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Im so disappointed in the ending. All I have to say is you have surprised us all Veronica Roth... Nobody expected god damn Tris to die!!!

Everything is wrong...the plot is wrong...the reasons are wrong...the caracthers are wrong...the lack of explanation is wrong...the hook is wrong...just make another one and say "oops I was jus kidding when I released tha book"

Hey, check out this essay I wrote deconstructing the ending. I think this will be sufficient to answer the question in this thread title:

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Giulia Great review! I wished I had read it before reading Allegiant!
I agree on everything especially on the wasted potential of the series and very true tha
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actually most of the readers expected it to happen. not me though. i was caught by surprise. the ending is on a comparative basis with Champion is heart breaking.
what i hate about the reviews is that they justify the death. I am a hedonist and anything short of a HEA is unacceptable. but i just cannot hate the author. i will keep hoping she gives a HEA in another book.

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Yeah, um, can I get some memory serum for the end of this book? I don't want all these feels anymore.

I hated the ending. I read Champion right after Allegiant and I remember just thinking how perfect that ending was compared to it. TBH just the ending of Allegiant made me like the Series less, if were being honest the Series went down from Divergent. It was amazing then Insurgent was not as amazing ,then Allegiant started off good although I was expecting a bit more from what the outside world actually was and a more in depth explanation of what has happened and then comes the ending which just completely made me hate it. Her death was totally uncalled for and unneccesary in my opinion. Then as if that wasn't bad enough she then goes on to kill off Uriah which by that point I was already pretty mad and upset about Tris So killing him off just completely pissed me off! I honestly reading that felt like Veronica saw authors killing off main characters and decided to do it to. yes she did have a reason for killing off Tris and I agree the Character development throughout the Series was great but I still don't feel as if it was a good enough reason to kill her So Yea...

You know what pisses me off. The snobs that make comments like "veronica roth is a great writter but people are too busy crying over the ending " okay 1 obvisously we can pretty much all agree veronica roth is a a great writter. We read her first book in the series and continued on so does that not tell you anything. No i did not like Alligent. One of the reasons being Tris 's death, but that is not the only reason. I felt the plot was too big of a twist for one book and that the whole thing was rushed. I think the only reason.we got tobias view was because she planned to kill Tris. I didnt feel like Tobias veiw was much defferent and sometimes would find myself forgetting who wastalking. I think that the gp/gd was far fetched. But again i remind commenterswho like to think there opinion is more vaild than others. Your opinion is no more right than mine or any others and vise versa. Just because you dont like a book does not mean you dont like a writter not every book a writter says will be as good as another. That being said regardless of VRs reasoning Alligent ending that way did ruin the whole series for me. I will never be able to read any of the books a second time because it would feel pointless just after i finshed the first time i regreted picking up the book. The ending of a book series could be by far the most important part to readers. well to me atleast. Like i said i didnt like alligent but i garentee had the ending been better written i would probably be able to let some of the other things go. But that was a breaking point to where i couldnt anymore.

Sure this was traumatic but it's also realistic!!! This was war, the "hero" can't always survive just because we love them.

So depressing


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While I applaud Veronica Roth for killing off her main character, it's a bold move that not many authors would do, I don't think it was executed well.

It felt like a plot twist in a soap opera meant only to create drama while being highly unlikely... I mean, Roth went to great lengths to discuss the use of bullet proof vests when Tris went out in the fringe, and no one thought to jack one of those to put on Caleb just to help assure that he did get to the box to set off the serum... If Tris had a vest she could have survived, she could have still been shot in the head but that's not where she got shot.

Or maybe they could have explained their plan to wipe out the memory of just Evelyn letting Marcus and the Allegiant reinstate the factions, what David wanted and giving Tris and company more time to execute their plan against the Bureau... it seems to me there were other more sensible options than the rushed plan and Tris dying, it felt forced to me.

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I saw it coming pretty early on. As soon as Tobias started narrating, I decided Tris was going to die. There seemed to be no other reason to add a new narrator.
Not to make anyone mad, but I was pretty sick of Tris. I found her pretty whiny and she a,ways wanted to do everything herself. She cared too much about what everyone thought of her, and whether she was living up to her faction or not.
I was pretty sick of her by the end.

Here is a golden tip for any aspiring writers: DO NOT KILL THE NARRATING CHARACTER OFF ATT THE VERY END OF A TRILOGY THAT READERS HAVE SPENT AN ENTIRE YEAR OF THEIR LIVES READING. But if for some messed up reason you do, please....don't have them cremated. it's disturbing. just don't.

I understand how people didn't like it, but I honestly did. I think it was unrealistic for Tris to go through so much and still survive. Her sacrifice was true to her character and it was a bold move to kill off the beloved main character.

I was at school when I got to this part and I was trying so hard not to cry! I guess I was more sad because of the fact that Tobias had to go through all of that.

I cried like a child, it felt so unfair and wrong! It was an amazing ending but horrible to my heart, I still can't believe Tris died.
Bad writres! BAD!!

i feel really sad i mean it was supposed to be fourtris fourever!

but i get why she did it, i read her explanation and it totally fits. i think it ended happy ever after it wouldn't have worked i mean it's divergent!

The whole series was about sacrifice. I knew this wasn't going to end with sunshine and rainbows after Tris's mother died so she could escape. Then her dad died for her. Tris dying was the only logical way to end the series. Of course I'm a little ticked, but who is ever okay with the lead character dying. I just wish she would have done it for someone more worthy then her a-hole brother.

The end of this Book and Series in my head is equally as bad as the end of Dexter which I still haven't gotten over why just why.

☞Maria *the lone wolf* wrote: "Im so disappointed in the ending. All I have to say is you have surprised us all Veronica Roth... Nobody expected god damn Tris to die!!!"

I'm assuming you read the book. Let us all have a moment of silence so that you may morn the death of her. Rest in Peace Tris. Rest in Peace.

The ending makes no sense wasnt Tris wearing a bullet proof vest and if she was does that mean she was shot in the head

Matthew I believe it was the neck, but no, in an all-too-convenient outburst of plot-induced forgetfulness/idiocy, they did not include bulletproof vests in t ...more
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Omg!!! Im so so so mad!!!! Why does Tris have to die??!!
Also like all of my favourite initiates are dead except for christina. Marlene,lyyn,uriah,al,will and then Tris. I can't believe it!! Veronica roth is an amazing writer but seriously! You cant leave christina on her own!!!!

At first I didn't believe it. It wasn't until when Tobias said, "I go to see her body........sometime." Then it hit me for real. And poor Uriah. I feel bad or Caleb, cause they had just forgiven each other. And Christina lost like all her friends she ever had. And then of course there's Tobias. RIP all who died!

Because of this book I ended up hysterically crying at 3am after staying up all night to read it. I was really disappointed...

I didn't even cry for Tris, I was just so angry about it, and I was in school so it wasn't really an option. Uriha on the other hand made me wanna weep like a baby.

Really? I thought it was ridiculously obvious that she was going to die....

The more that I think about this book and this ending and this series the more I want to give away the books that I bought and the more I wish I didn't buy them. I'm even starting to consider skipping out on the Divergent movie. Parents die for their child so that their child can live. Not so that their child can, in a matter of months, willingly turn around and get themselves killed doing the same exact thing -- even if it is selfless. Tris' parents had a life and reached middle age. Tris didn't get to have a life. She didn't even turn 17. There is no way that her parents would have wanted this for her. That's not the kind of message I would want to send teenagers.

That said, I can't deny that this book has some great writing and some awesome quotes.

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I cried so hard :'( :'( :'( :'(

I thought the whole book was wrong. It really felt like the author was either tired of the series and just wanted it to end or was caught in a tight deadline and hurried to finish it. I will probably be hated for this, but I honestly did not like Tris in this book. She was annoying, whiny, self-serving, and vindictive. I mean, come on, it's okay for her to erase people's memories, many of whom were completely innocent, but if someone else does it when they feel it's the only option to keep people from killing each other, they are evil? She can't forgive Caleb for betraying her and gets mad at Tobias for unknowingly being part of a plot that caused Uriah to be hurt, but she shot Will in the head to save her own life when she could have shot the arm that was holding the gun or something. Everyone forgave her for that but she can't forgive her own brother. She also goes around killing innocent people, like guards who are just doing their jobs, with little or no remorse or emotion at all. And holding David as a human shield so he will die instead of her. I also thought it was sick the way she immediately wanted Caleb to volunteer to die. He may have betrayed her (although he was manipulated into believing it was for the greater good and had little choice) but he is still her brother. How is offering her brother up as a sacrificial lamb any different than what he did to her? All in all, I found her to be pretty despicable. By the time she died I really didn't care. Also, Tobias was a completely different person in Alegiant than in the other two novels.

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maria wrote: "Im so disappointed in the ending. All I have to say is you have surprised us all Veronica Roth... Nobody expected god damn Tris to die!!!"

Well she did keep getting her self into danger so it was kinda expected

It made me think that Tobias and Christina may end up together...I mean, yeah, it's book two years but MY OTP IS DEAD. This just can't happen when Christina was Tris's best friend.

I loved and hated the book. It was compelling and exciting but to kill off so many main characters was hard to handle. IDK if as a teen I could have handled the ending, if broke now. I actually cried!!!!

When I finished the book, I felt like I'd actually just lost someone it was that powerful. How could Veronica Roth kill Tris and then make us suffer it through Tobias' pain?? THIS ISN'T FAIR.

Maybe she could just cancel publishing, take all of the books back, and change it, so Tris and Tobias can live happily together forever. She didn't deserve to die.

The reason why I really hate the fact that Tris and Uriah died is because they got no closure. Tris died within seconds with only David to witness it, while Uriah entered the coma right away. None of them even got to say goodbye to ANYONE! I just needed some closure!

maria wrote: "Im so disappointed in the ending. All I have to say is you have surprised us all Veronica Roth... Nobody expected god damn Tris to die!!!"

I agree

I actually thought that Tobias is gonna die, but when Tris did... I was like "OHHH NO V. ROTH NO YOU DID NOT OMG HOW COULD YOU JEEEESUS!!!" so yeah it was really emotional...

I thought Four was going to die. But I was shocked that Tris died.

I like the book just before the Tris entered the Weapons Lab and after that it was like all hell broke loose.

OMG I was at school too, in study hall, too! I was just like "okay, i'm NOT going to start crying. no. no."

I mean, my archenemy had already spoiled it to me that Tris dies, but it was so much more sad in paper . . . and I felt so sad for Tobias. . .

I am sad that Tris basically sacrificed herself at the end..but I really did like this last book...the only book of the 3 that I was not bored through half of it....I knew it was coming because of spoilers on reviews I had skimmed I did not take it that hard...but I still teared up a bit..Good Bye will be dearly missed....

Also, veronica roth, have a little sense please. your a great writer but readers are too busy crying by the end to appreciate the message you are trying to send to them.

The ending was crazy!! I was so upset at the author for killing Tris, but it certainly didn't lead me to hate the book and I believe this is the type of book where sacrifice and a not so happy ending truly fits because in the real world there aren't those fairy tale endings.

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