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Am I The Only One Scared For The Movie?
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Okay, I watched the trailer for Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters,and was shocked whilst watching it and to be honest I am still shocked. Seriously, this doesn't even look like it even resembles the book and it looks like its going to be a cheap and cheesy Vampire film, I know I cannot judge so quickly without seeing more but I have researced the actors etc...and feel that they may have chosen the wrong people, especially Lissa. when I first heard that it was being transformed into a movie I was disappointed and since seeing the trailer I am now scared about what it is going to turn my favourite book series into. Am I the only one who feels this way?

I dont have high hopes for this movie at all.

It has basically been said that the makers of it wanted to approach it like Mean Girls meets vampires to make it appeal to younger viewers.

I am so scared that it going to be focused on stereotypical teenage drama rather than the real message of the books focusing on friendship love and loyalty.

I always imagine something dark and gritty when I read the books. But the trailer makes it look like some glamorous celebrity life style with some action scenes thrown in the mix.

Louise Sorrell agree
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Alyssa Yeah, I know. But I sort of expected it when I heard that the same people from Mean Girls was directing it.
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I am a mix of anticipation and dread.

So many of these YA books just get butchered in movie form...

There is only one thing that I can say when it comes down to the movie looking so horribly put, and an insult to the book...

"Should've stayed a book."

No, I'm quite scared because some movies are nothing like the book and being a big fan, I want this movie to be something I really enjoy, and I hope the movie follows the book as good as possible.

My suggestion. Treat them as separate entities. The book series is amazing and the world building is immense and expands with each book. The movie could quite possibly be just as amazing if you enjoy it for what it is, a condensed version of the book. OR a movie that just happens to have the same name and characters of an amazing book series. If you walk into that theatre thinking you'll hate it, then you're going to hate it whether or not it is a good movie.

Like Joyce above said, the author has no/limited control over what happens to the screenplay, casting or filming of their books. If you like the author, go along and support the author.
I like the Twilight books, hate the movies. Same with Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, I am Number Four...but if I separate what I know should happen to what is happening, I end up liking the movies just a little.

This is one of my favorite book series, and I am very nervous about it becoming a movie. Unfortunately, I don't think the movie is going to be as good as the books, but who knows maybe the movie won't be too terrible :/

its one of my favourite series.. and the movie trailer isnt good.. rose and lisa dot even look like the ones in the book.. and it looks like its gonna be a mean vampire girls movie

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I don't have any hope that the movie will be good. It seems too focused on attracting preteens/young teens. The casting wasn't AT ALL how I thought the characters were going to look like. Where's Mia's curls? Rose is suppose to look Middle Eastern and have dark hair and dark eyes, and is suppose to be curvy. Lucy Fry looks too young to play Lissa, and the Headmistress and Tatiana are suppose to be OLD women, not young.

And what's with baring the fangs things? None of the moroi did that AT ALL in the book.

I am scary bc the vampire moment is getting weird. I really believe that will not have the 6 movies bc this one will not be successful. They are turning the movie like a teenage drama and exploring the romance the wrong way. But who AM I?!!!!

I love reading and most of the time I am totally disappointed in the movies that are adapted from them. I have no plans to go and see this at the movies, but will probably rent it on demand. On demand is cheap enough even if the movie sucks, but spending over $10.00 for crap is beyond me.

the trailer didnt really make sense cause there r some part that i dont think are in there but i want to see how it goes

this movie better be so much better then the trailer, it sounds like a tacky vampire movie. if it isnt...then i am just going to ignore the fact that that the movie exists.

I am soo glad I found this discussion topic. I was just about to re-read these books thinking that how I remember the book is not right. Now I know that I remember correctly and the movie is not going to be good. But we all know that the books are always better then the movies. This is one movie I will not be sad to miss.

im not scared. im terrified! i saw the trailer and i think its just horrible

I don't have much hope for the movie, really.

I read half this book and just like mortal instruments didnt seem like it would make a good movie but a better tv show. Making pretty little liars was the best thing that could have happen to that series and maybe other authors should look into that route instead of a film

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I totally agree with all of you! When I saw the trailer I was just like; WHAT HAVE THEY DONE? I feel like this movie is a cheap knock off and a total fake. It looks a chick flick for crying out loud! I loved the books and it would be awesome to see it as a movie, but please people at lease try to make it like the book! I say; Just quit while your ahead... or give the whole thing to a new director so it turns out awesome like the mortal instruments movie. I also hate the actors that they chose, like for lissa, beach babe? Seriously. At least try to take this seriously.

I'm afraid its going to be crappy. I kindsa hate who Dimitris character is. Not attractive whatsoever. And the book you can imagine ur own kinda characters. Everybodys mind is different. I just don't want it to ruin the book. Because it is a great book!

I always imagined the movie to be PG15. Now that I read all these comments I feel as if it not even worth to watch it :( It is my favourite book series and I am praying that it will turn out great! My fantasy was to have Ben Barnes to play Dimitri :D Ah, gosh. Rose and Dimitri is so cute!

I'm a huge fan of the books and I was in total shock when I found out the movie was coming out. I'm keeping up with all the news, trailers, sneak peaks and videos. From what I saw the movie might be good, but I'll never view it as Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. To me, it's going to be a cheap movie with the same name as one of my favourite book series.

Ok since I just read the book series again. I have a question how in the hell do any of you claim the trailer has nothing to do with the books?

Lets look at a break down of the trailer.

First Scene of the Trailer them walking into a High school Dance with a voice over from Rose. The voice over is not from the books, but it applies to the books? It's the truth most teenagers do think they are going to live forever, as long as they survive to graduation. During it the Vampires (mortal or not) Show their fangs. It applies and is from the books, as they are Vampries Mortal ones granted, but they are vampires and they do have fangs. Scene after that Lissa drinking from Rose, That is straight from the books. Rose fed Lissa while they were on the run in the very first book. So again from the books.

The blood speech, Not directly from the books. But we do not know what that is from it could be Lissa talking about the loss of her family in the accident? for all you know it could have something to do with the use of the feeders. During that speech you see scenes from the school, you see what appears to be one of the vampires using a feeder, and you generally see vampires being vampires. (Again mortal or not, they are Vampries.)This happens all through the books, so again not way off base.

You see a scene of Dimka and Rose practicing martial arts. You see a scene of Who I assume is Christian and Lissa kissing, Wait is that christian getting Knocked out and Lissa being Kidnapped? Thats straight from the book as well. Then you see scenes of Rose and Dimka kicking ass, again straight from the book.

So how does that trailer have nothing to do with the books? please explain that to me.

I actually love the actor they chose to play Dimitri, not so cool with their choice with the other casts though.
The trailer and poster was waayyyy too girly looking =( I thought an eerie/ creepy/ dramatic atmosphere would work much better

Although I'm hoping that the movie will be different enough that it doesn't absolutely slaughter the book.
If it's different enough I might be able to see it as a movie by it's self and not as a cheep, cheesy teen flick version of my favorite series :/
At least they got an actual Russian actor for Dimitri, so he has a legitimate Russian accent. That's something.

I have mixed feelings about it. I love the books and re-read them regularly. They never grow old.

I loved the thought that they make it in to a movie and follow the book(s) as close as they. They talked to Richelle Mead on a regular basis. They also said that not everything can be shown and somethings have to be altered to make it work on the big screen - and that's understandable.

After the trailer I have to agree that my faith in the project plummeted to a low point. I don't really love the cast - but that's everyone's personal taste ;)
But really, to make Rose already train with stakes in the first movie? The ankle incident before the shopping situation? Mia who looks all wrong?

What does this say about the movie as a whole. I still intend to see it, though. I had the same feeling with The Hunger Games and they left mayor plot lines out.
I just try to see it as a whole separate thing - the books and the films...

Just seen the trailer han still hoping I haven't. It's terrible. I'm not watching the movie. I think I'll just erase it and re-read the books.

No you are not. Top two reasons why I am scared/nervous:

1) The quality looks like a soap opera turned movie so I'm guessing low budget which is almost never good

2) Dimitri's. Actor. Is. Awful.

I'm scared/excited to see it.

They've just posted 7 clips from the movie online. After watching them, I'm not sure how I feel. Some of them look ok, but I just don't think the "humour" is funny in some of them. I thought the trailers were awful. I don't really have high hopes for this film, but I will go and see what its like. The website for the clips is:

definietly scared, and the trailer DEFINITELY doesn't have anyting to do with the book at all, and what is UP with Lissa anyway?

I hope its good.but the trailer made me scared they were making it into a comedy high hopes that it will be as great as the books

All I can say about the movie is: Which idiots made it this way?! I'm going to try and see the books and the movie as separate things and hope the story itself isn't very bad. I'm also hoping they pick the right person for Adrian...

I have to say I wasn't too excited when I heard they were making this book into a movie. When I read it I didn't think it would translate too well on to film. After watching the teaser, I was very disappointed. But I am still holding out some hope. The movie editors still have months of work left on this film, and they could change the entire tone of the movie before it is released. I'm waiting until they release a full trailer before I decide whether I will watch the movie or not.

Vampire Academy is my favorite series of all time. I didn't even know that there was a mini trailer until I read about it on fanfiction. So a few days ago I was in the library and said to myself, "why not watch the trailer" so I watched the trailer. I watched it more than once to make sure I was watching the correct video. I was in shock. I thought to myself," ok the first maybe 15 seconds relates to the book", but after that I was like," WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!!!!" The trailer didn't embody the first book at all. When I learned who was playing Rose I said to myself that she doesn't have the look or personality for Rose. The gil who is playing Rose played Emily in Beautiful Creatures and I hated that movie since it left so much out from the books. I love that series but I am never watching another Beautiful Creatures movie again. That is how I feel the Vampire Academy movie will be like. I feel that if I don' t like this movie, I am not going to watch the others, and I want to because I want to know who they chose for Adrian, don't get me wrong I am a Dimitri girl but. I am curious. Anyway, with Lissa I wanted Anna Sophia or Laura Ramsey. I was ok with Lisa Fry until the trailer. She didn't seem to act like Lissa, she seemed have a backbone which Lissa doesn't officially have yet in the first book. Also the fact that she kept her accent for the character. Does Lissa have an accent? NO! Another thing that bothered me was that we could not see Dimitri's face. Come on now, other than Rose we want to see Dimitri and if we can picture this actor being our beloved Dimitri. My last complaint for now is how the creators of the movie over dramatized the whole vampire thing. I know it is a vampire movie but in the book the Moroi don't go baring their fangs all willy nilly. It's subtle, not all in your face.
I don't know maybe as fans we are expecting too much, but come on, this is a well loved series. The creators should expect us to nit pick when the movie doesn't fit the book. Too many well loved series have been turned into movies/shows and they have been fucked up(excuse my french) but I and many others love this series and don't want to see it ruined. I feel that this will happen but I guess I and many others must wait and see.

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You aren't alone in being scared of how the movie will turn out. I was SO excited when I found out that Vampire Academy was going to be on screen. However, I definitely agree that the directors chose the wrong actors and actresses. I thought Rose had that middle eastern, very sexy and exotic look?! I didn't see that in Zoey. UGH!!! Anyways, I read article after article about Blood Sisters and found that the targeted audience was for younger people. But I felt the trailer made the movie look like it was for REALLY young people, like 13 year olds! For some reason, it was so heart breaking and disappointing because I had such high expectations. I know I can't judge the movie just yet, but I couldn't help but get the impression that the movie was going to be very kiddy. I'm frightened that this movie will ruin my favorite series of all time-absolutely terrified. I'm having faith though.

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The book I think is aimed at the older half of the young adult genre and is not something that should be turned into a comedy. Sure, Rose was funny but it wasn't the slapstick kind of stuff that comedies use. Also I didn't think of this book as the typical teenage love. It was about a teacher and a student! It's so much deeper than how teen-love is portrayed.

When I first heard this movie was coming out I was excited and expecting something similar to the hunger games where the first movie is completely different to the book to try and gain viewers who do not read, but have the second one quite similar. By looking at the trailer I don't think they will be able to make the second similar to the book because it would seem so different to the first movie that it would become confusing to the viewers who have not read the book. So I haven't got high hopes for this one.

You most definitely are not the only one. I really hope they do the movie justice because judging from the trailer they might not. I don't like the actors playing Lissa and Rose either. They aren't how I imagined them at all. Fingers crossed it doesn't turn into a bad cheesy vampire movie (:

I'm trying not to judge until the movie is out, but I didn't like the trailer and don't want it turning into something like a mean girls movie with vampires because that's not how the books go at all.

Lately, all the movies that are based on the book series are total disaster! Specially all these young adult fiction ones. I don't think they read the series to get a good feel of the story and then change it completely to make it look like the stories are bad to begin with. I think that authors should get fans input of who they think should represent these characters and stick to their guns when a director wants to destroy the story in a movie. Part of me want to see the movie, but recently I have been very disappointed when I leave the theater.

Yep my thoughts exactly it looks pretty terrible

I loved the books but I felt the same way about the teaser trailer as most of the people who have posted on this thread. I'm trying not to judge the movie before I see it. I think I need to see the movie trailer to calm my nerves. I hope the movie does VA justice.

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To be honest... I don't know what to think. I love, love, love the books and I love the ruggedness of the books. But I completely understand why they went in a more cheesy mean girl-ish direction, because who is really gonna take a vampire movie seriously after Twilight and after watching the SECOND trailer I can see how this could be brilliant! But we as fan-girls and -guys need to let go. We need to understand that some things just don't translate as well in film as others. Like the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the movie was great and accurate because the book was almost like a movie anyway.

I trust in Mark and Daniel Waters. They are truly great at their job. Lets just wait and see.

And i will f***ing have to wait till April 24th. I HATE LIVING IN SCANDINAVIA.

Yes, the trailer does look a little cheesy and I'm still not sure about the actors they picked, but who knows. It could turn out better than expected. I'm still going to give it a chance because I've been waiting to see these books made into a movie or a series or something.

Glad to see I'm not the only one with doubts! I love the VA and BL series and was really excited about the movie. When it was first announced that VA was being made into a movie I set my mind to remember that the movie is not the book and that it will be different. I know that! But when I watched the first trailer and then saw the TV commercials, my jaw literally dropped. It was not at all what I was expecting. Like I said, I knew the movie couldn't betray everything in the book. But I was instantly turned away not only because of the actors but because of the way they were portraying Rose and Lissa and the whole Academy. I never once thought of Rose and Lissa walking all high and mighty through the throngs of their peers like they owned the school. Yeah, Rose has pride and a strong head but she never came across to me as what they have portrayed her as in the clips I've seen.

With all that said, even though I'm worried about seeing the movie, I am going to go see the movie to support Richelle Mead. It takes a lot to put yourself out there as an author, but it's a whole different game when you invest so much into a big production like this.

The trailer looks like a Spoof movie trailer. It's disappoiting. The girl that playing Lissa SMH no please fire the person who picks the cast.
The City of bones was bad the trailer wasnt bad but the movie was and now with this horrible VA trailer I have very little expectations.

I'm iffy about the movie as well. Plus the trailer is a bit like Mean Grils

i'm scared as well. i was soooo excited when i heard it was being turned into a movie, but when i saw the trailer i was so disappointed. :( VA is one of my favorite book series & i really hope they don't fuck it up.
i also hope it does well at the box office though. I would love to see who would be cast as Adrian's character.

i'll still go see it, even if it looks like they ruined it.

I have a feeling it will suck. I love the books but honestly....some books weren't meant to be made into movies.

Nope! Great books, fearful the movies will be a let down to the greatness of the authors awesome writing skills!

Now you all know the book is normally way better than the movie, but HOPEFULLY it will be good :)

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