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The game-keeper and Care of Magical Creatures teacher, Hagrid, is a kindly and friendly half-giant, who lives in a stone hut in the Grounds. If you visit his hut he is likely to offer you some tea- but refuse any cooking, as his rock cakes are known to break teeth.
(Role-Play here.)

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Cassie made her way to the game-keeper's hut, drenched from swimming in the lake. Hagrid answered her knock and she smiled hesitantly. Before she had time to apologize for her appearance he shooed her in. "Cassie! Yer late! Aw, well that don' matter. Alison's here too."

She smiled at Alison and greeted her warmly.

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((It's also funny, since Allie's your character's nickname, right?))

"I'm alright," she replied. "Wet, but, alright."

Hagrid chuckled. "Been in that lake haven't cha?"

Cassie nodded and turned back to Alison. "How're you?"

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Cassie took the tea offered to her by Hagrid, politely declining his offer of cake. The three of them chatted for a long while until Cassie had to leave for her next class.

"Thank you for the tea, Hagrid. Bye Alison!"

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Kayla (kittykat801) | 8618 comments Becca arrived at the foot of Hagrid's door. She shyly knocked on the door. No answer. She looked through the window, and didn't see anyone home, so she walked to the back of the hut. "Hello?" No answer. She looked around, and found some meat in a small bowl. "I guess this will have to do." And with that, she left.

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Kayla (kittykat801) | 8618 comments Luckily, Hagrid had a book, and he gave her extra treats for Ralph. "Alright, it's time to see my scaly friend!" Becca said with a smile.

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Goso knocks on Hagrid's door. Hagrid opens the door and says " Goso nice to see i was just leaving what do you need?" Goso replies " well yesterday i found a spider in my dorm and I was wondering if you could tell me what it eats and its species." hagrid and goso talk as they walk toward the castle, Goso stops and says "thanks Hagrid, I'll ask Professor Ferell for the mice."

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) ((remember third person past tense Jal! thanks))

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Kayla (kittykat801) | 8618 comments Becca walked into Hagrid's hut, looking for the tall giant.

"Who's there?" He asked.

"It's just me, Hagrid," Becca said with a small sniffle.

"Ey, why're you crying sweet Rebecca?" He asked concerned.

"I'd rather not talk about it," she said in between small sobs.

He hugged her and picked her up. "No need to cry. How about we take it slow," he said while pouring tea into some cups. A few hours later, Becca had told him everything, and she was feeling a lot better.

"You could stay here for a little while," he offered.

"No, I think I'll go for a walk. Don't tell anyone I'm in the Forbidden Forest. Anyone," she warned then she walked out.

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Halle | 4729 comments Annalise walked up the grounds for the hut, yawning.

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Andi looked over and smiled at Anna. "Hey there!" She said, smiling.

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Halle | 4729 comments Anna looked up. "He---llo." She said, yawning. "Sorry."

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Andi smiled. "What's up?"

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Halle | 4729 comments "Guess I'm just tired." Anna said, smiling weakly.

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"Ah. Me too. Schoolwork never disappears." She winked and sighed.

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Halle | 4729 comments "Yeah." Anna said, trying to pretend that was the only reason she wasn't sleeping.

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"Are you sure you're ok?" Andi asked.

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Halle | 4729 comments "Yeah." Anna lied, yawning.

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Andi shook her head. "Are you and Eriq ok?" She had a feeling Anna wasn't being completely truthful.

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Halle | 4729 comments "I don't know. Everything's so confusing know! And fine!" She said, realizing Andi didn't believe her. "I can't sleep, because then the fog comes back!"

((I have to go soon!))

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"Well when it happens, you can come and talk to me." She smiled.

((Okey dokey ;) ))

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Halle | 4729 comments Anna sighed, and looked at Andi. "Have you seen Eriq lately?"

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"I actually just came from talking with him. Some of the older students made him pretty upset. I was the first one he saw afterwards, so I tried cheering him up. I think it worked. Though I'm positive it would've worked better if you were there." Andi smiled.

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Halle | 4729 comments Anna looked at her sadly. "Would it?" She said, not really sure of anything anymore.

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Andi didn't say anything. She took the few steps she had to to reach Anna and she hugged her.

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Halle | 4729 comments Anna had tried to be strong for the past couple of days, but she just let it go in Andi's arms. She started sobbing. "What if he doesn't like me anymore? What if he's replaced me? What if I never return to normal, and I'm a raving lunatic for the rest of my life?"

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Andi shook her head, still holding her friend. "No way! He still loves you, I'm sure of it! And he loves you for who you are. That's the best kind of person." She said. "He's helped you the most out of all of us in these past few weeks since the curse. He's been at your side a lot. If you went to see him I'm sure it'd help both of you."

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Halle | 4729 comments Anna looked up at her tears streaming down her face. "You really think so?"

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Andi smiled genuinely. "I know so."

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Halle | 4729 comments Anna wiped the tears from her face, and smiled. "Thanks Andi. For everything. You have always been here for me."

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Andi nodded and smiled. "You can always come talk to me."

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Halle | 4729 comments Anna gave her a hug then stepped back and wiped her face, again. "So how are things with Simon?"

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"Great." Andi smiled. "He and I have been doing really well."

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Halle | 4729 comments Anna smiled. "That's good. Oh, and I've also been meaning to ask you who that friend of yours is. The one who visited me in the hospital with you guys."

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"You mean Khon?" Andi smiled. "Yeah, he can to visit with us. He's really nice and he was concerned about you. He's my 'older brother'" Andi said, using quotations.

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Halle | 4729 comments Anna laughed. "Kohn? That's and original name. Your older brother? I see. And that's nice that he was worried even though he has never met me."

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Andi nodded. "He's really sweet." She said.

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Halle | 4729 comments Ann nodded. "So you wanna go do something?"

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Andi nodded. "Sure, where to?"

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Halle | 4729 comments "Not sure, Do you want to go to hogsmeade, or just do something around the castle?"

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"We could go to the library." Andi said.

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Halle | 4729 comments "Okay. Let's go. Or maybe we could go to quidditch practice!"

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"Oh!! Quidditch sounds fun!" Andi nodded eagerly.

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Halle | 4729 comments "Are you the... seeker for our team?" Anna asked.

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Andi nodded excitedly. "Yeah! And you're on the team too right?"

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Halle | 4729 comments "Yep. Chaser/beater."

(( She was beater, but I just asked Claire if she could change her to chaser, because she is a little small to be a beater, if you know what I mean.))

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((Oh ok ;) ))

"Cool!" And smiled as they walked towards the field.

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Halle | 4729 comments ((You post first? Or me?))

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((You can ;) ))

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Halle | 4729 comments ((Okay!))

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