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City of Shadows (The Celia Rees Supernatural Trilogy #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA fantasy fiction Trilogy, involving time travel & ? Parallel worldset in England [s]

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Em J | 6 comments The book involved 4 young people, and was set in present day England but also involved them travelling back in time. I think the finale of the books split between the London Blitz and when the main character was at some sort of end of year play at school.

I'm pretty sure the main character's name was Davey, and he was joined by his sister and two of their cousins or friends.

Hopefully I'm not muddling my distorted memories, but I think they also met someone from or in the past, called Highway man Jack, who had either been hung or had his head partly severed and therefore had to wear a scarf around his neck. He also had a female companion.

The school teacher was portrayed as a sinister female, and I think she mentally torments Davey/messes with his head as she is also the witch/elf/evil queen that lives in the parallel world.

At some stage (I think in their present day), they find a city underground, which was where the bubonic-plague infested city had been bricked over. I think at some stage they are transported back to that period in history. I can't remember what allows them to travel back in time. There's no real magic giving person aiding them that I remember.

I think the tunnels of the old city are used again and they come accross a cavern where some sort of satanic ritual is going on.

Davie's parents don't really figure much in the novel, and they didn't know or understand what was going on.

I've looked at a lot of lists on here (time travel, historical fiction, YA, Fantasy etc. and also the "solved" list) but haven't been able to find one that reminds me of it. Similarly, I can't remember who the author was but I've a hunch she was Australia and ?named Cecilia.

It's driving me nuts trying to find it. I read it when I was around 13, so maybe around 1999, but I don't think it was a new release at the time.

Will be so grateful for any posts re finding it!

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Cheryl (cherylllr) Wow, you've done your homework. The only other thing I can suggest is the Time Travel group here on GR....

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Cheryl (cherylllr) Ok, I did mash the tags Time Travel and School at librarything.com and got a long list: http://www.librarything.com/tag/schoo...

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Krazykiwi | 152 comments This sounds like a lot of fun, wish I knew what it was.

There is a really good searchable time travel book database here: http://www.timetravellit.com/ that's up to date through around year 2000. If your book is older than that, and it sounds like it, you may find it here.

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Em J | 6 comments That's an awesome list, thanks! I've had a read through, but need to go through it again. I did see a lot of other ones that I had read and enjoyed, or would like to read but had forgotten about. The title didn't jump out at me, alas. I'm pretty sure it was a trilogy. I wish I could get access to my old library records somehow, *sigh*.

I am a bit worried that I've combined two stories into the one in my plot attempt, but I am having trouble separating them in my head. So annoying.

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Em J | 6 comments Ok, still not having much luck. I tried the timetravellit search engine, a handy site but nothing's jumping out at me. I had a look through the Monash Library catalogue but no good. There was a tip someone posted on another thread for finding books: http://www.whatsthatbook.com and that's made me a huge list to trawl through. And I'll try the actual library, as I've found nothing at the book shops I checked. I don't even know if its still in print. It wasn't that old, I don't think. in the 90's I believe.

I am pretty sure it was set in England, that it was a triology. Thanks again to all for your posts.

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Cheryl (cherylllr) Bump this thread in a month or two, maybe one of us will have read the books in the meantime. And please come back and let us know if you solve the mystery yourself, so we can keep our threads sorted.

Good luck!

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Lobstergirl | 36892 comments Mod
Just a stab: Plague, After The Plague, Watchers at the Shrine is a trilogy set in England. It obviously entails plague and fantasy, but I can't tell if time travel is involved.

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Cheryl (cherylllr) PM and link sent, but OP has done nothing else on GR so perhaps it is actually Abandoned...

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Em J | 6 comments Hi, sorry for the delayed response. I checked the Oxford Time travel series and the Plague Trilogy but it wasn't either of them. Thanks for thinking of me though. I'm going to try quizzing children's librarians, because I've searched everywhere at home (I used to wisely write down books I liked) and no joy. I'll keep looking and let you know if I ever find it!

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Cheryl (cherylllr) Thanks! And if you want us to keep looking, come back and bump this thread every few months. :)

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Lobstergirl | 36892 comments Mod
Em, are you still looking for this?

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Lisa (med0ra) | 439 comments These seem to fit your description. City of Shadows A Trap in Time The Host Rides Out

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Em J | 6 comments Lisa, thanks so much, that's the trilogy I was looking for. Thank you. I don't know when I read them exactly but will be re reading them for nostalgia purposes & after wondering all this while what the books were. Thanks again to all!

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Lisa (med0ra) | 439 comments You're welcome.

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Em J | 6 comments I'm really pleased, just a wee bit annoyed I have to wait til tomorrow to go to th library because it's Labour Day here.

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