for not flying.

So this girl has a car. Another little bit of information. But it didn't matter now. What day was it? Thursday? Normal teenagers were at school on Thursday. So why wasn't she?

"Gas leak at the school," she said. "We were dismissed early. You know, dangerous fumes, liabilties, all that stuff." She tilted her fedora a little more and shovedher hands in her pockets. "You?"

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"Ouch," Stella remarked, feeling the ring on her hand. It was a small habit of hers. "Me? I stopped going after the sixth grade. Hated it. Now I'm just homeschooled." She glanced up as they reached the small deli. "I guess you could say I have a lot more freedom now." She smiled softly to herself.

"So, do you have a name?"

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((Sorry for the slow responses, I'm trying to straighten my hair while roleplaying. I never realized how long it was getting until now... o_o))

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((...Can Zero meet up with you guyses? *heavy NY accent*))

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((Is it okay if we wait until Stella and Scarlett figure out who they are? Then he can definitely join them!))

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((Mmk. I'm only lurking her on GR beacause I'm watching FMA: Brotherhood and Hetalia.))

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((Heehee. I might disappear to eat lunch soon.))

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((It's fine. I wasm making kunch XD

And that sounds good, Grey :) You can totally do that))

Scarlett responded immediately. "Kelly." That was one of her old flock members. But, like many of them, he was long dead. She felt bad for using his name like that.

"How about you? Got a name?"

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 719 comments Belial pushed his way into the crowd, mouth barred in a snarl at the grabbing hands and loud voices. Disgusting rats the Grae snarled as the flashing strobe lights and pounding music slowly but surely started to disorient him.

Why do they submit themselves to is.... demeaning

I agree

Belial was light and small, only about 5'2, and when the towering man shoved into him, sending him sprawling, he felt his thin self-control snap.

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((Wow. I imagined him taller XD))

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Zero skidded to a landing, his scuffed up Vans squaking slightly on the pavement.

I can't play it safe or sound anymore, and I don't have a place to go home to.

He thought, wings folding tightly into his back.Zero wrapped his coat tightly around his small frame.

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((Oops, had to disappear a bit earlier than expected. My dad got home from China and showed me a bunch of pictures. :D))

"Stella," she responded. Stella managed to hide everything else in her identity, but she had always kept her names as an exception. There wasn't much you could prove from a name, anyway. Especially one that you had given yourself.

Holding the door to the deli open for her with one hand, Stella held her right hand out to the girl. "Well, it was nice to meet you, Kelly."

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 719 comments ((Nope, he's just an itty bitty ball of fire XD))

"Watch it, boy," the man growled, smirking at him. Belial hissed low under his breath, his stretched out, maroon shirt slipping over one shoulder.

Kill him....he doesn't deserve to survive...

Control yourself, Belial, you can't afford to lose yourself

Belial sucked in a deep breath, a cat-like, sharp-toothed grin spreading across his thin face. He rolled to his feet, walking up to the man and craning his stiff neck up to stare him in the face.

"Oh, I'll watch," he cackled, orange eyes dancing with a malicious glee. "I'll watch your blood flow like honey, and bathe in it like rain."

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Scarlett knew what she had to do. "You too, Stella," she said, shaking the girl's hand firmly. "Maybe I'll see you around sometime?"

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Stella put her hand back in her jacket pocket. "Maybe," she echoed with another smile.

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How right she was. Scarlett entered the deli and pretended to join the line and study the menu, as if figuring out what she wanted. In reality, she was waiting for Stella to turn away.

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Rebecca | 1454 comments Devyn walked down the alley. So this was Chicago. It was so different than rural Colorado, where she'd grown up. She pulled her guitar case up farther on her back. She felt a wiggling in her sweatshirt pocket. It was her guinea pig, Manya. Well, one of them. the others, Tessie and Thor, were in a carrying case attached to her backpack. It would be hard to take care them for long though, but she just hadn't been able to leave them. They were her only friends.
But first things first. She needed money. She noticed a large square ahead, filled with people, that had a island with a tree and a few benches in the center. Perfect.
Devyn walked up to one of the benches and set down her case at her feet. lifting out her guitar, she started to play "Grenade" by Bruno Mars, singing as she played and changing "she" to "he" and so on.

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RedPath wrote: "How right she was. Scarlett entered the deli and pretended to join the line and study the menu, as if figuring out what she wanted. In reality, she was waiting for Stella to turn away."

Stella stared after the girl for a few moments, watching the back of her black hair as she stepped into the building. Their build, she couldn't help but notice, was very similar. Both tall and thin, looking much older than their age. Shaking her head slightly, Stella turned away. Even if Kelly was what she suspected, that didn't mean she wanted anything to do with her. "Flocks", as she had heard them commonly called, seemed to end in only two ways: death or betrayal.

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Wren ♫aka♫ Rebecca wrote: "Devyn walked down the alley. So this was Chicago. It was so different than rural Colorado, where she'd grown up. She pulled her guitar case up farther on her back. She felt a wiggling in her sweats..."

Zero heard the familliar tune of 'Grenade' playing in the distance.(Truthfully, he didn't really like the song very much- he liked Panic!At The Disco and alternative better.)He curiously walked over to the girl playing the song, humming along.

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((Oh god, I missed this all. Recap? Is everyone just seperate?))

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Scarlett switched to infrared vision and glanced at Stella. She had to be quick, or else someone might notice that her eyes were nearly red.

She knew for sure that Stella wasn't normal. It was obvious. She was far more observant than any other person in this town. And she was fierce looking. No teenager looks that on edge unless...

She scanned her, mainly looking at her back. There, she saw an unusual amount of heat, as if she had extra apendages in her jacket. Wings

So she IS a birdkid

She tipped her fedora over her eyes, as if readjusting it on her head. Her eyes always took a second to return to normal.

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Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
Savita wrote: "((Oh god, I missed this all. Recap? Is everyone just seperate?))"

((Hey Savita! Basically, Scarlett and Stella just met, but neither of them know the other is a bird-kid yet. Zero and Devyn are about to meet, and Belial is just being a slightly insane loner. :D))

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RedPath | 5032 comments Mod
((Just about!))

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Savita (haltranger) | 7756 comments Mod
((Okie dokie!))

Savita floated around in the sky, black wings extended to their full length. Having been bored the week before, she had dyed the ends a hot pink, and she paused for a moment to admire them, grinning. Next time, I'll do red.

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Suddenly, Stella felt a small shiver run up her back, like someone was watching her. Paranoia had steadily improved her sixth sense of the years, so she looked behind her. When she did, her eyes immediately met Kelly's, who had been looking straight at her. She gave the girl a small wave, blue eyes narrowing slightly as suspicion kicked in.

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Rebecca | 1454 comments Devyn noticed the boy who had walked over to her. She smiled flirtatiously at him, hoping to score a few bucks. Plus, he was kinda cute. So far, she had about $15 in the case.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 719 comments Belial socked the man in the face, grinning in delight as he felt the cartilage of his nose shatter beneath his powerful hit.

At least you didn't mortally harm him... the Grae muttered.

He smirked, stepping over the whimpering man, spotting the red insignia on a leering boy.

So easy, its pathetic.

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She waved back as the got up to the counter. A bored looking 20 year old stood there, ready to take their order.

"I'll have a number 4, 6, 10, and 15 with a soda. Pleas."

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