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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate (kaitlins16) I wasn't a bookaholic until I hit middle school. Sure, I liked to read, but I didn't love it. I wasn't into Harry Potter or many other books. I do have some favorites before I got to middle school, but my true love of reading wasn't developed until I was about 12 years old.

My mom bought me The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, #1) by Philip Pullman because she liked the polar bear on the cover. I started reading it, and I was hooked! I bought the rest of the series, then I started searching for more books to read. I consider Twilight (Twilight, #1) by Stephenie Meyer to be my first "real" young adult book. It got me into paranormal romance books. And I think This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen really kicked off my love of YA contemporary novels. I believe I first read each of these books around the same time, and they are the ones that got me into reading.

How did you first get into reading?

message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 11, 2013 11:12PM) (new)

Um... well I was six I think. And I was still in the picture book section of the library.

(At this Library there's a pic book section, a children section, a YA section and adult section as well as non-fic, language etc.)

So I told my mum I'd read all the picture books and she looked confused and then ducked into the children's are for a moment and came back with a book: The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

Anyway so I read that and I guess you could say that Enid Blyton was my first obsession - I read all her books I was obsessed. Anyway.

Now I'm in the YA section lol :)

message 3: by Jennie (new)

Jennie (jenniebean25) I always enjoyed reading growing up since a very young age. I would read the occasional book here and there but I never became a "bookaholic" until a few years ago. I went through a rough time in my life and books became a safe haven for me to go to when I needed a break from my own life for a little (books have a very calming effect on me). Even though that part of my life is long gone it taught me to open my eyes to the world of books that I never really payed attention to and I learned to love and appreciate books...

And ever since then I never went back! Now - I couldn't see my self living a life without books. :)

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I always had a zeal for reading and I loved listening to the stories of the Indian Mythologies(mostly the two epics, The Ramayana and The Mahabharata) that my Grandma used to tell me in my childhood. I was probably 9 years old when I grew reading as a habit and the famous detective stories of Feluda b The Complete Adventures of Feluda, Vol. 2 by Satyajit Ray by Satyajit Ray brought me into it!
Then gradually I started reading miscellaneous books and fell in love with books. Now I can't imagine my life without books!
I'm a Bookaholic and proudly so! :D

message 5: by Simmaron (new)

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 341 comments I was four when I started reading story books and then afterwards according to my age my choice of books started to change. But I never parted away from books. It was my mum who made me develop this habit by gifting me fairy tales like Rapunzel, Snow white, Gingerbread man etc. XD on every birthday or occasion my parents gifts me books of my choice. :))

message 6: by Kate (new)

Kate (kaitlins16) I love how each of you has your own unique way that you got into reading. :)

message 7: by Taylor (new)

Taylor (clouddinosaur) I was four when I became a bookaholic and it started when I had just learned how to read. My dad read Junie B Jones books to me & my sister before we went to bed and I read Magic Tree House books all day. I was always reading at least one book and always attempting (and failing) to write my own stories and books. Every week end I'd go to the library or Barnes and Nobles to get more books. Now I read and love book more than ever :D

message 8: by Sydney (last edited Mar 15, 2013 10:05AM) (new)

Sydney (sydneypearl) I don't know when I became a bookaholic. Probably since I was about 4. My mom is a librarian so, she was always reading books to me and buying me books. I think these were my first books I really fell in love with : D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths by Ingri d'Aulaire The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo .

message 9: by Jessica , Proud Bookaholic (new)

Jessica  (stuckinotherworlds) | 858 comments Mod
I was quite young when I started reading. I was obsessed with this one author, Jacqueline Wilson. I'd read her books over and over. I wouldn't read any other books. Until my friend recommended me The City Of Bones. I read that and then searched for more and more and now I can't stop reading books. I'm still very particular about which books i read but when I get the right ones I love them. :D

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I remember Jacqueline Wilson!

message 11: by Jessica , Proud Bookaholic (new)

Jessica  (stuckinotherworlds) | 858 comments Mod
Really? I have like 10 of her books! I always used to cry in the end of My Sister Jodie. :'( I was so sad.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Omg yes the ending of that one I mean jacqueline Wilson writes realistically I like that

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

since my mom let me choose what to read for bedtime Lol! XD

message 14: by Dalu (new)

Dalu  | 38 comments since i "borrowed" my dad's ereader

message 15: by Aly (new)

Aly (thelittlelibrarian) When I was a freshmen in high school my English teacher made us do a reading program and we got to read whatever we wanted. Everyone in the class found a book but for whatever reason I couldn't find anything... Nothing held my interest and so my teacher talked me into reading Uglies by Scott Westerfield and I fell in love with it! After that I was hooked and I spent all my time in book stores and in the library nose deep in a YA novel :) and Uglies is still my all time favorite series!

message 16: by Kate (new)

Kate (kaitlins16) I love the uglies series too. Have you read any of Scott Westerfeld's other books?

message 17: by Aly (new)

Aly (thelittlelibrarian) No not yet but I definitely plan on it! I really enjoy his writing :)

message 18: by The Eighth (new)

The Eighth (rissatheeighthborn) | 265 comments I loved to read from a very young age. When I moved to Canada it was an escape from somewhere I didn't want to be.

message 19: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth I know the feeling my mom was very sick when I was little and we had to stay people we didn't know and I read my books all the time

message 20: by Andrea (new)

Andrea | 4 comments I absolutely hated reading, like I would rather take a vinegar bath than read even a short book. I was certain it was torture device some foreign people used against their enemies. I had read The Hunger Games (I was forces by my English teacher) but I still didn't like reading.... My entire Junior High experience I read 3 books. All of my book reports were on these three books. All of my free time was spent reading these three books. The included... The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. Now why I loved these books so much? I haven't the slightest clue. I HATED reading but I LOVED the Hunger Games. ( I was a weird child). So I never actually liked reading until I just woke up one morning and decided "hey, I'm going to read Harry Potter." So I went to my school library and picked out book #1 in September 2012 and I have been in love with books ever since. Now that I look back, I realize that being Obsessed with THG was really stupid. (I had no I idea how amazing a book could be until I read HP. Or how much one could change your life like TFIOS)

message 21: by Kate (new)

Kate (kaitlins16) Well, its a good thing you read Harry Potter then, or you would be missing out on a whole lot of awesomeness. :)

I actually had a conversation with someone from my class about reading today. She was surprised that my friend (also talking with us) didn't like to read all that much because she said she looked like the reading type. She knew I was big into reading, and I knew she was too, but she told me that she hated reading before she got to middle school. It's really surprising because now she is a library aide at the school, and really into reading books. Sometime in middle school, she discovered a love for reading.

My friend (the one not into reading) has one series she really loves (the 39 clues series) and she was convinced by basically my entire English class last year to read the Hunger Games (which she loved). So obviously she can find books she likes to read. So now I wonder if the Harry Potter series would help her get more into reading.

message 22: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (anbarnett) I have been a bookaholic as long as I can remember. I was told stories that when I was a baby I would pull all my books out and sit there reading. It only grew worse as I grew up. Sure I go through dry spells but who doesn't. If it's a book I will most likely pick it up and read it...especially if I'm bored.

message 23: by Laurie (new)

Laurie (lookitslaurie) I've been a bookaholic for pretty much my entire life. Before I could read, I was read books at bedtime, and I learned how to read when I was around 4 or 5, I think. The first book I can actually remember owning that wasn't a kiddie book was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. My grandmother in Scotland bought it for me when I was visiting her and I chose it because I liked the dragon on the cover, lol. I didn't read it right when I got it, and then my mom bought me the first three when she noticed it was the fourth book in the series. It took me a few weeks or so after that until I actually focused on them long enough to start the first one, but once I did, I was hooked. (I'm still in love with Harry Potter, around 14 years later, although my whole family pretty much says I should grow out of it already lol).

I kind of stopped reading as much as I used to, (when I would inhale books) when I hit 10th grade, I think? From then until I got a Kindle a week or so ago, I really didn't read as much. But now I'm reading much more again, thankfully. Haha. (:

message 24: by Kate (new)

Kate (kaitlins16) Awesome. I'm happy you got back into reading. :)

By the way, it would be a very sad day to grow out of Harry Potter.

message 25: by Destany (new)

Destany | 122 comments It started in 6th grade I always loved to read but I wasn't hooked until I read the hunger games and couldn't stop I started reading everything I got my hands on

message 26: by Destany (new)

Destany | 122 comments Now I can't imagine not having books I practically inhale them I mean a day with out reading is torture.

message 27: by Brona (new)

Brona | 50 comments When I was four I used to make my dad read me children's poetry, like the owl and the pussy cat. I liked how poetry had rhythms making it easy for me to memorize. I had all sorts of poetry about princesses, fairies ect. Then when I was 6 I read Alice in Wonderland. The idea of a world were flowers would sing and animals could talk had me mesmerized. From there I collected all of the Famous five books and secret seven, and loved the adventures. I then started trying out all different genres and discovered that I loved biographies as well as adventure and fantasy. So I was addicted to literature from a very young age, which I guess can be attributed to the fact that both of my parents are avid readers, and maybe that I didn't enjoy kids tv programs all that much, and found literature more exciting.

message 28: by Claudia the Night Owl (last edited Jun 24, 2013 02:33PM) (new)

Claudia the Night Owl (claudiamancilla) | 102 comments I've liked reading since I could read but I didn't really become a bookaholic 'till 'bout three years ago.

Chloe Fandom Queen I became a true bookaholic at the beginning of last year. I know it wasn't long ago but I hadn't really been into it before then. Sure, I read. But, it all really started when I read Glass Houses, the first book in the Morganville Vampires series. That's what really got me addicted.

message 30: by Emilie (last edited May 26, 2013 05:43PM) (new)

Emilie I always loved to read! But I really remember wanting all of the Junie B. Jones books. My mom and my Grandma really started me with this more or less obsession. They would always be curled up on the couch or a bed reading and i would want to play or something and they would tell me to grab a book. So i would and before I knew it I was always reading and (even now, I'm 14) bedtime is just a way of saying "It's reading time!!!" I still love to read with them. Now I read whenever I can, and even when I shouldn't be. XD

message 31: by Katie (new)

Katie Boord (katieboord) | 28 comments I was a bookaholic as soon as I could read. My first novel was Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. My first young adult novel was probably Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone...or maybe The Lightning Thief. Not sure.

But I've always loved stories. My mom's a sci-fi/fantasy writer, so I guess it runs in the family. My brother's a bookaholic too; almost more so than I am.

message 32: by Sammy (new)

Sammy Jones | 3 comments All my life I've loved reading. Once, when I was little I literally cried because I didn't know how to read. Long story short, I've been loving books since almost forever. ;););)

message 33: by Nordlys (new)

Nordlys I've loved books ever since I learned to read, and spent as much time as I could in the school library during school hours, and the public library after school:P

message 34: by Paula (new)

Paula (pmhenslow42) | 81 comments I became a bookaholic when I was four when I read Stephen King's Pet Sematary by Stephen King , and then I started reading Stephen King's book one after the other. He became oneof my god's after that. And when I've turned five I read The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas which turned me into a fan of classical books. Dumas' masterpiece was my favorite book of all time up until I read Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell .

message 35: by Robyn (new)

Robyn I'd always loved reading, but I became a bookaholic after reading The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling.
I thought they were amazing and I read the entire series really quickly.
Ever since then I'm just constantly reading : )

message 36: by Luna (new)

Luna Cakegood (luna_cakegood) | 50 comments I loved reading even before I was a bookaholic. I became a bookaholic after reading the Percy Jackson series and immediately following that, the Harry Potter series. I think I was in the...4th grade.

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Percy Jackson made me like it. Divergent made me IN LOVE with it!

message 38: by Kate (new)

Kate (kaitlins16) Percy Jackson + Divergent = Two really great series

message 39: by Jesse (new)

Jesse Mac closkey | 18 comments I hated reading when I was younger-sorry! I just hated it. It bored me every book I read I was 10 pages in and already hated it! Reading did not interest me AT ALL!! Then we moved when I was going into my first year of secondary school (no idea what you call that in America?..) and I made friends when these two girls who were really into reading! They just read all the time. (I still hated it at this point) then they started reading this series called Escape From Furnace. This is a series that has 5 books. And that was all they talked about so I felt left out and decided I was going to read it. I absolutely LOVED it! While I was reading it they helped open up my eyes and helped me connect to the story and it's characters and helped me see the book from their point of view. And that's when I became a bookaholic! From then out I have read non stop!! And one of those girls who helped open up my eyes is now one of my closest friends and I love her to pieces and we read together all the time<3

message 40: by Maryam (new)

Maryam (littledhampire_) | 3 comments since forever but from class 2 i could read by my own easily and the first book that made me love books is Le petit Nicolas

message 41: by Jacinda (new)

Jacinda (jacindadietz) I hated reading when I was first learning to read. HATED it. I remember getting in trouble for ripping pages out of Corduroy because I got so frustrated with it. Then my school participated in the Pizza Hut award thing for reading books, and my competitive side took over; I know the program has had a lot of criticism over the years, but it worked on me. Up until the beginning of high school, I always had a book or two with me and would read every chance I got. I didn't read much in high school outside of required novels for English; I just kind of lost interest for awhile. Then at the end of 11th grade, we read A Prayer for Owen Meany and suddenly I was an avid reader again and have been ever since.

message 42: by ➳Halina➳ (new)

➳Halina➳ Mainly it started when I read Harry Potter. However, there was this huge period of time after that when I only read because I had to for school (I still hate being forced to read, though). Anyway, then a couple people I knew loved Divergent. I read the first couple pages, then put it down for a week or two but didn't return it to the library. When I picked it up again, it was because my friend was going on and on about how awesome it was. So I decided to give it another chance and soon is was pretty much addicted. I tore through it in two days, and then ended up buying Insurgent and Allegiant because I couldn't wait for them from the library. I was obsessing over it. I re-realized how awesome books were so I started reading a bunch of them, like The Fault in Our Stars, my favorite, Eleanor & park, and tons of other YA books.

e l -illcallubymine (ellaistired) I REALLY loved this book called The Doomspell when I was in 4th grade. It was this fantasy book that was sooooooo amazing and I loved it. It was kind of like An Imperial Affliction to Hazel Grace. 'Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book. And then there are book which you can't tell people about, books so special and rare and yours that advertising your affection feels like a betrayal.' I was a fangirl in my head, I suppose. Then I read THG. I loved it. The whole rest of my class loved it, too! I loved THG for a long time, and then I read Divergent. I fought through in the beginning of the book, it was a bit boring, but then I couldn't STOP reading it! That was my main fandom for a long time. It was as if I never loved THG. Then I read TFIOS and that is my most favorite book. SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO good!!! Then If I Stay, then The Maze Runner, and so on! So I guess I became a PROFESSIONAL bookoholic when I read THG.

message 44: by Yoshimi (new)

Yoshimi (echw1967) | 8 comments My mom is a bookaholic herself- my playroom was basically the children's corner in the local library. (we went there almost every day until I was 4)
I loved books for pretty much my whole life, but when my mom was having my brother (this was when I was 8) and she didn't really have time for me, I really got into books-properly. I thought I was obsessed back then, but at 13 years old and much, much more into books I realize that I wasn't even close XD

message 45: by Caitie (new)

Caitie (demonkingreborn) | 28 comments Mod
Wow that's amazing. You practically grew up in a library!

message 46: by Jessica , Proud Bookaholic (new)

Jessica  (stuckinotherworlds) | 858 comments Mod
So lucky!

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