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Suggest books for me > Books with ancient temples or sunken ships? Archeology/explorers?

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Brittany (UnderTheRadarBooks) | 45 comments I am looking for books that have a mysterious historic location as the setting. Something like an old castle, sunken ship, cave or temple. Supernatural, horror, sci-fi, mystery or thriller. Maybe but not limited to an archeologist or explorer as the main character. I always find myself gravitating towards books like these. A couple examples that have loved are 'The Ruins' and 'The Haunting'. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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bookel | 2108 comments Strange objects by Gary Crew?

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``Laurie (laurielynette) | 1040 comments I have a couple of favorites in that vein:

The Priory by Margaret Wasser The Priory by Margaret Wasser

Widow Of Ratchets by Owen Brooks Widow Of Ratchets by Owen Brooks.

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Lobstergirl | 37538 comments Mod
The Deep

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Andy Phillips | 184 comments Angels & Demons
The Da Vinci Code
The Descent
Eternity Road (mysterious to the characters anyway)

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Dee (austhokie) | 605 comments have you read Temple - Matt Reilly? (sorry, I can't get hyperlinks to work right now) - set in the Amazon

There are also a few James Rollins books that have buried cities as part of their storyline like Sandstorm

Brittany (UnderTheRadarBooks) | 45 comments These are excellent suggestions. I have added all of these to my TBR list. Thank you, keep them coming. The more the merrier :)

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Kat (katsobsession) | 42 comments I second Rollins' books.

The Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase books are awesome. They need to be read in order, though. This is the first.

The Hunt For Atlantis

Brittany (UnderTheRadarBooks) | 45 comments Rollins' books sound fantastic! Exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks guys!

CaptKirk42 Classic Whovian (klandersen) | 21 comments Some years ago I read a Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt book Shock Wave pretty exciting from what I remember, he is sort of an American James Bond mixed with Indiana Jones type.

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Jan (janoda) | 42 comments I've got a couple of a more Romantic inclination if that's something you read.

Mr. Impossible (historical)
Birthright (contemporary)

Warrior Scoundrel Rebel Stranger by Zoe Archer. Paranormal/Steampunk series, mostly about historical objects, but the first two focus more on historical/archaeological settings/ruins

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6981 comments Mod
Phyllis A. Whitney has a number of books that are set in Greece, many with some kind of archaeological leaning.

Sphinx also has this kind of theme.

Elizabeth Peters (an archaeologist herself) has several series out with this theme as well as a few stand-alones. Her Amelia Peabody series is about a turn of the century (20th) FEMALE archaeologist in Egypt, her husband, son and, eventually, daughter-in-law. Most of her books are some form of mystery. I do enjoy her work, and if you haven't read anything by her, check her out.

Agatha Christie has a couple that have a setting dealing with archaeology. (And Dame Christie does tell a good tale, even if they are a tad dated by our standards. But then again--they are set in the time about which they are written, mostly.)

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Lobstergirl | 37538 comments Mod
The Source is all about archeology. I don't know how mysterious it is - probably not very - but it uses archaeology as a device for telling stories about past historical eras. I started but didn't finish it.

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Peter Meilinger | 475 comments Jerry Ahern was a men's adventure author back in the 80's. When Raiders Of The Lost Ark hit it big, he put out two novels about a badass author who writes men's adventure novels and gets involved with weird stuff. The Takers has Our Hero dealing with aliens and Nazis. Takers #02: River of Gold takes place in the Amazon, and deals with terrorists and lost tribes and legends.

Steph (loves water) | 110 comments A thriller, Douglas Preston's The Codex

Brittany (UnderTheRadarBooks) | 45 comments Steph-
I just bought that book yesterday at a used book sale! It looks really good, thanks for the recommendation.

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Scott H.P. Lovecraft has written a number of stories like this. Try "In the Mouth of Madness" or "Dagon."

Brittany (UnderTheRadarBooks) | 45 comments Thanks Scott!

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