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John Irving
“You've got to get obsessed and stay obsessed.”
John Irving, The Hotel New Hampshire

Ming-Dao Deng
“Grappling with fate is like meeting an expert wrestler: to escape, you have to accept the fall when you are thrown. The only thing that counts is whether you get back up.”
Deng Ming-Dao, Everyday Tao: Living with Balance and Harmony

“I'm the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.”
Bret Hart

George R.R. Martin
“Inside the room, a man and a woman were wrestling. They were both naked.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

“If I've heard this saying once, I've heard it a thousand times - Everything happens for a reason. And it possibly does. I just haven't found the reason that this all happened yet.”
Jerry "The King" Lawler

Hedy Lamarr
“I have never seen a wrestling match or prize fight, and I don't want to. When I find out a man is interested in these sports, I drop him.”
Hedy Lamarr

Matt Hardy, The Hardy Boyz

“[The Spartans] ordered the maidens to exercise themselves with wrestling, running, throwing the quoit, and casting the dart, to the end that the fruit they conceived might, in strong and healthy bodies, take firmer root and find better growth, and withal that they, with this greater vigour, might be the more able to undergo the pains of childbearing.”
Plutarch, Plutarch's Lives: Volume I

Linda Rodríguez McRobbie
“In Mongolian culture, Khutulun is remembered by the sport in which she so excelled. These days when Mongolian men wrestle, they wear a sort of long-sleeved vest that is open in the front to prove tp their opponents they don't have breasts. It's a tribute to the woman wrestler who was never defeated.”
Linda Rodríguez McRobbie, Princesses Behaving Badly: Real Stories from History—Without the Fairy-Tale Endings

Terry Eagleton
“The liberal state has no view on whether witchcraft is more valuable than all-in wrestling. Like a tactful publican, it has as few opinions as possible. Many liberals suspect passionate convictions are latently authoritarian. But liberalism should surely be a passionate conviction. Liberals are not necessarily lukewarm. Only the more macho leftist suspects that they have no balls. You can be ardently neutral, and fiercely indifferent.”
Terry Eagleton

Yusaku Hanakuma
“--What's going on in there?
--Let me see.
--Some kind of homo grappling shit.”
Yusaku Hanakuma, Tokyo Zombie

Greg Oliver
“From the managerial perspective, Sir Oliver Humperdink, a heinous sort for most of his career, said the release of pentup emotions might even have been healthy for mind and soul. "As heels, we were able to be as annoying and politically incorrect’ as possible.We were able to say and do what everyone probably wanted to say and do, but, for one reason or another, could never, ever get away with. And, by being able to do so, I generally found that my fellow heels were much more 'easygoing' than our babyface counterparts who had to 'toe the line.”
Greg Oliver, The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Heels

Natalya Vorobyova
“We can wrestle sometimes and see who is OK and who is KO.”
Natalya Vorobyova, Better to be able to love than to be loveable

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“A tie is what you get after ice cubes have wrestled with hot water.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Chris Matakas
“If you can wrestle but not play Jiu Jitsu, or you can play Jiu Jitsu but not wrestle, you are not a complete grappler and lack the sufficient skills to safely subdue an opponent.”
Chris Matakas, The Tao of Jiu Jitsu

Meg Cabot
“All those guys on the wrestling team, though - they scare me. And they're so homophobic... well, you can't help wondering about their sexual orientation, I mean they all think I'm gay, but you wouldn't catch me in a pair of tights grabbing some other guys inner thigh.”
Meg Cabot, Shadowland

Stevie Pearson
“It’s a work kid, a fucking lie. Our business is built on bullshit, every square inch of it. Call it deception, call it untruth, call it what you will. It is what it is. A work a dirty downright stinking fucking work. And whether it’s the dumb marks who pay to see this shit, or the dumb fucks who lace up every night to do it, they're all fair game, each and every one of em; suckers born to be fleeced for all their worth Anyone who says otherwise is probably working you twice as hard as I am. But hey, you already knew that, didn’t you? Welcome to the beast, that is, pro wrestling kid.

Harvey Wallbanger Wrestling Promoter Extraordinaire”
Stevie Pearson, Real in Memphis: A Tale of Territory, Treachery and Turbulence

“WIFE = Wrestling Is For Ever.”
M.Rehan Behleem

Arthur Koestler
“While serving one of his countless sentences of imprisonment, he was given ex-wrestler Paul as cell companion. Paul was at that time a dock worker; he was in jail for having, during a strike riot, remembered his professional past and applied the grip known as a double Nelson to a policeman. This grip consisted in passing one's arms through the opponent's arm­pits from behind, locking one's hands behind his neck,
and pressing his head down until the neck vertebra began to crack. In the ring this had always brought him considerable applause, but he had learned to his regret that in the class struggle the double Nelson was not done.”
Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon

“Not since the Kennedy's of Massachusetts has an American family publicly suffered personal tragedy after personal tragedy like the Von Erichs of Denton County, Texas.”
Ron G. Mullinax

Ron Mullinax
“Jack Adkisson was more than a great athlete and professional wrestler. He was a very wonderful and kind man as well. After the doctors diagnosed Fritz with terminal cancer, he gave me some irreplaceable photos and videos. When I would not accept any compensation for the help I gave him during his illness, he said, “Why don’t you write a book about me, from me, to all my fans around the world like you, Ron, and let everyone hear the Von Erich story from me.”
Ron Mullinax

“I found myself on the edge of my chair screaming for Fritz to win. To this day, I am still not quite sure why I started cheering for Fritz Von Erich. Maybe it was the way he seemed to take total control of the match. About five minutes into the third round, he knocked Gene Kiniski down to the mat. With a sneer on his face, Fritz dropped to his knees in the center of the ring and clamped a very large right hand around the top of Gene Kiniski's head.”
Ron G. Mullinax

“To help Jack through his painful last months, I moved into his home on Lake Dallas in Denton County, Texas. In the months that followed, Jack Adkisson and I would become the closest of friends. I did my best to take care of him and make his final days as pleasant as possible until he passed away in September of that year. I considered it a privilege to spend those last few months with a man I have always considered my life-long hero. Being by his side as he passed from this world was an experience that has touched my life in so many ways.”
Ron G. Mullinax

“...faithfully pray and God will answer our prayer. That’s the part I was struggling with. But then he added that God will always let us know what He wants us to do. God will let you know...”
Shawn Michaels, Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar

Sanjo Jendayi
“When you're wrestling with life and/or yourself and getting the beat down, don't forget to tag God in!”
Sanjo Jendayi

“Justice is not the wrestling, justice is a battle”
P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

“Two people throwing each other. That's a blast.”
Gary Mayabb

Ian Slatter
“The rumour was that he wrestled gorillas in his spare time, two at a time, although to be honest, why London Zoo would let him wrestle one, let alone two of their Gorillas Marty wasn't sure.”
Ian Slatter, Eco Worrier

Mick Foley
“…in the immortal words of Owen Hart, “Enough is enough, and it’s time for a chance.”
Mick Foley, Have a Nice Day!: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks

“You see the whole culture (watching television) . . . Nazis, deodorant salesman, wrestlers . . . beauty contests, the talk show . . . Can you imagine the level of a mind that watches wrestling? Hmm? But the worst are the fundamentalist preachers . . . third-rate con men, telling the poor suckers that watch them that they speak for Jesus . . . and to please send in money. Money, money, money! If Jesus came back, and saw what’s going on in his name, he’d never stop throwing up.”
Woody Allen, Hannah and Her Sisters

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