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eBooks GROW ON TREES (ebooksgrowontrees) | 78 comments $0.99 eBooks for November!

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C.L. Schneider (goodreadscomclschneider) | 19 comments Magic-Price (The Crown of Stones, Book 1) by C.L. Schneider

.99 SALE !! Looking for a new twist on magic? Sucker for a flawed hero?

The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price, the first installment in my adult epic fantasy trilogy, will be on Kindle Countdown for US & UK from 11/1 - 11/8.

"There is intrigue aplenty, mystery, mayhem, and yes, magic. The bold and gripping first-person narrative, from the protagonist's view, will drag your emotions into the book, and will not let go! Make sure you have plenty of time to read, as you'll not want to put this one down." T. Zoelle, Amazon Customer


See how it all began! Read book 1 before book 2 is released later this year. You can also enter my Goodreads Giveaway for a SIGNED copy of Magic-Price. Giveaway is open to US, UK, CA, until December 15.

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Alan Hardy | 48 comments http://www.amazon.com/Through-The-Gat...

A time-travel novel like no other time-travel novel you’ve ever read! Mark discovers secret upon secret in his mysterious garden, and finds himself slowly but surely drawn back into the days of the Second World War, with its life and death struggle and sense of constant danger and excitement. He is pulled further and further back into the folds and sleeves of time, and becomes intricately involved in the outcome of the war. Does it even fall on him to decide the course of history? Can he change the past? Can he obliterate, or save whole worlds? Is there buried gold bullion to be unearthed in his garden? What is the role of the ageing vamp, Emma, who enters his life? And Mary, his ex-wife, who re-enters his life at the same time? And, most poignantly of all, who is the beautiful, young woman he remembers meeting so many years ago at infant school who spoke to him of a time they would meet again? Mark has never been able to forget her, and sets out on a perilous voyage back in time to find her.

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Alan Hardy | 48 comments http://www.amazon.com/GOOD-QUEEN-BETH...

The country is in the grip of a cruel, Dracula-like King, his ugly, fat Queen and half-witted, degenerate sons. The ordinary people find solace in binge-drinking, vandalising the streets, and salivating over skimpily-attired bimbo celebrities. The country is going to the dogs. Who can save it from collapse into anarchy? Is it the drug-fuelled, sex-mad, perpetually half-naked Mandy? Is it the cross-dressing, messed-up Jason, with his strange little black moustache, and hatred for everybody? Or is it the people’s whore, Beth..? Will she be able to bewitch a whole country with her beautiful, mesmeric, blue eyes..? Be warned: Revolution requires blood, murder, mania, lust, depravity, perversion, and even more blood…before the nation can be cleansed…and then will demand even more…and more and more…until...

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Alan Hardy | 48 comments http://www.amazon.com/BRITT-Alan-Hard...

1918. England faces defeat. Germany looks set to triumph. Only one man and one woman can save England.
Wriggles is the Royal Flying Corps’ greatest ace. Can he prevent a dastardly German spy ring from getting top-secret information out of France? Is he completely out of his depth in a world of devilish scoundrels, and flouncing, unashamed, near-naked scarlet women?
Britt, his childhood sweetheart, is working as a nurse at a hospital near Paris. Forever pining for the lost innocence of her childhood, she too has problems. Adrift in a world of dirty old men and dissolute hussies, she is fast approaching mental breakdown. She finds purpose in life as a slayer of German spies. Convinced as she is that German male spies have snakes growing out from between their legs, they are quite easy to identify. Another obsession of hers is to discover what Wriggles has between his legs...
As well as twists and turns of plot, exciting aerial combats, and a host of characters, from the suave, bollocks-obsessed Major Mullen to sexy, black-haired, pouting Marianne casting amorous eyes over our virginal hero, there unfolds (in the story of Britt and Wriggles) one of the greatest love-stories ever told. Will it end happily, or will Wriggles end up with a bullet through his head, and Britt strait-jacketed in a mental institution?
This is a novel of sexual and martial comedy, with no-holds-barred excitement and thrills, and more. It explores two flawed individuals who, heartbreakingly unable to come to terms with an adult world, begin to draw closer and closer together and discover feelings hitherto unknown to them. It is a sympathetic portrayal of two children trapped in adult bodies, and how one of them, Britt, tries to dig her way out of her schizophrenic nightmare with a courage and determination which deserves to succeed…
Will Britt manage to save herself..? And will Britt and Wriggles save England..? Will they find true love? Or does death and madness await them in a world dominated by Germany and its depraved supporters?

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Luccia Gray | 5 comments Experience the mystery and magic of a Victorian Gothic Romance set in Eyre Hall and rediscover the charm of Jane Eyre.
5-star reviews: ‘Masterfully written’; ‘delightfully addictive and captivating’; ‘I quickly found myself lost within its pages’; ‘Luccia Gray has penned a stunner’; ‘It was a pleasure losing myself in the life of Jane and the intricate web of relationships surrounding the Rochester household.’; ‘Well written and kept you wanting to read more.’
£0.77 /$0.99 / €0.89 next few days http://authl.it/B00K2G4SXW International links to Amazon.
All Hallows at Eyre Hall (Eyre Hall Trilogy, #1) by Luccia Gray
All Hallows at Eyre Hall: The Breathtaking Sequel to Jane Eyre by Luccia Gray

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Tony Cooper (tonycooper) | 25 comments To celebrate my 'convention month' my British superhero thriller POWERLESS is reduced to $0.99/£0.77 until the end of November.

"When the best friend of a retired superhero is killed by another power, Martin must drag himself out of his self-imposed isolation to find out who is responsible. In doing so he finds himself digging up a past he would rather forget, risking exposing the secret of why the team split up and destroying all their lives in the process."

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Powerless-ebook...
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Powerless-ebo...
iBooks US https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/powe...
iBooks UK https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/powe...
Smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/books/view...

For those in the UK my next convention is the Bristol Cook Fair and Comic Expo on 22nd November: http://bcpexpo.blogspot.co.uk

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Christine Jordan Hi
My book City of Secrets is $0.99
It just received a favourable review from the Historical Novel Society.
City of Secrets

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G.J. Griffiths (gjgriffiths) | 18 comments Fallen Hero by G J Griffiths is $0.99

FALLEN HERO is about a man who seems to spend his life building bridges: Bridges between his unknown origins and his aspirations in life. Once he finds a tenuous link to his biological father Chris Squires cannot help but follow its path. Despite his misgivings he seeks out his roots. Fallen Hero is also about a man who is trying to reconcile the realities of war, and life, with his disappointment over his lost inner hopes for the dad he needed to find.

message 10: by Christine (new)

Christine Jordan £0.99 on Amazon USA. £1.02 on Amazon UK. Set in medieval Gloucester in 1497.
City of Secrets

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Quentin Wallace (quentinwallace) | 4 comments HI All! My weird western horror novel, BRACKETT HOLLISTER: THE WEREWOLF PACK is on sale for .99 from now until November 10th! Here's the blurb:

Brackett Hollister. Gunslinger. Magician. When his family was slain by a supernatural creature, Brackett dedicated his life to protecting the world from the forces of evil. Armed with both his guns and his magic, Brackett fights to make the dark safe.

When werewolves begin to gather in the old west, Brackett and his comrade in the battle against all things malevolent, African Warrior Chula, move to stop the wolves from overrunning all civilization. But the werewolves have a new leader, and he may prove to be more than Brackett and Chula can handle.

And here's the link!


Check it out if you are looking for something a little different!

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Sherrod Wall (wallflower48) | 1 comments From Heaven to Earth (The Faith of the Fallen #1) by Sherrod Wall

Normally 2.99! Grab it now for .99 for a limited time only!

Ages ago, Lucifer gave into love despite God's warnings and procreated with his consort, Annarae: the makings of the first celestial family. God banished pregnant Annarae and the rest of the female angel population to the depths of Hell. There they remain: playthings for the infernal.

Lucifer responded with revolution and found himself cast out as well. Heaven was preserved but not without consequence. God is dying, and Earth is left bereft of His will.

On our god-forsaken world, there is a city in New Mexico: Nuevas Cruces. Known as the enchantment capital of the world, Nuevas Cruces is a city humans share with demons, angels and generations of their half-breeds.

It is there God sends his only hope for survival: a seraph, the guardian of His Sanctuary in Heaven: Drean. Drean is a fearsome warrior but innocent in countenance and naïve of mankind's ways: weaknesses easily exploited by the demons and angels that hunt him in pursuit of nothing less than God's throne.

A novel of epic passion: From Heaven to Earth explores how desire drives angels and demons, how it changes them and how it defines them in a world bereft of God.

War will be fought. Innocence will be shed. Angel's wings will be severed to claim God's empty throne. Whether secured or destroyed, one thing is for sure: Heaven will never be heaven again.

Whether it is passion for romance, violence, duty, dance or just feeling alive; the characters in this angel paranormal romance would rather die than be denied their desires. Will any of them humble themselves and save their world? Or will a tyrant assume God's role, dooming Heaven and making a hell of Earth?


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Coreene Callahan (coreenecallahan) | 6 comments Fantastic deal to share--books 1 through 4 of the Dragonfury Series are on SALE! The print edition is 50% off, with a fun twist. Buy the print edition and get the Kindle edition for just .99 cents until November 30th/2014.

Here's are the links for the Dragonfury Series:
Fury of Fire (book 1): http://goo.gl/Co1MG8
Fury of Ice (book 2): http://goo.gl/cHHlZc
Fury of Seduction (book 3): http://goo.gl/2Ud7Bk
Fury of Desire (book 4): http://goo.gl/w3pg6P

Also, Fury of Fate (a Dragonfury Short Story) is just 99cents: http://goo.gl/OEEAp9

Fury of Fire (Dragonfury, #1) by Coreene Callahan Fury of Ice (Dragonfury, #2) by Coreene Callahan Fury of Seduction (Dragonfury, #3) by Coreene Callahan Fury of Desire (Dragonfury, #4) by Coreene Callahan Fury of Fate (Dragonfury 4.5) by Coreene Callahan


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Lucian Bane | 9 comments The Waking (Ruin, #1) by Lucian Bane

Ruin The Waking by Lucian Bane is 99 cents: http://amzn.to/1Ecia4O

To judge and execute. That is Ruin's power and desire. But Ruin's memory is empty of how he came to be here on Earth and why. After saving Isadore-- a neuroscientist living in the swamps of Louisiana-- from a sexual predator, she volunteers to help him.
Ruin soon discovers that judging and executing wicked humans while linked to such a difficult and beautiful woman who can't help but involve herself in every aspect of his business, is proving to be more difficult than judging the world.

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Iva Kenaz (ivakenaz) | 20 comments The Witch Within is available for 0.99 cents ONLY until November 11!

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Julius Slighterman (slighterman) | 2 comments Awake by Julius Butcher Awake

Three short stories are compiled in this e-book, each one taking the reader to different areas of the science-fiction realm.

Counter Attack: After the alien invasion the Earth is devastated. Small groups still resist and fight back, but their days may run out soon. By luck, they have the chance to take revenge on the aliens.

Calm, Calm West: Everett Marshall is not an ordinary sheriff, he is from the future, doing a job. If he does it well, the Wild West is going to change for good. Unfortunately not everyone is satisfied with the expected result, they want the West as Wild as it is. And they have better gadgets.

Awake: Before William Calver had an accident and fell into coma, he had put a card into his wallet, allowing the doctors to use his organs to save lives. He couldn't imagine that they will use his whole body. He couldn't imagine that it will save his own life.

Amazon link: AWAKE - three sci-fi stories

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Kelli (kelliowen) | 6 comments Survivor's Guilt
by Kelli Owen

Kindle countdown November 13-15 - originally $2.99
99¢ for first 36 hours
$1.99 for second 36

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JYI62WO

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Bernadette Walsh | 6 comments 99 cents for one week only starting tomorrow
Ellen Murphy spent her childhood in an idyllic house by the sea. A house surrounded by flower filled gardens and a white picket fence. A house she fled at eighteen. A house full of secrets.
When Ellen’s mother Rose, an ex-nun, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Ellen reluctantly returns home to care for her and uncovers a clue to the one secret that has haunted Ellen all her life: the identity of her father. But that is just one of the many secrets hidden behind the beautiful facade of the house on Rose Hill. The Girls on Rose Hill The Girls on Rose Hill by Bernadette Walsh

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Abdullah Khan | 2 comments Image

FREE FREE FREE for limited period only on Amazon.
The Lost River Until Together and Forever

My Romance Novel is available FREE from 19th November until 23rd November on Amazon.



Born and raised in a ground-oriented, the solicitous camaraderie of her family, Heather Roosevelt is young, irresistibly gorgeous and chaste. She is naïve and not known about the fraudulent and the shady side of the world, and her father formed a tranquility upon her soul with his forged love.
She is radiant with a beautiful glamour of youth. She is deprived of the solemn and unfathomable truths under the restless impositions by her father flared with greed and selfishness. She is strangled in a fierce tide of events that welled up cringing feelings within her until her healing that comes from the one and the only, denied by the lurching challenges of his life.
Amid the lurking actualities of his marriage, Richard Martinson is the young, shrewd and witty millionaire. The tycoon; talked about in every corner of the city of New York. He is handsome and leaves no reason to be whisked away.
The powerful story of lacerated feelings in the quest of the New York City, between the lives of two enthralling characters, across miles, where the turning of breath taking events in the alluring world of glamour, sex and emotions, and the pursuit of finding love amid cheating and deceiving mists, stretched to a major breakthrough. Many amongst them defied it as mediocre and tried to buy it; the smallest thing to them was even bigger and priceless, they did not realize it.

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K. Velk | 5 comments Got another one for you here: Time Travel adventure tale - back to England in 1928 on a vintage 3-speed! A 99 cent deal until November 26. http://www.amazon.com/Up-Back-Away-K-...

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C.A. McGroarty (camcgroarty) | 8 comments FANTASTIK...Kindle Countdown Deal for $0.99.

Fantastik by C.A. McGroarty

Suspenseful, page turning, literary fiction and well reviewed...4.4 of 5 Stars - 66 reviews.

Destiny...Charlie Boone's will be found on a cross country trip with a complete stranger but why?



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Luana Ehrlich (luanaehrlich) | 1 comments Bargain! $0.99 for Kindle edition of One Night in Tehran A Titus Ray Thriller by Luana Ehrlich One Night in Tehran: A Titus Ray Thriller.

Limited Time November 21-27, 2014 (A Christian Mystery/Suspense novel)

Order on Amazon here

What happens when a veteran CIA officer is won to the Lord by Iranian Christians? How does his new faith affect him when he discovers he’s being stalked by an assassin or when he becomes involved with a beautiful, local detective in Oklahoma? One Night in Tehran answers these questions while introducing CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray, in Book One of the new Titus Ray Thriller Series.

My website: Luana Ehrlich

Video Book Trailer

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Jacqueline Rhoades (jackierhoades) | 4 comments Time is running out! Book 1 is $.99 for the month of November only in celebration of the release of Book 5, Guardian's Patience Paranormal romance with the emphasis on romance!
Guardian's Grace (Guardians of the Race, #1) by Jacqueline Rhoades

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Mike Reuther | 127 comments Pick up this baseball murder/mystery for just 99 cents.

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E.J. Valson | 50 comments The Nostalgia EffectNEW EDITION out now! Only 99 CENTS on Amazon, Smashwords and all major ebook retailers.


Jennifer Nielsen's life has become stagnant and mundane. Between work, raising a family, and trying to keep her marriage together, she often finds herself feeling overtaxed, underappreciated, and dissatisfied.

One morning Jennifer awakens in a room she doesn’t recognize, next to a sleeping man she knows all too well but doesn't want in her life -- her ex-husband. Terrified that she has made a horrible mistake, but unable to remember the details of how she came to reunite with him, she quietly attempts to escape only to find her oldest daughter sleeping in another room. But on this morning, her daughter is a young child again and not the teenager she last saw the night before. And so the unraveling of her reality begins.

Finding herself unexplainably thrown back eight years into a past she doesn’t remember, again married to her ex-husband and a mother to only one child, she struggles to make sense of her situation and is determined to seek out the truth of how this new reality came to be. How can she be back in the year 2005? Where is her real husband and the daughter they have together? Did she have a mental breakdown? Does she have amnesia? Was the life she’s certain she had in 2013 a figment of her imagination or a dream? Conventional doctors and rational explanations cannot provide the answers she needs. Out of desperation she turns to Astrid, a local psychic, and together they unravel the mystery.

In a book that is one part fantasy, one part morality play, one part love story, we follow Jennifer on her life-saving quest to not only return to the ones she loves, but to learn what is most important in life. In an “on the edge of your seat” ending, we find out the truth.

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Krista Noorman (kristanoorman) | 10 comments Hi everyone! :) Just wanted to let you know that The Truth About Drew, my young adult fiction novel, is a Kindle Countdown Deal starting tomorrow, Tuesday, November 25th. Click HERE:

The Truth About Drew by Krista Noorman
Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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Kelli (kelliowen) | 6 comments Black Bubbles, a horror short story collection by Kelli Owen is on kindle countdown for 84% OFF

Regularly 5.99, SALE 99¢
11/26 - 11/29/14

Horror is pessimism at its bleakest. Worst-case scenario. The darker side of reality. The glass half-empty. The situation unfathomable. In Black Bubbles, Kelli Owen presents classic genre tropes—ghosts, murderers, zombies, what you'd expect (sans sharks)—but it's the characters, rather than the tropes, that experience the story, speak of the horrors, and sometimes survive the inevitable...


US - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EVIP15G
UK - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0...

Black Bubbles by Kelli Owen

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Jason Timmerman (jtkidsbooks) | 5 comments Mighty Jack Climbs Mount Everest
Children's Book (ages 4-8)
Mighty Jack Climbs Mount Everest
99 cent Kindle Countdown Deal
Nov 27 - Dec 3.

An adorable story of three imaginative four-year-old boys and their adventures as they "climb" Mount Everest. Delightful illustrations and a cute plot twist will bring a smile to your child's face.

Sample review:
"My 6 year old daughter loved this book! She was enthralled with the boys' adventure and the ending had her laughing and asking to read it again. Would love to see more of Jack's adventures."

Mighty Jack is a smart, curious and energetic four-year-old boy. He loves learning about amazing places and animals. Come join him on his many adventures as he explores the world with his friends.

In this adventure, Jack and his friends Owen and Ethan decide to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Will they make it to the top? What dangers await them on the way up the mountain?

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J.R. (jorichardson) 99 CENTS for a limited time!
Grab your copy of this fun Christmas Anthology - 20 romance shorts by 20 talented authors!
All I Want For Christmas Is A Soulmate

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Charles Vrooman (greenpower) | 61 comments Don’t miss out on Black Friday 99¢ Countdown Special next seven days for the thriller novel - “The True Virus”. Hamas bioterrorist use Ebola as germ warfare agent against Israel. http://www.amazon.com/True-Virus-Thri...

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Micheal Rivers | 1 comments Kindle Countdown Deal 0.99 11/29- 12/1

Moonlight on the Nantahala by Micheal Rivers

Contemporary women's fiction with a hint of supernatural mixed in. Two unlikely friends reach out to one another, sharing their hopes, fears, and confidences. An inspirational book about true love, family, friendship.
Amazon http://amzn.to/1vwjI6z

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Meda (medawhite) | 6 comments Christmas Give is on sale for $0.99 until 12/2/14. Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00O...

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Kelli (kelliowen) | 6 comments Kelli Owen's Live Specimens

ONLY 99¢
12/11 - 12/13 (sale ends at midnight)

* * * * *


The town of Mackinaw is all but abandoned at the end of tourist season. Now, with an approaching blizzard, a strange transport ship has crashed along the frozen shoreline—its escaped cargo genetically engineered for only one purpose... Death.

Howling winds hide the screams of townsfolk, as retired biology teacher Ken Jardine leads a small group to first understand and then destroy what they’re dealing with, before the storm gives the upper hand to the Live Specimens...

* * * * *

Amazon US – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ARQSI56

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Ed Ireland (edireland) | 4 comments Fire At Dawn Chronicles of the Free People Book One) by Ed Ireland
A story of gripping adventure, filled with paralleling tales of love and hatred, truth and lies, honor and disgrace...an age-old tale of good vs. evil. Read Fire At Dawn and prepare for a sprawling, explosive story of high fantasy, romance and honor that will sweep you up and put you on your own horse in the middle of the battle.
The Last Ranger of Sarn (Chronicles of the Huntress Book One) by Ed Ireland
Death rides a dark horse towards the fabled lands of Sarn. The Black Prince brings his army of Undead in search of the Gems of Creation. Between him and his prize waits the Sarnian Rangers, the elite special forces of the Castian Army. General Salaris Woodward waits for his approach as does Vespias Firstlight. Ancient prophesies say she is the savior. But what costs are acceptable for her to win?
Both of these series starters are available at 99 cents throughout the holidays!

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