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Niran | 1842 comments Hey, so you don't mind being the guy? I really want to be the girl because I'm not a girl in lots of my rp's

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I don't mind being the boy. Could you make your charrie fist I have to go in a sec.

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Niran | 1842 comments Sure thing!

Name- Amelia Thornton
Age- 19
Gender- Female

Personality- Amelia is a very strong, brave and outgoing person, she isn't afraid of putting her opinion across and doesn't hold back on if she likes you or not. Although she shows she isn't afraid she can be, she can get scared and nervous but hates to admit it.
Amelia is someone who does not love easily, she does not fall for someone easily because she feels like she hasn't really met anyone who is worth her time. She's fun, adventurous, outgoing, bossy, stubborn, kind, brave and sarcastic.

History- Since Amelia was young she'd never recalled her mother or father being in her life. She doesn't remember them. Ever since then she's been living with her aunty and her cousin Jake, who is a bit of a worried kid. Amelia has graduated high school and is now in college, she's been studying history. Amelia hasn't ever had anything majorly drastic happen in her life, a few scrapes and bruises and a few moves, that's it.


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Niran | 1842 comments (Sorry my image didnt come up! I will get that fixed as soon as possible)

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((I'm super sorry! I just realized my week is full so I'll be able to start next week! Sorry!))

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Niran | 1842 comments (It's fine! I hope your week goes by fast)

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Name: Derek Skyler

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Derek is strong and very blunt. If he has a problem with you he tells you. In public he's the strong and sarcastic guy but when you get to know him better you'll find out how caring he is. Has trust issues.

History: He's known that he's a shadowhunter since the first day he was a young boy. His family abandonded him when they started his training and he wasn't good enough. His new parents found him and brought him to the institute. Where he became friends with his adoptive siblibgs. Now his brother is his parabtai and they often fight demons together. His shadowhunters have drastically improved over the years.


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Niran | 1842 comments Amelia appearance-

Do you want me to start?

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Yep :D

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Niran | 1842 comments "Urgh!".
Amelia sat in her room wondering why she had decided to leave all her summer homework till the last minute? Even her art project was last, and she loved art! She pushed herself off of the chair and got her side bag, no one was home so she decided to take a stroll through the streets. As she walked around she saw dainty and cute houses with a side walk that had trees at every house, she loved her neighbourhood, but sometimes she wanted to escape.
She took out her iPod and headphones from her bag and put them in her ears, she blared out music that made her escape from civilisation. She was lost in music.

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Derek was chaising after a monster.Why can't monsters just walk, he thought angrily. He chased the monster straight into a girl. "Watch out!" he exclaimed.

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Niran | 1842 comments Amelia saw the sight of the...what the hell was that?! She screamed slightly as she fell to the ground, her iPod and headphones completely broken. But she wasn't paying attention to that, she was baffled as to what the hell was behind her. She heard a growling, as she trembled she slowly turned around.

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"Stupid mundane," he growled. She was interfering, the demon had smelled her and now she was his new target. He cursed under his breath jumping in front of the girl. "Stay behind me," he said, annoyed. He quickly lunged at the demon. His stele cutting its side, then he ducked under the demons claws.

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Niran | 1842 comments "Mundane?", she questioned.
But suddenly when the boy lunged at the thing she gasped, her hands on her mouth and exclaimed," No!". But before she knew it the boy had slated the beast, how typical.

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He ran behind the demon and pushed his stele through its chest. He looked at the girl, why had she seen the demon? She was a typical mundane. "Who are you?"

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Niran | 1842 comments Amelia gave a shocked look as he turned around like nothing happened.
"W-what was that...thing!? Who are you!?", she stuttered. She ignored his question because he had a lot more to answer to. She looked and suddenly the demon had disappeared.
Her mind was exploding right now.

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"I'm the ghost of the new moon, you just imagined all this," he said, in his ghost voice. He knew that this would probably not work but it was worth a shot. "I will now leave."

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Niran | 1842 comments "Idiot!", Amelia hissed," I'm not stupid!".
She looked him up and down with scowling eyes, she saw a knife on his waist band and took it out. "Why do you have a knife like this!?", she exclaimed. There were so many questions in her mind! What the hell was going on?

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"Why can't you just forget this?" he asked. "Just act like a normal stupid mundane and walk away," he said, exasperated.

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Niran | 1842 comments Amelia scowled and then clenched her teeth.
She looked at him and then at the knife, she threw it so that it landed just in between his feet. "Okay, this 'mundane' will just leave you alone, whatever the heck that is", Amelia rolled her eyes and started to walk.
"Thanks for breaking my iPod and headphones, jerk!", she yelled.

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"I didn't break anything it was you!" he screamed after her. He was sure the Clave would freak if they heard about this. So he decided to follow her. Stupid mundane, making me follow her, he grumbled.

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Niran | 1842 comments "God sake, what a jerk", she growled under her breathe. She looked down at her phone to see no text messages and no calls, it's nice to see someone was asking about her. She rolled her eyes and continued to follow the street until she came up to the Main Street, with stores and what not. She went into the coffee shop and order her usual drink.
She sat on the sofa and took out her notepad, she started to draw out of boredom and wonder.

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"You're the idiot," he said, under his breath, hearing what she'd said. I'm bored to death, he thought. He also checked his phone when he did. 'Where are you,' it said, it was from his brother Lane, so he decided to ignore it.

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Niran | 1842 comments Amelia started to draw the creature she had saw before, maybe she was imagining things, maybe she had gotten caught up in the music.
Suddenly she started to draw a random sign, she didnt know what the hell she was drawing.
She sighed heavily and threw her sketch book on the table in front of her.
Her coffee finally came.
Amelia felt like she wasnt alone, which was weird. But she didnt dare look around.

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"What's that?" he asked, suddenly appearing over her shoulder. He grabbed the picture trying to et a better look. "This looks like a rune, why are you drawing runes?" he asked, raising his eyebrows. Something was different about this girl and it wasn't the good different.

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Niran | 1842 comments Amelia jumped and squealed.
She looked around to see the boy who was a complete jerk. Amelia's face scrunched up in confusion," I don't know what a rune is, it just randomly popped up in my head".
Amelia looked him up and down because clearly this guy was crazy.

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"You're coming with me," he said, taking her out the cafe. He called Lane quickly explaining the situation and telling him to get a room ready. "So... what's your name," he said, ignoring her sounds of protests. He was still dragging her around.

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Niran | 1842 comments Amelia was suddenly being dragged out of the coffee shop, she yanked her arm free of his tight grip and said angrily," Don't drag me around like that!". God she already hated this guy. She folded her arms over herself, guarded . She looked at him and gulped," My name is Amelia".

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"Derrek and nice to meet you and blah blah blah. But I'm very sorry I have to do this," he said, before throwing her over hs shoulder. He continued to walk, she weighed close to nothing so it was easy.

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Niran | 1842 comments "No! Let go of me!", she screamed. Was she being kidnapped? She started to thrash and scream, but nothing! He was carrying her like she was a feather and like she was just something to deliver.
"Urgh! I'm going to get you for this, I'm going to be so much trouble for you!!", she yelled.

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"Oh, shut up, you're overreacting. Why would I want to kidnap a mundane?" he asked. 1. They were loud and annoying. 2. They never shut up. 3. Well... There wasn't a three but the first two were good enough reasons.

((Should it be like in the book? They fall in love and then they find out they're siblings?))

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Niran | 1842 comments ((Urm, I don't really want to do it like that, but we can make up something else that might keep them apart))

Amelia sighed heavily and then kicked him in the stomach with her knee,"Woops", she said sarcastically. She had stopped thrashing and screaming because what was the point?
"Will you let me go now!", she ordered, she didnt like being manhandled.

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"NO! And now shut up your giving me a headache!" he screamed. "Shut up and I'll let you walk by yourself if you promise not to run away," he said, rolling his eyes. She was sooooo annoying.

((Yay! I also didn't want to do it like that. We could make Lane fall in love with her and make it a love triangle.))

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Niran | 1842 comments ((Yes! You could make Lane be really nice to her))

"Will you shut up?", Amelia mimicked.
She then closed her eyes and gave in," Fine! I will be quiet if you put me down". Then she started to wonder things, she gulped nervously and asked," Urm, w-where are you taking me?".

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((Super sorry! Need to go bb!))

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Niran | 1842 comments ((Okay! Roleplay with yah soon :P ))

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"I'm going to go to a graveyard and bury you alive," he said, calmly. He wqanted to see what she would do next. He expected a lot of screeching and running away. He quickly grabbed one of her hands, preventing her from running away.

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Niran | 1842 comments Amelia gave him a shocked look and then tried to get away, but he had already grabbed her hand which made her pull back into his chest. She looked up at him and started to thrash against his grip," Let me go!", she cried out.
He was kidnapping her! He was probably some psychopath! She didnt want to die!

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"I'm not kidnapping you, I'm taking you to the institute," he explained, rolling his eyes. She reacted just like he thought she would. Mundanes were soooo predictable. And sooooo dumb.

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Niran | 1842 comments Amelia grabbed her hand back and pushed him away," It's still kidnap, jackass". She looked down at her hand and saw that a black figure started to appear, a shape of some sort. But she didnt show Derek.
"What the hell is the Institute your taking me to?", She asked.

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"It's a place where special people live and where no monster can attack you," he snapped, annoyed. He wanted to go the institute now and he wanted to be there fast. He was having a bad feeling. "Finished with your question, princess?"

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Niran | 1842 comments "First of all, thank you for calling me princess", Amelia said sarcastically and continued," I have so many questions but you won't answer them". She looked at him and scowled, he was just as annoying as she was being. Usually she would never act this annoying but she hoped it would affect him badly.
Amelia started walking and then said," Haven't you got some magic transport or some shiz like that?".

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"Of course why didn't I think of any transportation. I'm so sorry, your highness should I carry you the rest of the way. I wouldn't want you feet to hurt," he said, sarcastically.

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Niran | 1842 comments Amelia looked at him bluntly," In fact, yes you can carry me". She went behind him and jumped on his back, she wrapped her legs around his stomach and put her arms around his neck carefully. "Since you want to take me to this Institute so bad, you can carry me there", Amelia sighed. But she couldn't help but smirk at herself.

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"And now I'm a horse," he muttered, annoyed. But continued to carry her nevertheless. He just wanted to reach the institute fast and wipe the stupid smirk from her face.

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Niran | 1842 comments Amelia laughed deviously and then eventually put her head on his back, not really realising that she had done. "Are we there yet? I'm getting tired", she said, smirking and trying to hide her laugh because she knew how ironic it sounded.

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"You're getting tired? I'm the one who's carrying you around like a damn horse," he snapped, annoyed. "We're almost there just a few more blocks.

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Niran | 1842 comments "You're so easily annoyed! I love it", Amelia laughed. She sighed and got her phone out, she decided to text her cousin to tell him she was staying at a friends. She didnt know why she wasnt calling for help or screaming and shouting for help! But somehow she felt like nothing bad was going to happen.

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"Thank you," he muttered, sarcastically. Looking over his shoulder he saw that she was texting someone. "Who are you talking to?" he asked.

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Niran | 1842 comments "Don't worry, I'm not ratting you out", she resurrected, rolling her eyes and putting her phone away in her bag. "It's my cousin, no need to get jealous", she said mischievously and confidently, even though she was joking.

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