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message 1: by kirstin ✿ (new)

kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) Umbridge or Voldy? Because honestly, mine is Umbridge. I wanted her dead more than any villain in the history of fantasy. At least I felt a little pity/sympathy to Voldy when I heard his unfortunate life. He seemed like he's born evil. But I don't think so. He grew up in an orphanage. No parents to guide him. It's not enough reason, I know. But still... Okay, just wanna hear your answer :)

message 2: by Keri (new)

Keri | 13 comments I would have to agree with you and choose Umbridge as well. I think she was far more evil than Voldemort. lol. She would have made a great Death Eater, surprised she wasn't recruited.

message 3: by Brianna (new)

Brianna | 45 comments Definitely Umbridge for me, too. I mean come on, she banned Harry from Quidditch!!!!

Lol but seriously, Voldemort was typical evil, but Umbridge was crazy, evil teacher, unexpected evil

message 4: by l (new)

l | 144 comments Umbridge. I kind of liked Voldemort. His laugh just makes my day.

message 5: by Aastha (new)

Aastha Arora | 13 comments Umbridge Definately

message 6: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte  (charlottep) Umbridge. She reminds me of my seventh grade science teacher. *shudders*

message 7: by Libby (new)

Libby (libbith220) Well, I definitely hated Umbridge, like most of you. I also kind of had a love-hate thing going on with Bellatrix. She was my favorite bad character, yet I hate her more than some of the others.

message 8: by Brianna (new)

Brianna | 45 comments Oooo, Bellatrix. How I hated her.

message 9: by kirstin ✿ (new)

kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) Ah, yes. Bellatrix. Voldy and she were pure evil. And we had accepted that fact already. But it's the fact that Umbridge still had the authority in the wizarding world that made me abhor her so much, despite her cruelty to almost everyone. She's like in-between evil and ... um, good? She's definitely not good. But you get the point.

message 10: by ↬ Sarah ↫ (new)

↬ Sarah ↫ | 141 comments Libby wrote: "Well, I definitely hated Umbridge, like most of you. I also kind of had a love-hate thing going on with Bellatrix. She was my favorite bad character, yet I hate her more than some of the others." that's like my exact feelings. I mean she was awesome but extremely cruel, killed sirius :,(

message 11: by Michele (new)

Michele (HJRWoman) | 2 comments Like many, I think that Umbridge is the most hateful character. Instead of proclaiming her evil by becoming a Death Eater, she hid her cruelty behind the Ministry. The fact that she presented a facade of bows, pink, kittens, and giggles made her even more intolerable to me.

message 12: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay | 23 comments Lucious Malfoy or Bellatrix or Umbridge.

message 13: by Beatrice (new)

Beatrice Masaluñga (beatricemasalunga) Umbridge & Lockhart

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Umbridge and Bellatrix

message 15: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa | 1 comments UMBRIDGE!!!!

message 16: by Aydin (new)

Aydin Sessions (justin_case) | 406 comments Bellatix

message 17: by Annie (new)

Annie (smrtkoala) Umbridge. Come on, who can forget her punishments toward harry? Like the writing with the quill thing.

message 18: by Aydin (new)

Aydin Sessions (justin_case) | 406 comments True and she is mean
but bellatrix killed Sirius and she was like Voldemort's own fan club

message 19: by Brianna (new)

Brianna | 45 comments I despise Bellatrix for killing Sirius. He was one of my favorite characters.
I hate Umbridge more, though.

message 20: by Aydin (new)

Aydin Sessions (justin_case) | 406 comments My main reason against umbridge is that she was against half breeds and other magical creatures (centaur, muggle borns, giants, etc.)

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Bellatrix, she killed Dobby. Or maybe Ron, he sort of annoys me (sorry people). No definitely Bellatrix.

message 22: by Elle (new)

Elle (oceanstone) | 41 comments Most definitely Umbridge. She was mean and biased.

message 23: by laughingdoves (new)

laughingdoves | 4 comments Cornelius Fudge makes Voldemort look like a newborn kitten.

message 24: by Person (new)

Person | 7 comments Umbrage and bellatrix

message 25: by Person (new)

Person | 7 comments Sorry typo

message 26: by Person (new)

Person | 7 comments Umbridge and bellatrix

message 27: by Susie (new)

Susie Johnson (susiekay18) | 38 comments Umbridge. I hate Bellatrix but you have to admit sometimes she is funny

message 28: by Jodi (new)

Jodi Umbridge no doubt, she should've died omg

message 29: by Malavika (new)

Malavika | 4 comments Peter Pettigrew ...... i can never forgive him even if Harry did.

message 30: by Addie (last edited Apr 24, 2013 05:28AM) (new)

Addie (justthisonetime) | 7 comments James Potter the First and Sirius Black.

Let me explain first. On any other occasion perhaps in a book where the setting was in the muggle world I would have enjoyed James character but I couldn't stand him at all for some unknown reason. Perhaps if we knew him better I might have had a better chance of absorbing his change but damn sh*it, any time he showed up or was mentioned i wanted to batboogey his ass. I didn't buy his so called "transformation" to a better person from the start and boy did Rowling prove me right. NOT ONLY was he acting kind and gentle to EVERY FREAKING BODY in Hogwarts but the fact that he still picked, tortured and harassed people BEHIND the backs of those he was nice to made me thoroughly disgusted. And I know that Snape was no saint but come on, he was raised by assh*les who treated him like crap and the only person who remotely cared about him was LILY. Then James comes in with a perfect PURE BLOOD family, perfect life and people all around following his every whim. The only thing he didn't have was Lily and we all know how that ended. HIS LIFE WAS THE EPITOME OF PERFECT. He just...... he just..... makes me so agrivated I feel like exploding.

Next is Sirius, now I know what your thinking, What the hell is wrong with me? Please listen. Sirius understandably lived in hell but his obsession with James and his death bordered into the psychopathic. USING (I don't mind if you don't see eye to eye with me) A CHILD as a replacement for his friend is acceptable to a point when the child is willing but the moment it crosses the border and affects his life (that time when he WANTED Harry to stay in hiding as a wanted man with him) they need to be stopped. What he did was selfish and somewhat even creepy. Sometimes i doubt the fact that Sirius only though of James as a friend because of his obsession and the untimely fact that he has never once wed or been in a stable relationship

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

impressive explaination for your choices @Ida.

if i had to rate d person i hate most..its has to be Umbridge nd Bellatrix will be close second.

message 32: by kirstin ✿ (new)

kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) I agree with you Ida! After all those things I got to know about James, I think I would never see him as a great man.

He might be a great father and friend, and that's because those he liked were the people who followed him.

He reminded me of Draco, in a way. With his pureblood status and group of followers who worshipped him.

I agree with all your points. Snape had a reason why he was like that. His life had been miserable. I pity him so bad :(

They said he grew up into a mature man and that's why Lily learned to love him.

But I still couldn't forgive him, lol.

message 33: by Aydin (new)

Aydin Sessions (justin_case) | 406 comments Peter gets on my nerves
It's funny tha t no one puts voldemort a
I personally hate him the most

message 34: by kirstin ✿ (new)

kirstin ✿ (shoutohdoroki) I actually don't hate Voldemort, lol.

Yes he was pure evil and such. And his character was to be automatically hated. But the hate I felt for Umbridge was different, because unlike Voldy she wasn't the primary villan, she wasn't that feared and taught to be so evil. But she was twisted.

What I hated the most was that she had authority.

message 35: by Maddy Whyte (new)

Maddy Whyte | 1 comments Umbridge

message 36: by Merida (new)

Merida (MeridaWaleczna) | 8 comments Umbridge.

And James Potter. I hated him when he was a kid.

message 37: by Aydin (new)

Aydin Sessions (justin_case) | 406 comments Bellatrix.

message 38: by Prashamsa (new)

Prashamsa (crushy) | 168 comments umbridge and lucius malfoy..
i cant help but like bellatrix though, maybe because she was such a strong character, both in the books and the movies, she would have to be my favorite villain :)

message 39: by Clara (new)

Clara | 5 comments Peter Pettigrew most definitely. He is a coward and a traitor, never should he have been placed in Gryffindor (Sorting Hat, what were you thinking!!!!! But I suppose Peter chose to go to that house). I know that James, Sirius, and Lupin weren't the best people, but they took Peter in and probably protected him from a lot more bullies. He never deserved the friends he had. I think the reason that he is the worst is that unlike Voldemort or Umbridge, he was some what good at one time. He must have been, the other Marauders weren't stupid. It is despicable how he betrayed everyone at the first sign of trouble. As Sirius said, he should have died before he betrayed his friends. Not only is he a traitor, but a coward. He was won over by Voldemort instead of letting him kill him, he hid as a rat for 12 years, framed Sirius, I don't even believe he was truly loyal to Voldemort, he only stuck around because there was less a chance of getting killed or caught (which makes him selfish too).

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

I seriously have to think about this one

message 41: by Bipasha (new)

Bipasha (biqasha) | 11 comments i despise umbridge. eat slugs jane dolores umbridge!!!

message 42: by Aydin (new)

Aydin Sessions (justin_case) | 406 comments If I had still only read the first couple books I would have totally said snape

message 43: by Anita Reads (new)

Anita Reads | 49 comments Umbridge. No questions about it. Even if I had to choose between all characters it would still be Umbridge. She's pure evil.

message 44: by Blue (new)

Blue Jiay | 16 comments Umbridge Umbridge! Bellatrix had the obligation of being evil lol. I would rather say that I am not familiar with young James and Serius enough to absolutely hate them. But they are portrayed as loyal and adventurous with the ego of any popular boys. . . so no hatin from me.

message 45: by Adithi (new)

Adithi (adithir) | 8 comments Umbridge. She is so.. plaintively horrendous in that pink of hers, giving out orders..... Ugh.

message 46: by Kate (last edited Jun 14, 2013 10:47AM) (new)

Kate (merlinspants) | 15 comments @Lauren
Thank you so much for that video. Let me just say the way I laughed through most of it was way worse than whatever Voldemort did.
I think I hate Umbridge the most, although there are some times I really get mad at Malfoy. What's terrible about Umbridge is that she seems to actually believe in the things that she does and not think that she's wrong. She lies to so many people and helps keep the Wizarding World from knowing Vodemort was back...if they'd realized that sooner, the war could have gone so much better, and so many lives could have been saved!
@Justin--I know what you're saying. I used to really despise Snape, but now that I've read all of them over and over again I see that he is perhaps one of the bravest people in the series. He has a trully terrible life, but he still remains loyal. Everyone hates him and thinks he was evil, and he has to live with that the rest of his life, and he STILL does what's right. He died without getting to see that anyone forgave him.

message 47: by Kate (new)

Kate (merlinspants) | 15 comments Clara wrote: "Peter Pettigrew most definitely. He is a coward and a traitor, never should he have been placed in Gryffindor (Sorting Hat, what were you thinking!!!!! But I suppose Peter chose to go to that hous..."

You make really good points. What's the point of living if you've betrayed your friends like that? What good are you doing by being alive?

message 48: by Kate (new)

Kate (merlinspants) | 15 comments Merida wrote: "Umbridge.

And James Potter. I hated him when he was a kid."

Oh yes. I really do not understand how he and Lily got married.

message 49: by Rose (new)

Rose (ka-tet-rose) | 55 comments I really can't hate anybody completely but it's impossible to like Umbridge! I never liked James Potter either.

message 50: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia | 20 comments Umbridge! From the moment she entered the series I wanted her gone! I will always hate her!
And also, Voldemort is kind of cool. And he has a very sad past so I can't hate him from the bottom of my heart the same way I hate Umbridge!

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