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Caedy  Eries (karida) | 30 comments Mod
Please note, we have added to the Nomination Rules a LIST OF PUBLISHERS to better determine where your nomination should be posted.


This thread is STRICTLY for nominations. If anything other than nominations are posted in this thread, they will be deleted immediately.

When nominating a book, please be sure to do the following:

1. Provide a linkable/clickable cover
2. A link to the author
3. A basic summary of the book
4. Please be sure to post a nomination in the Large Press Category as well


To Get The Following To Appear Properly:

Watchers by Dean Koontz
Watchers by Dean Koontz


You use the below code, being sure to remove the ' @ ' sign from where it is seen:

[@book:Watchers] <@b>by<@/b> [@author:Dean Koontz]

<@i>summary, summary,summary,summary,summary,summary,summary,summary.<@/i>

For those who do not know how to do this, please refer to THIS POST for coding information. If you are still having issues with it after reading the post, you may CONTACT US and we will assist you as quickly as we can.

These nominations will be closed and a poll opened for voting on January 24th to determine which book will the Small Press Book of the Month for the month of February!

Thank you!

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Kathryn (kathrynmeyergriffith) | 143 comments I decided to change my nomination and now am nominating my 16th published novel for the third and last time: DINOSAUR LAKE by Kathryn Meyer Griffith.
An ancient predator has been reborn in the caves beneath Crater Lake
…and it’s hungry.
Ex-cop Henry Shore has been Chief Park Ranger at Crater Lake National Park for eight years and he likes his park and his life the way it’s been. Safe. Tranquil. Predictable. But he’s about to be tested in so many ways. First the earthquakes begin…people begin to go missing…then there’s some mysterious water creature that’s taken up residence in the caves below Crater Lake and it’s not only growing in size, it’s aggressive and cunning…and very hungry.
And it’s decided it likes human beings. To eat.
And it can come up onto land.
So Henry, with the help of his wife, Ann; a young paleontologist named Justin; and a band of brave men, must not only protect his park and his people from the monster but somehow find where it lives and destroy it…before it can kill again. ***
Kathryn Meyer Griffith Dinosaur Lake (once titled Predator) by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

message 3: by Tony-Paul (new)

Tony-Paul Vissage (TPdeV) I'd like to nominate my new novel DARK GOD

Two men…separated by thousands of years, cultures, and customs…and in love with the same woman…

All grad student James Tucker Upchurch wanted was to earn summer credit on an archaeological dig to Central America…and to marry his fiancée, Shannon. All Semris wanted was to escape the monotony of a millennia-old life, and the burdens being a demon king, and the son of the Mayan God of Death, have placed upon him.

For five thousand years, the misplaced Dark Lords of Hell have been trapped in this world, ruling the Mayan city of Nikte-Uaxac. While elsewhere civilizations rise and fall, they and their subjects remain unchanged, until Twenty-first Century intruders appear, stealing from them their most precious possession, the Emperor himself…

Tuck never expected to lose his girl to a demon nor to be given immortality, and Semris never thought he’d experience mortal love, but when the current world meets a more ancient one, everything and everyone they know will be changed.
Tony-Paul de Vissage Dark God Descending by Tony-Paul de Vissage

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Caedy  Eries (karida) | 30 comments Mod
I'd decided that I wanted to post a nomination this time around...

For my small press nom, I nominate Malice by Griffin Hayes Malice by Griffin Hayes.

Welcome to Millingham, MA, population 5,000 and decreasing.

The local sheriff is convinced that the deaths are suicides, but Lysander Shore knows the truth. Something evil, older than the town that can't be reasoned with is out there hunting the townsfolk. The evil knows Lysander, and the evil wants to make him pay. There was a reason Lysander Shore never went home...

Gryffin Hayes is a fantastic horror writer and he has rapidly become one of my favorites.

message 5: by Angela (new)

Angela Meadon (angelameadon) | 7 comments I am going to nominate my zombie novel,A Taste of You, printed by a small press.

A Taste of You by Angela Meadon

by Angela Meadon

The undead have risen from their graves. Robin, Carla and Dylan must try and escape the city and make their way to a secluded nature reserve. But Robin is haunted by dreams of her younger brother who died by her own hand a year ago. Will they make it to safety? Will Robin be able to overcome her guilt? Who will survive the rising of the dead?

message 6: by Qwantu (new)

Qwantu Amaru (qwantuwrites) | 14 comments I'd like to nominate Devil's Hand winner of the Kindle Book Review award for best horror novel in October 2012!

message 7: by Jason (last edited Jan 16, 2013 08:05AM) (new)

Jason Parent | 20 comments If I can figure out how to do this properly, I'll give my debut novel, What Hides Within, a nom. It was just named to the Top Ten of 2012 by A Thousand Lives book blog. I hope readers here will enjoy!

What Hides Within by Jason Parent
What Hides Within by Jason Parent

In all of us, there is darkness. In Clive, it's tangible.

What Hides Within tells the story of a man held captive by an unknown evil. Clive Menard is a spineless slacker leading an ordinary existence. But when Chester enters his life, it becomes far from ordinary.

A disheveled Clive stands alone in a hospital waiting room. A series of incidences have led him to undergo unnecessary neurosurgery. A voice inside Clive's head nags him to kill the doctor.

Weeks prior, a murder investigation and an unrelated kayaking excursion set the story's interlocking events in motion. When a remorseful killer, a bomb-happy psychopath and a mysterious widow spider converge upon Clive, they bring with them destruction and death. Clive must discover who or what is steering his very existence before he, too, is consumed by the carnage around him.

With a driven detective following his every step and a vicious killer hiding within his circle of friends, Clive must walk a narrow and dangerous path, teetering between salvation and damnation. He must confront Chester and his own demons. But is he powerless to overcome them?

message 8: by Glenda (last edited Jan 16, 2013 11:52AM) (new)

Glenda Reynolds (glendareynolds) I would like to nominate Goddess of the Moon: Mayan World of Vampires

GOM thumbnail

by Glenda Reynolds

What do you get when you have a city full of bloodthirsty vampires, a Mayan warrior princess, a drop dead gorgeous vampire boyfriend, a feisty priest, and a resistance fight group that wants to get it on? You get one good paranormal romance!

Goddess of the Moon: Mayan World of Vampires - the first book in a young adult paranormal romance series Goddess of the Moon. In the Yucatan jungle a new evil lurks in the shadows. The Dark One known as Zafrina deceives the people of Coba into thinking that if they refuse the ritual of human sacrifice, that they will perish by drought and famine. Zafrina and her vampire horde known as the Ancients take over the city of Coba with plans to drain it dry like all the other places around the world that they have inhabited. All this enfolds as Princess Melanna comes of age, falls in love and answers the call to join the resistance to fulfill the prophecy that she would overthrow the vampire reign of Zafrina and her Ancients.

Tez was also a victim of Zafrina. But he now wants to end the one who made him an immortal. He finds himself bound by a promise to become a lifelong protector of Melanna and falls in love with her. Together they face their enemies in a battle for the human race.

While the story is descriptive of the jungles of the Yucatan and its inhabitants, you see the relationships of a young woman who is detached from her family and seeks solace in her surrogate mother, her friends and her vampire boyfriend. It is ultimately about a young woman who overcomes adversity on several levels as we see her transform into the heroine and victor over fantastical odds. The jungle comes alive in this tale of good versus the ultimate evil in a time before the Spanish conquest of the Yucatan.

Sorry about the coding. I'm at work & can't fix it right now.

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Samuel | 41 comments I nominate again my first horror novel, The Snow by Ross S. Simon.
It's a bloody cold winter. Throughout history, he has secretly visited this world again and again. The Prankster, the mischief-maker, of Norse mythology...Loki. Now, one Donald Holly-an ordinary, lonely man living in northern Minnesota-comes to be possessed bodily by the Asgardian deity of evil, robbed of his will...and of his very humanity, as horrific death and bizarre destruction blossom from the Trickster's power, in the town of Eau Froid in the dead of freezing winter. Even Federal experts cannot separate Holly from this parapsychological parasite which manifests in him, as Loki is just too powerful. Yet, Holly himself might just find the will to overcome the evil magic of the demon who would be a god, even if it means the destruction of all that he is.
Sam Ridings (writing as Ross S. Simon)

message 10: by Samuel (new)

Samuel | 41 comments I apologize for the previous post not showing links to author or title. I could not figure out the code. I would appreciate someone taking the time to correct it. Thank you.

message 11: by Chris (new)

Chris (mbsnowman) I'd like to nominate my book of short stories, "Gathering Darkness". This collection of 28 stories is written in the vein of classic, if slightly campy horror fiction. The best description I've heard of to describe the tone is "Twilight Zone meets Tales from the Crypt."

Gathering Darkness by Chris Allinotte

message 12: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1 comments I just started reading this and I think it would be great for this group read. Eden

Eden (Book 1) by David Holley

Summary: After enduring a horrific plane crash, a small group of survivors must work together in order to withstand the harshest conditions imaginable in the remote wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island.

The year is 2022, and their epic journey, fraught with danger and mystery, will alter the course of human history forever.

Led by charismatic Special Forces captain Noah Lockheart and his wife Evelyn, an accomplished scientist, the band of weary travelers must battle the elements along with their fears, as they race toward civilization, and their hope for rescue.

Among the survivors is Mia Sinclair, an extraordinary girl who can glimpse the future. Through their trials, the Lockhearts begin to uncover the girl’s ability in spite of her best efforts to keep it hidden. But even as Mia proves to be an invaluable ally, her gift comes at an unbearable cost.

Each step brings them closer to salvation– and to unraveling the mystery of their abandonment. But just when they think they are saved, they realize that they have never been farther from home.

message 13: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Greenhalgh (stfany2002) | 53 comments I'd like to nominate
Uprising (Fires of Providence Series, #1) by Dawn Jayne by Dawn Jayne

Heralds are the most powerful of all angels, secretive and feared, created for a single purpose. Only those most courageous and worthy earn a place within the elite choir, and only by breaking ancient oaths held sacred can the honor be stripped. It's a punishment that hasn't been imposed in over two-thousand years, until a single reckless act sets off a firestorm, threatening to consume all creation.

Rise Hawke never suspected she'd been marked to play a role in the deadly events unfolding in the spiritual realm. Independent and resistant to authority, she isn't thrilled when she meets Dominik, an angel with new wings, an old grudge, and a mysterious agenda he's determined to impose.

Vowing to uncover the secrets kept from her, Rise soon learns that knowing what you are isn't nearly as dangerous as discovering why. Hunted by those who want to destroy her, and controlled by those who would see her fulfill her purpose, she is forced into a brutal battle set in motion long before she was ever born. It soon becomes clear that what one angel will risk to earn the title of Herald, is matched only by what another will do to keep it.

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Clarissa Johal | 37 comments I'm new to the group and reading all the threads. Hello! I'd like to nominate my supernatural/ghost story which was just released through Musa Publishing.
Between by Clarissa Johal Between by Clarissa Johal


How far would you go to redeem yourself?


As a young girl, Lucinda was able to see spirits, a gift that didn't come without its problems. Now, a dedicated young veterinarian, she is committed to the idea that every life can be saved.
After a devastating accident, Lucinda tries to escape her past by moving to a small town. There, she meets a newcomer and feels an immediate connection with him. But there is another mysterious stranger to the small town, one that stirs within her a mixture of unease and desire.
As Lucinda is drawn into a bitter tug-a-war from the forces around her, she is likewise pulled into a dangerous twist of past and present events. Forced to make difficult choices, she finds that the two men are locked in not only a battle for her life...but a battle for their salvation.

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