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message 1: by Emma (new)

Emma Jaye | 19 comments If you fancy something with a festive theme, I have these available in mobi.

Holly Berry
Tinsel Time

message 2: by Ibeh (new)

Ibeh | 2 comments Hey just published Medicine Man by Ibeh Liedstrand-Nwokocha
Have a free EPUB and PDF I can forward on.

Let me know.

message 3: by Ju (last edited Mar 09, 2016 04:49PM) (new)

Ju Ephraime (juephraime) | 160 comments Hi, I have two novellas I looking to get reviewed, The Flies, a ghost story, and Pleasure Intense a Christmas erotic novella. Let me know and I'll send a gift copy. They are both new releases. Here are the links: :)

message 4: by Kyrah (new)

Kyrah | 3 comments Hi,

My book is free for the next few days on amazon. I would love it if you guys would give it a read and an honest review.

Thank you.

While lost on a Grecian coast, Karis stumbles across a mysterious man who always seem to show up when he's least expected.

He claims they are fated to meet, that destiny has plans for them but when Karis discovers the hidden otherworldly creatures, a past she didn't know happened begins to repeat itself.

Will they survive the outcome or is history doomed to repeat?

message 5: by Ann (new)

Ann Atkins (Goodreadscomannatkins) | 10 comments Hello,

I would love to get a review for my book, Blood Magic. It is a YA Paranormal Romance.

The link is here:

I can send a PDF, or give you a gift copy. It is also free on kindle unlimited. Thank you so much for your consideration. You can email me at

message 6: by Martin (new)

Martin Perks (martinperks) | 16 comments AGAINST HER WILL (A MYSTERY SUSPENSE NOVEL) by PETER MARTIN
Free on Kindle Unlimited
Link to buy book:
198 REVIEWS, 148 ARE 5 OR 4 STAR*****. REVIEW AVERAGE 4.1:-

The day a beautiful young woman’s world fell apart. A hideous attack leaves her physically and mentally broken, with nowhere to go but down. Her struggle to recover is long and hard and fraught with danger.



message 7: by Vamshi (new)

Vamshi Srinivas (avs_vamshi) | 19 comments Hi All,

This is vamshi srinivas. I recently published my first book "THE SLEEP" and published in all sites .I'm looking for novels to review right now and review swap is fine with me .This is a thriller story.

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