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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Hey! Here is our topic. What kind of role plays are you into?

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Hey I'm good with just about anything

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Ooh ok, do you have any ideas? Sorry about the delay

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments It's fine I have a few I just need to get them from my laptop

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
OK sounds good (:

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Alright here they are

1. Girl and guy have been dating for years and are soon to be engaged, girl is pregnant with their second child but the guy works in the U.S Army. One night in an attack, he goes missing and is never found. The girl is heartbroken and is left to look after their two year old son and newborn daughter on her own, until the guy's brother steps in, the kids love their uncle, and the girl enjoys the company and his help. But what happens when they grow closer and soon start falling for each other, and her ex fiancé comes home, after being held hostage for a year.

2. A girl has spent her summer volunteering at an old peoples home, and she grows close to many of the residents. In early autumn, one of her favorite residents dies very suddenly in the night. She was upset but touched to find that she was remembered in her will. However, the gift is somewhat odd. The woman had paid for the girl and her own grandson to take a trip around Europe (or wherever) because she knew they both wanted to travel. The catch? They were traveling together, despite never having met.

4. Girl and boy are madly in love. One day the guy decided to join the army. At first girl and boy stay in touch, but after a month they lost contact as boy was sent on a classified mission. A little under two year later, boy shows up on girl's doorstep, what he doesn't know is he has a son which was born while he was gone.

6. Girl and boy have been best friends since elementary school. They've been through everything with each other and have been there for each other all the way. Maybe they've even had feelings that they didn't tell the other about along the way? When the girl gets cancer, their love feelings shine through. But things are stressful, and they start to fight. What will happen? Love or heart break?

9. Girl and guy are best friends and have been since they were born, but when the girl finds herself in an abusive relationship, it breaks the guys heart and he tries to help her.

10. Two teenagers are both single parents, with different situations, the girl has no support, and has dropped out of school to take care of her little girl and to work her full time job, while the boy stayed in school, his parents helping support him. The boy and girl meet one day, while dropping their toddlers at daycare, the toddlers bond, while their parents flirt, and a relationship blossoms.

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
OMG you are amazing! These are all so great, I love them all! What are your favorites, this is hard for me! Haha, sorry!

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Some of them I got from books and stuff....I really want to do 4 and 6 ever time I start it the other person leaves me

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
I won't leave you and let's do those. But seriously girly these are amazing ideas! Which one would you like to be the girl for?

message 10: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Alright cool.. Thanks.. I would like to be the girl in the army one.

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Ok sounds good, and your welcome.

message 12: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Alright cool (: and just a warning my characters are really short

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Okie dokie

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments So we are doing the army and cancer one... Is there anything you want to add to them?

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Ummm...not anything now.

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Okay just let me know :) So character time ^-^

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Yeah (: I don't know if I'll be abel to make mine right away though.

message 18: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Alright... Well same here cuz I'm going to bed here in a bit

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod

message 20: by Tinker bell (last edited Feb 09, 2014 12:21PM) (new)

Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Name: Gracie Layne Ellis
Nickname: Laynie
Age: 19
Appearance: http://static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__c...

Personality: She is quiet and sweet. She is very loyal and out spoken when she wants to be.

History: Gracie has been with Jordan since the start of sophomore year of high school. They have been through a lot, but she is willing to stick it out with him. However she doesn't know what is in store for the years few years of their lives.


Name: Zachery Tyler.
Nickname: Zach
Age: 20
Appearance: http://www.teenidols4you.com/blink/Ac...

Personality: Zach is a very out spoken and brash person. Often he doesn't think before he says and does anything. Sometimes what he says can be hurtful and most times afterward he is sorry for it

History: for as long as he can remember, him and Kelsy have been inseparable. He cant' remember a time when she and him weren't together. Sure he has hidden how he really felt about her for so long that it really hasn't shown at all to her.

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Yay they are amazing!

message 22: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 1086 comments :) thanks now it's your turn!

message 23: by ♥Meaty♥ (new)

♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Your welcome and mine can tend to be long...it might take a minute.

message 24: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 1086 comments It's alright take your time... I have no where to be

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Name: Jordan Beakly
Nickname: Jj
Age: 19

Appearance: Image
Height: 5'10
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel

Personality: Jj is a sweet guy. He cares, even if he dosen't know you. Jj is also a very peaceful guy, he dosen't like fighting or violence really. Jordan believe in sticking up for what is right and doing the right thing even if it means you loose respect from others. Jordan is the kind of guy who dosen't care what you think, and he's always happy, and making people smile.
Likes:Family Time, Hunting, Fishing, Guns, Cars, Working on Cars
Dislikes: Big Animals, Dogs, Cats, Horses

Family/History: Jj has 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother. His mother Gina, and his father Andrew were blessed with an all boy family. Jordan comes from a fairly large, wealthy family who is very loving and supporting. He is close with all of his family, especially his mom. His mom and him have always had they special momma's boy kind of relationship. Jordan's father was in the Military, and his oldest brother is in the Air Force. He comes from a line of doing what is right for your country.
Jordan, just graduating high school is ready to go out and join the Military. He's had the dream of joining ever since he was about 10 years old and on. Jordan has known Gracie since he was a freshman in high school but never really had the nerve to ask her out. During sophomore year he finally asked her out, and he's been with her ever since. Jordan swears that Gracie is the love of his life, and he would do anything for her. Going into the military has made him nervous, leaving her all alone in that apartment they share, but Jordan has promised to talk to her everyday while he's gone.

Other: Jordan has a tattoo on his shoulder. Jordan moved in with Gracie when they were just 17 years old and live in the same place today.

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Name: Kelsy Laught
Nickname: Kels
Age: 20

Appearance: Image
Height: 5'2
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Personality: Kelsy is a sweet outgoing girl who is not afraid to be herself. She is the kind of person who is very honest, and doesn't like to hide things or keep secrets. She can be sensitive but is very grateful for everything. Kelsy tries really hard to be the one that brings out the better side in you. She loves to paint and draw, and is very creative.
Likes:Painting, Drawling, Being Outdoors, Being Active, Working, Animals, Horses
Dislikes:Being Sick, Being Yelled At, Being Rude to People, Negative Outlook on Things

Family/History: Kelsy has one brother and one sister both younger than her, but not by too much. Her parents are very grateful and god-loving people who raised their children to do good things and succeed in life. Her father Blake is a construction worker, and owns his own business, while her mother Ashley is a lawyer.
Kelsy has known Zach ever since she was a baby. They grew up together and formed a friendship like no other. She knows she can trust him, and tell him anything. Kelsy over her teen years has developed feelings for Zach, but has always distracted them with getting busy in school because she didn't want to face the fact that she was in love with her best friend because she was always scared he might not like her back.
Recently, Kelsy has been enrolled in a local Christian college near her home. She had been getting really sick lately, so she went to the doctor and found out that she has cancer. Kelsy took the news hard but she has learned to live with it. The diagnosis had been recent, and Kelsy's been scared to tell Zach...but she needs to tell him soon.


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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments nice

message 28: by ♥Meaty♥ (new)

♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Thanks, would you like me to start?

message 29: by Tinker bell (new)

Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Sure go ahead :)

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Okide Dokie..one sec

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Alrighty then :)

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Jordan woke up to the sun shining on his face through the curtains. He looked over and smiled seeing Gracie sleep. He loved the sight. He leaned over on his side so he faced her, he took some of her hair and tucked it behind her ear. He kissed her cheek and put his head on her shoulder,"Morning Sunshine."he said with a groggy smile.

Kelsy laid in bed staring at the ceiling. Her windown was wide open and there was a slight breeze comming in. She couldn't sleep. It had been a week since she found out, and she still hadn't told Zach. She was upset, she couldn't sleep at night, she coudln't think in class. She grabbed her phone off the nighstand and dialed Zach's number.

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Gracie was sleeping peacefully next to Jordan just like they had since they were 17. She was just starting to wake up when she felt him kiss her cheek and rest his head on her shoulder. She turned her head a little opening her eyes, " Good morning." she whispered.

For the last week or so Zach could tell that there was something up with Kelsy. He was just waiting for her to say something to him like she always did. He rolled over and grabbed his phone knowing it was Kels calling him. "Hey Kels." He answered

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
Jordan smiled and kissed her. He grabbed her hand and laced her fingers. "We got a big day today. It's kinda early...wanna go get some breakfast before the busyness starts?"he asked, with his head still on her shoulder.

Kelsy smiled a little. His voice was so comforting to her. "Hey."she said softly "Can you come over?"she asked him in a soft, quiet voice. "Actually no...you know what. I'm going to come pick you up. Is that ok?"she asked. She looked over at the nightstand looking at the clock, it was late...she bit her lip.

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Gracie giggled a little and kissed him softly holding his hand. "Yes I know today is going to be busy."She answered softly, "But sure we can get breakfast before everything happens," She said turning slightly to look at him.

Zach grinned a little hearing her talking. Just as he was about to answer she asked if she could pick him up. He looked at the time and shrugged a little, "Yeah its fine, but are you sure you don't want me to just come and get you?" He asked

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
He smiled and looked into her eyes. "Let's do it."he said winking. He let go of her hand and got up,"I'm going to go take a shower, you can join me if you'd like."he said with a cute smile and a playful wink as he popped his head through the bathroom door.

She looked out the window,"Uh...can you get me?"she asked. She walked into the bathroom attached to her room and she flipped on the switch wincing at the light.

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments She smiled as she looked at him nodding. She sat up a little as she watched him head to the bathroom. Blushing just a little at the cute smile he bestowed on her she got up, "Okay I'm getting up." She said following him.

He got up and walked around his room finding his shoes and keys, "Of course I can." He answered swiftly. He continued to search around for his wallet

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He smiled and undressed getting in the shower. He waited for her to join him.

She smiled,"Ok thank you."she said. "I'll see you in a minute, bye."she said hanging up. She splashed her face with some water and brushed her teeth. She put her hair up and grabbed a hoodie and some random leggings. She slipped into 'normal' clothes and grabbed her phone, keys and purse.

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments She shook her head a little and undressed too, getting into the shower with him.

He grinned a little, "Not a problem.... See you in a bit." He said hanging up and putting his phone into his pocket. He grabbed a pair of pants and his jacket before walking out of his room and quietly making his way to his car and started driving to Kesly's house

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He smiled,"Hey beautiful. What all do you need to get done today? I know I have to go to the mall to get something nice to wear...and you're coming with me by the way because without you that would be a train wreck...and I know we are going to lunch with my parents...and then tonight is the induction ceremony..."he said trying to think of what else they had to do.

Kelsy went into her parents room to let her mom know where she was going. She went downstairs and waited on the porch swing for Zach to show up. When he did, she got in the car and smiled seeing him. "Hey, thank you. Can we go to Gigi's diner please?" she asked. They both loved the place, and she was hungry.

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments She smiled back, "Hey.. I just have to get shoes and my hair done for tonight." She said. Laughing softly, "Yeah you would look like a clown if I didn't go with you. I don't think I have to do much else... Oh I have to go pick up my dress from my mom's house." She said.

Zach had texted his dad who worked nights where he was going since his didn't want to bother his mom at the moment. He grinned as she got into the car. Nodding, "Of course we can go there." He said pulling out of her driveway

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"Ok. Do you want me to go with you to get your hair done and stuff?"he asked.

"Ok."she said softly. ((do you wanna skip so that they're at the resturant? Sorry))

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Gracie shrugged a little, "You can come if you want to." She answered.

He pulled into the parking lot and turned off his car. "Come on I'm hungry." He told her getting out and walking over to her side and opening the door. ((Your fine no worries))

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He nodded,"Alright." After he washed his body, and hair Jordan got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist.

She smiled and rolled her eyes when he opened the door for her. "Zach...you know you don't have to do that."she said. "But, I do appreciate a gentleman, thank you."she said.

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments She smiled a little and finished cleaning herself up before getting out and drying off.

He grinned and nodded, "Yeah I know Kels. But I want to so you have to deal with it." He answered walking with her into the restaurant

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Jordan brushed his teeth and finished getting ready.He went into their bedroom and got dressed. He knocked on the bathroom door,"Hey babe you almost ready?"he asked.

Kelsy smiled,"Guess so."When they were seated she sat next to him in the booth and put her head on his shoulder. "So, we have to talk...I know this is the most random crazy time, but we have to talk because this is seriously killing me."she said.

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments Gracie put the last few pleats of her braid in after already dressing in something comfortable and brushing her teeth and opened the door at Jordan's knocking," I'm ready now." She said smiling up at him

Zach grinned a little and slipped his arm around her," Alright well tell me what's on your mind." He answered

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He smiled. "Good. Let's get going."he said grabbing his phone, wallet, and keys. "I think while you go get your hair done I'm going to run a few errands. I have a surprise for you later on."he said smiling to himself.

She sighed and looked down at the tabel. "I-uh....you know how I've been getting sick alot latley? Well...I went to the doctor for it last week...and I-I uh have cancer."she said softly closing her eyes leaning into him.

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Tinker bell  | 1086 comments She smiled and grabbed her purse, " Alright." she said walking out the door with him, "what is this surprise?" She asked looking up at him.

He nodded slowly not knowing where she was going with what she was saying, "Yeah I know you have." He said softly. When she finally told him she had cancer he stared down at her pulling her against him, "You do?" He asked softly

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♥Meaty♥ (meatstick) | 545 comments Mod
He wrapped his hand around his waist. "How would it be a surprise if I told you?"he asked with a smirk on his face. As they made their way tawrds his car he kissed her cheek and unlocked he doors so they could get in.

She turned her head into his side and closed her eyes squeezing them shut tight. She nodded and started crying, not on purpose...it was just a hard subject for her to talk about. She looked up, "I've known for a week...I just couldn't tell you...I'm scared."she said sniffiling.

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