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message 2: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Hi

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod

message 4: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments I just want more detail xD

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
About what specifically?

message 6: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments The whole thing, yk... Like, it feels like we have enough to start but not enough to keep us going.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
Okay so my character is apart of this entertainment group by the title of "the lions of and Minx." She's a necromancer and her co workers have their own secret abilities too. I was thinking our characters could meet and she feels odd vibes about him, like something dark, and can't help but continue to talk to him to see what's up. That's all I've really got. We could brainstorm what's up with him. Or like you could think of something since he'd be yours

message 8: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Yeh, okay xD.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
Okay lol

message 10: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Oh! He could be dead entirely but doesn't know it?

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
Ooooooo how would that work?

message 12: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments I don't know, I didn't think that far lol. I guess he could be dead but his soul is in someone else's body, and he doesn't remember how he got there or whatever.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
Or like his soul is shattered and scattered amongst other people

message 14: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Yesss and they have to put it back together somehow but if they do, he just dies or something? Idk xD.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
And she can raise him back! Lol

message 16: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Okay yes lol. Lets do it.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
Awesome! Did you want to do a small character description or jump right in?

message 18: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments I don't mind either.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
I guess a picture plus name and age will be fine

message 20: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Alright.

Name: Jude Lancom
Age: (how old should they be?)
Appearance: http://pin.it/Sbg_8nk

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
Like 20's ish

Name: Natalia Karova
Age: 22
Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

She sports a new colour almost daily

message 22: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Prettyyy

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
shall I start?

message 24: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Sure, cause idk where to start

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
The night of the show was a busy one. There was already a line out the theatre door which have only been opened for a half hour. A huge poster hung on the side of the building showing a female on the middle, covering her mouth with her hand. Behind her were two guys on either side, one playing with fire and the other with ice.

"Single file everyone. Please turn your phones off on your way in." The ticket person said while he accepted tickets.

message 26: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Jude looked to his cousin, who had dragged him with her. He wasn't much of a theatre dude but he was there for his cousin. He looked to the 13 year old, who was the most liked and adored person he ever knew. There was really no one who didn't like Katy. He sighed and stood in the line, behind Jude. They slowly crept closer to the front.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
"Thanks for coming with me to this." Katy smiled to Jude. "Everyone is talking about it at school. It's gonna be great to go to school tomorrow and tell all my friends who's parents wouldn't let them go."

message 28: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Jude looked down to Katy and smiled, "it's not a problem." He said and looked ahead, "oh look, it's our turn," he pointed to the vacated area of the few people in front them. He gently steered her over and gave the man their tickets. "Come on," he said and started leading her to the best seats he could find.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
The ticket guy took their tickets. "Enjoy the show." He said, then went on to the next person.
The theatre was extravagant compared to the outside. Thick red velvet curtains his the grand stage. There was a banner strung across the bottom that said: The Lions and The Minx.
"What's a Minx?" Katy asked as she sat down.

message 30: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments "Uhhh.... Minx... You know... Minx," he said because he wasn't the best at explaining things.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
Katy laughed, shaking her head. "You're ridiculous." She took out her phone and googled the definition: "an impudent, cunning, or boldly flirtatious woman." She raised her eyebrows.

message 32: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Jude chuckled, "yes, that. I told you," he laughed and looked around again. His centered on the empty stage, getting a feeling in his chest.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
The lights suddenly dimmed and the crowd silenced. Katy grinned excitedly and carefully watched. The thick curtains opened up, revealing a single light shining down on the MC of the night. He was wearing a sharp white suit and was rocking a cool neck tattoo with an odd symbol. "Good evening, lions and minx's." He greeted warmly. "We have a wonderful show for you tonight, so I won't talk for very long, as much as I love to hear myself talk." He said. The crowd laughed.

message 34: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Jude watched the man quietly, stuffing his own hands into his pocket. He looked to Katy to see if she was feeling something too or if it were just him. It seemed to be only him.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
"So," he clapped his hands, which echoed throughout the auditorium. "I won't talk for much longer. before the show begins, I need to set the rules." He said.
"Rules?" Katy looked over at Jude.

message 36: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments "Usually that means he's about to say 'no throwing food at the entertainment," he chuckled slightly.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
Katy giggled and looked back at the stage.
"No food or drinks allowed, which is much obvious." He said. "Water is okay though, of course. But don't be alarmed if the temperature of your water seem to...change, later in the show." He grinned. "Also, all cellphones should be off, meaning no flash photography." He paused, gazing amongst the crowd. "Those of you who have yours on still..." He snapped his fingers and a few people gasped, including Katy.
"My phone turned off!" She exclaimed quietly.

message 38: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Jude frowned deeply and looked down at his phone, "mine too." He said and looked back up to the man up there. A bunch of people gasped.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
The guy grinned. "Excellent. No hard feelings of course, just need you to have your eyes open." He said. "Because...our main act who many of you are here to see, the infamous Minx, likes to prowl around before its her time to perform. Now, she's very tricky to spot but if you are lucky enough to see her lurking about, keep it to yourself until after the show. We'll find you. The minx will know if you're lying."
Katy raised an eyebrow. "Okay then."

message 40: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments "What is this guy saying?" Jude mumbled to himself. He shook his head, already bored.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
"Okay!" He clapped his hands loudly again. "On that note...let the show begin!" He said he exclaimed, then clapped his hands once more. A cloud of Ravens flew from the wings of the stage, surrounded him, and flew away, leaving nothing behind.

"Whoa! How did he do that?" She gasped.

message 42: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments "He walked out from behind where we couldn't see," Jude shrugged and went back to staring at the stage.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
Katy didn't look certain, but didn't say anything.
A soft bear of music started to play and two guys from either side of the stage did a couple of back flips onto the centre of the stage. They were dressed in black pants and were shirtless. They both had symbols painted onto their chest, one guy with red paint and the other blue. One had black hair and the other had pure white.
"Hello! I'm Ice and this is my twin, and enemy, Flame." The guy with blue paint and white hair said.
Flame chuckled and bowed. "I can't believe we're twins either."

message 44: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Jude watched for a moment before looking back at his phone, trying to get it to turn on. He looked back up again.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
Flame started to cough, attempting to clear his throat. "Twin? Are you okay?" Ice asked.
Flame nodded but continued to cough. Suddenly, a gulf of flames shot out of his mouth. Ice jumped back, pretending to be frightened. The crowd gasped.
"Jude look!" Katy exclaimed.
In the back of the theatre, The Minx was standing, watching with a small smile. She was in costume, wearing a tight and revealing leopard suit with her midriff exposed.

message 46: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Elian huffed at his phone and put it away. He looked up when Katy talked to him. He followed her gaze and blinked at what was on stage before he looked around. He caught sight of her almost immediately and watched her quietly, intrigued.

((I changed his name cause idk... I wasn't feeling 'Jude'.))

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
Ice laughed and rolled his eyes. "Well then. Looks like you've got all of that our of your system. It explains why you're so warm." He pretended to feel his forehead. His forehead then frosted over.
"Hey!" Flame exclaimed. He growled and shot fire at Ice, and ice threw back a beam of ice.
"Oh my god!" Katy exclaimed.

message 48: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Elian might have noticed up had he not been a little mesmerized by the woman lurking in the shadows. He was pretty sure that was the minx. She smiled.

ᎻꮖꮐꮋᏞꭺꭰꭹ (hollywaug) | 41114 comments Mod
While the two boys played with their flames and ice, amazing the audience, the Minx lurked along the back of the crowd, her orange hair blending in with her makeup and costume.

message 50: by Eden (new)

Eden Kabeer (edenk) | 37908 comments Elian's eyes watched her for a while, starting to ache a notch from watching her in the dark.

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