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jenjn79 | 409 comments Mod
Tempting SEALS / Elite Ops - Lora Leigh

Summary: These are romantic suspense books featuring SEALs which morphed into the Elite Ops series about men believed dead but who have taken on new identities to work for a secret agency.
NOTE: these are very graphic sexually

Tempting SEALs
1. Honk If You Love Real Men (multi-author anthology)
2. Dangerous Games
3. Real Men Do It Better (multi-author anthology)
4. Hidden Agendas
5. Killer Secrets
6. Rescue Me (multi-author anthology)

Elite Ops
1. Wild Card
2. Night Hawk (free ebook short story)
3. Maverick
4. Heat Seeker
5. Black Jack


Lora Leigh
Honk If You Love Real Men Four Tales of Erotic Romance (Includes Tempting SEALs, #1) by Carrie Alexander Dangerous Games (Tempting SEALs, #2) by Lora Leigh Real Men Do It Better (Includes Tempting SEALs, #3) by Lora Leigh Hidden Agendas (Tempting SEALs, #4) by Lora Leigh Killer Secrets (Tempting SEALs, #5) by Lora Leigh Rescue Me (Includes T-FLAC, #12; Tempting SEALs, #6) by Cherry Adair
Wild Card (Elite Ops, #1) by Lora Leigh Night Hawk (Elite Ops, #1.5) by Lora Leigh Maverick (Elite Ops, #2) by Lora Leigh Heat Seeker (Elite Ops, #3) by Lora Leigh Black Jack (Elite Ops, #4) by Lora Leigh

message 2: by Wendy (new)

Wendy I love these book. Not just because they are sexy, but their stories are interesting and touching. The way these men find love and love their chosen woman is wonderful.

I can't wait for Maverick to come out! Just reading the forward on it in the back of another book gave me chills. Yahoo for strong loveing men!

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 4 comments I agree Wendy!

message 4: by jenjn79 (last edited Mar 01, 2009 08:05AM) (new)

jenjn79 | 409 comments Mod
Does anyone know if the anthology Real Men Last All Night will actually contain an Elite Ops novella? When I was updating some of her stuff here on GR, I used the info on her printable book list which said there were 2 more upcoming Elite Ops stories (after Maverick) for 2009. One would be Heat Seeker, and the other a story in an anthology due out 6/23/09.

The only anthology release I can find for her is the one mentioned above. But yesterday I noticed that on Leigh's printable list she calls the upcoming EO novella "Hannah's Luck" but the Real Men anthology novella of her is called "Cooper's Fall"...and the heroine is Sara (not Hannah).

So now I'm not sure if the Real Men anthology is part of the series, and if not, I have no idea what anthology "Hannah's Luck" will be published in.

message 5: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Please keep us updated on this. I would really like to find out and be able to get ahold on them.

message 6: by Auntee (new)

Auntee | 86 comments Isis, could it be in this anthology, Hot for the Holidays? I can't find any info about it, but it comes out this September.

message 7: by jenjn79 (new)

jenjn79 | 409 comments Mod
Yeah, I saw that anthology last night, but couldn't find any info either. I'd originally gone with the other one because the publication date matches what she has on her printable list.

I'll have to troll through her forum and see if I can find anything.

message 8: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Just bought Maverick last night at the book store. Yeah! I need to finish my other book first, but I'll let you all know what I think about it.

Hello! Hot sex is always welcome. I cant wait.

message 9: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Finished Maverick. I really enjoyed this one. I found that the hero, Micah Sloan, was not one that is normally portrayed in books. He is middle eastern and an ex Mossahd agent. He can be ruthlesss, yet is so gentle that you fall for him.

Like the other Seal and Elite Ops books, this is definately sexy and explicit. But I found it a little more tame than Wild Card.

There were parts where the story touched me greatly and I cried my eyes out. Both Micah's and Risa's story's are tragic and heart wrenching. You find yourself totally immersed in each of them.

Over all this is worth the read. I'm not sure that I would read it again and again, yet there was a certain something that touched me and I can't forget it completely, it is staying with me, day's later.

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