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Reading these is NOT a substitute for reading The Rules of the Challenge and The Posting Requirements - this will not be a recap of all the rules. If you have not read the rules of the challenge and the posting requirements yet - STOP!!! Go read them before you read these FAQs. This is to clarify and to specify the general default rules for the SRC.
A good start is this Moderators Announcement - Welcome Newcomers. That has links to many important threads, starting with a basic explanation/overview of the SRC.

Please remember that this is a game. And, like any other game, the rules are important, and you need to take the time to read them.

Another important first step is to go to the Seasonal Reading Challenge home page and look at the names of the topics and threads. This should answer questions like "where do I post completed tasks" and "where do I find the tasks"? The Moderators Announcements threads will also give you more information about many topics - so try looking there if you have questions. If you have not read the rules and the relevant Moderators Announcements, please read them BEFORE asking questions.

Finally, as a courtesy to everyone, please read through a thread before posting a question, to see if your question has already been answered. When looking through the threads to see which questions needed to be addressed in a FAQ section, I found numerous questions that were asked again and again, sometimes only a few posts after they had already been answered.

I. General default rules. If a task does not specify something different, this is the rule for that task.
1. If a task calls for author’s initials, what name do I use for the last initial?
While there are great variations in names, we work with the general rule that the author’s last name is the final word in the name that is preceded by a space. We realize that this may not be technically accurate in every case, but this is the default rule. Relational suffixes, such as Jr., III, etc. do not count as part of the name for SRC purposes.
2.a. If a task call for author's initials, do I have to include middle initials?
If the task does not specify, you must use all initials as shown in the author's name in the GR record.
2.b. What about an author who uses 2 or more initials in their name?
The Goodreads librarians manual has a policy regarding authors who use only initials:
"If an author uses initials in their name, the initials should contain NO spacing between them and be marked with a period. No spaces within the letters of a name.
So, based on the GR policies, you would never have a first and middle initial separated by a space for someone who uses only initials - see C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, etc.
For tasks requiring all initials: letters marked by periods should be treated as separate names -J.K. Rowling would be JKR. George R.R. Martin would be GRRM.
For tasks requiring first and last initials: the leading initial should be used. J.K. Rowling is JR.
3. If a task call for author's initials, can I use an author who uses only one name?
If the task does not specify, the author must use two or more names.
4. If I have to find an author's initials, a title word, etc., in a specified word (such as author's initials found in ANCIENT), how many times can I use each letter in the target word?
Only once - so if the word is ANCIENT, you could not use Aravind Adiga, since there is only one A in the target word. On the other hand, you could use Nele Neuhaus, since the target word has 2 N's.
5. If an author uses a pseudonym can I use books under that name as well as books under his/her other name for author name tasks?
No. The default rule is that the name recorded on the Goodreads book page will be used.
6. What about if an author uses initials but I know that his/her full name fits an author name task, can I use that author?
No. The name as it appears on Goodreads will be used.
7. What about authors with hyphenated names?
We treat hyphenated words, including names, as one word. Therefore, John Jones-Smith has the initials JJ, not JS.
8. Do illustrators and translators count as authors for SRC purposes?
No. Only authors that are identified as authors (or a default blank in the author role field), co-authors, or contributors may be used for tasks involving author information. Other roles or functions such as editor, illustrator, artist, translator, introduction, designed by, foreword, preface, assistant or afterword may not be used for author-sourced tasks. Ask about other roles identified in a Goodreads record in the season's General Questions help thread.
9. What if a book has multiple authors in a task involving author names or initials?
The general default rule is that books by a single author must be used. This can be varied by the task creator.
10. What about diacritical marks in an author name or title word?
If not specified otherwise in the task, these should be ignored. For instance, Zoë Heller.

1. What about words in titles? If a task calls for the word “back” in a title, can I use a title with “Back-up”? How about “Backstop”?
The default rule is that the word must stand alone in the title, so in the absence of exceptions, neither of these would work. Typically, task creators will specify any variations. A common variation is to allow plural and possessive versions of the word. Sometimes, task creators will allow any word in which the target word is found intact – in which case, both of these examples would work.
Essentially, a "word" in a title is a string of letters/symbols/punctuation marks with no spaces. So, a contraction is one word, as is a hyphenated word.
2. What about titles that begin with numbers or symbols or include a number or symbol as a standalone word?
In that case, the number or symbol counts as a word in the title or as the first letter of a word in a title. So, if a task calls for the initial letter of each word to be found in a target word or phrase, the number or symbol must be found in that target word or phrase. And, if the title must begin with a specific letter, a number or symbol will not count as a letter. For instance, 1984 could not be used for an "initial letter in a word" task unless the numeral 1 appeared in the target word. And if the title must begin with a specific letter, this book could not be used as beginning with an "N."
3. What about tasks calling specifically for a number in the title?
The default rule is that a number must stand alone - so, if a task calls for "nine" in the title, "nineteen" would not work. While "nine" and "9" are equivalent if the task merely calls for a title with the number 9 in it, ordinal numbers such as "ninth" do not work unless allowed in the task description.
I. What about articles, prepositions, etc.?
A word is a word. Articles and prepositions are words, just like any other.
4. What's the difference between titles, subtitles, and series titles?
The title is the name of the book. The subtitle follows the title after a colon. A series title appears in parenthesis after the title and/or subtitle, sometimes with a number to indicate the book's position in the series order.
For instance, in Genghis: Birth of an Empire, the title is "Genghis." The subtitle is "Birth of an Empire." The series title is "(Conqueror #1)."

The titles of graphic novels are not always entered in a consistent way, but depend on the preferences of the particular person who entered it into GR. For SRC purposes, we use the first : (colon) to mark the title and subtitle - so, anything before the first colon is the title, anything after it is the subtitle (even if multiple colons and subtitles are included).

5. So, can I use any of these words if the task calls for a word in the title?
The default rules is that both the title and subtitle can be used, but NOT the series title. Just like most of the other default rules, this can be changed by the specific task instructions.

1. Can I read books written in a language other than English?
Books in languages other than English may be used, but please provide information on the book and/or title to your English speaking moderators so they can understand how the books fit the tasks. Any task requiring a specific title (number of letters, number of words, specific word in title, etc.) should apply to the title that you use.
2. What does it mean when a task says that a book must be “set in” a particular location?
The general default is that at least 50% of the book must take place in that location. Task creators can vary this in the specific task instructions.
3. If a task requires me to read a book on a list, do I have to read the exact format or edition that’s on the list? For the Group Reads books, do I have to read the exact format or edition linked in the task?
No. When you have to read a book from a list, or for a Group Reads, you can read any format (audiobook, ebook, paperback, hardback) and any edition you choose. If the entry on a list is a box set, you cannot substitute an individual book from the set, and if the book on the list is in a series, you cannot substitute a different book in the series. If a short story appears on the list, you may not substitute a collection that includes the story.
4. So, can I ALWAYS read any format or edition of a book for any task?
Yes, but if the task requires a specific number of pages or a particular image/color on the cover, the edition you read must satisfy the requirement, and your link must be to the edition that you actually read. The easiest way to make sure you do this is to put the ISBN on the edition that you read in the box when you are adding the link, rather than the title – this will bring up the correct edition. If you put in the title, you’ll get the GR default edition.
5. Can I re-read a book for a task?
As a general rule, yes. Sometimes a task will specify that no re-reads are allowed and that would take priority over the general rule. You can only claim a book for points once per challenge, even if you read it again and again and again…………………..
6. Can I read either fiction or nonfiction for a task?
Either fiction or nonfiction is fine, unless the task specifies that one or the other must be used.
7. How many books are required for a task?
The general rule is:
5, 10 pointers - 1 book
15 pointers - 2 for 15.1, 15.2, 1 or 2 for 15.3,15.4, 1 for the rest of the 15 pointers.
20 pointers - 1 book
25, 30 pointers - standard number is 2, although task creator may add an option for a 1 book task.
50 pointers - standard number is 3.

8. What if a task calls for a specific number of characters/letters in a title or author name?
If the task calls for a specific number of letters, only A-Z count. If the task calls for a specific number of characters, then count A-Z, plus punctuation such as hyphens, apostrophes, etc.
9. Do genres have to be standalone?
Only if the task specifically requires it. The general rule is that standalone or embedded genres will work.

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FAQs, continued
II. Childrens book rule.
1. I don’t understand how this works. How do I know if it applies and what I have to do?
1. Start by reading the rules of the challenge.
2. Is "childrens" or "kids" listed as a main page genre? If no, move on - the childrens book rule does not apply.
3. If childrens or kids is listed as a main page genre, look the book up in the AR Bookfinder and/or AR Bookfinder UK
4. If the interest level (IL) shows as MG+ or UG, simply note this in your completed task post. Nothing more is needed.
5. If the IL is MG, look at the book level (BL) and AR points. If the BL is 5 or over, and the AR points are 7 or over, you can use the book for any task that allows childrens books to be used. Include the IL, BL, and AR points in your post.
Note that these two sources are not always the same. If you find your book in one, no need to look at the other - you've got the data you need. If it is not listed in one, you need to check the other before using your book for 5.10.
6. In the Fall 2018 challenge, task 5.10 allows the use of a book with the main page genre childrens that does NOT appear at all in the AR Bookfinder or AR Bookfinder UK database. This does not allow the use of childrens books that are listed on AR Bookfinder, but with numbers that are too low to meet SRC requirements.
2. What about books with YA as a main page genre?
If childrens or kids is also listed, the childrens book rule applies. If they are not, the rule doesn’t apply.
3. Can I always claim childrens books if they meet the AR Bookfinder criteria?
Task creators have the option of excluding the use of any books with childrens or kids as a main page genre. If this applies, it will be specifically stated in the task itself.
4. What if the task doesn't say anything about childrens books? Does that mean I can't use a book with the childrens genre?
Books with the genre childrens or kids can be used for any task that doesn't specifically exclude them. But the book must meet the AR Bookfinder criteria specified above and you must provide the AR Bookfinder info when posting.
5. What if my book is clearly an adult book, but has children listed as a genre?
If your book does not appear in AR Bookfinder and is clearly an adult book, you can post in the Not Really for Kids thread and ask for an override of the childrens designation.

III. Big Book and Golden Oldies tickets
Please start by reading the rules and the Moderators Announcement explaining this.
1. Do I have to track Golden Oldies (GO) and Big Books (BB)?
NO! Only report GOs and BBs if you would like to be entered into the random drawing to design a task for the next season's challenge. Keep in mind that you will not be eligible for these tasks if you complete the challenge, no matter how many GO or BB claims you have made - only one task per person per challenge.
2. Do I get extra points for reading books over 500 pages and books first published in 1950 or earlier?
No. You collect “tickets” for the big books and golden oldies read, for the random drawing to create tasks for the next challenge.
3. For GO tickets, does it matter when the actual edition I read was published?
No. The date that matters is the date that the book was first published. So, a new edition of David Copperfield published in 2004 is fine - "Published December 28th 2004 by Penguin Classics (first published 1850)"

IV. Genres
Please start by reading the Moderators Announcement Main Page Genres.
1. Why are these goofy/inappropriate genres listed for so many books?
Please keep in mind that the "genres" listed on the GR main page of a book are not a professional judgment of the appropriate genres. They are determined by how GR readers choose to shelve the books. Those shelvings may be idiosyncratic, meaningless to anyone other than the shelver, or just plain strange. However, most of the genres listed are appropriate to the books.
2. Why do genres appear and disappear?
Generally because more people shelve the particular book. If a number of people shelve a book as a genre that did not previously appear on the main page, that can move that genre up to the main page - and typically, this will mean that a genre will move off the main page, to make room. Sometimes it’s just GR messing with things.
3. How do I protect myself from reading a book for a genre task and then having the genre disappear?
That's why we have a genre verification thread. If the book you want to read has a particular genre and you're concerned that it might change, just have it verified in the genre verification thread (or in the specific help thread for that task).
4. What if someone else has already gotten the book verified for a particular genre? Can I use that?
Yes. In your completed task posting, list the thread and post number in which the genre was verified.
5. What if I can tell that a book should have a specific genre, but it doesn’t? Can I get that genre approved in the genre verification thread?
No. We go by the genres listed on the book’s main page. We do not assign genres to books.

V. Help Threads
1. Do I need to have all books ok'd in the help threads?


There is no need to do this. Help threads were set up for 3 purposes. First, to ask for ideas about books, if you can't come up with anything for the task, and to offer suggestions for good books for the task, useful lists, or other sources for finding books for that task. Second, to clarify whether a questionable book will fit the task. A good example of this sort of question would be whether a color is actually okay for the task. Third, to verify a genre on the main page - since GR seems to mess with the main page on a daily basis, this protects you from having a genre disappear at the time your book task is posted.

If a book clearly fits the task (a specific word in the title, initials in the author's name, set in the proper location) and meets the SRC requirements, such as those for length, childrens books, graphic novels, there is simply no need to ask for it to be ok'd in the help thread.

And, if it clearly doesn't fit the task, there is no need to ask about it in the help thread. Before you ask for a pre-approval, read the task and make sure your book fits the task requirements and the general SRC rules about length, childrens books, etc. If it doesn't work, there's no need to ask for pre-approval.

Please keep in mind that moderators and task creators are volunteers, with lives outside of answering questions in the SRC. There is no need to take up everyone's time with asking for pre-approvals of books that clearly fit or don't fit the tasks.

2. What if the book I want to read for a task doesn't quite work? Can't I ask in the help thread for the task creator/moderator to make an exception?
No. Task creators cannot allow exceptions to general SRC rules. Task creators have also been asked not to change/modify the rules of their own tasks once the tasks are final. So, if the task calls for a book of at least 250 pages, don't ask for a special exception to read a book of 245 pages. If the task says that a certain word must appear in the title, with the only exceptions being plural and possessive forms, don't ask if a compound word containing the target word can be used - the task itself answers your question.

3. If the task creator ok's my book in the help thread, does this mean it's completely approved for SRC use?
No, task creators are only responsible for checking that books fit the specific requirements of their individual tasks. They are NOT responsible for verifying that a book fits all the general requirements of the SRC. If you ask a task creator about a book that violates the general rules, it doesn't matter if the task creator approves the book in the help thread. The book will not be accepted for points. In particular, please keep in mind the ebook rules and the childrens book rules - task creators ARE NOT responsible for verifying these, or for reminding you to verify them.

It is up to each individual participant to make sure the book s/he wants to read fits the general rules of the SRC. If you have questions about whether a specific book is acceptable under the general rules, you should ask in the General Questions, which is located at the top of the Task Help folder.

VI. Ebooks
1. If I ask for verification of an “ebook only” in the verification thread, for a specific task, does that mean that it’s verified as having enough pages to meet the task requirements?
Verification in the ebook thread is ONLY for the purpose of meeting the basic 100 page general SRC requirement. A book that exists only in ebook form cannot be used for a task with page requirements (beyond the general 100 page rule) and cannot be claimed for a BB ticket.
2. Can I use the kindle/other ebook page number for tasks that require a certain number of pages or a specific digit in the number of pages?
No. We do not use the page numbers assigned to ebooks for any reason. To determine the page numbers to use, see the Rules of the Challenge Book Formats and Page Numbers explained.

VII. Posting Tasks
1. Can I use the Goodreads mobile app?
You can try, but we don't suggest it. The Goodreads mobile app provides limited information. The book page display may not include genres and other kinds of information necessary to determine if a book fits a task. Posting completed tasks is difficult using the mobile app. The comment function has limits and you may not be able to format your post according to the posting requirements. See the Posting Requirements.

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FAQs continued

VIII. How Do I...…?

1. Use Tineye to determine color covers?
• Navigate to the main page of the book you've chosen
• Right click on the picture of your book (as-is on the main book page, without enlarging)
• Choose "copy image address" or just "copy"
Go to TinEye
• Paste the image address in the box that says "enter image URL"
• As an alternative, you may drag-and-drop your cover image onto the TinEye page. Or, you can choose "open image in a new tab" (or window) and copy the URL in the address bar and paste that into TinEye.
• Click "extract colors"
• Scroll down and uncheck the boxes that say "Exclude background color from extracted colors" and "Exclude interior background color from extracted colors," if checked
• Add the percentages listed beside the color that you're looking for.

EX. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

#28515e 89.4 % Arapawa (Blue)
#73692f 2.0 % Himalaya (Green)
#9e913f 1.8 % Highball (Green)
#494c30 1.5 % Waiouru (Green)
#4f6758 1.3 % Mineral Green (Green)
#e5b10a 1.3 % Gamboge (Yellow)
#bf9c23 1.2 % Buddha Gold (Yellow)
#92cbd7 0.9 % Morning Glory (Blue)
#818959 0.7 % Clay Creek (Grey)

so, this book has 90.3% blue, 6.6% green, 2.5% yellow, and .7% gray.

2. Add book links?
There are instructions with illustrations in Add Book/Author/Cover in the General Help folder.

3. Repost a task that had problems the first time around?
If you need to repost a task in Completed Tasks:
a) Indicate at the top of your post that you are reposting and why it is necessary.
b) Repost the task completely including your Readerboard Name, links and all necessary information
c) Copying a post does not copy the links. To copy a previous post open your post using the edit link and copy the relevant part of your post including the html code. If you copy a post make sure your totals and summaries are up-to-date or don't include them at all: out-of-date information is confusing and unnecessary.

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