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message 1: by Gisbelle (last edited Sep 21, 2012 08:54AM) (new)

Gisbelle This game is simple. Choose one fictional Character and let the next person decide if that character is a hottie or a nottie. Then after decided if the character is hot or not, the person needs to name another character for the next person and so on...

message 2: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle I'll start the game :)

Lucas from Easy

message 3: by Beatrice (last edited Sep 21, 2012 09:01AM) (new)

Beatrice Masaluñga (beatricemasalunga) Hot!

Alex Fuentes of Perfect Chemistry?

message 4: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle Hot

Romero from Romero

message 5: by Deepika (new)

Deepika (deepika3) Not

Travis from Beautiful Disaster

message 6: by KindleCousins (last edited Sep 21, 2012 10:20AM) (new)

KindleCousins  (kindlecousins) | 21 comments HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jude Ryder Crash

message 7: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle Hot (I just make a guess since I haven't read it yet X))

Angel from Forever Mine

message 8: by Deepika (last edited Sep 21, 2012 10:24AM) (new)

Deepika (deepika3) Hot Hot Hot.. SO HOT!!

Cant think of any other guy after Jude!! :P

Kellan Kyle Thoughtless

message 9: by Gisbelle (new)

message 10: by Deepika (new)

Deepika (deepika3) Ummm... Hot

Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter?

message 11: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle hmmm we are supposed to list the fictional characters, right? Not the actors :)

So yes... Harry is Hot (in book 6&7 when he is getting older), but the actor is NOT)

Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door

message 12: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (evtoki) | 109 comments Hot...
Luke from Forgotten

message 13: by Shay (new)

Shay | 1 comments St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss! Hot!

message 14: by Elli (new)

Elli Benak (ellebelle3) | 13 comments Hot!

Micha from The Secret of Ella and Micha!

message 15: by Belle (new)

Belle (bellechoo) | 4 comments So HOT!
Will from Slammed

message 16: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle Hot!!!

Snape from Harry Potter :D

message 17: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (evtoki) | 109 comments Not...sorry

Chase from Article 5

message 18: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle Hot

Draco from Harry Potter :)

message 19: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (mrslaurenberry) | 15 comments Hot :-)

Evan from Reason to Breath

message 20: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle HOT!!!

Percy from Percy Jackson

message 21: by 110099 (new)

110099 | 178 comments Hot!

Jason Grace from Heroes of Olympus?

message 22: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle NOT! (I am not a Fifty Shades fan)

Luke from Percy Jackson?

littlebookbosomed bookreview (epeolatry) | 29 comments HOT!

Patch from Hush Hush?

message 24: by Beatrice (new)

Beatrice Masaluñga (beatricemasalunga) DEFINITELY HOT!

Will from Slammed

message 25: by Carolina (new)

Carolina Morales (carriemorales) hot...!

Sirius Black from Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkhaban

littlebookbosomed bookreview (epeolatry) | 29 comments NOT! Too old for me

Daemon Black from Obsidian?

message 27: by Nelz (new)

Nelz Pilapil (nelzpilapil) | 3 comments Hot!

Peeta Mellark of Hunger Games?

littlebookbosomed bookreview (epeolatry) | 29 comments HOT!

Noah Hutchins from Pushing the Limits?

message 29: by Pang (new)

Pang | 93 comments HOT!

I love Noah so much :))

message 30: by Waa3ody (new)

Waa3ody | 5 comments not sorry dont know who

finnick from catching fire!

message 31: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle Hot :)

Travis from Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) by Jamie McGuire

message 32: by Waa3ody (new)

Waa3ody | 5 comments hot

ian from the host

message 33: by Katie (new)

Katie | 49 comments Hot

Dank from Existence.

littlebookbosomed bookreview (epeolatry) | 29 comments Heard about him. HOT!

Gabriel O.Emerson from Gabriel's Rapture/Inferno?

message 36: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Kennedy | 8 comments HOT


littlebookbosomed bookreview (epeolatry) | 29 comments HOT!

Alex Fuentes from Perfect Chemistry?

message 38: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle Hot

Jace from City of Bones?

message 39: by Beatrice (new)

Beatrice Masaluñga (beatricemasalunga) Hot!

Simon Lewis of City of Bones?

message 40: by Grace (new)

Grace (fictionaladventures) Hot

Bishop from Dark Kiss?

message 41: by Elli (new)

Elli Benak (ellebelle3) | 13 comments Hot!

Jack from The Perfect Game

message 42: by Danielle (new)

Danielle (dannii_yell) | 8 comments HOT!
Alex from Delirium?

message 43: by Elli (new)

Elli Benak (ellebelle3) | 13 comments Hot! (I'm taking a guess on that one.)

Danny from That Boy?

littlebookbosomed bookreview (epeolatry) | 29 comments Haven't read the book yet. I guess he is hot

Garrick Taylor from losing it?

message 45: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle Hot

Edward from Twilight?

littlebookbosomed bookreview (epeolatry) | 29 comments NOT!Sorry i'm not a fan of Edward. I dont hate him nor love him. Just like.

Daniel form fallen?

message 47: by Gisbelle (new)

Gisbelle (Me neither! I don't like Twilight, the book. The movies are ok. Bella annoyed me)

Haven't read it yet. So I am not sure about his hotness :)

Ron from Harry Potter

message 48: by Bibek (new)

Bibek Thapa (bibekt) | 5 comments Jason Andrews from Just the Sexiest Man Alive

littlebookbosomed bookreview (epeolatry) | 29 comments Snap! Haven't read it.

Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter?

message 50: by Bibek (new)

Bibek Thapa (bibekt) | 5 comments Don't know about Draco Malfoy but Tom Felton? Definitely!

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