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Thomas Hardy
“To dwellers in a wood, almost every species of tree has its voice as well as its feature.”
Thomas Hardy, Under the Greenwood Tree

Jack Gilbert
“We think the fire eats the wood. We are wrong. The wood reaches out to the flame. The fire licks at what the wood harbors, and the wood gives itself away to that intimacy, the manner in which we and the world meet each new day.”
Jack Gilbert, Collected Poems

Bruce Crown
“To say she is only a woman is to say a violin is a piece of wood with strings, and Dante is mere ink printed on paper.”
Bruce Crown, Forlorn Passions

L.J. Smith
“Listen to me, Jez. There's no reason for you to die-"
No it isn't! Not to humans. And you're half human. You're vampire enough to survie something that would kill a human, but you're human enough not to be poisoned by wood.”
L.J. Smith

“I love the smell of old books,” Mandy sighed, inhaling deeply with the book pressed against her face. The yellow pages smelled of wood and paper mills and mothballs.”
Rebecca McNutt, Super 8: The Sequel to Smog City

Xiao Hong
“The sawdust flew. A slightly sweet fragrance floated in the immediate area. It was a sweet but subtle aroma, neither the scent of pine nor willow, but one from the past that had been forgotten, only to reappear now after all these years, fresher than ever. The workmen occasionally scooped up a handful of sawdust, which they put into their mouths and swallowed. Before that they had chewed on pieces of green bark that they had stripped from the cut wood. It had the same fragrance and it freshened their mouths, so at first that was what they had used. Now even though they were no longer chewing the bark with which they felt such a bond, the stack of corded wood was a very appealing sight. From time to time they gave the logs a friendly slap or kick. Each time they sawed off a section, which rolled to the ground from the sawhorse, they would say:

'Off with you - go over there and lie down where you belong.'

What they were thinking was that big pieces of lumber like this should be used to make tables or chairs or to repair a house or make window frames; wood like this was hard to find.

But now they were cutting it into kindling to be burned in stoves, a sad ending for good wood like this. They could see a comparison with their own lives, and this was a saddening thought. ("North China")”
Xiao Hong, Selected Stories Of Xiao Hong

“Wood, if you stop to think of it, has been man’s best friend in the world. It held him in his cradle, went to war as the gunstock in his hand, was the frame of the bed he came to rejoicing, the log upon his hearth when he was cold, and will make him his last long home. It was the murmuring bough above his childhood play, and the roof over the first house he called his own. It is the page he is reading at this moment; it is the forest where he seeks sanctuary from a stony world.”
Donald Culross Peattie, American Heartwood
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Craig D. Lounsbrough
“One day I sat in the woods, which I found to be stunningly different than walking ‘through’ the woods. And in the sitting, the woods jumped to life with a spirited activity that I had scarcely ever seen or known to exist. And as I sat there turning this way and that in order to draw it all in, I thought that it was not the woods coming alive. Rather, it was me coming to a halt.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

J.K. Rowling
“I don't care if you fall off your broom as long as you catch the Snitch first.”
J.K. Rowling

“Age, that brings a dwindling to most forms of life, is at its most majestic in the trees. I have seen living olives that were planted when Caesar was in Gaul. I remember, in Illinois woods, a burr oak which was bent over as a sapling a hundred years ago, to mark an Indian portage trail, and the thews in that flexed bough were still in the prime of life. Compared to that, the strongest human sinew is feeble and quick to decay. Yet structure in both cases is cellular; life in both is protoplasmic. A tree drinks water as I do, and breathes oxygen. There is the difference that it exhales more oxygen than it consumes, so that it sweetens the air where it grows. It lays the dust and tempers the wind. Even when it is felled, it but enters on a new kind of life. Sawn and seasoned and finished, it lays bare the hidden beauty of its heart, in figures and grains more lovely than the most premeditated design. It is stronger, now, than it was in the living tree, and may bear great strains and take many shapes.”
Donald Culross Peattie, American Heartwood
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Robert Louis Stevenson
“Old is the tree and the fruit good,
Very old and thick the wood.
Woodman, is your courage stout?
Beware! the root is wrapped about
Your mother's heart, your father's bones;
And like the mandrake comes with groans.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

“​It is Obscene to keep Printing Newspapers in the Digital Era”
Vineet Raj Kapoor

H.E. Bates
“A wood at night, or even more at twilight, can be a strange place. Fear begins to come more quickly in a wood, with darkness and twilight, than in any other place I know.”
H.E. Bates, Through the Woods

“I know what I'm talking about, Alecto! When I think of Jud, I think of the times he wanted to be a coal miner, the times he took Wendy and me sailing in the harbour, the times he showed me how to play soccer, but I forgot all the bullying and I’ll never understand why. And now you ask me, you ask me what happened once we were in high school. You said you didn’t understand what having a family was like, so ask me!” Mandy was shouting at him without even realizing it, her words sharp and unforgiving.

“I….” Alecto started, hesitating for a moment. “You don’t seem like yourself Mandy Valems, not at all….”

“No, go ahead! You want to know what having a real family is like?” Mandy snapped, turning to stare at him coldly. “Ask me what happened, I’ll tell you anything you want to know!”

“…What happened?” Alecto asked quietly, looking nervous and confused.

“I stayed late after school in shop class when I was in grade 9, trying to keep my lousy grades up. I was building a birdhouse, something like that, and that was when Jud and all his popular jock friends came storming in, laughing and swearing like a bunch of pigs,” Mandy continued. “So ask me what happened next.”

“I… I don’t want to ask you what happened,” Alecto replied.

“Ask me!” Mandy yelled.

“Alright, what happened next…?” Alecto questioned.”
Rebecca McNutt, Super 8: The Sequel to Smog City

Laline Paull
“The man stood alone by the hive. On impulse he put his palm against the wood, as if feeling for a pulse.”
Laline Paull, The Bees

Robin Jarvis
“Tread not into the fearsome night
But pull the covers high,
Step not into the wild dark wood
For the Hobbers are dancing nigh”
Robin Jarvis, The Oaken Throne
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H.E. Bates
“This fusion of wood and water is an entrancing thing. Without the wood the stream would be nothing: a mere thin watercourse winding through its flat meadows. Without the water the wood, on its slope and with its air of quietness and mystery and of being a world within itself, could not help being a constantly delightful thing. But water and wood, together, shading and watering and bounding each other, each give to the other something which the other does not possess, the wood giving to the stream something solid and shadowy and immemorial, the stream giving to the wood all the incomparable movement and twinkling transcience of moving water, the tree shadows standing deep in the stream, the reflection of sunlight flickering a kind of waterlight up into the shadowy branches of pine and alder. The wood and the water are here, in fact, one, for each other and with each other. It is a fusion that is almost perfect.”
H.E. Bates, Through the Woods

Sharon Brubaker
“Suddenly the zephyr kicked up the leaves as well, and Sylvia saw something like a great, green angel arise in the spot where the mask had lain. Sylvia stood frozen to the spot watching as a face of living wood took shape from the mask-like object and rose over six feet with the leaves flowing over limbs.”
Sharon Brubaker, The Greening

A.A. Milne
“At first as they stumped along the path which edged the Hundred Acre Wood, they didn't say much to each other; but when they came to the stream, and had helped each other across the stepping stones, and were able to walk side by side again over the heather, they began to talk in a friendly way ...”
A A Milne, Winnie the Pooh

I can taste hints of coarse-ground cinnamon, cumin, cardamom and cloves!"
"Not only that, he used apple wood for his smoke chips! Compared to cherry and other fruit trees, apple wood gives off a milder, sweeter smoke."
"Aha! I see! So that's how he was able to smoke the ingredients without overpowering the curry spices!"
"Correct! That was the perfect wood to use to highlight the coarse-ground spices he chose."
"I added the spice mix to my curing compound too. You should be able to taste the curry spices in all of the smoked ingredients."
"The toppings also show an excellent hand! The smoked egg was soft boiled to perfection, its umami flavors delectably concentrated. The yolk is practically jelly!
Yuto Tsukuda, 食戟のソーマ 7 [Shokugeki no Souma 7]

Deyth Banger
“Life is one wall which stay in front of you as much you push as more stronger it gets. Sometimes you can pass it others not and in most cases from so many pushes you get injured badly and you die!”
Deyth Banger

“Every statuette is a shape imagined in the point of convergence of the capable pro. The specialist has been pondering it for quite a while, the way by which a parent expects a child, or a brave life adornment envisions that her life partner will return home. Carved Wooden Figures By then they put their hands into the earth and make a remarkable pearl or emerge artful culminations if they are painters. Stone carvers are as regularly as conceivable energized by out of date Gods, unbelievable creatures, and marvellous holy people. They breathe life into the legend.
Statues are dumbfounding, dynamic, survive and imaginative. They converse with you in a thousand of calm ways. They look perfect and inaccessible, comparatively as from a serene, pixie heaven. No doubt the Gods are to an amazing degree living in them, sitting tight for individuals to take in life in their signs from earth and marble. Carved Wooden Figures They advancement to us, they boggle, they whisper. Statues are tirelessly related to time everlasting. We scan for noteworthiness, we research, and we respect great statues of Egyptian cats.
Carved Wooden Figures A bit of the statuettes looks so legitimate, it takes after they are living. There once carried on a stone expert named Pygmalion, who made a figure of a female shape so grand, that he started to look all starry looked toward at it. He respected Venus, the Goddess, and she offered life to his regarded statue. Her skin was pale, her carriage was to some degree firm, her eyes had a vacant look, regardless she had trademark tints on her lips, eyes, hair and chests. The grandness of an uncommon statue can enamour her creator, and despite breath life into stone.”
Carved Wooden Figures
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Sharon Brubaker
“The Green Man had stepped into the fire smiling a warm, yet wry smile on his brown face of living wood. She had watched his tall body, which was covered in rich brocade made of leaves, with a crown of holly bright with scarlet berries on his head, disappear into the leaping flames as though they were a cozy blanket. He was gone in a flash as the tall flames engulfed him with a loud whoosh. Tears had coursed down her cheeks while others cheered the onset of the solstice and toasted the beginning of longer days.”
Sharon Brubaker, The Leafing

Arthur Rimbaud
“So much the worse for the wood if it finds that it has become a violin, and I feel nothing but contempt for those ignoramuses who argue over things that they know nothing about.”
Arthur Rimbaud

Paul Bamikole
“Gold is more precious than wood, it is true.
But you cannot and will not cook with or write on gold, you cook with 'wood' and write on wood.

Just because one seems to have superior value does not render others useless.

A forest full of trees is as important as a gold mine.”
Paul Bamikole

Jean Giono
“Panturle was a huge man. He looked like a piece of wood walking along.”
Jean Giono, Regain

“I have been searching all over town and have been to bars all over, been to five just on this block, I am old, tired and in my senior years and my choppers don't work well anymore -- tell me now please: Where, Oh where is the Bar tender?”
Scott Edward Shjefte

Liza Palmer
“The smell of oak and barbecue permeate the air around the small house. Delfina uses oak for her barbecue and Mom (and me) always used hickory. People said that you could tell where North Star was solely based on the competing smells that met in the air just above the town. That little weevil of an idea pops back up. Our plot of land. It's still there.”
Liza Palmer, Nowhere But Home

Steven Magee
“COVID-19 caused a lumber shortage in 2020.”
Steven Magee

Jayita Bhattacharjee
“A wisdom so penetrating, emerges from the trees. On its trunk is carved the seasons and their storms it stood up to, the courage it held out against the unsympathetic felling, yet stood calm and composed. How collected it is amid the laughter of storms.”
Jayita Bhattacharjee

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