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No One Discussing the Passing of Brian Jacques?

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message 1: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (masupert) | 215 comments I just did a quick search of the forums here and there does not appear to be a post discussing the passing of Brian Jacques this past week and I am sort of surprised. I have seen his named mentioned a few other times by members of this group and it seems like so many of us here who are in our 20's and 30's grew up on his books through grade school.

This morning I came upon a post over at where the blogger discussed about how he discovered the books. I was shocked at not only how similar his story was to mine, but how similar all of the commenters stories were as well. In many ways the Redwall series of books helped shape my love for fantasy since they came to me at that pivotal point in my life when I was first beginning to read real novels.

message 2: by Hope (new)

Hope (littlehope) | 82 comments I cannot begin to say how shocked I was when I read this post.

When I was about 11 years old, two of my big sisters were in collage. My second oldest sister was dating a guy named Daniel who had given her the first Redwall book (Redwall). I don't think she ever read it, for I had gotten a hold of it and was hooked from the very begining. I used all the money I had to get the next books and always begged for them on my birthday and christmases. My middle school years were spent in the Redwall Abby, the Mossflower,and Mount Salamandastron.

I was always very small for my age so I fell in love with mice who could be so brave, looked up to the Badgers so fierce and strong, I loved the Hares that could always make me laugh. I have read those books possibly more then any other and I will continue to read them when I am old.

I could go on and on but I will just say this,
Thank you Brian Jacques for making my childhood better and brighter.

Hope Romero


message 3: by Hope (last edited Feb 14, 2011 07:09PM) (new)

Hope (littlehope) | 82 comments For those who have not read any of his Redwall books here are the links.

Mariel of Redwall
Martin the Warrior
The Bellmaker
Outcast of Redwall
The Pearls of Lutra
The Long Patrol
The Legend of Luke
Lord Brocktree
Rakkety Tam
High Rhulain
The Sable Quean

Note, these are the order they were written in (as well as the order I read them) not the Chronological order.

message 4: by Derek (new)

Derek Knox (snokat) | 274 comments It's always sad when a beloved author passes. They rarely get the tribute they deserve. They don't live in the limelight like film and music stars, so often the first we hear of their passing is when no new books come out. I'm going to miss looking foreward to a new Redwall adventure each year, no more grand feasts described in mouthwatering detail.

I always wished he wrote more Castaways novels as well.

message 5: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (masupert) | 215 comments it is too bad. the world was a simple one in many ways, but well flushed out for a young reader i'm hoping they release some sort of boxed set of his books

message 6: by Alan (new)

Alan (professoralan) My daughter and I love his books. She met him once at a book signing and had a picture taken with him. Very nice man.

Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 2832 comments I'm reading The Sable Quean with another book club, and I wish I was listening instead. Some of the written dialogue is hard to look at. Maybe you get used to it.

message 8: by aldenoneil (new)

aldenoneil | 1000 comments Jenny wrote: "Some of the written dialogue is hard to look at. Maybe you get used to it."

What makes it hard to look at? I've never read any Jacques.

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