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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Kidnapped boy returns home. [s]

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Zee | 5 comments I once read this book about this boy who returns home after being kidnapped { he got into the car of his kidnapper as a child } and he's dealing with the whole fiasco of returning home as is his parents, except that the boy can't remember anything about the incident. After some investigation the police found out that he wasn't actually the family's kidnapped son [ he died ] and that the boy's mother was poor and it was hinted even abusive and she i think threw him out and because of that traumatic experience he began hallucinating and thinking that that family was actually his family and that he was in fact kidnapped, just to get love and comfort. I also remember that there was 1 younger brother and i think that the book had a "you" or "me" in the title.

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Kristina (casdena) | 64 comments Well there is a real life crime that fits this. Nicholas Barclay is the missing boy from Texas and Frederic Bourdin was the French man that pretended to be him. I don’t know if there were any books about the incident but there is a documentary called The Imposter. There are also several articles about Frederic Bourdin, usually referring to him as The Chameleon.

There is also a very recent book (fiction) that is similar to called Here Lies Daniel Tate.

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Lobstergirl | 37804 comments Mod
When did you read it?
Children's, YA, or adult?
Author female or male?
Remember the cover?

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Zee | 5 comments I read it in 2015 and it's a YA fiction, I'm not sure about the author and the cover had a picture of a boy's blurry face ( from what I remember, not 100% sure )

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Zee | 5 comments yes yes I found the name for it a couple of days ago, it's dead to you, thank you so much

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Dawn | 17 comments Other adaptations of the Frederic Bourdin story:
The Chameleon (2010) film

Le Caméléon by Christophe D'Antonio

and -- where I was first introduced to the story -- a Law and Order episode, Stranger, from 2011.

The story sounded too strange not to be real so I looked it up, found the Chameleon movie, and looked up the rest.

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